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Tweezerman Deluxe Cosmetic Sharpener

Tweezerman Deluxe Cosmetic Pencil Sharpener sharpen pencils perfectly, both thick and thin – even jumbo pencils and cosmetic crayons. The patented double-blade system creates slightly rounded tips that resist breakage and are especially gentle on delicate skin. “No-mess” clear cover catches shavings and houses a convenient cleaning stick

Key features

  • Features a patented double-blade system
  • Sharpens pencils and crayons perfectly, both thick and thin
  • Recommended by beauty experts
  • “No-mess” clear cover catches shavings and houses a convenient cleaning stick.

Honest reviews


No more broken pencils!

I’m so glad I decided to spend the extra dollar or two and get this sharpener.I had to replace my old trusty sharpener that I had for years when it finally gave up on me and started crushing the tips of my regular-sized eyeliner pencils off and making uneven cuts. How annoying.Since I wear eyeliner every day, I quickly ran out and got a Wet n Wild sharpener from my local Walgreens (it was the only stand-alone sharpener I could find there). It had the same problems as my 5+ year old sharpener!! What a waste!This one makes smooth cuts and perfectly sharpens my regular-sized, wooden pencils. I love how easy it will be to empty and clean since you can see when it fills up with shavings.

Natalia Hamilton City, CA

darn good sharpener

I really like this. Makes nice sharp points for my pencils. I have just one fat pencil that doesnt fit though. The cover stays closed and doesnt spill the shavings out.

Jerri Clay, WV


I LOVE this sharpener, it is so smooth and quick to sharpen. I don’t have to worry about this destroying my eyeliners or creating potentially hazardous wood chips/flecks from some eyeliners. All of the debris collects in the cover – which was slightly difficult to open the first time around, but once I figured it out, everything was wonderful!!

Avis Rinard, IL

Fantastic standard hole, useless jumbo

I was so excited about this sharpener – I’ve been using awful drugstore ones for the past 10 years and love Tweezerman’s tweezers, so I figured the blade must be superior. It definitely is – my normal-sized eyeliner (Stila Kajal) is extremely soft and usually tough to sharpen without ruining, but this sharpener does a fantastic job in only a few quick turns. However, one of the reasons I bought this pricey sharpener was for my jumbo pencils – I just bought a bunch of jumbo shades (Sephora brand) but they do not fit into the jumbo sharpening hole. I’ll keep the sharpener for my normal-sized eyeliner, but I’m way disappointed that I still have to buy ANOTHER one just for the jumbo eyeliners.

Carmela Mabscott, WV

Well worth the price

I bought this because I’ve already made the mistake of purchasing crappy cosmetic sharpeners that cost less, and I completely trust Tweezerman’s products.I was right. It works extremely well, sharpens perfectly well without ever breaking my eyeliner pencils or lipliner pencils. I am so pleased.

Linda Swoope, VA

great – i love it

sharpens nice – and seems durable – i would purchase it againi have not used the bigger side yet

Shelia Williamsburg, IN

Ultimate Sharpener for Lancome Le Crayon

This sharpener is uber efficient. I’ve had difficulty with sharpeners as they chew up the Le Crayon Poudre. Tweezerman does the perfect sharpening job on ALL pencils, powder or otherwise, and catches the shavings in its ample size catch-all. Love it!

Debbie Mc Girk, MO

yep works great

just a couple of twists and your eyebrow pencil is nice and pointy. terrific little device and inexpensive too. fast shipping also! don’t waste your money of more expensive sharpeners, as this works just fine.

Judy Pine Island, NY

The only one I own

It’s the best. It is cheap and u don’t need to sharpen it above the trash can either. It is convenient!!

Karla Little Rock, AR

Good sharpener

This is a good sharpener. I bought this for my eyebrow pencils and it works great. I think it would also work well for larger pencils. It seems sharp andI like that it contains the sharpenings and doesn’t make a mess.

Lisa Euless, TX

Works perfect

I have always bought cheap sharpeners that do a horrible job sharpening and either break themselves or break my eyeliner! So I finally decided to spend a little more and get one that was a brand I knew was good. And it was SO worth it. I could tell the difference in quality right away…such a smooth sharpener, it works so well. At first I thought $10 was ridiculous just for a sharpener, but now I realize that it’s not a bad price at all. I would recommend this to anyone looking for one. Side-note, the top plastic lid pops open to empty the shavings but it may be a little difficult to open at first, you just need to push up. But once you open it once then its much easier to open it again.

Dona Marshfield, WI

Love it!

I bought a cosmetic sharpener by another brand awhile back and it just caused my pencils to break off. At one point I thought it was just the brand of the pencil I was using but turns out that it was the sharpener. After I saw the great reviews for this brand I decided to buy it and, I am not disappointed. It gets the job done!

Pamala Rhine, GA