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Upper Canada Soap And Candle Naturally Whipped Hand Repair, Sweet Vanilla Fig, 4-Ounce Tubes

Naturally Whipped Hand Repair is nourishment for your hands! This botanical-based line is made with all-natural ingredients with known restorative properties to nourish the skin. Free of parabens, mineral oils and synthetic dyes. Upper Canada Soap and Candle has been bringing quality ingredients, innovative ideas and value to bath and body products since 1969.

Key features

  • Made with botanical extracts, all-natural ingredients, oils and mineral complexes purposely chosen for their known benefits to the skin
  • Comfort your hard working hands with this nature-rich formulation
  • Unique blend of natural extracts works together to condition and soften your hard working hands
  • Free of parabens, mineral oils and synthetic dyes
  • Upper Canada has been bringing quality, innovation and value to bath and body products for more than 39 years

Honest reviews


Great for Dry, Chapped Hands

This moisturizing hand balm repair is great for people with dry, chapped hands.Using dish washing liquid for my dishes, anti-bacterial soap and other cleaning tasks can really irritate the hands, sometimes becoming painful and cracked.This cream works wonders on dry hands. It contains fig extract,vanilla extract, shea butter and aloe. It has a subtle hint of fragrance in a fluffy and light cream which is very pleasant.

Esther Hoffman, MN

A Great Hand Cream!

This is a wonderful hand balm. I love the fact that is contains all natural ingredients, and will purchase it again. It is thick and rich. There is no greasy feel like some hand creams have that make it necessary to wait several minutes before it is safe to touch anything. This hand balm is very quickly absorbed into your skin.The light fragrance is pleasing and not overpowering. I’m sure this will be my hand balm of choice for the coming winter. Try it you won’t be disappointed!

Mandy Summer Shade, KY

average hand cream, smells good if you like figs

I have been using this hand cream for three days now. Being a fan of figs myself, I found the smell to be excellent (but see the note below). Sadly, in terms of performance, I found this to be just an average hand cream and I have no plan to switch away from my current choice Neutrogena Norwegian formula hand cream.I note that this is claimed to be a hand repair balm. Seeing that this is a new product, I doubt if any of the reviewers including myself could have observed any long term effect yet. This cream did leave my hands quite smooth (before I wash some of it off, see below) and I imagine it would work if you are not already using some other good hand cream on a daily basis.Some specific notes about naturalness and absorption:1. When it arrived, the ingredient list is partially covered by a label of the Amazon Vine program. It wasn’t hard to peel it off and so I did because I want to know the ingredients. I have taken two pictures and uploaded them for you to see. Upper Canada claims that this hand cream is “made with all-natural ingredients”. The hyphen is theirs and I do not disagree with this claim, but I will leave it up to you to decide if that list of ingredients look “natural enough” to you. (I do note that a hand cream that sports fig and vanilla extracts but needs parfum won’t be very high on my list when I shop for a natural hand cream.)2. In terms of absorption, so far I have been fairly disappointed but I know it’s skin dependent. For an experiment, I have let it dry for over an hour and I still feel a bit soapy when I go wash my hands. As a reference point for comparison, there is no soapy nor greesy feeling when I wash my hands an hour after applying the Neutrogena cited above. This is a common problem for me with hand creams and I have tried almost all household brands I can get from the local drugstores. (As a bonus, the worst for me is Vaseline Healthy Hand and Nails.)

Addie Kentland, IN

I wonder if Sarah Palin knows about this stuff…

So why did I mention Sarah Palin in my tagline? Well, you see, I live in Anchorage, Alaska, right down the road from the Vice Presidential hopeful. We both have to endure miserably cold, dry weather for several months out of the year.(It’s the first week in October, already we have several inches of snow on the ground and my hands are as cracked and dry as an elephant’s knees)I found this hand lotion to be smooth, light, and silky. The lotion went on easily, with no sticky or greasy residue.The scent was a bit cloying at first – an overpowring sweetness – but soon dissapated, leaving just a hint of vanilla.I would recommend this lotion over Burt’s Bees, which can be too greasy and heavy, or The Body Shop’s Almond Lotion, which can be too light.I also highly recommend L’Occitane’s Shea Butter Hand Cream for a light, delicious-smelling, and thoroughly effective treatment for elephant skin like hands!

