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Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Tube – Eden

What it is:A tawny matte eye shadow primer. What it does:Packaged in a new squeeze tube with a precise needle nose, this triple-duty product also works as a highlighter or eye shadow. Perfect for more mature customers or those who want to avoid shimmer, this versatile shade instantly brightens the eyes and provides the ultimate prep for creaseless, more vibrant shadow and all-day wear. What else you need to know: The squeeze tube version of this product is exclusive to Sephora for a limited time.

Key features

  • Hiding all redness
  • Paraben-free formula
  • Glides on smoothly
  • Space-age polymer technology

Honest reviews


i was shocked

I have heard alot of great reviews about this product. And i was really excited about it when i ordered it here. But when i tried it i was extremly shock!It doesn’t cover well and it is stickyif i can give it less than one star rating i would pleasingly

Eddie Richards, TX


Never used an eye primer before I purchased Urban Decay Primer so I suppose it is okay, can’t compare it to anything else. Actually, my eyeliner always stayed on fine, so I see no difference.

Kimberly Metamora, IN

Love the Product …. Love the Tube!

Urban Decay makes a superior eyeshadow primer. There are a few things that put it over the top in comparison to other products I have tried.1. It does a great job of evening out the coloring of my lids to assure I get the truest color from my shadow.2. It does not crease on my eyes over time.3. Even if you are in intense humidity or have oily lids, it stays put.I rated the genie bottle version earlier and loved that too, but the tube is much, much better. The applicator was just a little odd compared to the ease of the tube.

Lucia Pulaski, WI

My eye shadow still creases 🙁

I don’t put my moisturizer on in the AM on the top of my lids, I use this primer – and yet still my eyeshadow creases. Not happy about it – at all. I will use it up but am a little heartbroken as I had high hopes for this product. Btw, the bottle is not full… hmm

Nita Furlong, PA

My wife loves this stuff!!!

My wife wanted a primer for my eyeshadow (I admit, I don’t know what that means). She was using the bare minerals eye shadow. The color would seem to fade and cake during her long work day (to me it just looked kind of tired, like she needed to refreshen up), so she read on numerous beauty sites that this was a great product and decided to give it a try. According to her, “WOW!” Her favorite color is SIN (original does not have much color), a Champagne Shimmer/Pink color that she now uses as a base with nothing else (and saves me money since I don’t have to buy eye shadow any more)! It is a great neutral color, needs no powder over it, and stays on all day. My wife says that there is a reason that this product consistently comes out in best makeup websites – it is the best!

Rosalie Woods Cross Roads, VA

Go to Primer

You couldn’t pull me away from this Primer for anything in the world! Its by far the best around, your eyeshadow will stay in place all day. I have very oily eyelids and this was my lifesaver. Its no draw backs to buying this product. Worth EVERY penny!

Alejandra Mullan, ID


this tube easily lasts 6months. Very little product is required. In fact, it gets annoying that if you happen to apply just a bit too much, it can stay moist and make makeup application tricky. This product is worth every penny!!! Been using it for 2 yrs…. and even stock an extra one just in case, but it gathers dust since it lasts so long 🙂

Meghan Mallory, NY

Truly Amazing

I am going to school for professional makeup artistry and though I may not be a pro yet I am working like one. Having tried a different brands I have to say I was very surprised by this product. This product is phenomenal! It really makes the eye shadow pop and stay on so much better than anything else out there. I now keep all the colors in my kit Really can not say enough about it. Buy it, you will love it!

Lelia Bertrand, NE

Urban Decan Eyeshadow Primer in Sin

I don’t wear much makeup, but I’ve used the regular Urban Decay eyeshadow in the color Sin for a long time. I have found that I get creases on my eyes where the color settles in the lines; not a good look. I’ve seen this primer on Youtube and have read the reviews on Amazon and decided to go for it. I absolutely love it! The color is so pretty on it’s own so I can’t comment on how it works with other shadows, but it seems like it would help keep them in place since my eyelid doesn’t feel oily during the day. It hasn’t creased at all and you only need a little bit to get great coverage and color. I definitely recommend it and I can tell the tube will last a long time.

Kerry Corbin, VA

Makes any eyeshadow stay vibrant all day!

