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USpicy CRESCENT USND-1802 18W LED Nail Polish Light / Lamp / Dryer

USpicy 18w LED nail lamp provides portable, energy-saving and safe use to dry your beautiful nails quickly and efficiently. Just had a manicure? Use acrylic polish or have a need for gel curing? Do you or a loved one like to frequently change nail polish? Our product features LED with up to 50,000 hours of use, plus a new digital countdown timer to conveniently track the remaining time. No heat is produced for your hands, so you can use it daily with no side effects. The perfect gift to pamper yourself or someone you love.

Key features

  • Brand New LED Nail Gel Cure Lamp Shellac UV Dryer with CE certification.
  • Light use of LED, non-harmful substances to human body and good for our environment.
  • Does not produce heat, no harm to the hands or getting dark, easier to use and dry faster.Never need to replace LED bulb,Normal LED Lamp’s life is 35,000-45,000 hours (that is 5 years+ of none stop working).
  • New digital countdown timer conveniently tracks the remaining time.
  • Package contents: 1 *USpicy 18W LED nail lamp, 1* FREE Nail Sanding file, 1*user manual, 1 year USpicy warranty. 24h customer email support.

Honest reviews



I bought this in May of 2012. This nail dryer is supposed to be an LED nail dryer but took 2-4 minutes per coat of Gelish nail products. I used to have a UV dryer that took that long. I have since returned this one for a refund and bought a Red Carpet LED nail dryer. It was less than half the cost, it’s small and compact and it worked in 30-90 seconds per coat. Cut my gel manicure time in half. It quit working after a few uses, though and I have just contacted the supplier, Beauty in Style. They are going to replace or give me a full refund. In their e-mail, they mentioned having addressed the issue [with the defect I guess] and I believe I’ll try the Red Carpet again.

Tiffany Nevada City, CA

First use – worked very well

I did not purchase mine from Amazon but instead from that other famous online auction site where I found it less expensive. I had also purchased from Amazon the new Magneto Gelish polish and the lamp and the polish arrived on the same day – so I had to try them both out.I got my first gelish kit for Christmas and a UV lamp. It has taken a while to learn the ins and outs. The most important thing I have found is to use VERY thin applications of all coats. With the new LED lamp I cured the foundation for 30 seconds and since I was using a dark color of the Gelish Magneto (Drawn Together – which did come out a lovely dark purple with pinkish lines)I did the 90 second timer for both of those coats and 60 seconds on the top coat. If I had a ligher color I may have tried 60 seconds on the two color coats as well.I found that the shine was very good curing with this LED lamp. I don’t know if it is the color or the lamp, but it came out very well. I also loved the fact that once I set the time on the lamp it automatically started when I placed my hand in to cure. I was always using my Iphone as a timer backup for the UV lamp so this was really nice.I found that the replacement bulbs for the UV lamp were almost $30, and the LED lamp is supposed to last 35,000 hours – so not only is it better to not have the UV exposure but cheaper in the long run.I am definitely happy so far with this purchase.

Julie Port Clinton, PA

*2013 Newest LED Models* USpicy SAVARIN USND-1201 12W LED Nail Polish Dryer… does great.

I did my first Gelish nails and used the USpicy. It worked great. I dried each application 2 minutes. I also applied the alcohol wipe after each application. I used the Gelish foundation, my regular nail polish, then the Gelish top coat. The Gelish polish is rather thick. I placed all polish in a very warm water bath before use. This will thin it down. All applications were as thin as possible. One coat of foundation, two of polish, and two of topcoat. Super shine and strong nails.

Merle Fishertown, PA

Well worth the money to cure gel polish!

I have been doing gel nail manicures for a couple of months and this LED light cut down significantly on curing time. The regular UV lamp takes about 2-3 minutes per coat depending on how dark of a color you use. This cut that time down to about 30 seconds per layer. A huge time saver when you’re doing approximately 5 coats counting the base and top coats. I highly recommend.

Michelle Staunton, VA

USspicey LED Lamp

The USpicy LED lamp is just what I was looking for. It’s a very attractive looking unit and works very, very well. I would choose it over a UV lamp any day. I’ve only used it twice so far but I know it will give me several good years. I’m very happy with it again and would order it again if I had to.

Clarice Winter Park, FL

Saves me money on gel manicures.

I have use the lamp twice, and so far it has performed well. Sets the gel polish in 30-60 seconds, (I give it extra time…just to make sure).

Candice Fairmont, OK

Works great

Works great!Nice color and size is also not too small, not too big.I would recommend to anyone !

Tia Rittman, OH