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Tropical Sands All Natural Biodegradable Water Resistant Sunscreen – SPF 30 – 8 fl Ounces – Great for Snorkeling – Reef Safe!

Tropical Sands Sunscreen SPF 30 – – – – This 100% All Natural sunscreen contains no harsh chemicals or nano-sized ingredients. With green tea, a powerful antioxidant, you can feel safe applying this to your skin, or your kids’ skin. – – – – 100% Biodegradable and Reef Safe! For anyone needing added protection, including children, this lotion is healthy for the skin, providing high Broad-Spectrum UVA and UVB sunblock protection when applied as directed. – – – – It was originally discovered as a secret recipe of the natives in Acapulco, combined with mineral sunblock (6% zinc oxide and 6% titanium dioxide)… with no potentially dangerous chemical sunscreen ingredients to be absorbed into your body! This lotion is MADE IN THE USA in a FDA-approved facility. This concentrated natural sunscreen lotion creates a protective shield to reflect UV rays away from your skin. Water resistant, non-allergenic, no chemical fragrances, no chemical preservatives (parabens) or emulsifiers, and Non-Nano. – – – – Labels say “Biodegradable” and “Eco-Friendly” for acceptance in eco-nature parks

Key features

  • The titanium dioxide and zinc oxide used is micronized – This allows our sunscreen to be more COSMETICALLY APPEALING compared to coarser particles. The protection is less visible, yet remains on the skin’s surface and won’t absorb into your skin
  • 100% ALL NATURAL Formula – Hypoallergenic, No Harsh Chemicals, No Nanoparticles
  • Certified Biodegradable Sunscreen! Safe to use in nature parks and other areas where chemical contamination is a concern. Formulated with GREEN TEA, a powerful antioxidant.
  • Great for use while Snorkeling – Water resistant, NO chemical fragrances, NO chemical preservatives (parabens) or emulsifiers. REEF FRIENDLY!
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Honest reviews


Gentle on skin, but strange looking on some hues of skin

This product performs as advertised. The skin on my neck turns red and itches for days after using most sunscreens, and this product is extremely gentle and did not cause a problem at all. It goes on white and semi-opaque, which is not a problem as I have very pale skin with a yellowish cast. However, when my husband tried it, his olive skin looked like he had been spray painted with pale blue paint. As a former nurse, I took one look at him and panicked because he looked cyanotic. It was good for a laugh, but it probably not a good sunscreen for persons with darker or olive-toned skin.

Elizabeth Sedalia, MO

One of the ONLY sunscreens I can use

I am highly allergic to chemical sunscreens, for years my only option was to avoid the sun completely. I finally found this product which has been a lifesaver as I am doing my best to avoid skin cancer and wrinkles. This is the 3rd or 4th year that I will be using this product and I have no complaints. Yes, it is different than traditional sunscreens because it doesn’t absorb into the skin, instead it forms a physical barrier so the more you rub it in you could run the risk of having bare spots. However if you don’t rub it in much you WILL look like a ghost! Also, traditional sunscreens have a 1 year shelf life before they become less effective, this has a 2 year shelf life which is great. The price is right on this product and titanium dioxide is a lifesaver.

Kasey Lowellville, OH

Dry out the skin and got a minor sunburn

I have been using the sunscreen on myself and my two kids for almost a month now. So far, I don’t like it very much. When I applied it on my face, it stung the skin around my lips and my cheeks felt itchy, dry, and uncomfortable. Ever since my two kids used the sunscreen, they have tanned substantially. Also, one time, my older child got a minor sunburn on one of her shoulders.Some reviewer on Amazon complained about the sunscreen leaving a whitish film on the skin, which did not bother me at all. Most of the time, I found the sunscreen not too difficult to apply, although sometimes it did get crumpled/peeled on the skin when applying it.Overall, this sunscreen is just okay. I’ll be searching for a better one to replace it.

Lupe Bethel, CT

Great product for the really fair skinned person who wants to be outside without the Burn.

I am fair, really fair and need to protect from the sun. I like this product. It does leave a haze on my skin which no one really notices. It does take a little practice in applying, but worth the effort. I do reapply when getting out of the pool, but the trick is to dry your skin well before you apply. Your dermatologist will be pleased.

Valerie Rebuck, PA

Doesn’t smear nail polish

I bought this sunblock because every other sunblock I had messed up my nails, leaving them a tacky, sticky mess. It works and doesn’t mess up my nails. I was really happy about that. It doesn’t smell very good and it doesn’t go on very easily. I had to really rub it in to my face because it left white streaks all over my face, as well as some white chunky stuff I had to wipe off. Will continue using, though, because it’s a good price for a natural product that 1) protects my skin and 2) doesn’t mess up my manicure.

Tanya North Blenheim, NY

The best I have found for the price

This works. Simply, it does work & well. The price is the best I have found of any natural sunscreen (price for the ounces). I feel safe to use it on the whole family & will continue to buy it. The only complaint is that it can leave a white residue if not rubbed in quickly enough or applied to many times close together (like during an outing). But it works and is safe so it’s good in my book.

Jayne Tilden, TX