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Urban Decay Naked2

What it is: The most anticipated sequel of the decade, Naked2 features a dozen pigment-rich taupe and gray-beige neutrals, plus five exclusive, new shades. What it does: The follow up to the original bestselling Naked palette, this stunning second edition proves that neutral is anything but boring. Showcasing a dozen completely different shades than the first bronze-based collection, it includes a stunning range from pale and deep, to matte and sparkly. You’ll achieve a host of new neutral looks, smoky dramatic eyes, and everything in between. The palette also includes a travel-size Lip Junkie Lipgloss in Naked and a double-ended, cruelty-free Good Karma Shadow/Crease Brush (available only in this palette).

Key features

  • The most anticipated sequel of the decade.
  • Naked2 has 12 pigment-rich, taupe and greige neutral eyeshadows, including FIVE NEW shades.
  • This collection lets you achieve lots of neutral looks, smoky dramatic eyes, and everything in between

Honest reviews


Used Palette

I received this palette this Wednesday April 25, 2012. I liked that the shipping was fast. I was excited to open my package because I own the first Naked palette and I use it everyday so I couldn’t wait to try this one out. To my disappointment, after opening it I noticed right away there was a few scratches on top of the case, which would’ve been fine with me if that was the only thing wrong with it, but after opening it there were finger marks on four of the eye shadows! Looks like somebody did a swatch and put it back in the package! How unsanitary, I wish Sephora would’ve checked it out first to make sure everything looked fine before packaging and shipping it to me. I probably won’t buy again on-line, its better to go to the store and check it out because you know you are getting a brand new and unused palette.

Dixie Mc Cook, NE

MAC girl approved!

From a devoted….and I mean DEVOTED MAC girl I have to say that this is the first product that has lead me astray… I passed on the first Naked despite all the hype about it. I was impressed with the color combos but just wasn’t blown away enough to try it. (The packaging on the first sort of reminded me of cheap drugstore makeup honestly). When I saw a friend post the Naked2 up on Facebook I was now intrigued.First off the new Naked comes in a gorgeous metal compact that snaps shut. It looks and feels well made and will stand up to heavy travel, accidental bumps and falls, etc. And stay nice and closed. No worries about spills in your purse! The stylish and intuitive redesign of the case gets noticed quickly and you’ll soon find that your friends can’t help but pick it up from the table to check out what’s in this little metal box. Come to think of it, it looks sort of like a chocolate bar….I digress!Inside is a huge mirror that pretty much extends from one corner to the opposite. Nice! The brush is actually a GOOD brush, rare since most kits….even good ones….come with subpar tools just to fill in space. The double sided brush will do shading, blending, and lining just fine.The 12 complimentary colors are AWESOME. It’s not often that I find eyeshadow that have the same consistency, quality, blendability, and true to palette color as MAC. The Naked2 palette doesn’t disappoint in any area. The shadows are smooth and highly pigmented. The colors all blend well together no matter which one or ones you choose. I love the versatility of one palette that takes me from natural to sultry. If you like smoky eyes then this is a must have. I highly recommend this palette for dark eyed gals like me because the colors really compliment our dark brown eyes and give it depth. (Dark brown eyes are the only eye color that is opaque…hence the lack of depth in eyes…) It’s nice not having to look like a raccoon just to bring my eyes out…liberating actually.And just a last note…I love how these colors are sort of “mistake proof”. You could pretty much pick any color to put on and because of how neutral they are, you’re not going to go into shock and run for makeup remover. Each color is very subtle and builds up to your liking. With MAC it is very easy to go overboard or to choose one color that is more overwhelming than you thought it would be..

Rachelle Farmersburg, IN

Naked 2 has cool tones, Naked 1 has warm tones

I bought the first Naked palette when it came out, and wasn’t sure if this one was worth getting since the colors seemed like they would be so similar. When I went to a local store to purchase it, though, I noticed that Urban Decay describes Naked 1 as full of cocoas/warm tones and Naked 2 as greige/taupe/cool tones. Since I reach for my original Naked palette several times a week but mostly wear cool tones, I decided to get this one, too. It doesn’t disappoint!As with all Urban Decay products, the color payoff is outstanding. You barely need to tap your brush into the shadows for them to look strong on your eyes. The brush that it comes with is not that great, but it makes this palette easy to travel with, especially since the case itself is hard, unlike the first palette. The small gloss it comes with is also nice.If you need tips for applying the shadows, there are a lot of videos online by makeup gurus to watch.A great purchase!

Jocelyn Shishmaref, AK

Love this! Great colors and selection!

