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Ultrax Labs Hair Rush DHT Blocking Hair Loss Maxx Hair Growth Nutrient Solubilized Keratin Supplement

Ultrax Labs Hair Rush consists of over 20 essential vitamins, minerals and herbs to give your hair a boost from the inside out. Hair Rush is based on solubilized Keratin, which alone has been shown to accelerate hair growth, increase hair thickness and help decrease hair loss. Most hair loss supplements just take a biotin supplement and add one or two ingredients. Hair Rush has been meticulously formulated to work as a complete inside out nourishment to support proper follicular function. Hair Maxx is safe and effective for both men and women. For best results, take for a minimum of 90 days. Benefits     • Cutting edge hair growth stimulating formula     • HairBoostTM technology featuring solubilized keratin     • 20+ powerful vitamins, minerals and herb     • Made in the USA     • Helps give you hair that you can be proud of Active Ingredients     • Nettle Leaf Powder – Extracts of nettle root have been shown to partially bock DHT     • Pumpkin Seed Powder – Has been shown to help in promoting a healthier and faster hair growth     • Saw Palmetto – Clinical trials have shown that Saw Palmetto may block an enzyme, 5-alpha-reductase, which facilitates the change of testosterone into DHT. DHT is considered a major cause for both mail and female pattern baldness.     • Biotin, Zinc, Vitamin B6 and Magnesium – Are some of the other included follicle boosting ingredients

Key features

  • Contains solubilized Keratin Breakthrough Ingredient that Increases hair growth and thickness
  • Hair Rush supplement blocks production of DHT and helps your hair grow again
  • Contains essential vitamins required by hair to aid in circulation
  • Accelerates hair growth while decreasing hair loss with NO side effects
  • One bottle contains 60 tablets (1 month supply) that is safe and effective for both Men and Women

Honest reviews


No work for me

I gave this a fair three month shot, and it was a no go for me. Nada, waste of money.

Shana Pottersville, MO

Didn’t see any change

Completed the entire bolete but didn’t see any change my nails were still weak and my hair didn’t shoe any signs of growth

Morgan Witherbee, NY

so far so good…..

I give this product 4 stars, because less than a month my nails are stronger and longer; I have to cut them more often. I don’t know yet about my hair, I have it braided since I started using this product. as soon as I take the braid out, and see the result; I will change it. All I can say, this is a good product no side effect, easy to swallow; I take two every morning with breakfast

Reba Toone, TN

miracle in a bottle

I love this stuff. My hair has been filling in around the edges. I am Feeling comfortable wearing it in a ponytail. It looks healthier and growing longer. It is pricey but What the heck if it is working. This is the only product that really works and I have used millions for about 17 years including expensive laser treatments.

Pat Changewater, NJ

Beautiful, thick and luxurious hair

Ever since giving birth, I have become self-conscious about my thinning hair. I was thrilled to see visible results in just a few weeks from using Ultrax Labs Hair Maxx supplement. Now I get compliments regularly about how full and voluminous my hair is! I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is sensitive about thinning hair. This will change your life!

Malinda Imperial, PA

Ultrax Labs Hair Maxx is blessing!!!!

