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Unite 7Seconds Condition Leave in Detangler,8fl.oz/236ml

“Unite 7 Seconds” is so easy to use it is ridiculous! Get your hair detangled in an instant and give your hair its natural form and feel faster than ever. Providing a rich suppliment of light protein and moisturizers, it protects your hair at the same time as revitalizing it with extra nourishment. This is the answer when it comes to protecting your hair that was chemically treated or thermal styling tools for long periods of time.

Key features

  • Locks in color
  • Detangles in just seven seconds
  • For All Hair Types
  • UV Protector
  • Thermal Protector

Honest reviews


didnt really use

Because the ingredients for this product were not available I bought this product not realuzing all of the parabans and silicones that are included. Havent really used it since I dont use sulfate shampoos and you cant remove silicones without sulfate.

Vanessa Pike, NY

The best detangler I have ever used!

This product does everything it says. It really detangles within 7 seconds and it smells so good. The scent is hard to describe, is like some fresh smelling shampoo. This product will definitely replace my It’s A 10 Miracle Leave In Product.

Deanne Harrisonville, NJ

Best hair detangler out there!

I have tried many leave-in hair conditioners/detanglers and this is the only one that I love. It even works great with my hair extensions. The smell is lovely and it does not weigh my hair down or leave it greasy. I will most likely buy this product for the rest of my life! I highly recommend!

Antonia American Canyon, CA

The best for permed/damaged hair!

My hair is naturally course. I got a perm last year and it’s half way grown out. It’s frizzy where the perm was. When I use this detangler my hair feels soft with perfect waves, not heavy at ALL. I love it. I have to use a lot, I’ve gone through the bottle in 2 months! I have thought about trying a cheaper detangler but I can’t imagine finding one more perfect. It makes my hair look very healthy and I don’t have to worry about styling it, I just let it be naturally beautiful. I also like to use CHI Kerotein spray, but that’s just for hair health reasons. This detangler is a 7 second miracle all on it’s own!!!

Nicole Cardiff By The Sea, CA

This really works!

This is a very good detangler for my thick, curly hair. I am so glad I found this product on here!

Rena Chappell, KY

I really like this a lot

Now sometimes I love it and sometimes I really like it. I’m not sure why the inconsistency, but overall not a bad product for my coarse and thick hair. I’m on my second bottle which says a lot in and of itself. If there is a better product out there I’d love to know because this is pricey and it doesn’t do well as a leave in for me. I only use it to detangle before I was my hair and I feel that I’m wasting the product that way. Will I continue to buy? For now, yes. If the price were reduced, will I always buy it? Yes, because it does a great job overall.

Carmella Crawford, WV

works great!

I use this every day before I brush my hair. I spray my hair thoroughly and wait a few seconds before brushing it out. Then I apply some "Unite Luxury Argan Oil" before I blow dry my hair. I don’t always use the Argan Oil, but I ALWAYS use the 7 Seconds Leave in Detangler. My hair is much softer and sleeker because of it.

Allie Pawnee, IL

United 7 seconds

Great product, I love it. I purchased few times already, my daughter and my mom also really liked. This product leave our hair very soft and smooth, easy to brush.

Dianne Gardiner, MT

Tangle free

This product works as stated. What’s nice about it is that it is a non-rinse detangler. I was using a great detangler but my hair would look super flat the rest of the day as it was so relaxed. This helps me remove tangles at a fraction of the time without it. I will buy again. I only gave it four stars due to the perfumy scent. Don’t get me wrong, I love perfume… my perfume. I wish it were unscented for this reason.

Marylou Brownville, NY

Less perfume!!!! Please!!!

I’ve been using natural detanglers to detangle the dry hair we have and decided to go with this after lots of screaming from my kiddo. It worked in seconds and smelled to high heaven forever after. Less perfume!!!! Please!!!

Christian Dadeville, MO

Keith Urban Fantastic

Great stuff!!! Have not heard of it before so must have been a well kept secret. It truly works with great slip to make combing easy and really silky. Being a product junkie I got the shampoo down, but am always looking for the perfect conditioner to give me that Pantene commercial look of healthy silk looking hair. This is a great choice.

Frances Lumberton, TX


Within 7 seconds tangles disappear and combing difficult tresses are a thing of the past. Great product and price. Highly recommend.

Yvette Oneida, NY

Awesome protection from blow dryer!!!

I have short hair but a lot of it and I also have it colored so my hairdresser gave me a same of this and said it would protect it while using my blow dryer. Frankly I thought it was kinda a joke as it looks like water . Since I am older and no longer have oily hair I have been using shampoo for colored hair and a conditioning balm to soften my hair. WOW—this stuff is awesome. It truly not only does a great job on detangling thick hair but I can’t honestly remember my hair being this soft in years!!! It does a great job for all of us who use a blow dryer for daily use. You just gotta use this—-it is worth every cent you spend on it!!!

Leslie Oakland, MS

Does anyone know if this work for all type of hair?

Does this work on African American relaxed hair? I am looking for a great leave in detangling moisturizer to help untangle my hair after shampooing the chlorine out of my hair from a day in the pool. My hair is long and comes out from too much pulling to comb it through.

Deana Jolo, WV


This stuff is absolutely great, and now i can’t live without it. Every time i wash my hair I spray it on and I am extra conditioned and my long hair doesn’t tangle. Can’t live without it!!!

Jacqueline Westernport, MD