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Uniq One 150ml

Revlon Uniq One Superb New Revlon Product… Uniq ONE is a fantastic leave-on mask that offers TEN real benefits to ensure hair is left healthy beautiful and protected. Uniq ONE assists the repair of dry damaged hair controls frizz and shine provides heat protections promotes silkiness and smoothness stops hair colour from fading with UVA and UVB filters makes styling with brushes and hot styling tools easier contains detangling qualities provides long-lasting styles prevents split ends and adds voluminous body.

Key features

  • Repair for dry & damaged hair
  • Incredible detangling
  • Shine & Frizz control.

Honest reviews


works great

This works good on my hair, it’s not so frizzy once it is dry, and my curls are more defined.. Would recommend to anyone looking for less frizz, also seems to help when I use the straightner or curl my hair with the curling iron..looks smooth and shiny.

Catherine Lawton, PA

Hands Down, Best Leave-In Treatment I’ve ever used

I saw a Youtube Video for Bantu Knots and the young lady was raving about this leave-in. I decided to give it a try and OMG! This is the business. A little goes a very long way and it leaves my hair very silky, detangled, and helps reduce frizz significantly. It works great for blow-dry and air dry hair styles. I did make the mistake of using Uniq One after a Kanechom/Silicon Mix Deep Treatment and my hair was too soft to hold any style-braids, twists, forget about it. But outside of that, it plays well with Eulence Moisturizing Treatment and a castor oil blend if you use that for your hair. You get the best results if you section your hair and mist it with the product then comb through for even distribution. I’ve included the link for the YT video that I was referring to if you’re interested:[…]

Jasmine Duryea, PA

Pee Ewe!

Wish I could have used this to reap the possible benefit of healthy hair. The scent was so pervasive and cloying that I threw away the whole thing! Too embarrassed by the rose/patchouli/moldy-wood/mothball odor to even offer it to a friend or family member.

Florine Passumpsic, VT

Very awesome!

I love this product, make my hair so nice and soft like silk, my daughter loves it too. I will recommend this product.

Bobbie Norton, MA


I have dyed baby fine hair and the first time I saw this product was at my hairstylist salon. I saw her use it on course hair and it looked amazing when she was done with the girls hair. It looked so silky and shiney and aparently it works for everyones hair. Since I had dyed my hair it was dry and rough so using this product helped a lot! It left it smooth, soft and not puffy when blow drying. I would recommend buying this product apparently anyone can use it and it does so many things!! Awesome product!

James Ava, NY

Weighs down Asian hair

I did a very light spray and was hoping for better results but it made my hair impossible to style. It felt like it was greasy and my hair drooped and became flat.This might work better for curly or coarse hair.

Candy Siler, KY

I wish I could bathe in this.

Let me say one thing first:This stuff is magic.My hair sucks: A pin-straight, ultra fine, dry-as-hay blonde nightmare. It tangles all of the time, and always lies flat. Most products either make my hair looks greasy or dry it out completely. I stumbled onto this stuff in my August Birchbox, and immediately fell in love. It makes my hair shiny, detangles with ease, moisturizes, volumizes, conditions my split ends, and adds a perfect weight to my dry, semi-damaged hair. Oh, and it smells amazing. My hair feels 100% more healthy. I highly recommend this product to anyone with dry-normal hair looking for that ‘one’ product. Trust me, this is it.

Elena Suwanee, GA

Stuff is good!

Do not put too much on or it leaves hair heavy and drab. Smells good in moderation and helps control the frizz.

Kellie Alpha, OH

Works wonderfully, smells very clean.

My hair dresser uses this on my hair and afterwards it always feels SOOO smooth! It’s a really nice, thick spray. Smell isn’t wonderful, it’s more a clean smell versus a nice fruity hair product smell. But that’s fine by me.Highly recommend it-works wonderful and isn’t overly pricey!

Ivy Whitten, IA