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UltraRadiance SkinVacMD Premium Microdermabrasion Conversion Kit

The SkinVacMD by UltraRadiance International is a professional grade microdermabrasion system with the best value, durability, and price on the market. The Premium Conversion Kit is our most popular kit and comes with the following: (1) ‘Forever’ diamond-encrusted Tip, (1) stainless steel wand, (1) connector, (1) vented adapter for medium to light suction, (1) non-vented adapter for strong suction, (1) reinforced plastic tube, (3) cleaning pads, and directions for use. Say goodbye to expensive spa treatments and painful needles and chemicals! The SkinVacMD Premium Microdermabrasion Conversion Kit utilizes suction from your own home vacuum and an abrasive diamond tip to gently exfoliate and stimulate collagen production. With regular use of this system, you will see a reduction in acne, scars, hyperpigmentation and fine lines along with an overall rejuvenation of dull skin. The SkinVacMD will safely, softly, and naturally improve the look and feel of your skin -no appointment necessary!

Key features

  • Rejuvenate your skin with SkinVacMD! Our revolutionary new technology turns almost any household vacuum(with a round 1.25″ hose) into a professional microdermabrasion system!
  • With our SkinVacMD system, you can skip the expensive spa visits and perform professional quality microdermabrasion treatments in the comfort of your own home spa
  • Our “Forever” diamond tips and ergonomically designed, stainless steel wands are of the highest quality and are incredibly easy to use.This system will help to gently exfoliate your skin to remove dead cells, encourage blood flow, and stimulate the growth of softer skin
  • System includes: (2)”Forever”Diamond Tips, (1)Stainless Steel Wand, (1)Vented Adapter for light to medium suction, (1)Non-vented Adapter for strong Suction, (1)Vacuum Connector Tube, and Reinforced Plastic Tubing (Note: Suction Source not included)

Honest reviews


Overpriced vacume hose

If you could just get the head separately .. And just hook it up to your vacume .. You would save a lot.. This is just basically an overpriced vacume hose.

Elinor Finger, TN

Definitely Worth a Try Compared to the other products; no hassle

Updated March 10, 2013Below is my original review of the product, which I gave 2 stars. Have upgraded to 3 and may raise higher. After commenting about the short length of the hose to attach to an upright vacuum, the company contacted me directly and very quickly. They appear to be very interested in resolving customer concerns and approach it as a way to improve the product. At no time, did I feel the company tried to tell me I was doing something wrong. They promptly sent a much longer hose that works great. They have followed up with emails, asking for input. I haven’t used this long enough to give it higher ratings. From what I’ve read about the competeting products, I’d still go with this product first. It can not break down, there are not ongoing costs for new parts. The customer service is outstanding. I haven’t asked, nor do I want a refund. My guess is, if I wanted to return it, the company would do so without question. These are really nice people, that are interested in improving the product and making sure their customers are satisfied. For me, not providing a higher rating is I’m not sure if home micro really has an effect; time will tell. If you want to give home micro a try; forget the hassles that are raised in the competing product reviews. Just start with this product to give micro a test drive. This is simple, low cost, and great customer service.Below is my original review:I was very interested in trying out a home microdermasion machine. Put some serious effort into researching the reviews. Decided that the 2 more popular machines that have vacuum/suction seemed to be prone to problems. Even though they have a fair share of good reviews, I decided I didn’t need the hassle. I found this device on another website, came to Amazon and the reviews seemed promising. Decided to give it a try. My unit came directly from Amazon. Ordered it on a Saturday, it was delivered on the following Tuesday with free shipping.The reason for the low rating. There just isn’t enough info in product description on Amazon or the product website. I liked the idea of not having to pay for the vacuum function, and more importantly not having to deal with potential break down issues in the future. However, the product description isn’t specific enough about what size of vacuum hose it fits. From the instruction sheet: fits 1.25 inch round outlet. There is an adaptor that helps a bit. The hose must be round, a Dyson will not work.If you get the basic component the microdermasion head that goes directly on the vacuum hose, keep in mind that you will be holding a 1+ inch hose in your hand while your trying to do a self microdermabrasion; that’s pretty thick. Additionally, you are going to need to do the procedure while trying to manage a vacuum hose; they aren’t the most flexible things. Then there’s the sanitary issue. The instructions are very clear that use wash and put alcohol on your skin before you start. But, you’re using one hand to hold a vacuum hose that is cleaning throughout your house. I suggest you might want to consider this. Now, this product is available with a vacuum; you might want to consider that. Also there are some excellent small vacs on Amazon in the $35 range. The unit I ordered has a flexible hose about 15 inches long. It’s too short to avoid having to hold the vacuum hose too. My vacuum hose is larger, but the adapter helps but won’t keep the device’s hose and vacuum connected without me holding it. So, to do a procedure I need to hold the vacuum hose and try to manipulate the tip. Even if the pieces go together well, the provided hose is too short to just let a the vacuum hose hang there. You do need to support it or the weight will make doing the procedure really difficult; if not, unsafe…possibility of scratching the skin.This product seems to have been designed when most people had canister vacs. Any upright will probably have some issues. I suggest that before ordering this product that you take your vacuum to the area where you would be doing the procedure, take the hose and bring close to your face and see what control you have and ability to perform the procedure as shown in the Youtube videos. Also, get a sense of how you feel about the sanitation issue of having the vac hose so close to you. If you order the model with the extension hose, the vac hose will still be about 15 inches away.This product is a really good idea, they need to think it out a bit more. At a minimum add more length to the provided hose. I haven’t returned the product yet. I’ve ordered a small vac with the right size hose to only use with this product.

Lynne Edgewater, FL


This attaches to your vacuum cleaner. NO filters, NO electrical problems, just the dermabrasion tip. That’s really all you need. Takes up little space and comes in a black storage bag. I am so glad I found this before I wasted money on a complete unit that requires filters and may only work for a short time due to cheap chinese electrical work.

Faith Lafe, AR

Works just like expensive salon treatment only it’s DIY

Watch the video on YouTube and follow directions exactly. I was really skeptical and was expecting to hate this. I have an upright vac that I use with and it works just fine. Do recommend doing test small patch on inner arm first and practice getting the rhythm down. Results on face were comparable to what I would get from expensive salon treatment. For less than cost of one treatment and I can use repeatedly. Follow directions and go slow and gently. Acne is gone and the discoloration on my face are getting lighter. Had purchased an at home peel but this will replace that as its gentler and more effective.

Eliza Taneyville, MO

SkinVacMD Microdermabrasion

This is a nice little unit. Takes a little getting use to as for the pressure to use but other than that, no problem. In the long run think of all the money you’ll save by doing it yourself!

Krystal Las Animas, CO