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Upper Canada Soap And Candle Naturally Whipped Hand Repair, Pressed Olive Avocado, 4-Ounce Tubes

Whipped Hand Repair is a rich formula to heal and protect skin to let natural beauty radiate. Naturally by Upper Canada soap is made with all natural ingredients and botanical extracts purposely chosen for their nourishing restorative properties to keep skin hydrated and looking it’s best. The Naturally line of bath and body products is free of harmful SLS, parabens, mineral oils, and synthetic dyes. Key ingredients include soybean oil, grape-seed oil, cocoa seed butter, aloe extract, dead sea salt, burrito seed and more. it’s nourishment for the body and soul! Upper Canada Soap was founded in 1969 to bring quality, innovation and value in bath and body products. At Upper Canada, we are surrounded by nature and inspired by it. As a modern day apothecary, we use this inspiration to make affordable luxuries using nothing but the finest, purest ingredients. We draw upon the natural beauty and resources that our Canadian landscape offers, including clear Canadian waters, endless fields of botanical herbs, and natural minerals that have been the secret behind beauty products for generations.

Key features

  • 4-Ounce tube of Whipped Hand Repair is a rich formula that heals and protects even the driest skin
  • Contains no parabens, mineral oils, SLS, or synthetic dyes
  • Unique blend of natural extracts works together to condition and soften your hard working hands
  • Enjoy the earthy fragrance of pressed olive avocado
  • Since 1969, Upper Canada has been committed to excellence, ingenuity and quality – while also delighting the senses

Honest reviews


Too greasy, and fragrance very unappealing to a sensitive nose.

If there is anything I hate in a hand cream, it’s a greasy hand cream, and this hand cream is very greasy. Applying a small amount to my hands left them so greasy that I had to wipe some of it off to get it to absorb even a little bit.Go one step further, and it boasts of being made with all-natural ingredients, but I’m not sure what exactly constitutes the claim of all-natural. Does that mean that every ingredient is natural? Or just that it’s made with “some” all-natural ingredients? Both the label and product website are not very clear on this issue.I am particularly sensitive to synthetic fragrances and when I took off the cap and took one whiff, well, it was just too strong of a scent for me to believe it’s derived from natural fragrances. Flipping the tube over to read the ingredients, there it is: “parfum.” It does not say “essential oils,” it says “parfum,” and it does not say “natural parfum.” Given the noxious oder emanating from my hands right now, I’m going to assume that there is some kind of synthetic fragrance in this product, which means I have no further use for it unless I want to nurse a migraine…And as an added note, I’ve scrubbed my hand twice with soap, yet the odor of this product remains…Yuk.

Selma Steinauer, NE

Your average, run-of-the-mill hand cream

I love hand lotions – just love them. I use them all the time and have dozens of high quality varieties. My favorites are made by Perlier and Elaria. However, this brand is nothing special, and I would not purchase it at any price. The scent is fruity, almost floral, which does not fit the Pressed Olive Avocado name. The scent is actually somewhat offensive to me, leaving my hands smelling more like a tour through a cheap candle shop than after one applied a quality hand cream.The consistency is very thick, which I initially attributed to the shea butter content; however, the thick goop is greasy instead of nourishing, lingering like an uncomfortable layer on top of my skin instead of being absorbed like quality shea butter should. Also, there is no cumulative effect of repeated use as I would expect a repairing cream to produce. No repair, all grease.The product gets 2 stars only because it is “Free of parabens, mineral oils and synthetic dyes.” Otherwise, I would give only one.

Kelli Unionville Center, OH

Good product…

I just tried out this hand cream (it is more of a cream than a lotion) and really liked it. It leaves the hands feeling smooth and soft. The scent is light and herbal, not cloying and strong as some can be. The brand touts the “natural” ingredients yet the ingredient list certainly has a lot of of non-natural sounding things. This company, based in Mississauga, Ontario (a large Toronto suburb – think YYZ Toronto’s enormous airport) has been in business since 1969 and now has “expanded to include over 2,000 bath & body products, candles, soaps, and specialty gift ideas for women, men, and children.” Know that this is not some quaint handmade product line from Muskoka. Those caveats aside, it is a fine product… Enjoy!

Nicole Kilkenny, MN

Really enjoyed trying this.

