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Twilight Breaking Dawn “Bella’s Hair Comb in Velvet Box

From Twilight Breaking Dawn comes Bella’s hair Comb, authentic Prop Replica as seen in the movie.

Key features

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  • Metal
  • From the Twilight Saga
  • Breaking Dawn Part 1
  • Summit Entertainment
  • Features Characters and Images from the Movie
  • High Quality from NECA

Honest reviews


It’s even more beautiful in person!!!

I bought it at the mall and was honestly surprised that it was even in stock because of the movie being released very soon.When I took it out of the box to look at it , I was pleasantly surprised at how pretty it is. I love how it looks. The crystals look real. I was amazed by how brilliant the crystals shone in the light. I might wear it to the movie when I go next weekend. It’s so beautiful!! I’m hoping to get the wedding and egagement ring set too. I love this movie series. It’s amazing. oh, and I’m Team Edward ALL THE WAY!!

Katherine Tawas City, MI

Not a toy– beautiful prop replica!

This is a pretty nice piece of costume jewelry, not a toy. I don’t know why they keep listing these in the toy section. Anyway, HDTV has ruined a lot of movies for me. It’s too easy to spot bad special effects and little flaws that I never saw before. However, it did make it possible for me to make a good comparison between this comb and the one actually used in Breaking Dawn Part One. It comes in a velvet box just like the one in the movie. The comb is secured in the box with a ribbon. If you take off the outer cardboard case with Bella’s picture on it, you have a very classy presentation. The comb itself appears to be very close to the original if not a 100% match, at least on the part that shows when you put it in your hair. The clear and blue crystals seem to be arranged just right, and the pattern of the piece looks like it is a very close match. I don’t think the comb part matches, but since it doesn’t show when you wear it, who cares? This is a hair piece meant more for decoration than for actual styling. I don’t think I will be able to hold a bun or French twist in place with this, but your mileage may vary. Twilight prop replicas by NECA have been hit or miss, but this one is a hit. I think as a Twilight fan or prop jewelry enthusiast, you’ll be very satisfied with this piece.

Carmella Romney, IN

Happy, But Worried

I was so happy to buy this item, however when I received it one of the stones was missing. It was still in the box so I was able to glue it back into place but I do worry about whether or not that stone, or others, will fall out. At first I wished I had just spent the 400 on the “real” one as all of the stones are individually set and not glued in. I guess time will tell, but I’m afraid to wear it.

Chasity Frackville, PA

Made very well, good workmanship, not a flimsy piece

Packaged beautifully. Extremely well-made, good weight to it. Excellent workmanship. Wish there were a bit more of a contour to the comb; it is more straight than curved and might not sit well well next to the head without additional (hidden) hair pins to anchor in place. The downside of the weight is that if you have thin hair it might be liable to slip. Think of it as an accessory to highlight your bun or twist. Do not rely on it to hold anything in place. Do your twist, roll, bun, or whatever first, anchor your hair style well, then insert and secure this comb.

Winnie Pinellas Park, FL


I was afraid it might be cheap looking but i couldn’t have been more wrong. Metal and the psuedo saphires pop. You can tell they are fake only if you scrutinize it up close. I love how it came in the blue velvet box and packaged in a Twilight themed box. Nice collectors item! One thing to keep in mind, you should have med hair thickness if you want to wear it up ( I just thinned my hair out so I have pieces that dont stay in comb) and if you plan to use it just as a comb to sweep up small amounts of hair, you might have to work at it depending on your hair. The comb teeth can move a bit. But great conversation piece and I am very happy overall 🙂

Erika Park Forest, IL

Preatty comb..

I can use it and when i use it, it doesnt feel bad the idea of knowing is from a twilight movie…at the same time no one has asked if its the one from twilight.

Adrienne Twin Lakes, MN