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USpicy CRESCENT USND-1801 18W LED Nail Polish Dryer / Lamp / Light for Curing Gelish & LED Gels

USpicy 18w LED nail lamp provides portable, energy-saving and safe use to dry your beautiful nails quickly and efficiently. Just had a manicure? Use acrylic polish or have a need for gel curing? Do you or a loved one like to frequently change nail polish? Our product features LED with up to 50,000 hours of use, plus a new digital countdown timer to conveniently track the remaining time. No heat is produced for your hands, so you can use it daily with no side effects. The perfect gift to pamper yourself or someone you love.

Key features

  • Brand New 18W LED Nail Gel Cure Lamp with CE certification.
  • Light use of LED, non-harmful substances to human body and good for our environment.
  • Does not produce heat, no harm to the hands and getting dark.
  • Normal LED Lamp’s life is 35,000-45,000 hours (that is 5 years+ of non stop working).
  • New digital countdown timer conveniently tracks the remaining time.

Honest reviews



Seriously, when I only have a couple gel nails to repair, I use the 100w LED light bulb I bought from my nearest store, plug it into any household lamp, and just hold my nail next to the lit bulb for a minute until the gel dries. It works every time, and you save a ton of money. I have a professional uv dryer but hate lugging it out just to do one nail. Wish I had thought of that method sooner.

Esmeralda Ether, NC

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Dries My Gelish Nail Polish SUPER QUICK!

I can’t say enough great things about this nail drier. My Gelish polish takes maybe 30 minutes total for me to do by myself and takes half that if something else is polishing for me. It is big enough for my feet so I’ve even done my toes Gelish. LOVE THIS DRIER. READ the directions because it confused me at first. The back switch flips both up and down and you’ll get the timer only on one way.

Chasity Duncan, SC

I agonized over this purchase

I researched LED curing lamps for gel polish until I was nearly blind, and I nearly paid $250 for a supposedly "better" lamp for doing my nails. I’m so glad I didn’t and settled on the USpicy Crescent 18 watt lamp for less than half the cost. It arrived well packaged. It came with a nice direction pamphlet. And it cures even dark colors of soak-off IBD gel layers in only 30 seconds. I’m in love with this lamp! If I weren’t such a klutz and could paint the fingernails of both hands at the same time, I could easily fit in both hands. I could definitely fit in both feet. Yet the lamp isn’t so bulky that it takes up too much room on my vanity table. It’s an attractive, feminine pearl pink. I’ve used it for several sets of soak-off gels, and when I remember all the time I wasted using a little UV lamp, I nearly groan. I keep my lamp out and in one place, so I am not sticking it in a drawer or unplugging it repeatedly. I don’t know how it would hold up under any kind of rough treatment. It feels sturdy enough to me, but that said, I’m not putting it to the test. I can say that it performs its purpose beautifully, and so far, I don’t regret buying it and would recommend it to anyone who wants to do her own gel soak-off nail jobs at home. Go for it!

Doreen Stites, ID

Love it!

I bought this LED Nail Polish dryer so that I can start doing my own gel nails at home and I love it! Not only does it save me so much money and time – it has a digital countdown timer so that I know exactly how long it will take which is a big plus for me. I love how my nails look like I paid $40 in the salon when I really didn’t pay anything. The timer takes 90 seconds and after that my nails are dry enough that I can go straight to doing the laundry without a problem. I highly recommend anyone looking for a nail dryer for gel polish to get the USpicy – it will save you a lot of money and a whole lot of time.

Bonita Dunn Center, ND

90 sec. -2 minutes for each coat

I originally bought the NOVA one ($199) and it took forever to cure so I exchanged it with this USpicy about 7 months ago (when it cost about $160 then). It cured my nails faster than the NOVA one, which is no longer on the site) but still took a long time: 90 sec – 2 minutes for each layer. I tried to do only 30 seconds and it will be soft and peeled off in a few days. I used a large UV lamp before, it took 2 minutes to 3 minutes for each coat so there’s still a slight improvement in terms of time for this LED light when I put two hands in at the same time. (need to put one hand on top of the other). I am wondering whether I did something wrong as most of the reviewers said it only took 20 seconds -30 seconds for each layer. In addition, I read that the LED light is still UV light but I cannot give up the gel nail for the shining look and for the no-chipping, etc. I just hope that I can learn how to make it 30 sec for each layer — which will be awesome.