I buy drugstore eyeshadow, and sometimes after about 4 hours it wears off considerably. Even after applying more, it is worn down again by evening. So, I discovered Urban Decay Primer, read the reviews and decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did!!! I can’t say enough about this product. You dab it on with your finger, spread it around, let it dry (about 1 to 2 minutes) and apply whatever eyeshadow you desire. The eyeshadow doesn’t fade, wear off or smear. After 8 hours, I look like I just put it on! It is removed easily with either makeup remover or vaseline, as that is what I use. A little goes a long way. The last tube I bought lasted 6 months. So, if you are thinking the price is steep, consider how long this tube will last you. I wear makeup everyday, with the exception of about 2 days out of the month.I will never be without this product again. I just bought my second tube. I like the “Sin” because it adds a shimmer to your eyeshadow and really makes it pop.I was concerned when Urban Decay discontinued the wand/applicator bottle, but I actually like the tube better. I can get a more even coverage with my finger. If you are wondering if you should give this a chance, I would highly recommend it. I would give this 10 stars if that was possible!

Nelly Greenville, MO

I approve..

I have used several different eye shadow primers and this is one of my favorites. I would purchase this again. It goes on smoothly and a little goes a long way. I use this every single day. I have somewhat oily skin and I work out at the end of the day. Despite all the sweating, my eyeliner and eye shadow are exactly where they started.

Toni Lovejoy, IL

does the job!

I love this eye shadow primer because it actually DOES THE JOB!.. My eye shadow never creases , wears off or looks cakey even in 90 degree heat. We had a huge heat wave here and after several hours in the heat and humidity my eye shadow still looked flawless thanks to UD primer potion. I wont use anything else.

Lenore Artois, CA

Make sure you don’t use this without eyeshadow

This product serves as a great primer base for eye shadow. However i have oily eyelids and like to wear primer even without eye shadows. Unfortunately this product creases without eye shadow over it and it doesn’t hold back the oiliness.

Zelma Spray, OR


Whenever I wear eyeshadow it always collects in the crease of my eyelid. This primer stops it 100% (as it is supposed to). Even better though – I wear a super black gel eyeliner sometimes and a super black mascara all the time. I often find that if I sweat or get a little oily at all on my eyelids the eyeliner or mascara kind of smear onto the top part of my eyelid where the lash line skims the skin. If I use this primer before applying the mascara or liner it stays in place with no smudge problems at all. Win!

Elisa Morton, TX

A make-up MUST have!

I love this primer, its expensive but worth the money, makes your eye shadow pop and last the whole day. I would buy and buy this again.

Clarissa Zolfo Springs, FL


OK, I love this eyeshadow primer, works really good. I love how it feels, helps to prevent creases and eyeshadow to stay on all day. I love this color. I have brown eyes and find that this color works well for me.

Shawna Brownsville, MN

good stuff

I love urban decay and the eyeshadow primer will not disappoint. I couldnt really understand the reason for there being different shads so i just went with the normal primer and I love it!

Marian Greentown, PA

Wonderful eye Primer!

How did I ever live without this???? I tried Mary Kay eye primer years ago and it was a huge waste. Sadly, I thought all eye primers were the same and went on with my life. At age 40 I decided to give this a try and LOVE IT! It goes on smooth, requires very little and dries quickly. Best of all, my eye shadow stays put till I take it off at night! Halfway through the day I am taken back at my own reflection, because I look GOOD~ not like the mother of a 2 year old who is tired, but fresh and put together! A little pricey for me, but worth every penny as it makes me feel good to see myself this way!!!

April Pine Ridge, KY

This stuff is awesome!

If you’re looking for something to help your eyeshadow stay beautiful and vibrant all day long, this is the stuff! I’ve tried other eye primers and always end up disappointed and coming back to my beloved Urban Decay primer potion. I use both the original and ‘sin’ versions and love them both!

Rae Thorofare, NJ

The best ever

Simply the BEST shadow primer. Really, it’s the ONLY shadow primer that actually works on my oily skin. I wish UD would come out with a face primer in this formula. It’s not a drugstore-priced item, but it does go a LONG way, and if you use it daily you MIGHT have to buy it as often as 3 times/year. I currently purchase it only twice/year.

Charity Rushville, OH

5-star rating all the way

An ulta store recently opened where i live and i recently bought this eye primer this past weekend. tried it out today and let me just say, IT’S AWESOME! it gives the shadow excellent staying power and intensifises the color, too. plus, this is the first urban decay product i bought.

Tommie Pascagoula, MS

Switched to a different brand for many reasons

Not really impressed. It’s too small and hard to get it all out of the tube. I’ve switched to Coastal Scents primer which is just as good as Urban Decay but costs considerably less and is easier to squeeze out of the tube.

Louise West Davenport, NY

love this stuff!

this stuff works great! holds my eyeshadow and keeps it looking great. WAY better than mac’s eyeshadow primer. it lasts quite a while too!

Karyn Chilhowie, VA

eh it’s okay I guess

By its self I was disappointed however combined with the three other primers I have it, satisfies hahaha I found it creased after an hour but when combined with my Smashbox and NYX it was fine.

Katharine Oneida, KS

The best of the best!

