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Tweezerman Stainless 2000 Styling Shears

Stainless 2000 Styling Shears – These shears are crafted for optimum control, balance and comfort and made of ice tempered stainless steel to create extra sharp long-lasting cutting edges. Cutting blades are 2 inches.

Key features

  • Made of ice tempered stainless steel
  • Extra sharp long-lasting cutting edges
  • Free lifetime sharpening
  • Guaranteed against manufacture defects
  • Cutting blades are 2 inches

Honest reviews


you get what you paid for

so if you like split ends this is the right pair of scissors for you! i bought these to trim my split ends and what i ended up with is just more split ends. Honestly, if you’re using these just to cut your kids hair or are a man then you’ll be okay, but if you want to grow your hair out I DO NOT recommend these…. you might want to shop around for something a little better. and No this will not help you get by until your next cut because like i said these scissors only create MORE split ends!

Karin Wynot, NE

Very sharp.

Please be careful when using this scissors. I used it straight out of the box and I inadvertently made a tiny cut on my finger, trying to groom my dog. Yes, I am prone to accidents so if you are to, just be careful. I like it a lot because of how sharp it is, I have had it for two weeks now and it’s still sharp, as expected. I will put another review of this as soon as it becomes dull, I am only cutting dog hair so it shouldn’t go dull so fast.

Linda Fruitland Park, FL

Sharp, great quality!

I recently ordered the Tweezerman Stainless 2000 Styling Shears to cut my own hair and couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of the product… and free sharpening for life? Heck yes! The scissors are very easy to handle for my small hands and cut through my thick hair very cleanly. Couldn’t be happier!

Angelina Halltown, MO

Works perfectly.

These worked perfectly. Some of the reviews had me scared that they wouldn’t be good enough, but it was all I could afford. Bottom line is, it gets the job done and cuts easily. I used these with the CreaClip to cut my own hair and it went really well 🙂 All those nerves were for naught!

Irene Lincoln, MO

Great set of clippers

Sturdy, sharp, and stainless. I am pretty sure that is all you need in clippers. I like the their other products too and wil probably buy more of their tweezerman grooming stuffs

Eloise Tillman, SC

Excellent for avoiding split ends

These scissors are very sharp, and do not damage the ends of my hair. Previous types of scissors caused split ends, but these actually prevent them. Great scissors!

Priscilla Mc Intosh, NM

not sharp

Tried several styling shears during the years ; this one is not sharp at all compared to others…. should not have ordered.

Louella Penwell, TX

Great Shears

These are excellent styling shears. They’re fantastic for keeping around for hair trimming. I don’t do too much hair trimming but it’s excellent for the occasional trims. No one likes to try to trim your hair and find that your scissors are dull.

Charmaine Mount Pleasant, MS

Life changing,

I used to pay literally hundreds of dollars a year for hair cuts, highlights and lowlights. After buying these shears, and watching Youtube video tutorials (search "dhukai" shes amazing), I have learned to cut my hair BEAUTIFULLY, better than my hairstylist! Don’t believe that you NEED to see a hair stylist to have healthy beautiful hair. Trims are essential for growth!! Start watching youtube and buy these scissors NOW.

Kendra Cloverdale, OH

Tweezerman is good

I’ve had some Tweezerman tweezers for the past 3-4 years and they are well worth it. I use them daily and they usually grab the most difficult hairs. I purchased the scissors because of my experience with their tweezers and the reviews that I read. For those who care, I have very thick and curly African-American hair and I bought these scissors to trim my ends but not for an all out haircut. So far they have clipped my ends evenly and they don’t appear to be of cheap quality. I have read that other people have had success with haircuts using these scissors as well. So far the Tweezerman brand is looking good and I would say that if you can’t afford to have a professional cut your hair these scissors should be able to give you a presentable look.

Doretha Tahoe Vista, CA


I bought these to replace the cheap scissors that came with my Wahl haircutting kit. The Wahl scissors weren’t able to cut through my hair when wet, so I’m happy to say that these can with ease. The motion of these scissors as you cut feels like you’re using high quality scissors. Definitely worth the money. If you need thinning shears, I would also check out Tweezerman’s. They’re both great!

Christa New Concord, OH

Good value

I bought this pair of shears to trim split ends. They are very sharp, easy to handle and compact. Good value.

Fay Marietta, NC

Great shears

I could not be happier with these quality shears from Tweeserman they make a great product. I can always depend on this company

Tameka Barneveld, NY


They were perfectly packaged and sharp. I was trying to cut bettie page style bangs by myself, and I totally botched my bangs. LOL Oh well. The scissors worked perfectly but now I look silly. Hehe

Ellen Washington, MS


I used this to cut some layers into my curly hair and they worked just great! Strong, sharp and did exactly what I needed them to do.

Katrina Colfax, WV

For my purpose these are fine.

I bought these to trim my hair inbetween salon cuts. These scissors are sharp, and they cut very well so far, and were a good price. I have no hair cutting training or skill, but these scissors work well for my purpose. They have a lifetime sharpening warranty, and they are comfortable in my hand.

Angelia Diamond Bar, CA

2nd pair for downstairs : )

love these had a pair for years and wanted another… obviously they last and work for me… happy happy : )

Lottie Elmendorf, TX