Lorie Tremont, MS

Wow! smells GREAT & doesn’t sting on rough, dry, chapped sensitive skin!!

My children & I tend to have VERY of sensitive skin, on the dry side, when they were young they all had pretty bad eczema & constantly itched, the younger ones still do ages 9 & 12, they have not perfected the self control to NOT rip their skin off their bodies! Especially my 9 year old son who is allergic to GRASS! He currently has severe dry rough patches about 7 inches long where both his arms bend at the inner elbow area. So I am always on the lookout for a good, natural cream or lotion, especially as the dreaded winter season approaches with the dry skin from running the heat 24/7. Anyways, I tried this all natural lotion/hand cream on him , fully prepared to rinse it off as soon as it started burning where his skin was raw, but, lo & behold, IT DID NOT BURN! And it is now the next day & he has not been itching at all that I’ve seen (or heard!) I’ve never had this experience before! The only other thing I’ve found that did not burn when his skin was raw like it is now, was a bit of water on the dry area, then I would seal it with extra virgin coconut oil, it would temporarily relieve the itching, but no real solution or healing power that I could perceive!But this Whipped Hand Repair Balm seems to have stopped the itching dead in it’s tracks almost immediately! I am watching to see if it will really heal these raw areas that have been this way all summer! It looks VERY promising! I’m going to tell my other older kids that are spending big $$ on prescription steroids to give this all natural stuff a try! They hate using the steroid creams, but have resorted to them for short term relief. I can’t wait to try their other products. I really think if you have any skin problems like ours, or less severe, this will do wonders for you, it’s definitely worth a try! Other reviewers have already commented on the ingredients & it’s lack of the “BAD” thingies! So, go ahead with no fears, for yourself & your family!

Heidi Sidney, IL

Long lasting subtle scent

I really like the fact that the lotion comes out of the tube “whipped”. It is very soothing to dry hands and arms too. The delicate fragrance of sweet vanilla fig is the longest lasting scent I can remember using.

Natasha Guinda, CA


Great lotion minus parabin. Nice, mild vanilla fragrance. Everyone in the office loved it. Took it home so it would last longer. Worth buying.

Melody Frankfort, SD

Feels devine

I received this 2 days ago and really like the smell and the texture of this product and it’s a plus that is all natural. I think this is a product that would be perfect in the winter time for my dry chapped hands. My hands felt silky smooth the next day. I would purchase this product for sure and it would make a great gift!

Maryellen Nada, TX


Who knew that the gift of the gods — the fig, can also bring alot of sweetness and goodness to the hands of those who use this hand cream!!!Thick and fragrant, great for hands and feet (but IMHO, not for faces because it is so thick), this Sweet Vanilla Fig hand cream containing many natural ingredients, absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving a fragrant and protective feel to the skin.I tried Sweet Vanilla Fig on my feet too and enjoyed the same results.When I tried it on my face I was not too crazy about the feel of it– it IS thick and suited more towards protecting and moisturizing the hands and feet.Knees and elbows would benefit by the applicatin of Sweet Vanilla Fig too.I can hardly wait for our usual moisture-robbing winter air to set in — applying Sweet Vanilla Fig hand cream to my hands will help keep the skin on my fingertips from cracking as painfully as it usually does every winter. I plan to liberally slather Sweet Vanilla Fig on my hands at work, and put (unpowdered latex (or non latex) gloves on, to keep my hands protected and to enhance the protective and remoisturizing properties of this hand cream.A winner for sure!!!My OHLY gripe is with the packaging/ergonomics — and perhaps this is TEMPORARY packaging until the product gets more commercial recognition?I had to trim (I trimmed it into a curve) the edges of the heat sealed top of the tube because the edges were very sharp. I also had to trim (file down the sharp edges) the cap/lid area, where I would normally press on it with my finger, to open it — the edges on both counts were SHARP; why should I have to cut my fingers or hands while in the process of opening this tube of hand cream??My 82 year old aunt liked Sweet Vanilla Fig hand cream so much she asked me to order her two tubes. Coming up, Auntie!! (But I WILL trim the heat sealed (edges) top of the tube, and lid edges before she gets them)

Carole Bronwood, GA

Got Lizard Skin?

