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TruKid Sunny Days Daily SPF 30 Plus UVA/UVB Sunscreen Lotion, 3.5 Ounce

Shop all of TruKid’s award winning sunscreens! View larger TruKid Sunscreens – the All Natural, Good for You Sunscreen! Get Out and Play! TruKid sunscreens are designed for kids, and tailored for the whole family. All natural, non-nano sunscreens that are eczema safe, SPF30+ strong, but gentle enough for the whole family to enjoy! Why an all natural sunscreen? Aren’t all sunscreens similar? All natural sunscreens use titanium dioxide and zinc oxide particles to create a physical block. Physical sunscreens reflect the UVA and UVB rays away from your skin, acting like a reflective fabric to protect your skin. Chemical sunscreens need 20 minutes to interact with your skin and change the chemical process that occurs when the sun’s rays hit your skin. Physical blocks work immediately, and prevent that chemical process from ever occurring! So what about the ALL natural part? Many sunscreens claim to be “natural” because they use a physical block as the active ingredient. But read those ingredient lists carefully! Many have PEG, salicylates, alumina, artificial fragrances and other chemicals that can irritate or inflame sensitive skin. TruKid is 100% all natural, and free of gluten, parabens, and phthalates. What is non-nano? Should I care? Size matters! While nano-particles may pass through your skin and into your bloodstream, the zinc and titanium micron-sized particles (1000 x larger) in TruKid sunscreens sit on top of your skin, are safe sunscreen ingredients that are less likely to cause skin irritation, and act as a physical barrier to reflect off the harmful UV rays the minute that it is applied. How much sunscreen do I need? How long does it last? To ensure that you get the full SPF of a sunscreen, you need to apply 1 oz – about a tablespoon. Studies show that most people apply only half to a quarter of that amount, which means the actual SPF they have applied on their body is not enough to adequately protect their skin. “Water-, sweat-, or perspiration-resistant” is an accurate description, and means the sunscreen offers SPF protection after 40 minutes of water exposure. “Very water resistant” provides up to 80 minutes of protection. Sunscreen is only one piece of the puzzle. Other key factors include seeking shade between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM, covering up with clothing, wearing broad-brimmed hats and UV-blocking sunglasses, completing self-exams/exams on your children, and scheduling annual professional skin evaluations. TruKid founder and her six reasons to create all natural and fun-to-use skincare View larger How TruKid Cares for your Truly Great Kid! Founded by a mother of six, TruKid products have been designed to make kids happy and eager to use them! Our colorful packaging and kid-friendly scents, along with easy to use pumps and “I Can Do” glide on sticks appeal to kids and their parents. Everything is kid approved — from the lighter textures for quick and easy application to the light, cheerful scents that kids love. Highest quality ingredients in easy and fun to use packaging — perfect for any TruKid and his or her family! All TruKid products are: All Natural, Chemical-Free Eczema Safe: Free of Gluten, Parabens, and Phthalates Non-Nano, Sustainably Sourced Zinc Good for Kids and the Planet Highest EWG Rating & PETA certified Pediatrician Tested and Trusted Recyclable, BPA-free Packaging

Key features

  • Non-nano, vitamin-A free SPF 30+ sunscreen for active kids, parents provides broad-spectrum protection from UVA/UVB rays
  • Awarded “Most Awesome” sunscreen for 2 years in a row by Red Tricycle
  • Safe for kids and the planet: pediatrician- and dermatologist-tested; Eczema-safe; non-nano; free of Gluten, phthalates, parabens, and vitamin A
  • Received highest rating for kids’ sunscreen from Environmental Working Group: reef-friendly with mineral-based, sustainably sourced zinc
  • Ideal for the whole family: Comes in BPA-free, 3.5-ounce tube

Honest reviews


I used it and was still sunburned

I used this product and still was sunburned. Before using TruKid on my kids, I tested it on myself. The first day, I was surprised at how thick and white the product is, but it blended into my skin pretty well after about 10-15 minutes. I waited about 20 minutes, then added a tinted moisturizer, also SPF 30, and everything seemed fine. It didn’t cake up and my skin seemed fine. Today, I had a day off and decided to mow the lawn. I put the TruKid on my face, arms and neck and went out to do yard work. Two hours later, I came in and noticed my skin was red. (I’m very fair.) I could easily see where my gardening gloves ended. I had more and darker freckles and my forehead was slightly burnt. I know I completely covered myself, I saw the kabuki-white of the product was evenly spread on my face, neck and arms. I use sunscreen every day and this never happens. I’m tossing this and never using it again. I’m surprised that I didn’t see this in other reviews.

Joy Orland, ME

I did my research. This is the one.

