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Ultra Smooth Detangler Comb

Cricket’s Ultra Smooth Combs are infused with Keratin protein and a special blend of Argan and Olive Oils to reduce frizz without leaving residue on hands. Argan and Olive oils hydrate and repair damaged hair while smoothing the cuticle for a conditioned, healthy look. Keratin improves strength, shine and manageability while reducing frizz. Each of these combs are ergonomically designed to glide through the hair easily. Cricket’s Ultra Smooth Oil Combs are an innovative take on age-old, always needed hair product: the comb.

Key features

  • The Detangler Comb (2.75 inches tall x 9.75 inches long) is wonderful for detangling wet or dry hair. Especially effective on thick, long hair.
  • Combs are sanitizable: feel free to wash this comb in warm water with antibacterial soap.
  • Reduces frizz, glides through hair easily, ergonomically designed
  • Does not leave reside on hands
  • Package will secure oil and keratin for 3 years; once opened, the keratin and oils very slowly evaporates over time

Honest reviews


Do not waste your money.

I hate this comb. The teeth are not good enough to use on your hair. It does not have argan oil at all.

Belinda Freeman, SD

So Far, So Good

This comb is great for thick, curly hair. I used it when I was detangling my hair with water, and it glides through my hair easily and it feels good on the scalp. I even tested the comb on my hands, to make sure it wasn’t rough and the comb is very smooth and has no rough edges, so there is nothing that can grab and break your hair. So far, I seen a reduction of frizz in my hair since I used it. I don’t know if it helped with the conditioning of my hair, but I love the way it felt going through my hair and how I didn’t hear those “snap” sounds that you tend to hear with other combs. I used to finger detangle but I couldn’t never get rid of all the shedded hairs that tended to tangle in my hair and create tiny knots. This comb is large, wide tooth, and it’s sturdy so I believe it should last a long time and I’ll be able to use it as my hair grows out on my natural journey. I recommend this comb for any other person that is going through their own natural hair journey and needs a good comb to detangle, that can minimize breakage. To be fair, I did experience minor breakage but I mostly seen only shedded hair when I used this comb for the first time and since I haven’t combed my hair in over a year, I know some breakage will be unavoidable as I go through my thick curly hair that tends to tangle. However, the comb is very gentle and I just recommend patience when dealing with your hair. In addition, I was surprised how big this comb was, it was built to really go through thick hair.

Mabel Alpha, MI

Love it!

It arrived on time and in good condition. Great product even for my very short hair even though it is meant for long hair. Very happy.

Aline Leggett, TX

Sturdy and smooth

Works well on my wet hair. I don’t know that I notice any oil in it but it is easy to comb my hair out.

Reba Londonderry, OH

Nice comb that can actually get down to my scalp.

This will work well for my hair. I have thick African American hair that Cricket’s detangling brush cannot penetrate. This comb does the job perfectly. I don’t know about the oil infused part. I don’t have time to sit and comb my hair for more than five minutes like I used to. So, I don’t see how a couple of strokes can leave anything on it. In any case, with today’s products, my kinky hair is finally beautiful without heat and straightening products.

Sallie Mc Gee, MO

Love this comb

I bought this comb to use after I wash my hair and love it. I needed a big comb that glides thru easily without pulling and breaking my hair. This fit the bill and I am very happy that I bought it.

Doretha Randolph, WI

Great price, does the trick

My wife convinced me she needs to stop using a traditional brush and needed to switch to a "wide tooth comb" for her curly hair. She is caucasain with "3a", long (well past shoulder length) fine but thick curly hair. She said it works so much better than a traditional brush due to less breakage and it gets her tangles out easily and pain-free.The infused argan oil makes it feel sleeker but doesn’t feel oily or give off an oily residue onto your fingers. It just helps the comb glide through hair. I highly recommend this comb for curly hair.

Marcella Bradford, IA

Has made a world of difference on my hair

The Cricket Ultra Smooth wide tooth comb has helped me as I undergo the process of rebuilding my damaged hair. This comb is gentle on my hair, makes it easy to comb and does not pull out my hair. As for the issue of the oils in the comb, I can not speak on whether this formula contributes to the better results I get from this comb, but it does not appear to hurt my dry, brittle hair. I liked the Cricket comb so much I purchased the corresponding pick and am loving the lift it gives my hair.

