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Tweezerman His Stainless Nail Clipper Set

Extra durable, heavy duty clippers specially designed for men. Fingernail and toenail clippers are packed together for added convenience. Both clippers feature sharp, strong cutting edges for precise, straight cuts and long lasting use. Stainless steel.

Key features

  • Stainless steel
  • Portable and practical
  • Extra durable heavy duty clippers
  • Lifetime sharpening guarantee

Honest reviews


toenail cutter doesn’t work

Maybe my toenails are just too thick, but this cutter just is not heavy duty enough to cut them… I threw them away upon first use. My old toenail cutters were the same design but I don’t know who made them…they worked fine… heavier duty metal and much sharper. These are junk IMHO.

Lorraine Tafton, PA

Well, I’m unimpressed with these

I was so excited to purchase this set for my husband whom is very pickey about his clippers. Him and I both love tweezerman tweezers, so I figured that these would be equally impressive. Well, they’re not. They are so hard to press down. My nails are thick, but my husband and sons aren’t at all. My son’s are actually very thin, so there should not have been any problem with his at all. If you need a real workout for your hand, then go ahead and get these, if not, consider something else. I’m going to continue my search for the perfect clippers. If these loosen up, I’ll update my review, but I don’t think there’s any hope.

Lynette Miami, WV


I’ve never had to really think about the quality of a toe nail clipper before. I’ve always had Revlon that I buy at a drug store and they worked great. I lost that pair so needed a new ‘big’ clipper. I’ve used other tweezerman products that I’ve liked so trusted the name brand. These clippers suck! They barely cut & when they do, it’s not a sharp even edge. Back to the drugstrore clippers for me.

Jan Slaterville Springs, NY

Remarkably high quality nail clippers

Who thinks about things like this? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pair of nail clippers as well-made as these. And they’re VERY sharp! So they cut very easily. Why have I put up with crappy dime store clippers all these years!? Something of a minor revelation to learn that there are high-quality clippers to be had. I’m really impressed. Very useful.

Helen Berlin, WI

Perfect for my husband’s needs

I joke that my husband has Hobbit feet and he needed a really good nail clipper set. I trust Tweezerman with my eyebrows and now I trust them with my husband’s fingernails and toenails.

Marianne New Lisbon, NY

almost perfect

These are excellent clippers and cut amazingly smooth…no hangers or sharp edges @ all…but I have to knock off one star for their lack of a nail cleaner…I really thought it would not matter to me but I have to say after a couple weeks with the new clippers I do miss the little swing out on my cheapos… worth the price and would buy again

James South Thomaston, ME

Work Great feel sturdy too

I saw reviews on these not being so tough and I am really confused. These are sturdy stainless and feel heavy enough to stop a bullet. Maybe some of those bad reviews are from people with nasty iron nails! I havent had a problem yet and love my other tweezerman products

Ronda Tazewell, TN

Awesome clippers!

I used to use cheap clippers and after getting these, I will never go back as I now see the quality of cut and build.

Kathleen Nutting Lake, MA


I finally caved in and quit buying the $1 clippers at cvs that sucked and broke right away. I love these- they cut well and with the twin pack, I can always find one pair.

Annie Huxley, IA

Great price and super sharp.

My husband got annoyed to have to always go into my nail polish caddy to get some clippers. These made a great gift. I actually threw out my old clippers to use these instead. They are really really sharp, which is great but be careful with over clipping or getting your skin! They also look really nice–polished stainless steel.

Leanne Fort Stanton, NM

Best nail clippers ever

Tweezerman is the best brand (that I know of) for tweezing and/or clipping. I purchased this for my son when he left for college. I should have kept these and sent him packing with my old, generic clipper. I guess I should order a set for myself.

Rosemarie Newaygo, MI

These are no longer Nail Biters. Just Sharp!

Nail clippers are not like knives. Knives lose their cutting surface quickly; however, Tweezerman Nail Clippers do not lose their cutting edges anywhere near as quickly and that alone is fantastic. Many folks including our household will use clippers too long past their cutting utility. These are stainless steel and I do not expect an edge loss for years especially the way they are working now. Clean and non-ragged cuts make the job so easy and appearances especially good. The slightly and almost unseen rough surfaces of the clippers permit easy use and a reduction of slippage. The way that the balance is used they are just easy to manipulate and use with ease. Overall, just a fine set of clippers and worthy of continued use.

Madge Tremont, PA

Resistant, but Good Results

The Tweezerman clippers are a great overall product. They are a bit harder to press down than other ones, but the end result is all that matters, and they deliver good clean cuts. They have a certain heft to them, and you can feel the quality. Plus they are priced very reasonably.

Kelli Davis, SD

Why don’t you own this yet

I’m an idiot. I have spent countless $5.00 on useless nail clippers over the years. I thought it was normal to replace my nail clippers every few months. The truth is, Tweezerman nail clippers are amazing. They’re solid. They feel solid. They cut my glitter-bedazzled nails without any give. I cannot believe I’ve spent money on other brands. If you are considering buying some cheap knock-off, save your money and go for the cadillac of nail clippers.

Raquel Lanexa, VA


This is a very good product but be careful becausethe blades are pretty sharp. Good quality and nicelymade.

Lorena Strafford, MO

Nice sharp clippers, and at a great price.

Not that i’m an avid consumer of nail clippers, but these have surpassed my expectations for the price. I am happy with this product and would recommend.

Lynnette West Granby, CT

Clean cut for me

New these are sharp and cut easily; I hardly had to apply any pressure. Work great for me; don’t feel like they will fall apart like others I’ve had in the past. Under $10 seems like a fair price.

Myrtle Laona, WI

These are serious…

These are serious… At least more so than the cheap-o ones I was dealing with! These feel solid and clip great.

Shanna Kress, TX

They are hard to use because of the design

These clippers look good in the picture but they are hard to use because of the design. I kind of regret that I bought them.

Vonda Hardin, TX