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Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette

Book Of Shadows IV What it is: A mirrored compact of 16 eye shadows, including 10 new shades and “QR” codes that let you use your phone to access Urban Decay’s exclusive how-to videos. What it does: This much-awaited collection of 16 eye shadows includes never-boring neutrals, provocative hits of shimmer and vibrant hues, as well as a Book of Shadows first-a portable speaker and how-to videos that reveal Urban Decay’s five newest looks. All you need is a phone with a camera and a web browser to scan their QR (quick response) codes and instantly download videos. Pick your look, scan the corresponding QR code, plug your smart phone into the speaker, and drop your phone in the cradle. Then, open the drawer of shadows and recreate the look right along with the how-to video. This kit also include a full-size 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, a travel-size Eyeshadow Primer Potion, and a travel-size Supercurl Curling Mascara. This set contains: – 16 x 0.03 oz eye shadows in Blue Bus (periwinkle blue sheen), Gunmetal (gunmetal gray with silver glitter), Cobra (smoky green with gold shimmer), Baked (rich golden bronze shimmer), Bender (moss green sheen), Gravity (violet with silver glitter), Lost (neutral brown shimmer), Hijack (metallic muted teal), Midnight Cowgirl (golden beige with gold glitter), Sin (light shimmering champagne), Midnight Rodeo (beige shimmer with silver glitter), Crystal (pale icy blue shimmer), Bust (taupe sheen), Missionary (light taupe sheen), Skimp (ivory peach sheen), Zephyr (pearly cream sheen) – 0.25 oz 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Perversion (carbon black) – 0.18 oz SuperCurl Mascara in black – 0.13 oz Eyeshadow Primer Potion – Mini Keychain Speaker

Key features

  • Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV contains a long-awaited collection of 16 neutral, smoldering and vibrant eye shadows
  • A portable speaker and how-to videos revealing five new looks that Urban Decay created exclusively for this palette
  • White, taupe and nude tones cast an ethereal glow, alongside pale greens and blues with the sheen of sea glass
  • Wear these airy shades to elevate a wide range of day looks, and then create smudged and deeply shadowed nighttime effects with this palette’s array of deep blacks, greys, browns, purples and greens
  • Also included are a full-size 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, a travel-size Eyeshadow Primer Potion and a travel-size Supercurl Curling Mascara

Honest reviews


Great shadows, terrible packaging

This pallette is jammed-packed with shadows. It includes a bunch of neutrals as well as some colors. 10 of the colors are new to this pallette.Blue Bus: PeriwinkleGunmetal: Silvery grey (also in Naked)Cobra: Blackish brownBaked: Glittery copperBender: Olive greenGravity: Shimmery purpleLost: Shimmery brownHijack: Greenish blueMidnight Cowgirl: Shimmery beigeSin: Simmery pinkish neutral (also in Naked)Midnight Rodeo: Glittery medium brownCrystal: Light shimmery greyish blueBust: Light-medium brownMissionary: Pinkish light medium brownSkimp: peachZephyr: Whitish shade – lightest in the palletteWith this pallette you can do neutral looks as well as a smokey eye and play with color. It also includes the 24-7 liquid eyeliner pen in black, a small squeeze bottle of primer potion, and a mascara. There is also a little speaker and you can sit your phone on top and scan QR codes to watch videos of different looks.What I like:The variety of shades. They apply well and it’s fun to play with new looks. My favorite look (I wear it constantly) is to use crystal on the inner half of the lid, gravity on the outer half and blue bus in the crease. I use Skimp as a highlight shade under the brow and at the inner corner. I then line the eye with navy blue eyeliner. Gunmetal works well as a liner too, as does blue bus if you want to do an all blue look. I also like that they include an eyeline (black), though I find liquid eyeliner a bit difficult to use. The mascara is great as is the primer potion.What I don’t like: The bulky, gimmicky cardboard package. The QR codes, phone holder, cords and speaker are all useless for me. I won’t use them and I doubt many people will. I also don’t like that the eyeshadows are in a pull out drawer. It’s awkward to use and takes up a ton of space. The top of the pallette has pop-up plastic butterflies. The packaging on the Naked palettes is way nicer quality and more portable. I would have preferred this design for the Book of Shadows. This is definitely an at-home only pallette. And it’ll take up half your makeup box (if you find one that fits).I bought it for $29 on the urban decay website but I would not have paid the full $64.

Fannie Solsville, NY

Love the palette, HATE the design!

