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UBU Super Softy Extra Large and Soft Powder Brush

Extra large, extra soft powder brush. No time for cuddles on the couch with this brush, super softy is one dynamite of a lady. Use her extra large and extra soft head to apply powder foundation and blusher, bronzer and shimmer, super sized and super soft brush. Perfect for powder, blusher, bronzer and shimmer. Natural bristles for flawless results and economic use of powder.

Key features

  • Super sized and super soft brush
  • Perfect for powder, blusher, bronzer and shimmer
  • Natural bristles for flawless results and economic use of powder
  • Choice of professionals

Honest reviews


No Thanks!

I had used a brush in the past but somehow lost it along the way when I moved to the cabin… So I was pleased to take and try this product. I like loose powder and have been using Merle Norman’s pearled powder for years.I moved the brush across my powder and knocked off what I thought would be the extra powder… Not so…This super softy grabs so much powder that when I started to brush it across my face, the powder swirled into the air, on my clothes–in other words–everywhere… I mean you could "see" it flying and falling in the air!Now I know that I can practice until I figured out just how much I dared to touch my powder, but, really, did I really want to take time practicing how to brush? After that little coughing spell, I decided to read the package… No, I never read instructions unless I have to…A product should either be self-explanatory or you can plainly see you need help to know what to do…I hadn’t thought I would need instructions for a brush…When I read the first line, I clearly saw my mistake…this product was apparently for "girls"…??? So we have an age-limit on makeup brushes? Here’s what it told me: A girl’s got to stay on top of her game to live life in the fast lane. Make some noise, break some rules. But stay street smart with UBU Cosmetic Tools…Now, I have to ask… Is there any reason a cosmetics company would be saying to girls–obviously not to women, right?– that they should use this product AND ".break some rules." Know that I’ve been using makeup for many years. Not once have I been told to break some rules if I wanted to be street smart…And yes I do know what that means, don’t you? Geesh, I can’t even feel comfortable passing this brush onto my young great-niece!Next, I was told that I have "no time for cuddles on the couch with this brush…Super Softy is one dynamite of a lady! Use her extra large and extra soft head to apply… Please, please tell me why I would need to have a cosmetic tool talk to me about cuddling…and more…No wonder our world has become more and more sexually oriented! Everywhere we turn, sex is being used to sell…Here’s one product reviewer who will not support this product, just because of the packaging!GABixlerReviews

Robin Ruston, LA

not for me

1st of all the brush is too huge!! yes, it describe the product by being large brush!! that’s understatement (super large) also has a smell idk!!!! and also brittles not soft for something that’shas to be applied to your faceSORRY I WOULD NOT RECCOMEND

Erma Bowlegs, OK

Soft, but smells like plastic

This is nice and soft and doesn’t seem to be shedding. I would have given it 4 stars, except it smells a lot like the plastic bag it comes in. I will let it air out and might update this if it stops smelling.

Michell Danbury, NH

Great color, but almost too large

I love the bright pink color, and the brush texture is soft. I use brushes to apply Smashbox Halo powder, and I have never liked the small brush that comes with the product. I usually use a brush for the other popular mineral makeup. I felt like this pink brush was so large it took twice as much powder, but didn’t cover the face as well, almost making me use more makeup than necessary (giving me an overly powdered look), and some of the pink bristles do come out when using it, which is a deal breaker. The bristles on the other brushes never come off. My seven-year old daughter was admiring this bright pink brush, so now it’s hers to use for play. I did notice it said it was from the Tweezerman company.

Ophelia Forest, LA

natural bristles are natural no more

It does not say on the package or website what these natural bristles are made of, just that they are natural. Well, they are natural no more after being dyed vibrant neon pink. There is no way that intense pink color is natural. If you take a natural product and process it unnaturally, I do not think it is fair to call it a natural product any more. All my makeup brushes are natural and naturally processed appearing in normal colors which is what I prefer. It seems like a great UNnatural brush that is being falsely advertised as having natural bristles IMO.

