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Twist Holder Clip Magic Roll Bun Hair Twist Braid Tool

It will make your hair bun without hurt and easiness. Get the girls’all time favorite classic chignon bun in less than 3 minutes; Instruction: 1. Pull all your hair through the middle of the Bundy with the smooth side facing inward and the ‘comb’ outside; 2. Holding both ends of the Bundy twist towards the head so that the hair is wrapped up and under into a smooth roll; 3. When all the hair is firmly in place, simply bend the Bundy and link the hooks underneath to form a perfect bun.Feature:Just twist and tuck! As simple as that.Twist Holder Clip is suitable for making small fancy buns.Specification:Length : 8.07 in/20.5cmColor: Amaranth

Key features

  • Instant Magic Hair Bun Holder
  • Weight: 7.4g
  • Length: 20.5cm
  • Color: Red, Black
  • Package included: 1 x Hair Bun Holder

Honest reviews



I did not like this. The instructions weren’t in English and had very vague picture directions. This is not meant for long hair. My hair when I straighten it is right below my shoulder blades and the bun clip won’t even hold a little bit of my hair. Its small so I knew not to even try it on my naturally curly hair. If you have really thin hair this may work for you. Good luck.

Leticia Wenham, MA

Get used to it!

I would like to start off by saying this product is made from a firm plastic but not very hard. It is flexible but takes some time getting used to. I purchased this product at a Wal-Mart many years back and lost it. I got lucky and found it here online. I was happy when I found it and I recommend it to all my friends. I always have the perfect bun and everyone loves it. Great buy! Not recommended for short hair, or thin hair.

Elisabeth Great Neck, NY

Ok bun, difficult with layered hair

This product was okay- it took me a while to get the hang of it. For me, I find that putting my hair in a ponytail first then using the clip works best. My hair is really long and layered, so it’s a bit difficult for me to roll the hair up- I have to keep tucking the shorter layers back in as I roll my hair- and when I finish, there’s often little layers poking through the edges of the bun.My biggest complaint is that there’s always an ugly section on the bun where the ends of the clip meet- when I bring the hair down to cover the hooks, that part always looks saggy because it doesn’t have the width of the clip holding the hair stiff there like on the rest of the bun. It’s not that big of a deal, but its enough for me to take off a star. I’ll be trying the cloth version next to see if that gets better results.

Maude Hackberry, AZ


I have very thick, long (past bra strap), curly hair and this doesn’t even come close to holding and closing around my hair. I kept it because it is great for a ponytail holder. If you wrap a section of your hair around the ponytail it gives it a nice polished look. This would probably work great for people who don’t have thick hair.

Dianne Valhalla, NY


i don’t know how to use it. i’m pretty sure its simple but i’m kinda lazy to find out, and i already have another one, so it doesn’t really matter.

Ora Orange Springs, FL

What the heck?

I’m not really sure how anyone gets this to work, but maybe it’s just my hair.. I have thick, curly, shoulder length hair and this would not hold my hair at all.. It was a waste of money and I threw it out..

Lela Dunkirk, OH


I can not get the hang of this product. I have very long hair , almost to the bottom of my back so maybe I have to much to fit in this tiny piece of plastic. I’ve got it up in a bun but can’t seem to cover with hair the piece that clips together. I like the premise but just not good for my thick hair , I’ll stick with the sock bun.

Marsha Hartford, CT


Bad quality, useless and its stuck in my hair. Too difficult to use. Im not recommending it at all,and its a waste of money.

Jo Evansport, OH


I don’t use it everyday, but love to wear a bun from time to time. This works great if your hair is not seriously layered. It is easy to use and once you figure out how to cover it in the back with your hair so the clasp does not show, it is a great tool to have on hand. Most of all for a bad hair day. Just roll it up, clasp, cover and go!!

Charmaine Gomer, OH


I give this a 4 instead of 5 simply because the darn thing is just so tricky to use. Took a long time to arrive but I think it came from Hong Kong so that’s expected. I’m hoping this will get easier to use otherwise it’s going in the trash

Ester Washington, VA

Not too impressed

I have yet to figure this out.. I keep trying, but still can’t get it, and the instructions were in a foreign language.. so… good luck!

