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Tweezerman File, Buff and Shine

Great combination set with fashion file to shape nails and a multi-use manicure block to smooth, buff, and finish nails to an amazing natural shine without polish. File comes with colorful FileMate carrying case.

Key features

  • Great combination set with fashion file to shape nails and a multi-use manicure block to smooth, buff, and finish nails to an amazing natural shine without polish
  • File comes with colorful filemate carrying case
  • Convenient storage case keeps file protected and clean
  • Great for travel

Honest reviews


LOVE it!

I’m absolutely pleased with the results of the Tweezerman file, buff and shine. I’ve uploaded a photo (click the image below the product description) to show what it will do for your nails. Sorry…the image is a bit blurry, but you can still see how shiny my nails were after treatment.BTW, my nails naturally look like a French Manicure (they are mine…not fake!). The file is gentle on nails like mine, so if your nails are very thick….or have deep ridges, you may not be happy with this product. I usually find files to take off TOO MUCH of my nail which leaves them even thinner & more prone to breaking. My favorite section on the buffer is the white area (that’s what makes your nails really shine!). I cannot compare this with other buffers (or the old fashioned suede covered style)…I NEVER got this kind of shine with those. The glossy finish with this Tweezerman set is comparable with wearing a coat of clear nail polish. :)On toenails, I used the file to smooth the surface of the nails on my “Fred Flintstone” feet. My nails are VERY thick (absurdly so!) and smoothing the entire surface with the file had to be done to prep the nails for the buffer. I’m quite satisfied with the results. Yet, I feel that if your fingernails are like my toenails (more likely you’re a man or are rough with your hands), you’ll find that this buffer set may not last very long. Given the price, I’m happy….but you may not be…you decide. I feel that this set will last me about 6 months (I’m pretty “low maintenance” with my nails) and is ideal to travel with (is small & lightweight). If you want a set that lasts longer, I’d spend more for an old fashioned buffing set that will run about $15-20 (requires files, cream, suede covered buffer, etc)instead. For about $7 + super saver shipping for this set, I feel I got a good deal for my expectations.

Margo Deming, WA

Very shiny nails

This worked very well, my nails were very very shiny and stayed that way for several days. The only reason I am not rating it as a 5 is because I am not sure how long this buffer will last as a whole. It seems cheaper than others I have had and scratches easily. But for now, it is serving it’s purpose.

Melinda Pierz, MN

Utterly Useless — Went Straight Into the Trash

It would be helpful, at least, to state that this is for someone with very thick nails, as the buffer is so coarse that it literally torn off my nails, even though I applied minimal pressure. Even after buffing, my nails are literally scratched and look terrible.The dark side buffer left black smudges all over nails.Environmentally speaking, this product is a poster child for waste. Way too much packaging for two small items.Save your money. I feel completely ripped off.

Barbara Emerson, KY


I love love love this little buff and shine block. My nails look great and I don’t have use polish, which always comes off in a day or two anyway. I highly recommend it.

Penny Farmersville Station, NY

Useful. Good quality.

Tweezerman makes very nice, quality products. This set is no different. I gave it to my mom, and she has loved both parts of the set thus far. She especially likes how the file comes in its own little case. It makes putting it in her purse very cute and convenient.

Jannie Pennington, MN

Great set, but the packing needs improvement.

This is a great set – everything you need to shine and shape your nails, but the packaging needs improvement. Specifically, the white buffer side stuck to the plastic wrapping, making some of it peel off. Thank goodness it wasn’t too much, because that is the one that really creates the shine! I like everything about the set other than that. Just be very careful when taking the wrapper off.

Lindsey Brookfield, IL

Gave Cookie back her sight!

I used this to buff out all the scratches on my kid’s favorite stuffed animal’s eyes. It works great for that purpose. Her eyes look brand new.

Phyllis Hazleton, IN

Wonderful product!

I can’t believe the difference these products make! I love to paint my own nails at home, but the nail files I use for everyday snags and rough edges weren’t doing the trick when I needed to take substantial length off my nails. This nail file makes quick work of shortening my nails, and leaves a smooth finish. The buffer is amazing! I can’t believe how smooth and shiny my nails were! I almost didn’t even want to put nail polish on them!

Lidia Chenango Bridge, NY

Nail File

googled ‘best nail file’ on the interest, and Tweezerman File, Buff and Shine came up multiple times. For the price you cannot i wrong, this is a good deal.I have always taken care of my nails. I had three children two years apart, and my hands and nails were put to the test! I keep my nails at a medium length, I have long fingers and attractively shaped nails. Filing, buffing and shining my nails have always been part of my repertoire.The fashion file comes in an attractive blue case. The nail file itself is an attractive color shading from lime green to lemon yellow. You use the more rough side to shape the nail and the other smoother side to smooth the edges. After the nail is shaped, go to the manicure block. Use the grey side to smooth the nail. Light green area to buff and the white to shine. The directions enclosed say to "apply gentle back and forth for the buffing motion. Use the shine surface as often as desired. To avoid drying out the nail, do not smooth and buff more than every two weeks."My fingernails have been filed superbly with this file. I apply my undercoat, nail polish and the fast drying coat, and my manicure lasts for 10 days to two weeks. I am very pleased with this file, buff and shine kit.Recommended. prisrob 08-12-13

Deborah Chincoteague Island, VA


I was initially disappointed when I opened the package … the tool didn’t have as much substance as some of the other buffers I’ve used. I gave it try anyway and just like the other reviewer stated, I can’t believe how shiney my nails are after less than two minutes of buffing. There’s no instructions, but you start with the darker colored side and work your way down to the lighter color. I’m glad I bought extras to give as gifts.

Alicia Tyrone, NM