Rosie Richford, VT

The Big Fluff (updated)

This makeup brush is made of natural hair. I’m not sure what critter has hot pink hair, but the bristles are said to be natural. Vegans will want to find a good brush with synthetic bristles. There are plenty of great synthetic brushes out there. I’ve used some I consider just as good as their natural counterparts.Having said that, and hot pink aside, this brush is impressive. It’s jumbo, with soft, but firm enough, bristles. It does not have a professional length handle, but it’s plenty long for me. The handle is between professional and travel size.I use it to apply myelf Studio High Definition Loose Face Powderin yellow, and wowzers! One dip, tap, and a couple of light swipes from my forehead to my chin and finished! It carries powder superbly, and is one of the best makeup brushes I’ve ever used.I’ve pulled the bristles pretty hard, and they don’t come out. I did not check the price of this brush, but if it’s not outrageous, I’d invest. If you take care of your brushes and keep them clean, they’ll last for years. Two wings up!UPDATE: July 9, 2014. I’ve revised my star rating from five to two stars. My brush never did shed bristles, but after a few uses, started picking up some of my foundation. It was still distributing powder for a while, but no longer does so evenly. I can barely see any makeup on the brush, but it is picking up foundation. There’s a simple solution for this: Wash the brush. But it would need washing frequently, plus time to dry out. It should not pick up foundation, at least not so quickly, so I withdraw my recommendation.

Sheila Commodore, PA

soft, pretty, feminine and easy to use–UBU makes a great brush!

I love make up but hate buying new makeup brushes. What is fun about that? You know?However…Obviously, you cannot apply your makeup with the same brushes forever, although I have tried.When I had the chance to test this UBU Super Softy Extra Large and Soft Power brush, I was really thrilled. Even though I do wash and care for my expensive Bobbi Brown brushes (which come in a case and are much smaller) and my cheaper but pretty good Bare Minerals brushes, this UBU brush, brand new and bright pink. with a fab long handle and a great balance to the grip is a fast new favorite of mine!Really cool brush, which is great for sweeping a final dusting of powder, minerals or blush gently over your face to finish your look before you go out!Five stars for UBU!I hope I get an opportunity to try more lovely UBU products, sometime soon. UBU has the light yet nice touch you are looking for in a finishing brush! LOVE IT!Thanks,jean

Lesa Mabank, TX

Great for bronzer and powder foundation and body powder, not for fine work

One minor note: The copywriting represents an Asian marketing department at its finest. "Super Softy is one dynamite of a lady." Genius.The bristles are indeed as soft as advertised, and they evenly distributed my Too Faced bronzer and Jane Iredale pressed mineral foundation. However, I would not recommend this brush for eyeshadow or other fine detail work. That said, this is a neat addition to my makeup toolkit.

Morgan Rockham, SD

UBU Super Softy Extra Large and Soft Powder Brush

UBU Super Softy Extra Large and Soft Powder Brush. This brush is super soft and applies blush evenly and is easy to hold on to. I like the pink color too.

Deirdre White Oak, TX

Bright, pretty fibers; sharp-ended handle; bad odor; falls apart

As soon as I removed this UBU Super Softy Extra Large Soft Powder Brush from the package, it fell apart (yes, just as it did with other reviewers). The ferrule stayed with the bristles/fibers, thank goodness. I considered gluing the handle to the ferrule to prevent it from falling apart again. But when I put the brush back together, I immediately noticed that the end of the handle was sharp, unfinished, poorly weighted, and unpleasant in my hand (just as other reviewers found it to be). So I decided to use this more as a kabuki type brush, without the handle. Next I noticed the terrible smell. So I washed the fibers, which the description says are "natural" (natural what?) with a mild soap and carefully and thoroughly rinsed it. The odor didn’t go away. It smells like a wild animal took a dip in a vat of chemicals. Is that the smell of the pink dye, which so profusely bled all over my hands as I washed the brush? Is it the smell of the fibers themselves? Is it going to stay or go away? So far, it’s staying. Ugh. Such a cute pink brush with the cute name of "UBU Super Softy." So disappointing.I am going back to my e.l.f. brushes, which cost about $3 each and even less when bought as a set. The e.l.f. studio powder brush has been reviewed by almost 1,400 women (on makeupalley) and 94% of them would buy it again and have given it a 4.7 star rating. I give it 5 stars, love its smooth, tapered handle, its soft fibers, the fact that it is synthetic and vegan-friendly. I love it even more now that I have tried the disappointing UBU Super Softy. A cute name and cute color do not a useful brush make!UBU (Urban Beauty United, a registered trademark of QVS Global China) brush is made in China.