I bought this originally earlier this year when it was on sale and I’ve almost completely used everything up. It was definitely a steal–mascara, eyeliner, primer potion, and 16 eyeshadows for $29. The cheapo in me went nuts. To sum it up: It’s a lovely palette with a beautiful range of strong, pigmented colors, but the design frustrates me to tears.BOXThis is a thick, cardboard box that has a flip out top where butterflies pop up–really gaudy and tacky, seemed like a waste of cardboard to me. Below this is a sort of “drawer” you pull out which showcases all of the shadows, with separate compartments for the eyeliner, mascara and primer potion. Have fun pulling it out though; after two or three times, the drawer got jammed and I basically had to pull it out by jamming a knife in there. I know appearances count, UD, but I really don’t want to spend 5 minutes trying to access my eyeshadows because the drawer is poorly designed.EYESHADOWSLike with UD eyeshadows, these shadows are incredibly pigmented and should compliment most skin tones. It runs from light to dark starting at the bottom on the drawer, with a lovely mix of matte and shimmery shades. There isn’t much color here (at least compared to the Vice palette), aside from some blues and greens, but the quality of the neutral eyeshadows make up for it. While applying it after primer is best, these shadows are vibrant even without it.ADDITIONAL ITEMSAs much as I love the eyeshadows, the extra goodies that come with BOSIV are ah-mazing. You’re getting a full-sized liquid eyeliner here, which lasted me months and is hands down one of the best eyeliner I’ve used. The mascara is also excellent–not a volumizing mascara, but it will fully coat your lashes and give it a full, natural look. Primer potion is a good steal too, although I don’t use it often (the wetness of the potion turns me off a bit).Overall, this is a wonderful palette that I would recommend to anyone, due to its wide range of neutral colors, with a few colorful eyeshadows thrown in (plus those extra goodies – yay!). Just be wary of the box. It’s a pain to use.

Nannie Houghton Lake, MI

Third Base Hit!

For years I have used Urban Decay. I bought this palette immediately upon its release, that means I paid FULL price.Anyone that would contest UD’s ability to put out quality shadows is an insane person to me. The shadows are fantastic. The primer is the only primer I use and I love all the liquid liners that UD puts out.The mascara is only okay to me. I use something else since I wasn’t really impressed by it.The downfall of this palette is the packaging. While it is very cute, I loathe the bulkiness of it. I don’t need the butterflies or the unneccesary phone attachments to view videos. Personally, I find the drawer feature was a horrid decision.

Nola Wildomar, CA

Great Palette!

The colors are amazing! They look well when mixed together and the palette lasts you a long time. I have already bought 2 of them and I would most definitely buy more.

Jeanne Meredith, CO

Pretty Cool

Book of Shadows 4, By urban Decay is Very nice i love it more then there Naked Palette. Beautiful Rich Pigments there eyeliner Smooths on Nice. Mascara was like my Dream mascara. Nice jet Black. with some Super Curl to it. I have been Very Loyal to Cover Girls Mascara for ever. but I guess it is like every other relationship. you just Move on to Bigger better things. ha ha. the reason why I am Giving this Review 4 out of 5 Stars is 1,) is that Urban Decay chose to Discontinue the Book of shadows 4. 2.) was the way my Product was shipped, I was not happy with. My envolpe was Ripped. why it was not in a Box is beyond me. I do not hold Amazon responsible for it. as the Seller. I got it faster then what was predicted. I ordered it on February 8th. and got it On the 13th. allot faster then other things that I has gotten from Hong kong. lasted all Day though so that was pretty Cool!

Myrna Woodlawn, VA

love the colors!

great for creating night time and wintery looks. All of the shadows are shimmery, some with actual glitter pieces in them. I love that it came with primer potion, curling mascara AND waterproof eyeliner, I just pack this up with a few brushes when I travel and am all set! Only color it is missing is black.

Bette Cainsville, MO

Amazing Palette

I just received this in the mail a few days ago after seeing it on sale, it was $64, I got it for $29! First, it comes in a beautiful, sturdy, thick cardboard case. When you slide it out, the box opens and it has 3D butterflies, cute. More importantly, it has 16 good sized, wonderfully pigmented shadows, mostly shimmer a few matte, a full size 24/7 liquid liner in Perversion, it stays put until you remove it, a full size UD Primer Potion, a travel size mascara and a speaker with cards you can hook up to your computer, smartphone, etc to get the looks they provide or just listen to music with. I’m very impressed with Urban Decay’s products, I own Naked and Naked 2, love them both, this has a wider range of shades, blues, purples, black with gold shimmer, gorgeous! The primer potion is one of my favorites for keeping your shadows and liners put all day, and the mascara is nice, it thickens and lengthens lashes. Grab these while you can, before the price jumps up like the 15th Anniversary Palette, one I’m sorry I missed out on. Would make a great gift!

Roseann Cushing, ME


This is awesome! All the colors are gorgeous and very pigmented. I got this for $20 so I really can’t complain about anything! The liquid liner is OKAY, as it is too watery so if I go over it twice, it will wipe off the first line. The mascara is nice-typical mascara. The primer potion is one of my favorites. Overall it is a great buy.

Liliana Brockway, MT