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Tweezerman Folding Eyelash Comb

Tweezerman Folding Llashcomb features a perfectly spaced, gold plated metal teeth that glides through lashes to remove excess mascara, leaving your lashes looking long, lovely and clump-free.

Key features

  • Gold plated teeth
  • Comb cleverly folds in to protect teeth when not in use
  • Must have tool for mascara wearers
  • Recommended by beauty experts
  • Clear see thru design

Honest reviews


Not as effective as Japonesque

I am blessed with great lashes. Mascara accentuates them but sometimes “sticks” lashes together. I used the Tweezeman comb with different mascara brands to separate when needed and found that this one is much betterJAPONESQUE Travel Brow/Lash CombPROS:Small when foldedCONS:The metal tips on the comb are VERY sharp (possibly dangerous near the eye)Tines are too far apart – lashes often get clumped together after combing

Marva Rosanky, TX


While the product is effective, its not very safe. I’ve poked my eye with it and object is very sharp and made of metal. I threw it out. There is no way to judge how far the pins at the end come thus leaving you in a possibly dangerous situation. I’ll stick with the plastic ones.

Whitney Wilsall, MT

Fantastic!!! Especially for “tubing” type mascara like Blinc

Fantastic, very fine comb that can separate even the densest lashes with all types of mascara. The very fine tips can separate anything, unlike any plastic combs. They are also sharp, so be careful.I use this with Blinc tubing mascara to separate lashes after primer coat is dry, and immediately apply the mascara coat, then comb any stuck lashes before they dry. I think Blinc should offer this comb with their products. This eyelash comb is the best!!! I also do a ton of water based sports & use this to separate the hardcore waterproof mascara also, but this time use after each coat is dry.I love long lashes that aren’t stuck together and this is my answer! I only apply mascara once at home, but think if I travelled with it I would probably put a small rubber band around the end ot hold it closed. Simple solution!Great product, great value, indispensable!!!The seller shipped it super fast.

Hannah Litchfield, CT

Best Eyelash Comb I’ve Tried

The metal teeth seem quite a bit finer than most of the plastic eyelash combs, and they work really well to separate eyelashes and remove clumps of mascara. The fact that it folds into itself is handy as well.

Loraine Wardtown, VA


I absolutly LOVE this eyelash comb. I’m on my second one, and my first lasted forever. You do have to be careful not to poke yourself in the eye, the teeth are sharp, but they do a great job of eliminating clumps. I recommend wiping an mascara residue off before using each time, otherwise it won’t be as effective.

Aline Frankfort, NY

Folding Eyelash comb

It is alright. It works. It looks and feels very cheaply made. Guess you get what you pay for. It works so that is what I needed it to do. Thank you for a quick arrival.

Katy Banner Elk, NC

Thanks Tweezerman!

I bought mascara from Sonia Kushak that came with an eyelash seperator at one end. But the little combs were very seperated & thick & did nothing for my lashes. That’s when i figured there were other items like this so i hopped on Amazon & sure enough Tweezerman had what i needed! I adore this product & take it wherever i go! Just don’t use it in your car or you will fork your eye out!8/25/2011 EDIT:About a week ago when I was cleaning this eyelash comb, four teeth came out. I tried to slide them back in but they kept falling out. Now, i’m looking for a different one that will last longer than four months.

Monique Leopold, MO

Good tool to have

I received mine today and tested it out on already-done lashes. It did manage to seperate dried mascara without yanking hair out. It looks white in the pic but its lucite clear with gold sturdy bristles. Its so compact and folds nicely. It is not flimsy and is a handy tool to have to perfect your makeup. I will use on special occasion only, because I’m usually pressed for time and since this is sharp, any type of rushing would take out an eyeball.

Joanne Plumtree, NC

Meh……..(insert crinkled nose)

I’m not all that impressed. I was excited to get these because I thought it would be a great alternative to the safety pin I have used since puberty to separate my eyelashes. I tried these several times after applying mascara and they just didn’t do that great of a job at separating my lashes. I ended up going back to my trusty safety pin. I do like the size and the fact that they fold up to protect the teeth. Product was in excellent condition and packaging was excellent. Nothing works like my safety pin.

