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Tropical Sands All Natural Biodegradable SPF 50 Visible Mineral Sunscreen, Water Resistant, Reef Safe, 5.4 Fl Ounces

Tropical Sands Sunscreen – SPF 50 – – – – This 100% All Natural sunscreen contains no harsh chemicals or nano-sized ingredients. With green tea and Vitamin E, powerful antioxidants, you can feel safe applying this to your skin, or your kids’ skin. 100% BIODEGRADABLE and REEF SAFE! For anyone needing added protection, including children, this lotion is healthy for the skin, providing high Broad-Spectrum UVA and UVB sunblock protection when applied as directed. This lotion is MADE IN THE USA in a FDA-approved facility. This concentrated natural sunscreen lotion creates a visible protective shield to reflect UV rays away from your skin. Water resistant, non-allergenic, no chemical fragrances, no chemical preservatives (parabens) or emulsifiers, and Non-Nano. – – – – Labels say “Biodegradable” and “Eco-Friendly” for acceptance in eco-nature parks

Key features

  • Our thickest formula made for INTENSE SUN EXPOSURE – 22.5% Zinc Oxide and 6% Titanium Dioxide – Leaves a visible shield against sun exposure!
  • 100% ALL NATURAL Formula – Hypoallergenic, No Harsh Chemicals, No Nanoparticles
  • Biodegradable Sunscreen! With GREEN TEA, a powerful antioxidant – NO chemical fragrances, NO chemical preservatives (parabens) or emulsifiers
  • Water resistant – REEF FRIENDLY! Labels say “Biodegradable” and “Eco-Friendly” for acceptance in eco-nature parks
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Honest reviews


best sunscreen on the market

I have extensively researched sunscreens, and found this one to be the best for safety and sunscreen action:1) complaints about a white face – the active ingredients are zinc and titanium dioxide, so yes, they are white. Shake the product well to mix the solids with liquid. The solvent here is just sunflower oil, not the usual toxic chemicals found in other sunscreens. You only need to smear a small amount to cover. Do not “rub in.” I noticed that after some time, the whiteness disappears from your face. In the meantime, (for women only) – if you want to look good, dab face powder on all over your face with a cotton ball, then dab on some cheek color. Any whiteness from unlying sunscreen is covered, and I have noticed that the sunscreen under my powder is a great cover for enlarged pores. is a bonus, and I look fine when I go out to arestaurant or place that I need to look good and not white-faced.2) Oily skin – this sunscreen does not cause breakouts for me, and I am very acne-proned.3) Because you don’t have to use much, our container has lasted longer than expected.4) wore the sunscreen when swimming, and provided good sunscreen. Re-apply periodically if you swim.5) Have never noticed that the smell in the product is bad. Anyone who says “it smells bad” is sadly too accustomed to smelling toxic chemicals routinely added to most cosmetic products. This is an all natural product, and we hope that the company keeps it that way. Those synthetic “scents” added to most of the common household and cosmetic products cause headache, migraine, chemical sensitivity, “allergies,” (a host of problems and complaints from people). There is a not a shred of clinical testing performed to show that they are safe. If you think so, contact the manufacturers and ask them for it. Or better yet, contact the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and ask them for safety data. These substances are merely a synthetically made concoction that companies think will make consumers “feel good” about a product and mask the smell of other chemicals they add to products. Even worse, some may be molecularly small enough to pass through your skin into your bloodstream and cause medical symptoms.

Kristin Verdon, NE

Oh, how I wanted to like this… but it’s the worst sunscreen I’ve ever tried

This is the worst, and the ‘strangest’, sunscreen product I’ve ever used.And I really wanted to like it, given that it’s a physical block (versus a chemical block), and has the most zinc oxide I’ve ever seen in such a product.When I tried to put this on, I was initially surprised by how quickly it ‘dried’ (essentially, two back-and-forth movements on whatever sunscreen ‘dollop’ I had on the skin was enough to suddenly no longer have it ‘present’)… and then when I looked at the supposedly protected area, I saw nothing but this odd-looking chalkiness, all over — and while I could handle this if purely a ‘vanity’ issue, it’s more than that, unfortunately… namely, that ‘chalky residue’ transfers onto anything you then happen to have it come in contact with (I ended up having the white ‘ghost of Mexitan past’ residue find its way onto my steering wheel, onto my dark workout clothing, onto my dark shoelaces, and onto my pullover)).Additionally, something in this sunscreen (the green tea extract, perhaps?) ended up irritating the skin on the backs of my hands (and such that they not only had patches of redness, but it involved a burning sensation, as well), which was very surprising.Lastly, the ‘sunscreen’ apparently has zero tolerance for any liquid whatsoever, and is rapidly ‘gone’ if/when/after the relevant sunscreen-ized skin gets wet — which is a ridiculous reality to have to contend with (minimally, who has absolute control over sweat glands?).I won’t be using this sunscreen again.

Kitty Hemet, CA

Not emollient enough, smells too earthy

I am a huge health nut, but this was too much of a compromise for me. The lotion smells very earthy in a way I don’t like. It leaves a film of white on your skin even when it is applied quickly with a firm hand. It is hard to rub into your skin. I now go with alba’s very emollient sunscreen spf 45 which works wonders. Sorry 🙁 I wanted to like this.

Gena Braggs, OK

Best sunscreen

I live in Mexico at 5000 feet. I’m fair skinned, red hair. This stuff does the job, completely! It is white and needs to be rubbed in. It feels like you have stuff on your skin BUT, it works! I got over it and use it all the time when I am out for a long time riding. If I’m not going out, I use a lighter sunscreen.

Casey Grant, FL

Safe but ghostly

I ordered this for my husband who fishes and lives in a sunny area to prevent premature aging of the skin. The EWG’S site rates this as powerful against sun and very safe to use chemically. One problem, it’s almost pure Zinc Oxide and looks like it on him. He is ghostly white in the face. He will continue to use it because I don’t think you can get safe sun protection any other way. The invisible ones have poisonous chemicals in them.

Cathleen Karbers Ridge, IL