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U9 1 Inch LCD Digital Wet to Dry 450F Ionic Tourmaline Ceramic Dual Voltage Hair Straightener Pink Flat Iron


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I would not by a U9 flat iron

I bought the ceramic/tourmaline model a few weeks ago. Maybe, this model is much better, but I don’t think so. I have very fine, thin, color-treated hair and even on the highest setting it would not straighten my hair unless I went really slowly or did multiple passes…which I’m afraid will damage my hair. The other annoying thing about the model I have is that is shows the heat setting in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit. I would not purchase another flat iron from this company.After buying a Bio Iconic Freestyle flat iron I can honestly say that the U9 is a waste of money. I’ve been using my new flat iron for two months now and it has not done any damage to my hair. The U9 completely fried my hair after only using it for a short time. Save your money and do not buy this flat iron.

Tanisha Oakville, WA

Great flat iron for thick hair.

I purchased this flat iron for travel as my CHI irons do not work when I go over seas. I blew my last CHI in Egypt and had to go the whole trip without perfectly styled hair! I decided to purchase this iron as the reviews were good, it is dual voltage, very reasonably priced, and also gets up to a temp of 450F. I think it works BETTER than my CHI. I like that I can turn the heat to any setting (350, 375, 442, whatever you like!) and that it has a timer to turn off for those of us ladies who run out of the house on occasion and forget to turn the irons off. I have not tried it while my hair was wet, I like to thoroughly dry my hair so I can not speak to the specifics on that front. I have long, thick hair. I am half black, half mexican so it is kinky and there is a lot. This iron works great for me, I would definitely recommend.

Ofelia Marmaduke, AR

great travel iron

I have been looking for a flat iron to take on international vacations with me and have looked at lots. I found this one finally and it has worked well. It has a thicker cord, so there is no switching from 240/120 volts. It does seem to work well on my thinning hair and the curl actually stays there. Which is something that most others don’t.

Jessie Merrifield, VA

Purchased for a DIY Keratin treatment

The keratin treatment I purchased required flat ironing at 450 degrees so I purchased this iron as the one I already owned only went up to 430. This iron heats quickly and shows you exactly what temperature it is currently at on the digital read out. It also has an auto off which is an absolute necessity for my lifestyle. I do have two issues with this flat iron so I am taking a half point for each.1) when the curling iron is off but still plugged in, the screen blinks the word "off" in bright blue. I would prefer if it went totally off at that point or at least eventually shut completely off at some point, but it never does. So it’s not a huge deal but I don’t see a point to it flashing all day after I’ve turned it off and left the house.2) there seems to be some bleeding of the coloring of the iron. There are always pink marks around the sink or on the towel I set it on after use. The coloring washes off, but more durability in that area would be appreciated.As a final note for people purchasing this for their keratin treatment- I couldn’t bring myself to put a 450 degree iron to my hair, I just couldn’t risk burning all my hair out in the name of beauty. In the end 430 was my sweet spot and it came out just fine. So if you have a iron that goes that high you can save yourself a few pennies, but on the other hand I have been unable to get the Keratin smell out of this iron so it has been nice to have my regular iron to use on a daily basis and save just this one for keratin treatments.

Malinda Navajo Dam, NM

Love Love Love it

I can’t say anymore about this hot iron, the curls it makes, and makes my hair so smooth and pretty. Probably the best iron I’ve used.

Jannie Foxboro, WI