Miranda Templeton, IA


Works great until the combs start falling out…. I’m working with a quarter of a comb at this point.Great tool… Just want it to hold up.

Mai Cape Fair, MO

Really good.

This metal comb is so much better then the plastic crappy combs that you can buy. It is much easier to get into the lashes and separate them. I really like this makeup tool.

Penny Fountain, MI

The best

This is by far the best lash comb/separator I have ever used. I have a few of them being I lose them easily lol

Jennifer Huntington Woods, MI

Had higher Hopes

This product was just ok. I do like that it folds down compact and would travel well. The only problem is, I don’t notice much of a difference with my lashes when I use it. I was hoping it would separate my lashes more than it does. You need to use it right away while the mascara is still wet too.

Rhea Phenix, VA


I don’t know how anyone can not have one of these in their collection. It makes crappy mascara look better until you can buy a kind that really works for you! Use with care and you will love it!!

Mercedes Butlerville, IN

Use for Mascara

I use this instead of a brush to put on mascara as suggested from a make-up artist friend. I take the mascara brush from the tube and apply the mascara to the teeth of the comb. Then I comb the eyelashes. This is the way to have natural looking dark eyelashes without the clumps! Curl first then comb and you have perfectly flirty natural eyelashes. The teeth of the comb are sharp so be careful not to poke yourself. I love that it folds down to keep the teeth from breaking and bending.

Eugenia Vincent, KY

Nice little comb

This comb is nice and very handy, but when I was cleaning it, the metal bristle part popped off the comb. It popped right back on, but I took a star off – I feel like this should have been priced more reasonably since it is made kind of cheaply.

Jami Vancleve, KY



Tamra South Harwich, MA


This little gadget is the new favorite in my makeup bag. It’s a great tool for separating lashes and getting the clumps out of mascara. It seems very sturdy and folds up so it is very compact.

Evangeline Yona, GU

Feel lost without!

I bought this as a backup to my other Tweezerman Folding Eyelash Comb, just in case I lose it or it breaks! This comb removes all clumps my mascara may leave behind, and separates my lashes beautifully. Would recommend to the mascara lovers!

Dixie Canyon Lake, TX

great for travel

I travel at least twice a month, so i keep nearly doubles or travel sizes of all my beauty routine essentials.I keep this eyelash comb in my travel bag so I don’t use it every day. But when I do use it, it works great! I hold it by the area where the comb folds into, not by the end. It gives me more stability so I don’t accidentally stab myself.The folding mechanism is a little flimsy but it still works well. I love that it folds into itself making it even smaller for travel (always a plus!); and it keeps the metal tips safe from puncturing other items in my bag, and dust/other items from damaging the metal tips.It’s a great little product for travel, and really for regular home use as well.

Felicia Fombell, PA


The comb is made of actual pin tips. It is the best lash comb you will come across. Just be careful with it since it is actual pin tips because you could do some serious damamge to your eye and/or eyelid with it. You can easily take the lashcomb and stick all of the points under your skin on your finger for example, just like with a saftey pin or other pin. It is super sharp. The lashcomb itself is sturdy and folds up nicely.

Lucia Whitehall, MT

You’ll put your eye out with this thing!

I like this. It works well. I wash it with soap and water and I think it’s starting to rust into the plastic where the metal is held (if that’s a bad description, I apologize). However, I have poked myself in the eye with the super sharp tips and wow! Not for use for the inexperienced. But I think it beats the safety pin I used as a teen. Anyway, if you wear contacts, put them in first so that if you accidentally stab yourself, your eye will be protected.To thoroughly clean this thing, you need a tiny toothbrush or one of those disposable mascara wands from Sephora to get between the teeth.

Mellisa Clarksville, MO

Works great!

I just love this eyelash separator. It’s very easy to clean; I hold it down at the bottom of the basin under really hot water and all traces of mascara are gone. I’m sure I don’t need to mention this again, but you have to maintain caution to avoid poking yourself in the eye. Ouch…

Elsie Bradenton, FL