I really wish I knew how much this cream was going to cost because it definitely would weigh into my review of it. I am an RN and of course my hands take a beating with the frequent hand washing that I must do. Sometimes they just burn and feel like they are literally going to crack open. The only creams I buy are Lubriderm and Neutrogena Norwegian Formula. I do not like heavily scented lotions of any kind. The scent is pleasant, I would describe it as fresh and clean, but it is moderatly strong and it doesn’t fade at all. I feel/smell as if I’m wearing perfume, which I can not do at my job, so this will be a home use product. The cream has all natural ingredients: avocado extract, olive oil, shea butter, soy oil, and aloe. Once well rubbed in, the cream makes my hands feel silky (the oils are nice), but not at all greasy or waxy. I like the cream, but would not spend more than $3 per 4 oz tube. The scent is definitely too strong for me. A product touting itself as natural should not have anywhere near this much scent. I would preferr scent free if it was optional.

Lawanda Seminole, AL

A bit greasy, but it works as advertised

What I liked:The softening effect was long-lasting. It made my hand feel quite a bit less dry throughout most of the day. I have somewhat rough hands from moderate weightlifting, and it definitely took away some of the roughness. A little bit of the product goes a long way, due to its density. The lotion seems to hold up much better than most to repeated hand washings and presumably swimming and other water activities as well.What I didn’t like:The scent is a bit feminine and also not a very “natural” odor as one might otherwise expect from a natural product. It did leave my hands a touch greasy, although that did subside with time.Overall, this is a good product, but there is some room for improvement, as noted.

Teresa Marquette, MI

Simple ingredients, light fragrance, rich feel = great product

The Canadians have moisturizing figured out! Upper Canada’s Whipped Hand Repair Balm is amazing stuff. The moisturizing ingredients are natural: avocado extract, olive oil, shea butter, soy oil, and aloe. The product is paraben-free, mineral oil-free, synthetic dye-free, and SLS-free.I was excited to receive this product and as soon as I did, I promptly took placed it in my purse and took it to work to share with my-coworkers, we we’re always looking for the ultimate hand moisturizer to keep at our desks in our dry-air cubicle environment. I’ll be especially wonderful during the dry winter months.The result of our product testing:It has a light scent–think laundry detergent or a dryer sheet–which is clean, but not overbearing like many moisturizers are. After massaging it in, it leaves behind a soft, smooth feel, as if your hands were dipped in paraffin wax. There’s no watery or greasy feel whatsoever. A little goes a long way, too. Less than a dime-sized amount is plenty for both hands and a little ways up the arms. After about 10 minutes, hands feel deeply moisturized, but not heavy or oily – just the way I like them. After 4 hours, my skin was still soft. I reapplied after washing my hands, as it doesn’t appear to be waterproof.Consider this comparable to a body butter or hand salve you’d find at one of the body/bath shops at the mall. This comes in a 2-pack of 4 oz. tubes for a total of 8 oz. I imagine they’ll last quite a while – one for home and one for work, perhaps? Or buy the 2-pack and give one to a friend! I’d expect to pay as much as $8-$15 for this product 2-pack, as it does a great job, and doesn’t take much to do it, so it should last the user a long time.

Jackie Reeseville, WI

It’s really good!

This is some really good stuff. I don’t use hand cream regularly, so my hands were pretty rough, with all the power-washing I have been doing recently. The area around my cuticles gets really dried out and any cuts I get on my hands don’t fade like they used to. This product goes on easily and is adsorbed into the skin quickly. If you are concerned that it may make your hands slippery, then it might make a good `night cream’ for you. The few calluses I have on my hands are already softer. I don’t know how much it will retail for, but I just might pre-order some…Update: After using this product for a while, it has helped to keep my skin from being raw and dried out. However, there seems to be a LOT of product left in the package that I can’t squeeze out, so I cut off the end to get a few more applications worth. It would be nice if the package could be better designed…

Rochelle Venus, PA

love it

This hand lotion is soothing and has a scent that is not overwhelming but is light and pleasant. I found that it lasted through at least one or two hand washings. It did the trick for soothing my hands, arms, and elbows. It absorbed well, not leaving a sticky residue feeling like some lotions can, and also didn’t leave my hands feeling slimy. I like it alot.

Courtney Lake Powell, UT

I like it for my FEET! 🙂

I tried this product for my hands. . . but honestly, that’s not the real reason I got it. I wanted to try it on my feet! 😉 As it says on the label, it’s a “repair balm”. So it’s a bit “heavy” I think for everyday hand cream. If you have really dry hands, then you might like it and it probably works well for that. To be honest, that’s not my “problem area”. . . it’s my FEET! I thought that if it worked well for really dry hands, then it might also work for my feet. . and guess what. . . it does! I’ve only used it a couple of times, but I can already tell the difference. I first used the Ped Egg (also available on and then I used some of the Upper Canada Repair Balm. I don’t find that regular hand lotion works all that well on my feet, and products sold specifically for feet can be expensive and messy and not have the best odor. . . so. . . I think this product is going to work just fine for me.. . and my FEET! 🙂 It absorbs quickly on my feet (not so much on my hands, because they are not that dry) it has a nice light scent. Just put and amount about the size of a pea on your heels and you’ll see a difference.

