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UltraRadiance: Universal Best Microdermabrasion Wand and “Forever” Diamond Tip

UltraRadiance’s Wand and Tip Set includes a universal, professional grade, stainless steel microdermabrasion wand and diamond tip that fits onto nearly all medical grade microdermabrasion machines. The “Forever” Diamond Tip included in this set features diamond chips that have been electroplated on, ensuring a safe and gentle microdermabrasion treatment. This tip has been engineered to last many years, if not a lifetime with proper cleaning and maintenance. This wand and tip set fits most microdermabrasion machines, including all SkinVacMD , NuBrilliance, Dr. Denese, and Professional Altair Diamondtome systems. This set comes in a collectible, sleek, solid and professionally lined carrying case.

Key features

  • Rejuvenate your skin with our Universal Best Microdermabrasion Wand and “Forever” Diamond Tip
  • Highest quality stainless steel microdermabrasion wand and electroplated diamond tip are nearly universal and fit most microderm machines including all SkinVac MD, Vacubrasion, NuBrilliance, and Professional Machines including Altair Diamondtome
  • All natural, crystal-free microdermabrasion, chemical free, and no animal testing. Vegan friendly
  • This Limited Edition Platinum Series comes with a collectible sleek and solid, professionally lined silver carry case
  • All skinVac MD Products are professional US Dermatologist tested and approved

Honest reviews


Love it!

I have the All-in-One Microdermabrasion Conversion Set. Watch the video on YouTube and follow directions exactly. I was really skeptical and was expecting to hate this. I have an upright vac that I use with and it works just fine. Do recommend doing test small patch on inner arm first and practice getting the rhythm down. Results on face were comparable to what I would get from expensive salon treatment. For less than cost of one treatment and I can use repeatedly. Follow directions and go slow and gently. Acne is gone and the discoloration on my face are getting lighter. Had purchased an at home peel but this will replace that as its gentler and more effective.

Anna High Bridge, WI

Just perfect !!!

Este products lo USO en lugar de el vacuum de la maquina ,es decir ,es una extension perfecta mente adjustable y no necessito compare una micro .

Lourdes Altheimer, AR

Quality item

I was looking for my N.B. Microdermabrasion replacement tips and saw this wand. I wasn’t sure if this will fit my machine or not, but I took a chance and order this wand.Not only this wand fits perfectly to my N.B, it works 100x better than the one that I had. This is professional, top quality wand and I couldn’t be happier. I am going to order other tips from this seller.I also want to mentioned that customer service is excellent. They reply my email within just few hours with detail explanation. I am very happy with my purchase. Fast shipping, excellent customer service and high quality item!

Shelia Anita, IA

Unable to rate performance

The packaging and the sleek, high-quality materials in this instrument were wonderful. I bought mine in hopes it would correct the lack of suction problem with my NuBrilliance. It installed easily and felt very good in hand, but I was unable to use it because my NuBrilliance has no suction and this upgrade did not correct the problem. THIS REVIEW RATES QUALITY OF PRODUCT, BUT NOT PERFORMANCE. PROBLEM IS **NOT** THE FAULT OF ULTRARADIANCE

Cecilia Couderay, WI

It Works

This attached to my Nu Brilliance with no problem. I love this tip. It has much more suction than the tips that came with the Nu Brilliance. I won’t have to keep buying tips that really don’t work well and some not at all.

Lillian Lander, WY