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USpicy® Nail Dryer UV light For Acrylic, Gelish & Shellac Curing + Free USpicy Highly UV Protective Gloves, Nail SPA Equipment


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I used this lamp for both gelish and shellac manicures and pedicures and it worked perfectly. There is absolutely no need to spend more money for a more expensive lamp. I like how the tray slides out to make it easier to cure toes. I also like how the two bulbs on the ends are angled so that it is directed at the thumbs making it more comfortable to use; no need to cure thumbs separately. This same exact lamp sells at Sally’s for twenty dollars more.

Katherine Maple Springs, NY

Works like a charm

I am impressed with the price and fantastic results this lamp has to offer. I use it with my Shellac products and it works perfectly.

Brenda Tranquillity, CA

Wrong item

I was so excited to get this along with the rest of my gel kit, but was shipped a model with a European power plug rather than an American power plug. I just sent it in for a refund and am debating whether to reorder in hopes of getting the right product or spending an extra $25 to pick it up locally.

Mary Lyndell, PA

Works perfectly!

Exact same results as the salon. Works like a charm. Saving tons of $$$ by doing my own gel polish, and I don’t have to worry about having my natural nails drilled to a thin layer anymore.It is key to make sure you keep the bottles of polish away from the lamp & be sure to shake the polish well prior to use.

Rosemarie Hubbard, OH

Gelish at home

I bought this as a novice to do gelish manicures at home. It works great and has lasted 2 years already. Saves me a bunch of money every month and paid for itself within a few uses.

Michell Goodspring, TN

Great UV lamp

I bought this uv lamp to do my own Gelish nails at home. I’m glad that all the bulbs work. The timer works well too. I put some sunblock on my hands before doing my nails. You have to protect yourself of course. Product works great. My Gelish nails get cured nicely. You ha e to wipe off the stickiness with some 70% isopropyl alcohol. Love it

Diane Melvin, AL


I received it right on time which was great. The only downfall is that it doesn’t have the feature where the bottom can slide out for easy clean up. I guess its worth what i paid for it. $40 is better than $100+! I shall wait and see how well it works once i get my gelish colors and start using it. Can’t wait!

Gretchen Franklin, TX

works nicely

the light works fine. The bulbs and everything came packaged nicely and wasn’t broken. I had to play around with the bulbs once I put them in because they had to be place just right in the socket. Other than then that, it works fine, except that it’s only one hand placement and it takes longer.

Jeannette Lacarne, OH


Was disappointed with this product. Had to dry my nails 3 times in the timed mode or for over 6 minutes in the untimed mode to make my gelish nail polish to dry. Returned it with no problems.

Jacquelyn Apalachin, NY

DIY-ers, this is your light!

Folks, this is it. I have used this light for nearly 2 years and it works as good as it did the day I got it. Since then, I’ve become somewhat of an unofficial ambassador for at home gel manicures (in my own mind, anyway). I’ve had at about 10 people purchase this light based on my recommendation and I haven’t heard anything bad yet. I have probably used it about 40 times on myself and have used it on a couple of others. I get a lot of compliments on my nails. I type a lot at work and school and I hate the look of chipped polish, so doing the gel manicures myself has saved me money and makes me feel put together. For me, the polish can last anywhere from 7 to 14 days. Some polishes last longer than others.Tips:
• I use Gelish brand nail polish that I get from Amazon. Love that you get a large bottle for arond $12 (when it’s $14 for a mini in stores).Harmony Gelish UV Soak Off Gel Polish Jet Set
• When doing your manicure, be sure to wear the UV gloves.USpicy Anti-UV Gloves for UV Light / Lamp / Nail Dryer & LED UV Nail Dryer Curing
• Do not get the polish on your skin, or it will case the polish to lift.
• Don’t worry if your polish has some imperfections when you’re applying it. I’ve found the top coat really helps mask any ripples.Gelish soak off sealer gel top it off
• Use a ph bonder- it’s only a couple of bucks and it makes it last longer.Hand & Nail Harmony Gelish Nail Prep pH Bond – 0.5 oz
• Use very thin coats! Thicker is not better in this case.
• Shake your base coat well.Harmony Gelish FOUNDATION / Base Gel
• Cure after each layer. I use the light on the 120 second setting.Hope this helps!

Cora Murphys, CA

Everyone is happy

Wife loves it. The thing does toes and fingers. If she likes it, I like it. Polish runs about 12 bucks. Is that expensive?

Lucille Collins, MO

Worked perfectly for Shellac!

Don’t listen to the hype that you need some super expensive light to cure your shellac polish…this one is very inexpensive but has the wattage to get the job done. 30 seconds per coat (base coat and colors), 1 minute for the top coat. It has enough room for your entire hand, 2 if you’re REALLY careful. LOVE this light!

Krystal Concrete, WA


Love this! Started doing nails at home very novice. Looked up how to do on you tube and decided to buy this. Very good price and does job great. Nothing broken or wrong with it. Easy to assemble. Common sense assembly. I cure for 2 min each layer and also use a ph bond before to help prep nails. I’m hard on my hands and my mani last about 10-14 days and my nails last anywhere from 2 weeks or longer. Very Happy!

Verna Rochester, KY

Stopped using along time ago

Doesn’t work your client has to keep switching hands. It takes forever for the coats to dry. The thinnest coats mind you. Spend a little more and get a better product. I don’t even use this anymore.

Reba Rosedale, NY

Nicely packed I tried it out a several times before …

Came in time! Nicely packed I tried it out a several times before acuatlly writing a review. The lamp comes with 4 light bulbs which you just slip right into place, all of them were good but I noticed that one of the light bulbs was getting lose so I would have to retake it out and pop back in to place while I’m trying to cruel my nails. It comes with some UV gloves which I think are great!!! You Dont want to expose your had to much to UV lights .The lamp is great and I would recommend it 😉

Renee Avon Lake, OH

Exellent little machine

I read some reviews that this product didn’t always work. So far I have not had a problem with it and have been using it for more than a year now. I’ve use it about every two weeks to do my hands and every month to do my toes. And for a period of 4 months I was also doing my mother’s nails and my mother-in-law’s nails too. This machine has gotten it’s fair share of use and it is still working great!The machine is big enough that you can put your whole hand in and don’t have to do the thumbs seperate.I have been using the 120 second timer for each step in the process of putting Harmony Gelish nail products on and have had no issues. It cures them and they look great.The machine has a 120 sec and 180 sec timer. I wish it had a 60 sec timer instead of the 180 sec. You can also use it without the timer but then have to use the on/off button each time to get it off.This is a great machine especially for the price!!!!

Charity Timberon, NM