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Tweezerman LTD Deluxe Metal Eyelash Curler

Our best-selling eyelash curler is expertly crafted to create beautifully enduring curl.

Key features

  • Thick, rounded silicone pad forms intense curl without creasing lashes
  • For a naturally dramatic, long lasting curl
  • Extra sturdy metal construction and round pads provide ‘no-pinch’ design
  • Three free ‘non-stick’ silicone pads included

Honest reviews


Blandly neutral

I have used this eyelash curler for several weeks in hope of being able to say something fabulous about it…or horrible. But I can only offer you this:1. It is quality made. Sturdy. Should last forever.2. It comes with 3 pads so those should last a long time.3. I feel like the brand new pad is not real comfortable, but once it breaks in, they curl better and more comfortably(just my opinion).It doesn’t seem to curl my lashes any more than my Revlon curler but that said, all the Revlon ones are not created equal. At one point, I went to replace my curler and ended up with one that was so bad I took it back. Thankfully I found my original one! My friend has the same as my original one and she loves it too. The Revlon one is less sturdy.This Tweezerman is fairly equal to that favorite curler, but it seems a little pinchy at the edges. Not something you’d have to worry about, just to be careful before you squeeze hard.I recommend this if you don’t LOVE your current eyelash curler or if it broke. It’s not disappointing and is worth the price.I received this product free for review. No one has pressured me to say one thing or another and I try to be honest in all I do review. If you found this review helpful, I’d be grateful if you clicked “yes” below.

Tanisha Sheppard Afb, TX

Quality as expected

From a brand I trust comes an eyelash curler that delivers, with a comfortable cushion that doesn’t create an awkward heavy crease on my lash line. Comfortable handles, easy to swap out the two additional pads. What more to say? It’s an eyelash curler. Recommended.

Constance Francis Creek, WI

Comes with three refills

Comes with three refills which is nice.I think the best brands however are Shu Uemura and Japonesque. They are just better constructed.Tweezerman feigns a Germanic tone but most of their stuff is made in India.

Judy Black Diamond, WA

4.5 Stars – I still prefer the Shu Uemura.

I think I have tried practically every lash curler out there. I have large “almond” eyes & thick, straight lashes. Most curlers do not manage to get all the lashes curled no matter how hard I try. The best curler I’ve found is the Shu Uemura & this Tweezerman is the second best. I’ve owned a Tweezerman curler for several years & keep it in my travel bag; it is less expensive to replace. I will compare the two.The Tweezerman is slightly better built, slightly heavier metal & slightly larger. The Shu Uemura has just slightly larger finger holes.The Tweezerman has a nice rounded & thick silicone pad & comes with 3 replacement pads – generous. The Shu Uemura has a slightly different shape.The Tweezerman gets nearly all my lashes in the curler but not quite. The Shu Uemura gets them all.I would give this Tweezerman a try first since it’s reasonably priced and a good curler. Finding the right curler is really a personal thing & depends a lot on the shape & length of your eyelid. So what I find works for me, may not work as well for you. Shu Uemura has not sold their curlers in US retail stores since 2010. You can order directly from their website (I think the items ship from Canada). There are a bunch of knockoffs out there & here on Amazon so don’t get fooled.

Ruth Willisville, AR

works very well

I’ve used eyelash curlers from the time I was in my teens (a long, long time) and had used another brand for the past 25 or so years. This eyelash curler from Tweezerman has made me a convert and I’m hopeful that this business is in business for a long, long time! Great product, Tweezerman!

Mary Saint Paul, NE

First Eyelash Curler: SUCCESS.

I’ve always thought about getting an eyelash curler, but never did: they look like Medieval torture devices and I wasn’t sure I’d even use it.However, when I got the opportunity to get the Tweezerman curler featured here, I jumped on it. Tweezerman makes high-quality, high-tensile, and very sharp/fine tweezers: praise that you wouldn’t normally associate with such a benign little bathroom tool gets heaped on Tweezerman tweezers, and with good reason. They don’t rust, they stay sharp, the company backs the product absolutely, and their tensile/tension doesn’t degrade over time. Tweezerman, in other words, means quality.But I digress.This curler comes with the metal unit, with soft pads attached. It also comes with additional sets of pads, to change out when they become worn-out or soiled. Some individuals use these after applying mascara, but I prefer to use them first and /then/ put on mascara. Curled eyelashes really open up the eyes, and create a more fresh, awake look when used.It takes some getting used to when mastering proper eyelash curling technique, but eventually it became incorporated into my daily beauty routine without a thought. Guidance/instructions are included, for the faint at heart.Tweezerman has created a fine, simple, and well-constructed quality product. Definitely will be keeping it in my vanity for daily use when I do my makeup.

Loraine Phil Campbell, AL

Prefer my cheaper Revlon

I have been using this Tweezerman LTD Deluxe Metal Eyelash Curler in place of my Revlon eyelash curler and I was surprised that I actually prefer my cheapie drugstore Revlon to this Tweezerman curler. I do not find that it curls as well as the pad is very firm and it crimps my eyelashes in a weird way. I would be hesitant to recommend this curler to anyone looking for a new one. I do find Tweezerman products to be superior in craftsmanship and performance but this product didn’t work well for me.