These colors are perfect for anyone who loves browns, shimmers, mattes and glittery eyeshadow! My favorite eyeshadows are the shimmery glitter, and this one comes complete with 8 of them. 4 of the colors in this set are matte finish. You can do so much with these combinations. Yesterday I combined the darker gray shades with the black on the outside of my lid. Today, I combined the brown with the shimmery browns to create a look I have never tried before. I took the lighter shades, and put the darker shade towards the outside of my lid. The brush is perfect to blend these together to create an airbrush type look. I checked out videos on youtube. There are videos on there about how to makeup your eyes specifically using this set. I had never used a brush before, I have always used the applicators that come with the eyeshadow you buy at the drugstores. I will never use them again! The brush that comes with this set is awesome, it so soft, and it blends all the colors together like an expert. I couldn’t believe that I was able to achieve the look I wanted in a relatively short time.It comes in a hard, metal case with a compartment for the brush. The inside has a full, long mirror in it. I had been eyeing this set ever since it came out, and I finally bought it last weekend when I visited a Sephora store. Now, I am seriously toying with the idea of buying the original Naked set. If you love browns, and you like to play, then you will love this set!

Lindsay Poquonock, CT

Gorgeous array of neutrals!

This palette is worth every penny. The shadows are stunning and versatile for day to night, work or play looks. I am happy as a lark with this buy! I have chocolate-hued eyes and a medium complexion and the tones of these shadows are very flattering to my coloring. Each shade is definitely usable and blendable to create different moods, from innocent and wide-eyed to smoldering ombre. Not a shade here that appears too dark or too light. Loving the whole greige thing! The double ended brush is very high quality. One end is plush, for broad, all over sweeping. The other end is tapered for dramatic precision. The colors range from matte/shimmer blond, blush, copper, gunmetal, taupe, brown and smoky black. My personal favorite go-to shades are Half-Baked, swept over the lid, with Snakebite shaded on the crease up to just beneath the brow bone. Makes for a perfectly versatile smoky eye. Superb set and the case is sturdy, good for travel. Love the little lip bonus. No junk makeup here!Addendum to my initial review: just recently I received the Naked Palette One as a gift, so now I have the good fortune of having both Nakeds at my disposal! I can’t say that either is better than the other. The first Naked Palette has a single end, tapered brush and comes with the famous shadow primer, which doesn’t come with Number 2. The shade commonly shared is Half-baked. I really love both of these palettes and know I will get mileage out of both! Either way, you win.

Kelsey Daykin, NE

the fake naked2 palette

This is the fake naked2 palette be careful.And when i opened it i can clearly see the finger print on the shadow, I do not suggest buying this product.

Deidra Walnut Creek, OH

Awesome palette but price is so wrong!!!

I love love this palette is he first Urban Decay palette i got since the Naked 1 didnt get my attetion,the colors are awesome and the palette was packaged correctly and came out on time,BUT THE PRICE LISTED IS SO WRONG IS NOT $150 i bought mine for $50 plus shipping wich was a good deal since i dont live in the USA.Im very happy with it and totally recommend to get it.

Alice Alberta, AL


I love Urban decay Naked 2 palette! The shadows are smooth and go on great. Awesome neutral tones and have shadows for both day and night wear. Im becoming hooked on all UD products. I love using these shadows on top of their eye shadow primer too…the shadows last long with no creasing. Naked 2 palette is a fantastic buy.

Marcie Woodbine, NJ

Foi um pedido

É a maquiagem do momento, segundo a pessoa que me fez o pedido. Várias opes de cores e é um excelente presente.

Susanna Shawnee, OK


SO I’ve been wanting Naked 2 for a while now (don’t have Naked 1, I didn’t feel the colors matched me). I finally splurged! Absolutely worth every penny. This palette was PERFECT for my caramel Latina skin tone. Just perfect! The quality of the shadows is exquisite; smooth, excellent color pay off, and gorgeous. The shadows have great staying power as well. I love the variety of finishes. You have matte, pearl, and shimmer all in one palette. This set really can fit any occasion from casual to dramatic glam. The shades with shimmer are especially beautiful. They are bold, yet subtle. The brush it comes with is also great, not to mention the super cute case and large mirror! I am overall very impressed with the quality of this makeup and would fully recommend it for any girls’ basic beauty arsenal. It’s like a little black dress, you NEED this in your collection!

Michelle Henderson, MI

For fair skin

Because I have such fair skin I love this nude palette. I can use pretty much every color on this without looking to harsh.

Pauline Bedford, VA

Abs. Love

Abs. Love this product & all the colors! The pigmentation’s are great ! I am very happy with my purchase & recommend it to everyone!

Corinne Bowmansville, NY


I just got this for Christmas today! I did one eye to just see and I love it. Perfect colors for I think any skin tone. I bought from ulta, I dont usually splurge on makeup, but iv really wanted this so, I did not want to chance a fake product.

Rosario Penobscot, ME

Best Palette I own!

I truly love this palette. I gave into the hype and finally purchased it at Ulta. Color Pay off is amazing, and the colors are so vibrant and just so pretty. I love shimmery colors, therefore this may not be for people who love mattes- this palette only has 3 matt colors. But I can’t honestly say enough great things about this palette. Quality is outstanding- I must say they that Inglot is very comparable to Urban Decay I do have few colors that are almost identical to the Urban Decay and quality is just as great. So if you love Inglot you will love this for sure. Needles to say I love my Naked2, love the packaging, brush that it comes with is great too. Now I am thinking of getting Naked1!

Mitzi White Plains, NY

In Love!

