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The Hair Towel that’s specially designed for wrapping wet or dry hair. Simply slip over hair…then twist, loop and it’s there to stay! Turbie Twist’s tapered design fits on any head and is lightweight. This Microfiber Hair Towel is attractive, functional and so comfortable! One size fits all. You’ll never use a bath towel again!

Key features

  • Lightweight
  • One Size Fits All
  • Machine Washable
  • Twist & Loop System

Honest reviews


Hair Towel

Use these again and again in place of a big bath towel. Design allows you to squeeze the water out of your hair instead of all the rubbing and fluffing with a towel. Very pleased.

Alexandria Arkabutla, MS

great for my 3-year-old

My mother-in-law spent a lot more on QVC to buy these for my 3 year old and her 7 year old cousin. I know that I love them. She loves having her hair wrapped after the bath, it keeps it up so that I can dry her and lotion her up! We travelled with it and it was great. I’m not excited about the way the material feels, especially out of the wash, but it works so well that we use it. I’m buying some for myself today from Amazon as they are A LOT cheaper than on QVC.

Ramona Oacoma, SD

Dry hair

Works well. I like the ability to tie it place. I really notice a difference when I do not use.

Elaine Centralia, WA

Accept no immitations

I bought a bargain hair towel initially and couldn’t even get my long, curly locks in it, but I could tell it would really pull out the water. Finally hunted down the more expensive variety and I love it. Gave the cheapo ones to my granddaughters for their much shorter, thinner hair. This one can handle mid-back length, thick hair with no problem and cuts drying time drastically.

Elisha Alexis, NC

love this product

I love this i was introduced to this by my mother inlaw and i have to buy more cuz i had misplased the one she gave me but so happy i have this ones now i have 3…

Emily Wilder, VT

The turban that won’t let you down

I purchased a 2 pack at a retail store for the same price (actually 1 cent cheaper, but whatever). I bought them with my two young daughters in mind because they like to wear their hair in turbans after shower/bath just like I do, but for whatever reason the towels always crumple within a few seconds and the girls just can’t keep them on.I wasn’t sure how this would work but I cannot say enough wonderful things about this simple little purchase! I have a 3 year old with long hair (all the way down her back) and a 7 year old with hair just below her ears and the Turbie Twist works perfectly on both of them. The one with longer hair I point the “tail” end of the turban towards her back and wrap it around her hair and then twist it up and pull it through the elastic. My daughter with short hair is able to bend over where her hair falls upside down on her head so I point the tail end towards her front and twist it backwards before pulling it through the elastic. It works perfectly BOTH ways.I even tried the Turbie Twist on my own hair while it was DRY and it still held which is virtually impossible for a regular towel to do. (I suppose it’s because the moisture makes a towel hold in place easier than one that has no dampness at all.)I highly recommend this product if you have problems keeping regular towels on your head or your child’s head.

Mona Intercourse, PA

fine but not that exciting

There is nothing wrong with this product and it does its job, but the big deal about the twistie loop instead of a button is kind of bogus. Basically, they are very similar. I got these because the buttoned ones don’t stay put that terribly well after about twenty minutes, but these suffer from the exact same problem. That said, they do fit really well for about twenty minutes, but after that I do have to do it over. The material is very absorbent, which is terrific. I will not return them as they do the job. Note: I have thick shoulder-length hair, and should warn anyone with longer hair that this will not be enough. The Aqua brand (or is it Aquis?) hold more hair in my experience. These are definitely not quite as big. So if you have a ton of hair this is not going to work for you.

Antoinette Waterford, VA

Not absorbant, not good for long hair

i did not purchase this item on amazon but at my local fred meyer. i thought it would be great because a regular towel was too long and kept falling off. at first i liked it, but after a few washes it did not absorb the water anymore and did not dry, even after days it is still wet (it is bizarre). I have never checked if it is actually 100% cotton but i would think its not because it’s not absorbent. also, this is way too small if you have hair beyond shoulder length. definitely not recommending this product.

Audra West Rupert, VT