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USpicy USND-0901 9W Professional UV Acrylic Gel & Shellac Curing Nail Dryer/Lamp/Light

USpicy 9w UV nail dryer is suitable for both professional and personal finger nail care uses. It can be used with various kinds of nail beauty products, such as UV Top Coat, UV Builder Gel, etc. Work without brand requirements on nail polish. Very easy to operate so why not start your nail art at home right now!

Key features

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  • 9W UV Gel light-cured
  • Highly Efficient 9W UV bulbs can greatly reduces drying time for u/v top coat and gel applications
  • Small and cool design, compact & easy to operate. Suitable for both professional Salon and personal finger nail care uses
  • Work with all kinds of nail polish having a wavelength of 365nm, no brand requirements though
  • Package contents: 1 *USpicy 9W LED nail lamp,1*UV blubs,1*user manual, 1* Free USpicy Highly UV Protective Gloves, 1* Free Nail Sanding file1 year USpicy warranty. 24h customer email support.

Honest reviews


Worthless for Gel Nails

I can do my own nails, and decided to use gel nail products. It takes a 36 watt bulb. I was sold this by local store, and they said it would work for gel nails. It’s only 9 watts, and my gel nails, took forever to cure, some not at all. I had a mess on my hands. This is a worthless product all around, for nails. I had my hand under this bulb for over 7 minutes. The correct curing time is 2 minutes. I’d certainly not do a shellac nail with this. Skip this and by the 36 watt UV lamp.

Valerie Chalk Hill, PA

nail dryer

This dryer is neat for at home use only. I wish I had gotten one with a fan. It tends to get a little hot. If you want to do both hands and feet, consider the time frame and complete the job as quickly as possible. This unit is perfect for me and I am able to achieve the same salon look. I am very happy with it.

Roxanne Herndon, KS

light never work

I need to send it back now, I turned the light on and flickers, never stays on, it is more like a torture light than anything else. quite annoying. Not happy

Laurie Green Springs, OH


Okay so I still haven’t really learned how to use this very well.I may not be good at using it but I think that it works just fine for what I am doing with it. LOL so I forgot to add that everything that was suppose to come with it did. Also for me the build was already in the lamp.

Althea Cahone, CO

What a waste of money!

It took me more than an hour to dry just one coat of polish, and it still felt that it didn’t dry completely (I used Gelish). Very weak! Don’t waste your time and money, buy more expensive one but with more WW.

Iris Hardwick, GA

It’s okay

I used this quite often for a few months for at home gel nails, it took forever for the gel to set with this and unfortunately my cat knocked it off of my table and ever since I can’t get it to turn on. I changed the bulb but that didn’t fix it. I switched to a different brand and have had no issues with gel setting up appropriately.

Iva West Chester, IA

If you’re into nail art – you need this!

I didn’t buy this for the gel polish, which is what it’s really for, but it dries my polish (varnish, shellac, whatever) very nicely anyway.It’s a good value, they have lowered the price. Plus, you don’t have to replace batteries, and it doesn’t get hot.

Denise Montgomery, IL

A great starter gel lamp!!