Mina Weogufka, AL

Paraben-free lotion is a keeper

I’m a pretty picky shopper and refuse to buy anything with parabens. Finding natural products outside of the normal brands makes for a nice change. I hadn’t used any Upper Canada products before the hand lotion, but now since the lotion was well received at my house, I’ll look at the other products they make. I have tried both the Olive Avocado and the Fig Vanilla scents. The Olive Avocado is by far my fav. The scent is light and a little sweet. Not too purfume-y smelling. Both lotions absorb quickly and don’t leave a greasy residue.This is a product that I will purchase for myself and for gifts.

Tammy Luxor, PA

My Coworkers Love It!!!

I love avocadoes. They are nutritious and delicious. I peel them and eat them raw, I slice them into wedges and toss them into my salads, and I grind them up and make guacamole dip. Naturally, I was excited to learn that Upper Canada had made a hand repair balm containing avocado. Yum!! I wondered if an avocado lotion would feel as good as an avocado tastes. I took a four ounce tube to work to let my coworkers try it.Seven women and three men sampled it. Most of them said that it had a light fruity or flowery smell. One person said it smelled like a pear, another said strawberry, and another said melon. Everyone agreed that its aroma was fresh, light, and subtle. It was definitely not overpowering like some of the fragrances at Bath and Body Works.Only a small dab of the thick, highly whipped balm is needed to rub over one’s hands. If too much is used, the hands will feel slightly greasy until the balm is absorbed into the skin. Absorption is usually very quick. Most everyone commented that the balm left their hands very smooth and silky. One coworker said that it made their knuckles feel smooth and this product would be great during the winter.A male coworker noted that the tube contained four ounces of fluid. They remarked that it wouldn’t be allowed inside a carryon bag when traveling by plane. It would have to go inside a suitcase.Looking at the ingredients, I realized that the balm didn’t contain as much alcohol as the lotions manufactured by Bath and Body Works. They tend to dry my skin after long usage and I can not apply them to my face. I feel that Upper Canada Whipped Hand Repair Balm is safe to use all over one’s body and face. Also, it contains natural ingredients that are healthy for the skin and aid in restoration and healing of damaged cells. These ingredients include Avocado Extract, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Soy Oil, and Aloe.All my coworkers, male and female, loved sampling Upper Canada Whipped Hand Repair Balm. Some asked me where to find it and how much it cost. I highly recommend it for those with rough hands and are looking for a vitamin-rich product for healing them.

Leila Crowheart, WY

For moisturizing, not eating

With avocado and olive oil, one might think that this is a salad product, but these aren’t the only ingredients, so I wouldn’t eat this “hand repair”. I would, however, recommend it for the dry, damaged, hands most of us have throughout the year if we wash our hands frequently before preparing food or just to avoid germs. The skin specialists at “Upper Canada Soap and Candle” apparently know what it takes to repair damaged hands in challenging climate conditions. I’m looking forward to using this more as the weather gets colder.

Ethel Piney Woods, MS

decent heavy hand cream

This is a substantial hand-cream, suitable for chapped or dryness-prone skin. I tried it on part of my hand that suffers from allergy-based dermatatis, which my usual unscented Cetaphil lotion can’t do much to heal.This cream seemed to moisturize and protect the skin back to “normal” in just a couple of applications, impressive! It goes on non-greasy and doesn’t leave a residue on the skin.On the negative side, it’s moderately scented. Unlike some scented lotions, the smell wears off in 15-30 minutes, but especially for male users like me, the feminine smell may be a bit of a turn-off.

Mindy East Haven, CT

Fresh scent and absorbs well

I was wary of what the scent might be like for pressed olive avocado, but it has a light, fresh and clean fragrance. A very small amount is all that is needed to soften your hands. I think the ones that complain it is greasy and doesn’t absorb well are using too much. The texture reminds me of the Neutrogena hand cream which also only requires a small dab. I was pleasantly surprised that after washing my hands a few times during the day that they still felt moisturized and wonderfully soft. I also use it on my feet and it works equal to other specialty foot lotions. Keep in mind that although it is a 4 ounce tube, that since you only need a very small amount one tube will last a long time.