I spent an inordinate amount of time researching sunscreens this summer, and finally decided to try TruKid, based on the EWG guide and reviews. It’s such an improvement over similar types of “safe” sunscreens. It goes on much smoother, it’s not sticky or tacky, and the white haze disappears easily once it’s rubbed in or once a little time has passed. (My 3-year-old does NOT sit still for me to rub it in, so usually I just slather it on her and wait for the whiteness to fade– which it does, pretty quickly.)Each of the other “safe” sunscreens I tried or read about had some kind of downside– usually regarding the whiteness, the consistency, the difficulty rubbing it in, that it stained clothes, or the scent. I can’t find a downside to this one except the price, which is on the high side for the amount of sunscreen you get.It’s true that this is a very small tube– about the size of a wide toothpaste tube– and you’re instructed to use a “handful” of it each time you apply, so don’t expect it to last the whole summer. It’s a handy size to keep in a pocketbook, though. When I reorder, I’ll order the two-pack.Because the order was filled by the company, it also arrived with samples of their shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. A nice touch!

Jeanne King Of Prussia, PA

Best natural sunblock

This is the best natural sunblock I’ve tried (Badger, Purple Prairie, MyChelle, some others like Vanicream). It rubs in completely clear and is not greasy at all. I just wonder why in the world the tube is so huge. It is only half full of sunblock. Either make them smaller or just fill up the tube and the price accordingly.My only issue with this product is the smell, hence the 4 star rating. I HATE this smell. I see that a lot of people like it but to me it’s a sickly sweet fruity scent, and it’s in ALL of their products. It reminds of the hayday of Bath and Body Works and Victoria’s Secret lotions.So again, best natural sunblock around but I really wish Trukid would make an unscented version.EDIT: I have moved on to the unscented Sunny Days Sport and I LOVE it!

Opal Wolcott, IN

Makes you a Greasy Orange.

This is the greasiest sunscreen ever. It contains several pore clogging oils. You also smell like a citrus grove after putting it on. It’s very very hard to blend in and you end up looking ghost-like. It did keep my sister from getting sunburned but the white greasiness makes us reluctant to use it.

Lashonda Twin Lake, MI

It’s ok

Protects from sun well,but I don’t like the greasy feel or how my powder goes on white looking over sunscreen

Mariana Arlington, NE


I love this sunscreen! It smells like an orange creamsicle! Not only that but the best part is that it’s all natural and it only uses zinc oxide as protection which is probably one of the safest ones to use. I got it these two days after I bought them and used it today. I will be back!

Dessie Franklin, MN

very easy to rub in + kids love the smell

This is my favorite kids’sunscreen. Very creamy and easy to work with. We had been using Elta MD UV Pure for our daughter’s eczema/sensitive skin but it’s very hard to rub in. The Elta is better for swimming because it’s much more waterproof than the Sunny Days, so I still use the Elta for beach days. But for everyday use, I love Sunny Days. My daughter has had no reaction from it whatsoever. And I’m happy with the ingredient list. The scent is light and like another reviewer said, smells like orange creamsicle – my kids love the smell. This does leave a white cast so I would not use it for myself but it’s perfect for little ones who don’t care if they’re ghosty. And the price is slightly lower than the Elta MD. I do wish it were cheaper, and I would like for it to be waterproof.

Madge Maricopa, AZ

Prefer over all others

This sunscreen works great and I feel better about using it because it doesn’t have a bunch of bad stuff in it. I reviewed a lot of other products before purchasing this one. it is a bit thick of course and requires some rubbing in but it does work. It can leave a bit of a white film but I’ve come to realize that that is to be expected from more natural products. I’d rather put this on our baby than something with chemicals in it. My husband does not like the smell of it, he says it smells like metal… well, it does because of the ingredients but I don’t mind the smell. With a lovely flowery scent comes the chemicals that made it that way. I have not found it to come off easily after applied to where we’ve experienced a sunburn but we have not used it over a 6 hour period to test it further than that. I’m sure it would need to be re-applied at that point. I would recommend it and buy it again. I actually use it on my face too.

Winifred Taneyville, MO

No white film, high zinc oxide content, easy to apply, not oily, PERFECT!

This sunscreen is a cream -no runny lotion– with 20% zinc oxide, and that is HIGH. Non-greasy, it feels natural (no film or greasy sensation on your skin), the exact same feel as Obagi #6 sun block SPF 32 (zinc oxide 18.5%). It has a very discreet cool fresh smell (Obagi is completely NON-flagrant). Use it sparingly and spread slowly to work the cream into skin. It will vanish into your skin. NO white film. My dermatologist says to look for high zinc oxide content in sunscreens, and to use sunscreen all year around. I bought this brand after hours of researching & comparing Zinc Oxide content of numerous sunscreens.

Janelle Diller, NE