This palette is amazing! It has a nice mix of matte and shimmer shades. The colors are very pigmented and stay on well. The only color that I have experienced fallout with is YDK (third from the right) but it is minimal. The colors blend together perfectly in a seemingly unending number of combinations. There are a ton of tutorials on YouTube that offer inspiration for different looks. It comes with a double ended brush that is very good quality. I have been using it for about 2 months and am still in love. The only problem I have encountered is one of the colors popped out of the case. Nothing a little glue can’t fix! The case is very sturdy and seems like it will hold up well. Overall a great buy!

Vivian Farwell, TX


This is my favorite pallet. I accidentally bought the first pallet a few weeks before. I bit the bullet and bought this one shortly after. The colors are magnificent, they cover well, and they case is sturdy. It’s a much better deal than the "Naked 1", for brunette blue eyed girls.

Luann Battle Creek, NE


my favorite makeup palette .. the colors are so beautiful for natural or smokey looksthe are so pigmented even without a primer

Tracy Bluff Dale, TX

Great neutral palette

This Urban Decay palette is an absolute must for the girl who likes neutral shades and doesn’t have a big collection of eye-shadows. The shades are kind of a catch- all for shimmery and matte broad range neutrals. The shades are on a cooler side compared to the Naked 1 palette. My favorite go to shades are YDK, Chopper and Half baked. I just do a wash all over my eyelids and they make my hazel eyes pop!

Allison Mc Dowell, KY


I bought this for my daughter for Christmas – wow, does she ever love it! The colors are beautiful with a lot of pigment, beautiful natural colors. Worth the money in my opinion, so much nicer than drug store makeup!

Camille Newell, NC

Beautiful Cool Palette

I had just purchased the first Naked palette when the new one launched. I was one of the first to receive one. I adore the colors in this one. More cool tones compared to the original and the same, wonderful pigmentation of all UD shadows! My favorite shades are YDK, Busted, Pistol, Snakebite, and Verve. The looks that you can make with just this palette are endless and I often blend colors from both Naked palettes. The case to Naked 2 is much better than the first, its a very nice metal that snaps closed and comes with a double sided brush, one side a flat shader, the other a nice blending brush. It also comes with a mini Lip Junkie in Naked, a pretty rose nude, your lips but better. Very cooling when applied. If you’re trying to decide between the two, just decide warm or cool. I love the versatility of having both! Also, don’t pay outrageous amounts for it. It goes for $50 plus tax.

Chelsey Ceresco, MI

I L<3 ve this!!!

I bought this product and thought, wow this is kind of expensive but I need some new eye-shadow. I was VERY pleased with it. I can almost use every single shade. Maybe not the very last black color but the rest, I can use. I feel like I made a great purchase with this product and I would recommend it to anyone that likes browns, sparkles and to look fabulous!!!I will buy more Urban Decay products so total thumbs up up up!!!

Victoria Angel Fire, NM

My daughter loves this

It is pricey for eye makeup, but my 14 year old loves it, and since they’re all neutrals, she is looking good but not overly made up. Hopefully it will inspire a love of having a few nice things instead of lots of junk! It’s very good quality eye makeup.

Melody Dellwood, WI


UB did it again! These colors are amazing and are just as blendable and smooth as Naked! The brushes are just ok but then again you are paying for quality shadows not brushes.

Dawn Point Comfort, TX


I love this palette, beautiful colors, very blendable and long lasting. Highly recommend it to everyone who loves eye shadow.

Berta Gibbs, MO

Can’t believe how long I waited

I waited and waited to get this palette. I just couldn’t get myself to spend the fifty bucks on eye shadows. My husband told me to order it for myself and I am soooo happy I did. These colors are AMAZING!!!! So buttery and pigmented. I am going to buy the original naked palette now too!

Bernice Monroe, VA

Great quality and quantity

The price is a steal for this quality and quantity of product. I bought both the original Naked palette and this one and I like them both. I have had them for over a year and with regular use, have not reached tin yet on either palette. The only downfall is that there is some fall out with UD’s eye makeup. There are not many matte colors and the shimmery colors do cause fallout so be careful or put your powder/ foundation on last.

Chelsea Edwardsburg, MI

Excellent product

This is a great product, although it’s a little pricey, but it arrive undamaged and in the original packaging. The eyeshadow is great, I highly recommend Urban Decay products!

Christine Frankfort, OH

Even better than the first Naked Palette!

I have to admit, I use the Naked2 Palette more than the Naked Palette now that I have them both. I especially love the packaging on the Naked2 Palette and I wish that Urban Decay would go back and use the same packaging on the first Naked Palette.This is a great value,as individual shades of Urban Decay sell for $18/each.Highly recommend.

Angelia Rampart, AK

Urban Decay Naked2

The price kept me from purchasing this product at first, after a couple of months I decided to spend the money and buy it. I am so happy that I did! I absolutely LOVE every single color in the palette. I use the palette everyday because I can create natural to more intense looks from this one palette. I would tell anyone that they would not regret purchasing this product.

Jennifer Jasper, TN

Amazing product!

This is probably the best eye shadow I have used in a long time. Beautiful colors, ease of application, a bit of creasing after awhile, but with all the other benefits, this is very minor.

Mina Shandon, CA