This rich and highly aromatic cream is great to slather on your hands…arms…legs…feet! Anywhere that feels really dry and in need of some massive pampering. With a mixture of fig and vanilla extracts, soy oil and shea butter, as well as aloe, your skin will soak it all up and the “lizard look” will be history.The aroma is strong and unique, and providing you’re not planning on wearing perfume to fight it, very pleasant. The stumpy dark bronze container makes easy to squeeze out a nice easy stream of the luscious cream too, even when you get down to the end of it. I love this Upper Canada Whipped Hand Repair Balm! And for a lot more than my hands.

Brittney La Grange, MO

Good product with natural ingredients

The scent is kind of like vanilla almond. It goes on smooth and absorbs well. The afterscent is not overpowering. The ingredients are good withthe exception of fragrance. I would have liked to see specific essential oils. My wife uses it at home- so it has our vote.

Rosetta Agat, GU

Great cream!

The hand cream not only makes your hands incredibly soft, but it smells great too. Just a light scent of vanilla, not too overpowering. It’s a nice thick lotion, but doesn’t leave hands all greasy; can’t wait to try it on my feet!! I would definitely order again.

May Evans, LA

Night time application only

This is a pleasant smelling (hint of coconut, although it’s vanilla/fig?) heavy hand repair cream best suited to nightime application, and probably even better when used with cotton gloves. This allows the emolient to fully penetrate through the night, while sleeping. The main reason I say this is that the whipped cream is so rich it takes a long time to absorb. For me during the day that’s actually inconvenient, much wringing and rubbing still left me feeling like I had a barrier cream on. A quickly absorbed shea butter, or general hand cream is good to supplement this, but to get the best results, you have to be disciplined enough to apply it every night. It may seem a little pricey for a 4 ounce tube, but the mixture as already said is very thick and thus not as much is needed compared to similar, cheaper products I have tried. Living in Minnesota through the winter means that hand or dry skin lotions are constantly used. Early signs on this product are promising, time will tell on long term benefits.

Rachael Blue River, KY

Sweet Moisture!

Winter is coming again, and while I dislike that, I do like my drying out skin re-moisturized by this creamy lotion. Who better to know about hydrating winter skin than the Canadians, ay? A little dab goes a long way in smoothing yours hands without feeling greasy at all. It absorbs without leaving a residue and I like to use it on my dried out feet as well.The scent is light and fresh without being repulsively heavy. You won’t smell like either an old lady or a perfume factory. Several of my male friends thought it smelled nicely coconuttie, I guess that’s the fig. All around it was a real winner.

Mabel Commerce, OK

Nice product, helped my damaged skin in less than a week!

I’m thoroughly impressed by this hand balm/lotion! Here’s why…I learned to lay floor tile this summer, and I finished my first tiling job a couple of weeks ago. Those of you who have laid tile know that it can be a dirty job that involves some substances that are definitely NOT skin-friendly! While scooping my trowel into a 5 gal bucket time and again to get thinset mortar, small bits of mortar got onto my forearm and hands. It partially dried there and I had to work hard to get it off whenever I had breaks in the job.During the three days I was laying tile I got mortar on my skin again and again. By the end of the job the skin on my forearm looked not only rough, but extremely damaged and scaly! My hands were also chapped and their skin was likewise damaged. My knees weren’t looking that great either (even though I’d used knee pads…).About a week later the condition of my skin had not improved, and I was able to pick up a tube of this hand balm. I started applying it 3-4 times a day to my hands, forearm, and knees, and within only a couple of days the condition of the skin on my forearm, hands, and knees had improved noticeably. After four days my skin was back to normal, or even a little better than normal!I’m not a hand cream connoisseur, but I know what works when I try it, and this product works!I found the vanilla-fig scent to be pleasant without being overpowering. In addition, I like that fact that this whipped balm is not oily, and that it works into my skin relatively quickly.I am totally satisfied with this product and highly recommend it to anyone who is dealing with damaged skin.*Important note*: There is a foil cover over the the opening of the tube. Be sure to remove the cap, take off the foil cover, and replace the cap before you try to squeeze out any balm. If you don’t remove the foil cover there’s a small chance that the back of the tube could blow-out!I give this product 5 stars all the way! I also believe that the $7.00 or so price tag is well worth it!