Kathy Bloomville, NY


Full of good stuff like olive oil, avocado oil, shea butter soy oil and aloe — That’s It! ((What’s missing? Chemicals like paraben & synthetics, bad stuff!))This is a fantastic product! Rich & emoillent, NOT greasy! The fragrance is fresh, clean & slightly floral (not fruity or sweet) — it could be used as a subtile fragrance or worn with perfume without interfering. Instantly softened my dry cuticles. Dry patches disappeared. My hands felt protected and nourished, plus a little of this rich balm goes a long way.

Andrea Garrett, PA

Great scent, softens well, a bit greasy

Here in the midwest, the real test for a hand cream is its performance with dry chapped hands in the dead of winter. I write this in early autumn, but here’s my take so far . . .This stuff smells wonderful – arguably “perfect”. I like the natural ingredients approach, especially with something I’m trying to rub into my skin (avoiding the hazards of artificial perfumes, dyes, etc).Goes on with a soothing creamy texture. My hands are calloused and it did indeed soften them. My only reservation is the residual greasiness. Not as heavy as some other products, but after half an hour, it’s still there. And it doesn’t seem to be going away. I’ll concede that this may lend itself to the effectiveness of the product as a hand-repair agent. On the other hand (unavoidable pun), my favorite hand cream is a product that I order from Israel. It works great but leaves zero greasy residue.This product also leaves a faint lingering scent (with the light greasiness). The scent is a plus. Generally, I like this stuff. I suspect it works very well on damaged hands with regular application. I’ll keep it close at hand (sorry) as we move into winter.

Danielle Waterford, MI

A nice cream but not so natural

This isn’t a bad little hand cream, but nor is it great. I have tried it for the last couple of days, and the effects are undeniable. Definitely gets your hands softer, and a little goes a long ways. Working on a computer all day doesn’t seem like it would be too hard on the hands, but the constant typing and movement takes its toll, so it is nice to have something to repair the damage.On the negative side, this “Whipped Hand Repair Balm” is pretty greasy, and not particularly “natural”. When you first put it on, there is a definite film that coats your hands, enough to leave greasy spots on what you touch. This could be due to over-application, but it is something that you can feel.The scent isn’t too bad. You have to hold your hands right up to your face to get the scent, and then it is a nice floral smell. This produce clearly has the gals in mind, but even as a guy I don’t think the smell would put me off.

Margo Avoca, IN

Natural and chemical- free ingredients! Nice and moist skin

This is a hand repair balm that is meant to restore and nourish your skin. Made in Canada, the product contains all natural ingredients. That, I appreciate it! The smell is clean, little sweet, and the fragrance options vary, and this one is avocado, but you can’t smell it as avocado.With daily massage, the hand cream does not leave an oily base on your skin, but what you feel is moisture. The sensation stays with you rather than disappearing like some moisturizers do. I used it on my elbows and feet also. The product is sold in 4 oz containers, reasonably priced, and in an attractive, easy to carry tube. Nice feeling, good hands.Safer without dangerous chemicalsThis product boasts that it is free of these chemicals, paraben, mineral oils, synthetic dyes, and SLS, commonly known as Sodium Laurly Sulfate, an irritant that dissolves oils in your skin. Parabens are chemicals used in preservatives and I don’t have the exact knowledge why they are discouraged. ………Rizzo

Aurelia Burkittsville, MD

EXCELLENT blend of ingredients for great hand repair!!!

Avocado oil has always been one of my favorite body oils — expensive but really does the job. Olive oil has been my mainstay body oil since I was a baby — so versatile and wonderful.So I was very happy to try Pressed Olive Avocado, a combination of both of these marvelous oils (in addition to other beneficial ingredients). This is a great combination of body-beneficial oils. I have no idea if anyone who is allergic to soy will have problems with it.I like the addition of vitamin C to this hand cream. Whoever put this (and the Sweet Vanilla Fig cream) together did a GREAT job of combining stellar ingredients.In contrast to the Sweet Vanilla Fig hand cream, the Pressed Olive AVocado hand cream is not as thick, but still provides very good hand (and foot) repair and moisturizing qualities. Because it is not as thick as the Sweet Vanilla Fig, I was able to put a little bit of Pressed Olive Avocado cream in my palm and then add some tap water to it, so I could easily slather it on my face. It feels good. Pressed Olive Avocado hand repair cream is effective, and no-nonsense – it gets straight to the heart of the problem and works very well — AND it is FUN to use.I also think this company will go far, with its wonderful product line.

Benita Lucedale, MS

Nice, thick lotion

This lotion has worked well for me. Although it is “whipped”, it is a nice and thick lotion that gives good coverage. It has helped my dry skin this fall. The smell is pleasant enough, although I do think that it begins to smell worse after being on for a couple of minutes – I think that the avocado smell begins to take over at that point.