Everybody experiences hair growth at a different rate. What we eat, how we take care of ourselves, what we use for shampoo and genetics all play a factor. Majority of any product you use – you will notice their websites claim that you should see a difference after a month. I’m a very impatient person, so of course I go to the extreme with a product on trying to increase my hair growth and very particular with the type of products I use and how they hold up to their promise.Before beginning any new haircare product I always get a good trim and measure my hair when it’s flat ironed then I don’t flat iron or blow dry for an entire month. I follow a strict regimen when it comes to my hair care methods because for (1) its money spent and (2) extra time taking supplements, massaging my scalp etc.It’s almost a month now and I can hardly wait to measure my new progress. My fiancé has noticed its extremely soft, which before it was dry and needing lots of moisturizer. I was anticipating changing my dark brown hair and going a little lighter for the summer and my wedding but I’m afraid the harsh chemicals from dying my hair will interrupt my progress. I’m not a fan of placebo effect either – hence why I go to the extreme with the right moisturizer, washing cycle, shampoo and conditioner, deep conditioning treatments and good diet Icannot stress enough… GOOD DIET… Also I am a non-smoker but I am very anemic and do take iron supplements as well.These are all my tricks that I employ to ensure my hair is growing at its top speed. Taking these supplements twice a day as recommended I know are helping significantly due to the growth on my fingernails and toenails. My shedding has definitely stopped. And the supplements are not as bad or difficult to swallow compared to others that I’ve had issues with such as size of the pill and smell. I have had no problems taking Ultrax Labs Hair Maxx, exactly at the same time everyday. I carry them in my purse so I don’t miss a dose.Usually supplements work best the longer you take them, I say 3-6 months depending how compliant the individual is. I know this product works for me and truly recommend it to anyone desperately seeking new hair growth or wanting to change the texture of their hair from dry shedding, split ends to more healthier shiny manageable hair. Hope you have the same experience as I had!

Aida Dayton, WA

Thicker Hair and No Shedding

My hair no longer sheds and I have a much fuller head of hair. My hair is so thick and I could not be more pleased. To be honest I have never made it a habit of taking vitamins but I do eat healthy and have a lot of fruits and vegetables incorporated in my diet. It is such a great product that I may cut back to 1 a day instead of the recommended 2.

Barbra Villisca, IA

Even family noticed how good my hair looks

After attending a 4th of July bbq with lots of family I have not seen in months, all commented on how great my hair looks! Honestly I have stopped keeping track and looking in the mirror as much but after they said something I just had to compare my pictures of myself from last years event. And it is an astonishing difference that Hair Maxx has done. This is the only supplement I have been taking to prevent further hair loss for the past 6 months and looks like it regrew and filled in some of my thinning spots out front! In the pictures you couldnt even tell I was thinning/balding anymore. It felt good to have someone point it out for me and although it has not been bothering me as much anymore its always a welcoming sign. I will continue taking Hair Maxx for as long as the results are there as it is a very easy solution for me to keep my head of hair

Andrea Cleghorn, IA

So Far So Good

So far Hair Maxx has given me the results I was hoping for. My hair shedding (when brushing, combing, and washing) has noticeably reduced. Also, my hair is thicker and I am sure I’ve had a little more new hair growth than usual. Most importantly (in my opinion at least) my hair looks, and feels, healthier.I have recommended this supplement to friends who are trying to increase hair growth, improve overall hair health and/or decrease hair loss. As long as I continue to see results I plan to use (and recommend) Ultrax Labs Hair Maxx.

Lorrie Money, MS

Vitamin and Mineral Supplement Helps Slow Hair Loss

I’m 50 years old and for the past few years have noticed that my hair isn’t as thick and luxurious as it once was. I’ve noticed a bit of thinning across my temple area and more than normal hair loss whenever I brush, comb or wash my hair.I researched Amazon for products that could be used to help slow the hair loss and possibly stimulate new hair growth. I found a listing for the Hair Maxx hair growth supplement from Ultra Labs. They also make a Hair Solace Shampoo and Hair Surge Conditioner which, used along with the supplement, could be part of a comprehensive hair growth stimulating beauty regime.The supplement comes in a bottle of 60 tablets. The package directions recommend taking 2 tablets per day. I take my daily does first thing in the morning as I’m waiting for my coffee to brew.The Hair Maxx Supplement contains a blend of over 20 vitamins and minerals that work together to help strengthen hair from the inside out. This blend of ingredients may help slow hair loss if used on a regular basis.Ingredients in the hair supplement include niacin, vitamin B6, folate, vitamin B12, biotin and pantothenic acid. B vitamins, such as the ones found in the Hair Maxx Supplement, are reputed to prevent premature graying and slow excessive shedding of hair.My hair appears to be shedding less now that I’m using the supplement on a regular basis. I haven’t seen any new hair growth, but that could be due to the fact that I’ve just started using the supplement. The package directions say to use for a minimum of 90 days for best results. I plan to continue using the Hair Maxx Supplement from Ultra Labs.