Debbie Bayonne, NJ

Nice comb

Nice, sturdy, quality comb. I keep it in the shower and it has held up well. Gets through my somewhat thick hair nicely.

Patty Dell, MT

Very nice

Really love this comb. Both my daughter and i have long thick hair and this comb can go thru wet tangles like butter.

Margery Vina, CA

Large comb

This is a very large comb. I haven’t noticed a big difference from the infused oils but I do like the wide spacing between the teeth. I haven’t used this on wet hair yet but I’m looking forward to doing so.

Rosemary Mc Dermitt, NV

Great Comb!

I it large enough to use in and out of the shower, since it does not pull on the hair. I also like the length of the handle, making it easy to grip the comb in the shower, even with conditioner on my hand. I really like this comb and would recommend it to other’s.

Arline Harrisonville, NJ

Nice Wide comb for my natural hair!

It is seamless and so snags…. I really do not know about the infusement of oils, but its a very easy comb!

Annette Newalla, OK

what a comb!!

t just really love it. my hair shaft is thin. but, I have a lot of it. I really enjoy how soft and shiny it leaves when I’m done. it was just super affordable. I will return again if ever I may need to.

Joy Falcon Heights, TX

Love it

As far as combs go this one is very nice. It’s quite large. It’s very smooth feeling and detangles wonderfully. This is one of the best combs I’ve had and I would definitely get another.

Hester Solsberry, IN

big comb with handle

Awesome comb to comb through long hair dry or wet it gets the knots out. Infused with oils to prevent frizzies.

Doreen Whatley, AL

It’s okay

I purchased this comb because it doesn’t have seams and that’s what I really needed. I take care of my hair a lot and my last comb broke since it was already old. This is just a simple comb… yes it may be infused with the Argan oil but it doesn’t do anything because it’s a plastic comb. There is no evidence that I have found to substantiate that an oil infused comb would actually release oil while detangling. I can certainly say that from a materials science perspective that it is possible that if you rub your hair against any plastic comb, it may be possible for plastic from that comb to be found in trace amounts (i.e super low levels, nothing that would actually constitute a coating of oil). So if you need Argan oil, buy it at your nearest beauty supply. It is possible that the comb itself may be constructed well enough to allow good detangling but this is not necessarily anything to do with the oil infusion. A good comb will have good even teeth spacing, ideally be seamless so there are no snags and if it is plastic, it needs to have a degree of flexibility suitable for the hair type. This comb is actually pretty big but it’s okay since I have long hair. My hair is naturally thin and straight but it does knot a lot since it’s thin. This comb is able to take out any tangled hair and it doesn’t break or pull on my hair since it’s seamless. It’s a good comb nonetheless.

Shelia Zellwood, FL

Best comb i’ve ever used

I have natural curly hair and this comb has made life so much easier for me. It is very smooth and glides through my hair with ease. My detangling time has now been cut in half. Also there are no sharp edges on this comb, so it won’t damage your scalp. It is also large and sturdy. All in all a great comb.

Leona Cameron, MO

A great comb

I really love this comb….I have two sizes, but this is my favorite. It it pretty and feels very smooth and glides through my crispy dry hair like silk. Buy one!

Margret Medford, NJ


I don’t have that long of hair, but my hair is thick. I just used this comb for the first time yesterday after I washed my hair and this baby works!! It doesn’t feel overly big in my hand, and I was able to comb through my hair in no time.

Tasha Lansing, NY

So Smooth

No Tangles and the wide tooth is great. Good Price and high quality. So smooth would be great for children.

Peggy Piercy, CA

Detangler Comb

This is the best detangler comb I have ever used , and it makes your hair feel so smooth after you comb it. You will love it just as much as I do for sure.

Sonya Holly Springs, NC

Not convinced

It is a great wide tooth comb that is quite strong and doesn’t seem to be able to break easily. De tangles my natural hair without any snags. However I bought it for the infused with oil component, however it makes no difference to my hair than my other diet anglers . Benefits are not noticeable at all

Lorie Ranger, WV