I have had VERY oily skin all my life and this is a must for me every day! My eye shadow will last all nite -no exceptions! Even if not wearing shadow your eyelids will remain soft & dry 😉

John Channelview, TX

Holy Grail of eye primers for me!

A long, long time ago, Mary Kay made an eye primer called “Triple Action Eye Enhancer”. It was the best stuff on the planet! Then they discontinued it (their new formula is NOT the same) and I was left searching.I have tried primers far and wide: Estee Lauder, Avon, new Mary Kay, Smashbox, Benefit, Lorac, Stila, you name it. Nothing…and I mean nothing….has worked for me like the Urban Decay Primer Potion. It’s even been my experience that other brands of eyeshadow (Smashbox and Stila especially) work BETTER with the UDPP than they do with their own brands of primer.I am of an older age, so the primer has to do a lot of things. I have oily lids, so it has to keep my eyeshadow from looking like greasepaint. The area around my eyes tends to be dry, so it has to stay put and not enhance wrinkles or any residual flaky skin. (It happens! And you only notice it when you are applying your eye makeup!) I don’t want to reapply makeup all day; in fact I just put it on before work and expect it to stick. I didn’t realize how spoiled I was at being able to do that, until I tried other primers and they failed miserably. I know if UDPP won’t hold a product, I don’t want that product. It even helps keep your eyeliner from migrating when used under the eyelid!*One note about Eden and Sin: Eden is a pigmented primer, a fair color. Be sparing with this one! Too much and it looks like you were smacked in the eyes with a sock full of flour! Plus it clings to and enhances any dryness you have in your eye area. Sin is a metallic, so good luck with *that* if you have any crinklage! I have received free samples of it and found it’s only ok on my eyelid, anywhere else and I look Dame Edna. I also found SIN to be very drying to the eye area, ok for my lid but not in the crease/browbone; it made those areas look like little cake crumbs clinging there.The tube is much preferable to the wand applicator! And lasting? It only takes a tiny dab per eye, so a tube will last a long time. I have had my large tube over a year now and I wear it 5 days a week. It takes a lot less than you think it will! This is the only primer I recommend to women my age, because I know what it does for me. It works like spackle, without LOOKING like you spackled!UPDATE 8-31-12: I have been experimenting with the MAC Paint Pots for awhile now, as bases under my eye makeup. I bought Painterly first, it’s a nude color. I have since added several others, as I find the colored bases to be one more way to enhance and enliven my existing eye shadows. I just realized today that I have not picked up my Urban Decay primer for months….guess I’ll pass it on, as I’m enjoying the Paint Pots way too much now. Painterly is like Eden, only better. I think Ruebenesque is close to Sin, off the top of my head. The only difference is, the Paint Pots don’t enhance dryness or wrinkles in my eye area, nor do they actively dry out my eye skin as the colored UDPP’s have. I use my finger or a brush to apply the Paint Pots, depending on how much time I have and how fussy I want to be.UPDATE 11-14-12: I guess it depends on what you are wearing….I recently started using the new MAC BB Cream (tried both the lotion and the compact with equal results) and for some reason I now get better eye color retention on top of the BB Cream if I use UDPP and not the Paint Pots. For some reason, the paint pots combined with either of the BB creams (I dab what’s left on the sponge across eyelids for minor coverage) makes a slidy greasiness but not with the UDPP.

Marguerite Goshen, AL


This product shipped fast and quick. I love love this product. It keeps my eyeshadow on all day. It’s easy to put on and easy to take off. Best makeup I brought.

Deborah Regina, KY

It works

I never heard of eyeshadow primer before I started reading about it in beauty articles. A lot of the reasons I don’t wear eyeshadow or eyeliner is because I have heavy lids and it just rubs off in a couple of hours. I got this because it was reviewed the highest in the articles I read. I got Eden, which is a nude color for my mom and I got “Sin” that is a chanpagne shimmer. Holy cow, where has this stuff been all my life. I can wear the primer by itself and it gives my eyes a little shimmer and it keeps my eyeliner on all day. It gives eyeshadow a little shimmer omph and keeps it on your eyelid. This is now an essential in my makeup routine and I don’t wear eyeshadow/liner without it.

Pansy Gilman, IA

no creasing, eyeshadow stays on all day

I LOVE this product. It lasts forevern – a little bit goes a long way! It makes my eye colors pop and blend easily. I have very oily eyelids and this keeps my shadow from creasing and keeps my eye color looking fresh all day (even in the hot Georgia weather!)

Brooke Pelican, AK

Good Primer

This is the best primer I have ever used and I’ve tried a bunch. It goes on easily and makes your eye shadow stand out more and last longer.

Kim West Dennis, MA