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Urban Decay De Slick XL Oil Control Makeup Setting Spray 6 Oz.

Makeup setting spray that also absorbs excess oil throughout your day or night while ensuring your makeup doesn’t run or bleed

Key features

  • De Slick XL 6 oz.

Honest reviews


5 Stars for the Product and Price

This De-Slick setting spray is the end all to end alls for eliminating a shiny T-zone. I use it every single day before applying my makeup and after in conjunction with the de-slick setting powder. No shiny T-zone for me!!! I have been looking for this solution for 15 YEARS!!!! Thank you Urban Decay. Now on the down side it did take about 2 weeks for this to arrive, partially the sellers fault because a week after the order it still hadn’t shipped. But I also did an address change after that. But the fact that this is an extra large bottle 6oz (around $27 including tax) at the prize of a 4oz bottle ($28.00) it was completely worth the wait.I am actually considering scooping up a few more at this price just to be stocked up. Like I said I use this product EVERYDAY before and after makeup application.

Allie Ewing, KY

oil setting spray

love this product! easy to use, works great, no problem if you get it in your eyes, feels good going on, LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Kendra Laquey, MO


I Have tried Urban Decay all nighter and decided to give this a try considering it was for oil control. However the staying power i find is not as good as the all nighter.

Shelia Putnam, CT


I cannot describe my bliss using this product, Absolutely weightless, and I was a skeptic boy was it ever worth the money. I do have to use quite a bit as I produce as much oil as a refinery does. Great product It is a major part of my makeup routine. Would indefinitly purchase again. It works. My make up feels great and not heavy, love, love, love it!

Tracie Lakehurst, NJ

Love it!

The De Slick Makeup setting spray works great! It holds my makeup in place for hours without a sticky or heavy feeling! Would recommend it to anyone!

Carlene Napoleon, MO