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Udderly Smooth Udder Cream, Skin Moisturizer, 12 Ounce Jar

Udderly SMooth Udder Cream is a water-based moisturizer. Udderly SMooth is greaseless, stainless, with a light, fresh fragrance. Originally developed for use on dairy cows, Udderly SMOOth , in recent years, the general public has become aware of Udderly SMOOth Udder Cream. They use Udderly SMOOth as an everyday multi-purpose beauty aid due to its rich moisturizing ingredients and performance in softening dry, thirsty skin. Long lasting 12 oz jar

Key features

  • Contains Allantoin, Dimethicone, Lanolin Oil and Propylene Glycol in an Emollient Base
  • Greaseless
  • Stainless

Honest reviews


Best hand cream at the best price!

This cream is fantastic. It is light, non-greasy & lovely to apply. Unscented, so it does not interfere with perfumes, etc.One jar seems to last a long time. First got this at Trader Joe’s, but they do not carry it any longer, unfortunately.I am delighted to find this on Amazon. It is a wonderful product. It is amazing that very dry hands are almost instantly repaired with this cream. My hands were dreadfully cracked and painful. After one application, I noticed an immediate improvement!I also like the price. It works far better than other creams! And I pretty much know most of ’em. (Jergens, Lubriderm, Eucerin, Cetaphil, Clinique, etc.,etc., etc….) This cream works splendidly with moisturizing gloves & does not soil anything.And Alaska is a challenge-it can be quite dry here in the winter-time.So, if this cream works well here, it’ll probably do nicely elsewhere in the country. I’ve been using it for years. Just love it!A word on ordering: Even though I sent it to the lower 48, the S&H; cost was about the same as the cost for the cream, effectively doubling the price. however, I am so delighted with this product that the vendor did not succeed in ruining it for me. Exercise caution on distributor-not from Amazon itself.Best hand cream at the best price!

Noreen Moody, AL

Awesome cream!

I use this on my hands and feet. I have psoriasis which leaves my hands and feet very dry and cracked. This is an amazing cream! I love it! It is so creamy and rich and it doesn’t leave a residue and it does NOT burn my fissures in my skin. It has no alcohol in it which causes the burning stinging issues with broken skin.I will always buy this as long as it is sold in stores or online.

Mallory Bushnell, NE

I have just found my whole new body moisturizing system!!!!!!

A coworker turned me onto the cream in the tube. I tried hers and was absolutely amazed at how it made my hands feel, so much so that I went to Ride Aid immediately and bought myself a tube. I’ve used it over the course of 1 weekend so far and realized two things: 1. It has made a difference in my skin already and 2. I cannot be without this stuff. So now, the tube that I just bought gets toted around with me everywhere in my purse. My hands are so grateful :)The only thing is, my Rite Aid only carried a few of these and I am going to invest in the whole line. I am really wanting to try the foot cream with the shea butter.I also wanted to tell the person who reviewed this item stating that it was a waste of money that I think they are crazy because I can feel this lotion on my hands for a couple of hours after I’ve applied it. It does not in any way feel like water. It feels like a protective coating around your hands and the first time you put your hands in water after applying it, even hours later you will feel it “washing off”. It is not greasy whatsoever – it just feels GOOOOOOOOD.Please try it for yourself. I have severe dry skin and this is the first thing that I’ve tried that really helps!

Gay Union Church, MS

Tried it based on colleague’s recommendation

My husband recently had surgery and was required to wear support stockings for several weeks. I had to help him get on and off the stockings. The bottom of his feed became very dry and ruined the stockings. I mentioned how dry his feet were at work, and someone recommended this cream. I was skeptical that it would be better than other creams but was pleasantly surprised. The cream is smooth but not greasy. It hasn’t completely resolved the dry skin on the bottom of my husband’s foot, but it has been helpful and is the best cream we have tried thus far. I highly recommend this cream for tough, difficult to treat dry skin.

Linda Watson, LA

Udderly Useful.

I first found this “Udderly Smooth Udder Cream” sitting on a sundries shelf in my local Trader Joe’s Grocery Store. Out of curiosity, I picked it up and read the instructions. They explained about how to clean the udder, apply the cream and treat teat problems. What is this? And what is it doing in Trader Joe’s? I just had to buy a jar to find out. Well, there was nothing on the package to indicate what humans might do with it, so I just had to improvise.First, it seemed to work well anywhere a good lotion might apply. It makes an excellent hand cream, for example. It’s one of the best I’ve ever found. My fiancée suggested that I rub her feet with it and she loved it. What next? Well, I read an account of a fellow who shaved with it, so I just had to try that too. It worked quite well. I doubt that it will displace my regular shaving cream, but if I ever run out I know exactly where to go in such an emergency. Another person suggested it was a good after-shave treatment. It is. It wasn’t too long before I tried it as a personal lubricant. It’s the best I’ve ever found. This stuff is amazing! It’s a WD-40 for the skin!The cream is soft, smooth and slick, yet it isn’t greasy. It has a pleasant, mild odor. It cleans off readily with water and doesn’t leave stains. About the only negative I can think of is that I don’t particularly care for the taste of it.Since my initial discovery, I’ve found it in several pharmacies, several more grocery stores and at my local Ace Hardware. My fiancée reported she found it in a sewing goods shop. Amazing. Still, it could be hard to find if you’re specifically looking for it. The cream comes in a variety of different containers. I usually buy the original 12 ounce jar, but I’ve seen smaller jars and various tubes. This is a great product. Use your imagination.Gary Peterson

Aisha Gillsville, GA

Best non-drying lotion on the market!

I LOVE this product! For years, I was frustrated with lotions and hand creams, because most on the market are either greasy (like Shea butter) or contain alcohol. Alcohol products disinfect your skin, but they also dry it out–hence, you are constantly having to reapply the product to keep hands soft. Not so with Udderly Smooth!Originally designed as an udder cream for dairy farmers, this stuff is smooth, creamy and contains no alcohol. It takes a few moments to rub into your hands, legs, arms, heels or wherever to make skin silky smooth. I live in the high desert, so (especially in the wintertime) it’s a challenge to keep my skin moisturized. This does the trick.Since it comes in a jar, ladies with long fingernails may find it a little tricky to access the cream without getting it under your nails. If you get the handy pump that fits the jar, it’s even more convenient–just make sure you stir the lotion before trying to use it.For you crafty or “green” types, the jar is reusable. Just peel the plastic labels off the lid and sides, and then wash. You wind up with a pristine white container just the right size for storing paperclips, rubber bands, Q-tips, etc.

Lou Red Oak, OK

The best hand cream for needleworkers!

For the past 40 years of needleworking, I have been searching for a hand cream that absorbed fast and left no residue on my linen, silk, threads, etc. Well, this Udderly Smooth Udder Cream is IT! A very little moisturizes my hands just enough to use my needles without any greasy feel or transfer to my fabrics or threads. Now, I can feel the needles and wool, cotton, or silk threads and no longer worry about stains or snagging from dry skin. FINALLY, the perfect cream for needle crafting! I just re-ordered, and also added 2 tubes of this marvelous cream for travel. Amazon, you’re the best!

Ginger Hopkinsville, KY

Great cream

This stuff melts into my skin very well. I use it on my hands and feet. We also use it on my mom, who is bed ridden. It helps against bed sores on the bum and back. I would recommend this item to anyone looking to keep skin moisturized all day, whether hands, feet, back, or against diaper rash.

Vickie Plato, MO