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Urban Decay Smoked 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Set

URBAN DECAY Smoked 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Set. Eyeliner URBAN DECAY popular colors for girls all the popular Smokey eye makeup here.

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Smooth but Average

I bought these based on reviews all over the net. They have such high ratings and people seem to love them, I thought, surely I need these!No, I didn’t. They’re not bad. I love the flow as you line your lid. Very gel like texture and is easy to get a smooth line. It also has very intense color with one stroke, you do not need to go over the same place more than once. It smudges well if you’re going smokey, and it stays super crisp if you’re going more bold.What I don’t like though, are two things:One, I find that two of the colors are just too dark. Demolition (Dark brown) and Empire (purple), are just black on my skin. I’m a super pale redhead with brown eyes. I would think that with such light skin you would see the slightest bit of color, but the hint you do see, goes away completely after you apply mascara, even if you have a thicker line of the eyeliner on. I put Zero (black) on one eye and Empire on the other, and couldn’t see a difference once mascara was on. I was going to go over the purple with the black after my experiment, but it honestly wasn’t necessary, I wore it that way all day. No one said anything and no matter what lighting I was in, I couldn’t see a difference. I should mention, this was with no eyeshadow to compete with color, just eyeliner and mascara.Two, I have to curl my eyelashes and then apply the eyeliner. If I do it in my normal sequence, no matter how long I wait, the eyeliner just comes off onto the curler. A straight transfer, it doesn’t smudge, it takes it off to the skin leaving a weird spotted liner on my lid and would have to redo it. I’ve never had this problem with any eyeliner before. So I’ve just learned to do it in reverse with this product.Pros:-Great texture-Intense saturation of color-Stays put all day without fading or smudging-Three of the colors, as well as the black are just lovely. Smog is my favorite, great on a brown-eyed redhead-Very easy to use/apply/smudgeCons:-Two of the colors (that aren’t black) just look black-Comes off on my eyelash curler in sheetsAll in all, I wish I would have just purchased Smog in a single pencil.

Callie Crown King, AZ

Love these – but not perfect

This was a good deal at $24, hence the 4 stars. Five pretty nice, pigmented eyeliners by Urban Decay for that cheap? Sure, I’ll take it. There’s a reason it’s so cheap though.They are very pigmented and look great when you swatch them, but applying is a different story. They work well on my waterline, but when I try to apply them over eyeshadow and primer on my lid, they don’t stick well and the colors fades kind of quickly. Zero (black) is probably the longest lasting out of these. If you want sparkly, bold, VERY long-lasting pigmented eyeliners, look at MAC’s Pearlglide line (although the new ones in the Archie’s Girls collection aren’t very good).MAC Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner UNDERCURRENTis one of my favorite eyeliners with awesome staying power.You get what you pay for, and like I said – good deal for $24. The price on Amazon fluctuates a bit though.

Freida Ravinia, SD


I have not used all the colors. I really like the purple, gray and brown. The blue is really a teal and the black is too dark for me. But I use one of them everyday.

Marguerite Plainville, IL

Love these!

I want all pencils made by Urban Decay. They are extra CREAMY which I love and they glide on and the colors are just wonderdful

Lottie Midkiff, WV

Best eyeliners!

These are, hands down, the best eyeliners money could ask for!They go on great, they don’t smudge once dried, and they will stay on a full 24 hours without wearing or smearing. I can even go swimming without looking like I cried all night night (it’s quite amazing!).The colors are all fantastic and I wear every one of them. It’s a great value for the amount you get.

Freida Sweetwater, TN