Elvia Red Oak, IA

Worked good but decided i needed something better

It worked good however after my last light died i decided it would be better if i just bit the bullet and spent alittle extra money for name brand however this light worked great… was alittle hard to do 5 fingers though i found it easier to do just 4 and thumb separate

Claudine Crystal Springs, MS


This machine works great with the gel polishes. I only gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because it is pretty large for a nail polish dryer. I found it takes up a lot of room. If finding a space for it isn’t an issue then it’s well worth the money. Excellent product.

Gladys Hereford, AZ

WOW! What a difference!!

I am amazed at the difference between this lamp and my first lamp. It is obviously quality-made, does not feel or look cheap at all. It has very nice options, such as auto-start, count-down timer, and the ability to change the default time. It has gazillions of LEDs. It works! Every time! I can easily dry one entire hand, or 8 fingers. I can easily slide an entire foot inside. Hmmm, I haven’t tried to insert both feet… think I will give it a go.Don’t waste your time on one of those small mini portable units. Mine had only three tiny LEDs, which flickered, and failed to come on at all several times. It is a pain to dry your fingers then your thumb, and it is very difficult to dry your toes, if at all possible.Yes, this thing costs three times as much, but it is SO WORTH IT!!! If you like gel manis and pedis, you will quickly recoup your investment.

Terrie Tonopah, NV

Great LED lamp

Great buy, works great. I have no problems with my unit what so ever. To my surprise, it has a sensor inside the lamp that automatically turns on the bulbs when you place your hand inside. Nice feature. There is the manual option as well. Cures each gel polish layer application in 30 seconds. Now if you apply too thick a layer of polish don’t expect miracles in a 30 second curing time, because your polish will crinkle/wrinke..and that’s with any unit.. LED or UV.The first unit ordered from this seller came and appeared to be used or so. So I called Amazon and they honored a rapid return/credit to my account so that I could purchased a replacement. Replacement came perfect.Very happy with this purchase!

Melinda Helmsburg, IN

Excellent Manicure

The USpicy Crescent USND-1801 Nail Polish Dryer arrived well packaged. Inside the box was an attractive pink box holding the nail polish dryer, well packaged between sponge layers. The nail polish dryer was easy to remove from the box, and it is quite attractive. There is an information/direction guide and a very useful emory board/nail file.Before using the nail polish dryer, I read all of the information and directions. I plugged the nail polish dryer in and turned it on. I then went on to finish my manicure. I filed my nails and discovered this nail file is excellent. I applied one coat of base polish, two coats of nail color and one coat of top coat. I turned the switch on, and then the timer selection to 90 seconds. I inserted my right hand into the curing window. At the end of 90 seconds the polish felt dry. I then put my left hand in the curing window. Within another 90 seconds, I had both sets of nails dry. I try too keep my hands quiet for an hour or so while my nails completely dry, but found that after 15 minutes, my nails felt completely dry. What a convenient nail polish dryer. I usually have a complete manicure monthly, and in the summer I have a pedicure monthly. I will use the nail polish dryer on my toes and see how this goes. Very pleased with this. I was given this product to use and review.Recommended. prisrob 04-17-14

Addie Plymouth, NH

tested and it works

it works. i have used the 90 sec setting so far. i did my nails and they lasted for more than 2 weeks. some say the nail polish does not dry. yes i almost had the same reaction then i realized that until one puts the final coat the nails wont be completely dry. i now think that the top coat is the most important one and I wonder if any nail polish would work as long as the top coat is applied; well I don’t know, I havent tested that yet; if I do, I might come back and update my review. so apply a lot of the top coat especially on the top of the nail all the way to the edges, as this helps ensure the polish does not peel off (it seals it). thank you very much to the ones who said that any 70% alcohol will do to remove any excess in the end; yes very true and you saved me some money! i like that this machine has the automated start with the sensor. I recommend you keep the packaging for storage as the bulbs seem fragile. Bought for about $135

Margie Dryden, TX

Don’t hesitate

There is nothing about this that I don’t like. It works flawlessly, the timer is right, the price is right, and it is clean looking and pretty. I am a home user, so I wasn’t looking for something heavy-duty and professional. This fits the bill perfectly – good quality, attractive, solid, great coverage by the LED lights. I just like everything about it.

Avis Mound City, IL