The lamp set itself is extremely basic, which explains it’s extremely reasonable cheap price. It’s roomy enough to do one hand at a time, thumbs included (I’m looking at you Sally Hansens LED gel lamp). It only has an on\off button, no timer. You will need to set your own timer to know when your nails are cured, then hit the off button after set amount of time. Speaking of time, it takes about 5 minutes to properly cure each layer. I believe it takes 5 minutes because the lamps aren’t as strong as other gel lamps. When curing Gel polish with this lamp wouldn’t be about speed but rather about quality of a Gel manicure.I tested this UV lamp out with 3 different gel brands. INK, Sally Hansen and Gelish. I found out it took about 5 minutes to cure when I had a hiccup in my gel manicure process. After I applied gelish nail hardener cured it for two minutes, than went to paint my gelish neon pik, the pink gel polish began to pool in areas, and became spotty. It was a weird experince but completely avoid if you cure your gel polish for 5 minutes.This lamp worked great with all three brands. After the cure time was adjusted I had no hiccups or problems doing a gel manicure with this UV lamp. When you buy this off of amazon you recieve a pair of fingerless UV protecting gloves. I did not, so I emailed my contact about it and he explained to me that samples do not come with the gloves, but when you purchase it they come with gloves which is very important to wear, and use sunscreen to protect your hands against the UV rays.PROS:Simple designFIts your whole hand comfortable no need to bend your hand at an awkward angle to fit all your fingers in it.Works well with many different brands.Comes with UV protecting fingerless glovesVery price friendlyPerfect for those wanting to try out gel polishCONS:Only an on/off switch, no timerCure time 5minutes.VERDICT: I may not pick this lamp to use when I’m in a time crunch but I do like it a lot. It fits your whole hand. It’s extremely basic and easy to use, minus the no timer installed in it. For a Starting point of $18I reccomend this as a starter gel lamp. Before you take the plunge or if you’re not sure gel polish is for you, buy some gel polish and this lamp. Your wallet will thank you. Can be bought on amazon here.Review written by beauty on a college budget

Cheryl Remington, IN


Fantastic product and great priced! Very good shipping time!

Judi Lincoln, MI

Excellent product for price

I purchased this UV lamp to make my own cabochons not for gel nail. I used it today and I am very impressed with this lamp. Right out of the box it worked as described. I also liked the fact it came with a great nail file and the protective gloves. I’ve read some reviews about other lamps and how you have to screw in the bulb, well this lamp is out the box ready. Controlled by one on and off switch. Curing time for my 3d molds is about 2 mins. with enough room to put several molds in at one time. The lamp is not to small but not to big, it is a perfect size if you want to leave it out on a table or tuck in a corner out of the way. I would highly recommend this product. I may review again if my daughter uses it to do her gel manicure.

Jasmine Watson, LA

Nail Dryer

I purchased this item to do my own shellac mani’s. i really liked it. It was great, my mani’s lasted forever. on the down side, the polish was so great that it made me think I had ‘tephon nails’ needless to say, I do not…thanks

Deann Buxton, OR


Arrived working fine. I haven’t used it yet but i am familiar with the brand so I know it going to work well. Super fast shipping

Elise Junction City, KS

I am very happy with the product!

I am very pleased with the USpicy Gel Led Lamp. It arrived earlier then what it was supposed to and was packaged great. This product is a lot nicer than what you would see in stores. It comes with gloves and a nail file. Thanks so much for great service and I will order from you all again in the future!

Linda Chautauqua, NY

Good lamp just a little small

This is a good lamp, smaller than I expected but gets the job done. I used to have a bigger one that would let you put your whole hand in, with this one you only get to put 4 fingers in at a time (no thumbs). It doesn’t have a set time button like others meaning you have to turn it on and off yourself. It’s good for traveling or when you are short of space. I was looking for a cheap lamp that would work good and this one is exactly that. And it comes with a pair of protective fingerless gloves and a nail filer which are a nice gift ( freebies are always nice).

Nina Southard, OK


Love my uv dryer…now everyone wants to come over and do their nails. I am also trying to find out other uses for this uv dryer.

Sybil Boston, NY

Terrible, has not cured gel nails at all

Does not cure nails at all had them under the lamp for 20 mins! still not dry! I would save your money!

Lawanda Deerfield, OH

Sassy and cost effective

Love it!!! The price is barely more than a gel color change and half the cost of a manicure. It works exactly like it should, and it’s big enough for my toes too. One mani pedi and it’s more than paid for itself. I’ve already recommended it to several friends.

Lori Motley, MN

USpicy ÉCLAIR USND-0901 9W Professional UV Acrylic Gel & Shellac Curing Nail Dryer/Lamp/Light

Very professional. Makes acrylic and polish results professional, and lasting! I’d buy again. I’ve had this unit for several months, and it fires right up every time. Nail polish dries in just a few minutes.. and will not dent. scratch, or chip, and lasts until the next manicure!

Ora Wyco, WV

Great lamp and great quality!