Kirsten Yankton, SD

So far, So good!

I was a little skeptical of such a hot pink brush but I have to say this brush gives great coverage for powder! It’s very soft but easy to use/apply. I also like the shorter handle. It gives me better grip/control. And so far, no bristles have come out. The only problem I had was the initial smell coming out of the bag. After a day of airing, it seemed to dissipate.

Marian Moose, WY

A very nice, very useful powder brush

When I first saw this brush, I was afraid that it was just too big for my purposes. In fact, this brush worked out perfectly for me. It hold the powder well, and distributes it nice and evenly across my skin, with no clumping. The handle is nice, and the bristles are soft and seem very well secured to the handle. It’s a very nice, very useful powder brush that I am very happy to have.(Review of UBU Super Softy Extra Large and Soft Powder Brush)

Sydney North Liberty, IN

Pretty brush

This makeup brush is soft and lovely. I use it for my covering powder and so far it has been great. I’ve only had it shed once and it was because my cat was playing with it – he likes it, too.

Robin Frederick, IL

UBU Super Softy Extra Large and Soft Powder Brush

This powder brush uses natural bristles and states "use less powder." First impression was that it’s a big brush and very PINK! The package was a little difficult to get to open and I had to pull it by the bristles to get it out. The bristles smell a little funny. I’d like to know what they are made from. "Natural" could be anything. :)I wouldn’t necessarily call this super "softy" – it’s soft, but to me, not super soft. It seems to be a good all over face brush for applying powder, bronzer, and/or shimmer. I wouldn’t recommend it for blush because it’s just so big. The handle is thick enough to hold easily without dropping. One more positive is that it’s easy to spot in your makeup bag thanks to those big pink bristles. 🙂

Earlene Brohard, WV

Pink and bold!

I love this brush for a number of reasons. It’s pink. Now normally I hate pink but it’s perfect for a gift bag filled with make up. It’s easy to spot when it needs a deep cleaning. Brushes should be cleaned regularly. Lastly the color makes it easy to spot in a make up bag.The brush itself is soft, a good size and doesn’t overload. I have fair skin and too much blush looks ridiculous on me. (Maybe everyone) too big a brush or a brush that loads with too much powder wastes makeup and makes me want to go sans blush. Not an issue with this brush. Not exactly perfect (retractable would be nice) but a fine brush.

Jill Walla Walla, WA

Wonderful brush

My wife loved this brush. High quality. Attractive. Works well. Goes on well. Can be used for powders and other things.

Benita Grady, AR

Nice brush, reasonable price

This is a nice make up brush, the bristles are soft and the brush itself is comfortable to hold in your hand. It did have a strong plastic smell from the packaging it came in. But I let it sit out for several days before using it and it the odor was gone by that time. I have not had a problem with the bristles falling out or the handle coming apart. I store it upright in a wire basket and it doesn’t get bumped or have other toiletries stored on top of it. It’s seems like a nice brush for a reasonable price.

Maricela Pleasant Plains, AR

Worth the purchase!

It does what it says! I use less powder and it glides on nicely, blending evenly without taking away coverage. It’s super soft and what I love the most is that the bristles don’t shed. All my previous brushes seem to leave one of two little hairs behind that drive me nuts. Not this one. Totally worth it!

James Fillmore, MO

Great brush, just what I wanted

This item was given to me for my reviewThis brush is wide and fluffy and feels great on my skin. I use it to apply mineral powder, and it is perfect. I love that it picks up just enough powder, applies lightly, and is pleasurable to use.

Cara Simmesport, LA

Handle keeps falling off

This is an okay brush. It applies my blush effectively and is soft enough (I have a softer brush from e.l.f. mineral cosmetics). My biggest complaint is that the brush handle fell out of the black "socket" when I first took it out of the bag. I was able to snap it back in place and it seemed secure, but every other use or so the handle falls back out again.