Elvia Spring, TX

Quality from a Trusted name

Tweezerman is known for the quality of their product, and this item is no exception. It’s sturdy and smoothly functioning. The pads are silicone rather than latex, so they’re less likely to provoke sensitivities or allergies, and they’re easier to clean. The curler comes with three extra pads — four total — so you won’t have to replace this curler for a year. That more than makes up for the price difference between this item and its cheaper competitors, even if you aren’t concerned about quality.I think you’ll appreciate the quality, though. It curls, not crimps, doesn’t pinch, and is easy to place. Why add stress to your morning by settling for less?

Lakeisha Hickory, KY

Tweezerman quality

I’ve used Tweezerman tweezers for many years now. They are so well made and always do a good job. This eyelash curler is great. It works well, gives my eyelashes a nice curl before I put on mascara and is easy to use. It doesn’t pinch either, which I’ve had with some of the other brands. A nice added feature is the extra pads, there are three of them so you can replace them once they get old or gunky. Recommended!

Penelope Beaumont, TX

It’s a basic eyelash curler

I have not had much luck with eyelash curlers. It seems like no matter what I do, the curl just doesn’t last for me. This curler wasn’t much different. I did notice that the insert things are pretty durable and seem like they will last. If eyelash curlers work for you, this would probably be a good one to buy.

Winnie Ricketts, IA

I trust Tweezerman

I have 3 different tweezers and other products by Tweezerman. Tweezerman makes great products, and stands by their products. You can get your tweezers re-sharpened for free for a lifetime! Anyhow, this particular eye lash curler is quite nice because it comes with 3 non-stick silicone pads, while competitor products will usually only come with one, if any. With that said, this eyelash curler is a good value at this price point. The curler is also ergonomic, just like all their other products. I have yet to be disappointed by Tweezerman, so I recommend any of their products to my friends and family. However, I am reserving 1-star, since I have not used the product long-term but will update my review in the future.

Brittany Bellport, NY

Good but not great

I was hoping this would be as good as or better than what I think is the best, Shiseido’s, but this one was just ok. Shiseido’s is the ultimate best and while this one does not pinch (a big plus) it doesn’t give you a great curled eyelash either.

Edith Plessis, NY

Great eyelash curler at a reasonable price!

I’ve had two of these now, and they are great. I also have the older version with the purple refills, and I have to say I don’t notice a difference between the two. They don’t crimp lashes like cheap eyelash curlers usually do, and my stick straight thick lashes stay all day. I have given them out as stocking stuffers year after year. They last a long time, preform well, and I love that they come with 3 refills. You don’t have to squeeze super hard to get a curl. Just do three easy squeezes.

Paulette Lansing, MI


I normally use the high end eyelash curler by Shisedo. I thought I would give another brand a try and Tweezerman is one I’ve used for various products throughout the years. I was happily surprised how well this eyelash curler worked. It curled my straight lashes quickly and it was pain free! No pinching!! An added bonus is the THREE extra silicone pad refills. Highly Recommended.

Brandi Flaxville, MT

Does the job

This product does a good job of curling eyelashes. The pads seem to be the main advantage. They are thick and grip well without being so sticky that they remove lashes. Also, the package comes with two replacement pads, so you’ll be set for a while. Curling one’s eyelashes prior to applying mascara really makes a big difference. I would recommend this product.

Ellen Janesville, IA

Does not curl!

I thought that since Tweezerman had such a great reputation with their tweezers that their eyelash curlerwould be of the same excellent level. Not so. Didn’t work, didn’t curl, a waste of money.Throwing it out!

Frankie Newport, NH

Yep, It Curls

This is for, the most part, your basic and typical eyelash curler. I’m not sure if the one I use currently is in dire need of replacing, but this one definitely curled better than what I am now using. Unfortunately for me, I was not bestowed with long thick eyelashes, but rather short, thin, and stumpy spikes that can be a challenge to grab hold of. This means, I’m mostly trying to avoid getting pinched!So, while I can’t claim that there’s anything unique about this eyelash curler, it does get the job done.

Concetta South Yarmouth, MA

Best I’ve used

I’ve had many eyelash curlers over the years, and this is by far the best one. My eyelashes are more evenly curled than simply "bent" in the middle.

Leanna Plato, MN

New Favorite Lash Curler!

Let me start off describing what kind of eye I have. I have a more almond shaped eye, and stick straight stubby lashes. Curlers either are too “U” shaped to fit my eye or they flat out do not “curl” my lashes just bend them at a 90 degree angle.THIS curler is perfect for me. It’s a much wider shape/ longer pad shape. It fits my eyes perfectly and really it would fit any eye being as wide as it is.It curls my super short lashes. It gets all of them even the outer and inner ones just fine. I only have to pump it a few times at the base, middle and tips and viola! I look like I have lashes.I also like that tweezerman sells separate pads for these although it comes with 3 extras plus one already on the curler. To me that’s worth the price.The only thing I do not like is that I can’t just curl my lashes and not put mascara on them to keep the curl. They tend to go flat unless I put waterproof mascara on them within the hour. It could be operator error though since I have oily lids.Too long, didn’t read: It’s a good sturdy curler that performs excellently. I highly recommend it if you have the money. I was getting so fed up with $1 ones that I forked over the $12 and it was sooo worth it for stubby straight lashes!