Roxanne East Brady, PA

Strong Scent, Little goes a long way.

Hand creams/lotions are a must in New England…as Fall nears and the crisp air starts to rob our skin of moisture, cracked hands become a problem. So, I was excited to try this all natural hand repair balm!It goes on smooth, moisturizes well, and a little goes a really long way! It’s paraben, mineral oil, synthetic dye, and SLS FREE! While it absorbs well, I did notice it left my hands a little greasy, but my biggest complaint was the overpowering scent. It’s not a bad scent, but it’s just incredibly too strong for me. Strong smells are a migraine trigger, so unfortunately, I will not be able to continue to use this product.So, if you like all natural products and your hands could use some TLC, then this is a great balm to try if you don’t mind really strong scents.

Jessica Skandia, MI

Does what it says

The product has a mild, pleasant fragrance and is rapidly absorbed into the skin. Does not leave a greasy after-residue.

Lynn Sunset, SC

Nice scent, kind of greasy

This lotion does a pretty good job, but for my tastes it’s a bit too greasy. The greasiness goes away after it dries completely, but it’s still something that rubs me the wrong way (no pun intended). I do, however, love the scent. If the price was a little lower, I’d probably give this lotion 4 stars. But overall, the greasiness and the price are the main reasons I’m giving it 3 stars.

Matilda Boone, CO

My hands feel wonderful!

I work with children so I wash my hands constantly. This lotion helps to keep them from drying out. I had recent hand surgery and need to massage the scar area, this lotion provides enough lubrication to allow me to massage it as long as I need to. I love the aroma as well, it is pleasant without being overpowering. Combine these things with the fact that it is all natural – this lotion is a sure winner!

Lottie Hometown, WV

All Natural Ingredients

I have really dry hands, even gets scaly in the knuckle area. Having used Cetaphil for ages I thought I would give this product a try. First I will say that it does have a fragrance unlike Cetaphil, however, I do not find it objectionable. It seems to be effective for a longer period of time, it is not greasy or oily. I try to use this right after washing my hands and I can tell a difference in the dryness for a long period of time without a second application. I would recommend this quality product to anyone who has a dry skin problem. I hope you find my experience helpful.

Renae Lowber, PA

Love it!

This rich, thick and creamy hand cream is just what the Dr. ordered! With the Colorado winter weather right around the corner, I can already feel my hands starting to dry out. The fragrance is so appealing that friends are always asking me what I just put on. The tube is just the right size to throw into my purse and carry around with me.Love it!

Jeanne Worthington, MN

Nice Product

Overall, I am enjoying using this product. The scent is a nice, not too overbearing for my taste. The lotion itself isn’t oily, either. I found it absorbed quite nicely into my skin very quickly and didn’t leave residue on things I touched later in the day.I used this lotion specifically for my elbows, which, unfortunately, tend to get really dry. After two days of using this product, I was happily surprised that they seem to be noticeably softer than before.Without a price listed, I cannot say whether it’s worth it for the money, but I do think this is a solid product with a nice scent and, for me, results.

Esperanza Iron City, TN

Whipped Cream Dry Hand Repair Balm

Reading the package and ingredients of this cream reminded me of older times, when products were simpler and more natural.I love nature and natural products and I can’t stand all the chemicals in products and foods, this cream is ideal for me.I applied this to my elbows and also to a dry patch of skin on my forehead and felt relieved of dryness overnight. My hands do get dry in winter and I will surely use this cream on my hands at that time.It has a fresh, light scent that doesn’t overpower. It has a whipped cream consistency as it name implies and I am very satisfied with it over all and would recommend this to anyone.

Maryanne Caddo Mills, TX

Excellent product is one of the best hand balms I’ve ever tried

An excellent product, I ordered this on a lark, and it turns out to be one of the best hand balms I’ve ever tried. It dries well, with no greasy residue, it smells great and leaves my hands feeling soft… what more can I ask in a hand balm?All in all, highly recommended.

Esperanza Muleshoe, TX

Nice smell and softens more then just hands

I have been using this for a few weeks now, daily. It does a wonderful job of softening your skin, it is a bit greasy feeling at first but that gives it staying power. Some times I use it whole body, after a shower it helps hold in moisture. I am not normally one to use stuff that has a smell to it, this has a fruit smoothie banana perfume odor, but everyone I ask likes it, more so the men, go figure. I work hard with my hands, yard work, power tools etc, and it has done a great job keeping me smooth and healthy looking. Will see how well it lasts in winter, that will be the true test for me, so will have to update in the future. I like it.UPDATE 06/24/09 Had wonderful soft hands all winter, even with lots of time spent outdoors.

Dora Greenville, FL