Bobby North Waltham, MA

Fell apart on first use

I got this since I thought itd be useful to apply some powder for photos. However, the glue used to apply the bristles was pretyt low quality. I tapped it against the sink before I used it and a third of the bristles fell out.

Caroline Key Colony Beach, FL

Trimmed and Washed it! Beware, it’s made in China…

When I first got this, I trimmed it down since it was a little longer bristles than I like. Then I gave it a good soapy wash by hand and let it dry throughly before using.It says it’s made of "Natural Bristles" but they don’t list what it’s actually made of. Some reviewers have commented on the smell. I didn’t find it offensive and it improved after washing. The smell reminded me of being in a fabric store, so I’m wondering if it’s a rayon thread of some kind. It is quite fine and soft and feels good on my face. I picked a few of the bristles out while I washed it and they don’t seem to be coming out during powder application like some reviewers have mentioned.For $10, you can’t beat the price. Maybe not as good as a $50 brush, but pretty darn good for the price. I love the bright pink color, although it will "brown-up" once you start using it with tinted powder.

Jackie Battlement Mesa, CO

very large brush indeed

Brush is soft and extra large as described. I used it for translucent powder. I think it would be too big for bronzer or blush.

Leann Turtle Lake, WI

UBU Super Softy Extra Large/Soft Powder Brush

It IS a large brush…and it IS pink! When I first took it out of its plastic slip, I smelled nothing but IT. I am sure its from that pink I sat it on its flat end for a few days in the open air to let it air out…it then became useable as far as I was concerned. It does as it says, I used it for a mineral type powdered makeup and it did a fine job of it. I noticed it has lost many hairs, I find them on my face or in the sink. Not sure how long that will go on, but if it keeps up I am thinking it will cease being a extra large powder brush.

Trisha Center Point, WV

Well Well Well

I must say i was skeptical about this brush at first. I use liquid and powder make up however i use make probably one to three times a month. I spend most of my time in a doctors office so I do not use makeup or wear perfume when im at work. However me and my fiance were going out with two other couples and i decided to use my new brush. Easy handling, easy use, it did not take as much powder as my old brush which i love. This brush seems to spread it out evenly and without using much. The reason for four stars is because some of the hairs came off first time and second time and third time using it. I assumed it was just first time use and that was it. Until it happened two other times. I’m hoping it will stop shedding hairs and that it just needs to be used more. Other than that it works beautifully.

Johnnie Leivasy, WV

Slight smell but does work well

Like all the other reviews, the main thing about this brush is the smell. It really does have a strong odor when taking it out of the bag. And it lingers for a while. I used this for applying blush and it works well. It’s soft and I haven’t noticed any bristles lost yet after using quite frequently.

Kari Chaumont, NY


Soooooo soft. I use this brush to lay down the MAC Gold Dust after my makeup is on. My previous brushes were a pain, because they weren’t nearly as generously big. I wanted something that would be large, and offer plenty of coverage, while being soft enough to make sure that the base of make up is not disturbed. This was exactly what I was looking for. Washing and drying are a snap. And, for my large hands, the stem of the brush is easy to hold.

Tonia Sunnyvale, CA

Great for translucent powder

The brush head is well-glued and the bristles feel high quality. It’s on par with quality I would expect from the tweezerman line. The handle is weighted which gives it a nice feel at the mirror, but might not be great for packing for travel. Great for translucent powder and broad coverage – not necessarily for blush and targeted makeup application.

Kathi Hood, CA

Elegant, soft… a great tool…

The review of the UBU Super Softy Extra Large and Soft Powder Brush is part of my obligation to the Vine Club.The brush is excellent, its extra large size makes it easy to use and its softness is delightful on the skin.The application of powder foundation becomes easy and fun. Highly recommend this product.

Cherie Aspinwall, IA

This looks very pretty but I found the bristles to not be soft …

This looks very pretty but I found the bristles to not be soft enough for my preferences. This seems to be horse hair? I had a pink goat hair kabuki brush that was the best ever. Natural bristles will hold the powder better than synthetic, but I like a softer (higher end) brush.

Sabrina Vail, AZ