Marcella Van Nuys, CA

Doesn’t work on long hair

My hair comes to mid back and is not considered thick nor thin but inbetween. This did not work on my hair at all. Great concept but not for long hair unless(maybe) it’s very thin

Sarah Van Buren, ME

Bun tool.

This was a weird design and doesn’t work as great as others I have ordered. In short it was a waste of time and money. It falls out quickly .

Maryellen Coffeeville, MS

only okay

It is just ok; bun is too skinny; not full like with the other kind of bun tool and the sock method, which in my opinion are better.

Maryellen Dadeville, MO

Great gadget!

What a great gadget. Makes it so easy to out your hire in a bun in a flash. Very Light weight, you don’t even feel it in your hair. A little hard to get use to using it at first but Love it!

Tasha Waskish, MN

For the price, give it a try…

Past reviews regarding this item are correct in the fact that it is made from hard plastic. I anticipated this when I attempted to use it for the first time and thought to myself ‘ this is going to break in two’! The product held up, and I had my bun. I have thin, fine hair, fairly long; so once I secured my hair in a pony tail, I sprayed it with hair spray and gently teased it…this gave my hair texture so when I rolled it, it was not so slippery and gave me a bigger bun. I could see how this would not work for long, thick hair as it is not flexible. Do I see this product lasting my lifetime? Will it eventually break due to the inflexibility? Perhaps. But for the price point, I felt it was worth a try and yes, I can have a bun. It takes a little practice, a few bobby pins if you have layers and some hair spray and you will be good to go…

Catherine Cahone, CO


This works great in my waist length, thin hair! Easy to use after a few times of practice and it’s a quick way to do your hair cute when in a hurry! 🙂

Gracie Falls City, NE


My hair needs to get a little longer and I think this tool will work great. My hair doesn’t stay in it very well at its current length.

Tiffany Marion, KS

I LOVE these!

I used to be able to purchase these in my local drug store, but they stopped carrying them. I absolutely love them! These bun clips are my "go to"hair style. They form a perfect donut every time. Used with ribbons in the hair they add a festive look. Leave a few hairs out to wisp and curl and you have an elegant evening style. Takes about a minute, maybe 2 to put hair up and have a perfect style every time!

Josefina Concord, GA

Best hair do-dad ever

I use this in my hair ALL the time. It takes a couple tries but this is the only product like this that I have ever actually stuck with because ti really isn’t hard to master. Best part is that when you take your hair down, it ahs amazing curls!~

Aisha Ringling, OK

good idea,,,but,,,,

If you have thin hair, you really should pass on this styling option. Even if you have long hair it may not cover up the device. It didn’t cost a lot, so I’m not worried about gifting it to a friend. but for me and my thin blond hair, it stood out like a sore thumb.

Nadia Glen Mills, PA

Highly Recommend as hair Braid Tool

Hello,The seller treated me very good, I am very happy with their product. I would recommend this to others. I used it the firstday and pulled my hair up and made a big difference in how hot I got. Now I do not have to leave my hair down.

Chasity Golden Gate, IL


this works great for my daughters hair. however, it did not work for my hair. item is exactly as pictured.

Brittney Dewar, OK

Great value if you can just be a little patient until it arrives…

These hair accessories are sold in the stores for almost $6.00 a piece. They are every bit as good as the ones you buy for much more money.They are flexible and can be used in many ways. The only "con" is that the instructions are in Chinese or Japanese. Anyone know how to read these instructions???

Allie Voluntown, CT

great thing, neat look

got this in the mail from China today! holds my hair well in a nice round cute bundle and feels comfy. i like it!

Kaitlyn Melville, NY

Its just ok

This product is not for layered or smooth hair.. as it keeps slinding down and the hooks keep coming apart.. I still need to learn on how to use it properly…

Wendi Lovingston, VA


this item I thought would be great but it broke and I never had the chance to try this. I purchased several of these for gifts andkept one for my self and that one broke. it really upset me and when my sister told me hers broke to that was embarrassing

Aurelia Jackson, MS

Cut my hair and never got to use it.

So I can’t say whether or not it does the job. Seems like it would have, and I have very thick hair … even when it’s short.

Lillian Pursglove, WV

No idea how to wear this!

This clip is made of cheap plastic and arrived without instructions. Needless to say, I threw it out. You get what you pay for.

Kristi Lamont, WA


it takes a while the hang of the product but it makes typing your hair up much easier. love it

Kristie Springfield, OR