Candice King City, CA

Light and Wonderful. Not just for hands!

I love vanilla skin products and especially like this product because it is paraben-free (parabens have a connection to cancer). The US still allows these preservatives to be added to cosmetics. I am glad to see manufactures are removing these awful ingredients hidden in the products we put IN and ON our bodies. Now if the US would only ban these products as they do in the UK!!!This has a light fragrance and feels lovely on my skin. I tend to have dry skin and it makes me feel moisturized without a heavy feeling. It’s a hand cream, but I like it all over and especially good on my feet before bedtime. Although the fragrance is light, it is a perfume scent and not the real scent of vanilla.They list their product as NATURAL which is a bit misleading because most products/lotions are natural. I’d like to see ORGANIC instead since natural can contain pesticides.

Christian Dyess Afb, TX

Nice texture, nice scent, works well

I like the texture of this hand cream – it’s much thicker than a typical lotion like Vaseline Intensive Care or Lubriderm lotion, but not as thick as something like Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream (my previous favorite), Eucerin Cream, or Bag Balm. It moisturizes and protects my hands every bit as well as the Neutrogena or Eucerin products, but is absorbed more quickly and feels less greasy.The tube has that “luxurious” look, so this product would make a nice stocking stuffer or basket-filler. The tube is a nice mid-size, perfect for stashing in a desk drawer or glove compartment. It’s a little too large for my purse.Though the scent is not terribly strong, it is probably too feminine for the guys to feel comfortable with it.

Constance Clarks Point, AK

a little goes a long way

This is a rich lotion and you only need to use a small amount of it on your hands. If you use too much, it won’t absorb well and your hands will feel greasy. The right amount (for me) was about half the size of a dime. So if the lotion seems too oily, try just using less.The lotion worked well as a repair cream (as advertised); it made my hands feel soft when they were dry. Repeated use, however, does not seem to improve the condition of my skin overall. The lotion seems most effective for immediate relief of dry skin.When first applied, the lotion smells very sweet, almost cloying, but after the lotion is absorbed, the smell is mild and pleasant. The scent does seem more natural than other scented creams. It’s called “Sweet Vanilla Fig” but to me it just smelled like vanilla.This hand cream has a very luxurious appearance and initial feel. Again, it seems best at immediate relief for hands. I think it would make a good gift, or a nice addition to the guest bathroom.

Kara Mountain Village, AK

Feels Great, With a Very Pleasant Scent

The Upper Canada Soap and Candle Naturally Whipped Hand Repair lotion is a joy to use and is non-greasy, being absorbed into the skin very quickly. After just two days of use, my hands feel noticeably softer. In addition, this lotion has a very nice real vanilla scent that is not overpowering (a concern because we have asthmatics in the house) and lingers pleasantly for a while after using.I also like that it is made of natural products and is free of parabens, mineral oils, and synthetic dyes.Treat yourself! Recommended!

Meagan Union Center, WI

Excellent Product!

This is soothing, has a nice aroma leaves a nice, soft feel to the skin. I recommend it.

Felecia North Brookfield, NY

Nice product but too much scent for a hand cream

I found that this product does a very good job of moisturizing and also absorbs quickly, keyboard ready about 30 seconds after application. I did not find it to be greasy or slippery when my hands get wet and it left my skin feeling soft and moisturized a very long time, even after several hand washings. That is a big plus for me because I don’t like to continually reapply hand cream. The scent is a pleasant musky vanilla but personally I prefer a lighter scent for a hand cream. If it were not for the strong scent I would have given it 5 stars

Ollie Minford, OH

Nice scent, but a bit too greasy

This lotion does a pretty good job, but for my tastes it’s a bit too greasy. The greasiness goes away after it dries completely, but it’s still something that rubs me the wrong way (no pun intended). I do, however, love the scent (this is my favorite of the Upper Canada hand lotions). If the price was a little lower, I’d probably give this lotion 4 stars. But overall, the greasiness and the price are the main reasons I’m giving it 3 stars.

Sasha Myrtle Beach, SC

Love it!

I’m glad I was able to try this hand cream. It’s richer and thicker than lotion so I’m calling it cream. They call it balm.I love the fact that is mineral oil free and contains all natural ingredients, but the feel and smell are why I’ll purchase this in the future.It goes on feeling substantial, but not oily. Your skin feels sealed by it. Best of all is the lingering scent.It’s like a sweet vanilla with the extra note of fig.Not overpowering or sickly sweet and strong.Both the cream/balm and the scent are very soothing.Great to keep on the desk or near the sink.