Mae Lebanon, WI

I had super long, dark black shiny hair

I waited to review this product until I finished the bottle. Now that I have finished my first supply, I just ordered a second. This product is really worth the price. I had super long, dark black shiny hair. My hair almost touched my elbows. I had a hair cut, from a new stylist about 2 years ago. He 5 inches off my hair, when I had no split ends, and I told him I wanted a light trim. I was really just going to maintain shape. Even though he didn’t pay attention while cutting my hair ( he was literally talking to the receptionist the whole time) I didn’t make a big deal about it, figured my hair would grow back. Well, I ended up going through a very stressful period, and I have always been prone to autoimmune disorders. The stress of my life, literally caused my hair to thin, and to not grow. The length that I did had was getting damaged, not growing, I was getting split ends. I am only 29 years old- this was a huge annoyance to me, because has the stress of my life increased, my hair length did not.Since I have been battling an autoimmune disorder, I have been on a exessive amount of vitamins, for a while. I eat, extremely healthy, but still NO hair growth. Very frustrating.I bought these a month ago, not really expecting much or anything from the product. ( I am become very accustomed to products not working, so I never have high hopes in any thing I purchase)This product, amazed me. My hair has literally grown about 2.5 inches. In one month. Normally, when my hair was growing normally in the past, I would see about an inch growth, per month ( in the summer) and about a half inch growth per month ( in the winter) I was definately not expecting my hair to grow as much as it did. Literally about 2.5 inches.i have always had very fine hair, and since its so fine it’s prone to breakage, but I have noticed that I am not removing hair balls from my brushes anymore.Another benefit of this product, is that my nails have always been horrible. They are always brittle ( always have been). My cuticles, unfortunately are the only part of my body that likes to grow at a rapid speed, so I am always having to push them back, remove them, and give my self mini manicures. However, with this product, my nails, are long and strong?!?! For me, that blows my mind, because I have never seen my nails long and strong, unless I had tips on. I didn’t even know this product would help with nails, as well.The reason I am writing such a detailed review on this product, is because it deserves it. I mean, normally if I saw a product for 60 bucks, my pessimistic attitude (because of the failure of a million other products) would of caused me to pass by this. Luckily, I didn’t. I am just saying, definitely give this a try, because for me, it worked wonders. I’m very grateful I found it.

Jasmin Grace City, ND

Ultra Labs Hair Maxx

I recently purchased this product. I started to notice some improvements in my hair. Now, my hair is visibly thicker. Another thing that I noticed is that my hair is growing a little bit more. I am very happy about that since a bad hair cut left my hair shorter than I wanted it to be. Also, the ingredients are good quality. In addition to the hair benefits of this product, I am getting more vitamins in by taking this product. Another great thing is that I have not had any side effects from this product. Overall, I am happy with this product.

Whitney Waynesville, MO

Hair loss is no more

This vitamin seems to be well worth the money paid. I have noticed new hair growth as well as my current hair seems thicker. Easy to take supplements make it an easy way to stop hair loss.

Louisa Rolling Prairie, IN

my hair has grown so fast!

Not only has my hair loss reduced but it has also grown very fast. Ultra Labs remains the most effective hair growth and hair loss prevention pills that I’ve ever taken. Not only has the rate of my hair loss reduced but my hair is getting thicker and thicker each day. This being the 3rd month, the results are completely visible.

Marjorie Montesano, WA

Stop Losing Your Hair

If you are tired of losing your hair, you have to give this product a shot. Instead of losing large clumps of hair that seem like you can form a pet out of them, you can keep your hair right where it is supposed to be. I was tired of losing hair at such a young age, so I started looking for something to help without shoving a bunch of chemicals into my body. After finding this product, I won’t use anything else. For the results it can provide, I definitely recommend giving this product a shot. I will continue ordering the product to see what results it is going to bring.As the months go by, you will notice more and more of a change. Highly recommend this purchase.

Ella Woxall, PA