I always do my gel nails at home, and I used to use a uv lamp. Using this is so much easier on my hands without the harmful uv rays. I also love that it takes less time to cure. The inside of the lamp is very spacious compared to other, more expensive lamps. Because it is more spacious, you can fit in all 5 fingers into the lamp because usually, you would have to cure 4 fingers and then do the thumb separately. I think that a timer could have made this the ultimate led lamp but its not difficult to time yourself. Great product for the price. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Marta Sperryville, VA

long lasting nails!!

USpicy Nail Dryer Kitby SunvalleyTek 9w Nail DryerTHANK YOUUSpicy and a big thank you toVivian W. the marketing associateSunvalleyTek Int.This dryer is an awesome product. very great price, and does a great job for drying your polish for a quick and hard gel shell. I first took it out the box and read every little bit of info, that is needed to know before starting to use. This is a kit, so it has nail files, the UV lamp, the gloves to protect your fingers from any type of damage so you get the light to aim right for what you want, your nails. :)Now USpicy is great maker of all different UV Lamps, and dryers.With the product I’m reviewing today is one of their bests. Known for their compact design…great for professional salons and personal finger nail care. Another plus, which I love when I read the information it uses any gel polish not a specific brand like most require. Like when you get a sally hansen gel polish led lamp it mainly mentions only sally hansen brand polish, plus I seen another nice one and its only mentioning their polish for double the price well maybe make that tripplie the price for the entire kit..Whoa!!.. I rather a great product that doesn’t require specific brand polish, because then your paying for a pricy polish and when you don’t have it… you can’t use the machine..becomes a waste.So with this machine it gives you a great drying, nothing left tacky.. the one layer of polish is good enough to coat and its best to use a light amount since the drying time will take longer if its thicker. The polish will dry perfectly and its like having it done professionally at home. You can do any polish color of the gel varieties.Main features and purpose of the lamp:Dry your gel polishwon’t harm eyes( the wavelength) from the lightsuitable for home and professionalssmall and compact to take and go any placeI loved this product and am so glad I got to review it. I always had issue with my nails chipping. I’m very hard on my nails and have to do them every day with regular polish, so to be honest this was the first time using gel on my nails with this light. Let me say this in one word, “Magnificent”! Not only did my nails not chip after scrubbing down a few dishes with that hard stuck on grease, or even cleaning the small floor with my hands.. I was shocked.. my one day changing polish will now stop and I’ll always have the perfect nails every time I do them.One thing to remember light coating with this wattage, for better drying.Great product!!

Kerry Sierra Vista, AZ


I think this is a very good size (compact, but not so small you cannot get all your finger nails in there on one hand). However, I have had a couple nail polishes not work with this light, even though they are supposed to work with UV. Therefore, I am unsure if this is a issue with the light or the nail polishes.

Socorro Bowersville, GA

I love it

My daughter was shocked when she received this package. It was a set for beginner nail techs. It came with UV glove and a starter kit. In which, my daughter has learned the techniques so far on her own. I just wanted her to have the materials to have to maybe help her become an expert. I received this ahead of schedule and without any damage. Thanks.

Pearl Oneco, FL

pictures speak 1000 words

but receiving in it the mail speaks volumes…..wasn’t as big as the picture depicts…I cannot wait to use it tonightJuly 25th….I used this dryer and it sucks, it took more than 20 minutes to dry the gel on my nails and I felt no heat or air….I do not recommend.

Jolene Manchester, CT

Happy customer

I bought this because I bought one at Sallys and the lights blew out and I must say for the price, it was well worth it now I gave it to my little daughter so she can use it in her room and I haven’t had a problem with this since, I bought it it works great better than the one from Sallys…I think I’ve had it for like 6 or 7 months now and I haven’t had the lights blow out yet 🙂

Lessie Cumberland, KY

DO NOT BUY! does not work! took out …

DO NOT BUY! does not work! took out of package, plugged in turned on and light worked- seemed ok. 20 mins later and my nails are still a wet goopy mess. STAY AWAY

Whitney Pembroke, NC