Teri Orondo, WA

wonderful product

This deeply moisturizing lotion penetrates the skin on your hands, leaving them luxuriously smooth with a wonderful vanilla/fig scent. A little goes a long way and you feel like you are pampering yourself, by using this product.

Kellie Boston, MA

Devine smell, non greasy,natural hand cream for sensitive skin.

A little goes a long way. A pea size drop is all it takes. Leaves hands feeling smooth and not greasy.My daughter has sensitive skin and this did not burn her hands like most. She adores it, so will be getting her some for her Birthday and possibly Christmas. She says smell remind her of the fig scented lotion at bath and body .Safe natural ingredients making cream free of parabens, mineral oils and synthetic dyes. Makes excellent gift.

Gussie Montrose, IL

Very Good Hand Cream With Quick Aborption and Low Fragrance

Unlike creams and lotions from big names like Bath and Body Works and Victoria’s Secret, the Upper Canada “hand repair balm” has a very light fragrance that will not overpower everyone in the room with you. It goes on easily and is quickly absorbed without leaving too much of an oily or greasy feeling. This is one of the few creams out there where you can actually touch paper or other items without transferring any oily residue!*** Positve Points Include: ****- Quick absorption into the skin- Low fragrance (if that is what you like)- Very little oily/greasy residue- Made from all natural ingredients*** Negative Points Include: ***- Fragrance fades from a light “sweet vanilla fig” to more of a shea butter smell in a matter of minutes. Nonetheless the fragrance is light enough to not be distracting.Overall this is a very good hand cream for those who prefer a light fragrance and something that is made from all natural ingredients.

Lynnette Lebanon, KS

Great scent and wonderful hand cream

I absolutely love the scent of this hand cream. It is has the warm sweet smell of vanilla with a hint of fig, and is not overpowering as some of the boutique lotions. It did feel a little greasy when I first used it, but through continued use, i did notice a change in the condition of my hands. They have become softer and more supple and do not get dried out and chapped, especially if I apply after washing the dishes. People around me have also commented positively about the scent, that it is warm and inviting.

Hollie Silvana, WA

Moisturizes and smells great, but leaves a greasy feel

Naturally Upper Canada – Whipped Hand Repair Balm, Sweet Vanilla Fig (Formulation 404) 4 fl oz.The whipped hand repair cream has a very rich vanilla and Shea butter scent and dispensed through an easy to use squeeze tube. According to the ingredients label, it contains fig extract, vanilla extract, Shea butter, Soy Oil, and Aloe. It is advertised as being paraben free, mineral oil free, synthetic dye free, and SLS free. The cream leaves a light greasy feeling, most likely from the soy oil.I usually have dry and sensitive hands, but I found this cream worked well to moisturize my skin. After using it for a few days, I have not experienced any allergic reactions so the ingredients agree with my skin.Pros: Attractive scent, easy to use and apply, leaves no residue.Cons: Slightly greasy feeling.Overall: I give it 4 out of 5 stars because it works on my dry skin, but I would prefer a less greasy feel.

Tasha Willis, TX

This is a GREAT product!

I have to confess, my hands are not particularly feminine, continually plagued with incredibly dry skin induced by failure to wear gloves during yard work and frequent exposure to household cleaning products. To add to the embarrassment (I often wish gloves weren’t so old fashioned for social occasions!) is my fondness for crafting, which includes things like paint and dyes, to add color to callouses and cracking skin. My hands often will be cracking badly enough to bleed, and they can be actually painful–this hand cream soothed the burn and moisturized where no moisturizer dares to go normally. Yes, its a bit greasy, but this is labeled “repair” for a reason! Its heavy duty hand treatment, with a nice scent, although it was a bit strong for my tastes for the first few minutes, it soon mellowed out to a tolerable level. If any hands would test a hand cream’s abilities, its mine, and this repair cream managed the job. I love it!

Claudette Tunnelton, IN

Nice lotion

It works well and lasts for a while. It doesn’t really have much of a sent, but I liked it.

Shawna Farley, MO