Hester Ware, MA

Easy to use, curls like a charm, me love it!

It was so very past time to throw away my old tweezers and when I was at Sephora, I looked at the super expensive Tweezers and decided, it wasn’t worth it. So happy I found this one. I have another something from Tweezerman – it might be a tweezer 😉 – and I love this eyelash curler. I also love that it comes with 2 extra curlers to switch out later. Love it. Works like a charm. Great brand.

Bettye Rumford Center, ME

Great; doesn’t pinch or crimp

Eyelash curlers usually don’t fit my eyelashes. For whatever reason, they seem too u-shaped to where they’ll curl some lashes but not all, and I usually have to go over my eyelashes a couple times to hit them all.Most eyelash curlers also have the problem of crimping or folding your lashes rather than actually curling them. However, this tweezerman brand has a wide enough pad that it actually does curl the lashes and doesn’t require me to go over my lashes multiple times very gently in order to get a good curl.And I particularly like that it comes with a set of three extra pads. Most come with at least one extra pad, but three is downright generous. Overall, this is a great eyelash curler, which is to be expected as this brand is known for having great tweezers and other grooming implements.

Martha Hawthorne, WI

Good quality!

If you have ever used a bad tweezer and then switched to one made by Tweezerman, you have experienced the quality of product that this company produces. I have used dollar-store lash curlers, and gotten very little curl and lots of pain. The Deluxe Metal Eyelash Curler will really give you some curl with definition. I personally did not have to reposition it several times to avoid pinching my lids. The results are super!

Holly Kaibito, AZ


This was my first eyelash curler and I really like it. It curls your lashes well and you won’t get pinched unless you allow it to, just be careful with that. Overall good product for a good price.

Nora Smithville, IN

Best Eyelash Curler I have ever used!

Finally an eyelash curler that grabs all your eyelashes! I love this curler, it really works well. The design of this curler is spot on and I would definitely recommend it!

Josie Hawleyville, CT

Great results!

I was in the market for a new eyelash curler and didn’t want to fork out the $20 for the high-end Shu Uemura one. I have been using that brand for many years with great results, so I was very hesitant about switching. Due to the difference in price, I decided to go for it! For approximately $7.50 less, the Tweezerman Deluxe Eyelash Curler is as good if not better. I like that it comes with three replacement pads, too. I found it easy to use and my lashes look great. No need to go for the expensive brand. Switch to Tweezerman!

Susan Galesburg, ND


Tweezerman LTD Deluxe Metal Eyelash Curler is a comfortable eyelash curler to use. It did not pull my lashes, and delivered a nice curl without any pinching.The curler comes with a replaceable insert for the inside edge which provides cushion when curling lashes. Also included are several refills for this cushioning edge so that you can change out the insert for sanitary purposes.

Matilda East Vandergrift, PA

Nice cushions make this a comfy curler

Curling your eyelashes before applying mascara makes your eyes look bigger and your lashes longer (you see more of them as they are up against your eyelid, not pointing out directly and thus less visible.) This is a good eyelash curler with a nice cushion that is softer than ones I’ve bought at the local drugstore.There are three extra replacement cushions included, which is convenient and generous. The instructions tell you to replace the cushion every three months or so, and to replace the entire curler every year. They do get dirty and this thing is going near your eye. Tweezerman sells a set of refills, but they are less expensive to pick up locally at a beauty supply store.This is a very decent curler and it works well.

Ellen Larimer, PA

Quality, Quick Lasting Curl

I have super straight eyelashes, there is zero natural curl in any of my hair. I have to use a eyelash curler in order to see my eyeballs. I have tried many, many brands. This Tweezerman eyelash curler is definitely among the top curlers that I have tried. The cushion is gentle on my lashes and provides more of a curl instead of the crimp you get with cheaper curlers. I also don’t have to squeeze this metal curler very hard to get noticeable results, a gentle squeeze for a few seconds is all it takes followed by a few coats of mascara. Enjoy!

Pearlie Wilsonville, NE

An Essential Beauty Tool

It’s so hard to find an eyelash curler that doesn’t break easily, pinch or crimp eyelashes. Hooray for Tweezerman Deluxe–it does none of those things. The size of the metal curler conforms well to my eyes. Thanks to thick rounded pads, curls are very natural looking. I’ve never experienced a creased, crimped look using these. The silicone pads are easy to keep clean and they don’t deteriorate as quickly as latex ones seem to. Three additional pads are included. I’m so happy to have finally found an eyelash curler that works.

Carey White Hall, AR

Eyelash Curler

This eyelash curler really does the job. I am pretty clumsy, but I was able to use this easily. I like the additional silicone pads. It helped curl without pulling out my eyelashes. You can get an awesome curl with this by heating it up with a hair dryer before using it.

Verna Howes Cave, NY