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Tropic Isle Strong Roots Red Pimento Hair Growth Oil, 4 Ounce

Try jamaican black castor oil serum with argan oil to stimulate hair growth, revitalize dull, dry and frizzy hair. Prevent dandruff and conditions scalp. Adds volume to hair. Slows graying hair.

Key features

  • Prevent dandruff and conditions scalp
  • Adds volume to hair
  • Slows graying hair

Honest reviews


no thank

just got the merchandise yesterday hope product work as well as what i read about it if work i will be ordering more just give it time to work.

Augusta Reynolds, MO

Good product but it would be possible to make it myself

This product comes in a nice bottle that has a twist up tip on it. This makes for easy dispensing and application directly to the roots of the hair and scalp. It smells great, exactly like allspice (which is what Jamaican ‘pimento’ is), so it’s not offensive smelling if you want to use it as a hair grooming oil.I was surprised to read the label, though. This product consists of Jamaican black castor oil, coconut oil, allspice oil and wheat germ oil. Great ingredients. No silicones thank god. No garbage ingredients. Which means anybody could easily make this themselves. That’s what I intend on doing next time. Making it. As nice as this product is, it would be FAR cheaper to make it than buy it. That’s probably why the ingredients aren’t listed in the product description.No complaints with the product, though. Even the bottle is great. It didn’t leak at all, so it would be great to travel with.

Katharine Monetta, SC

Too early for a good review .

Only used the oil twice! Extremely oily and it kinda runs , doesn’t smell bad at all. I will wait and see how it works on my hair so far nothing yet.

Gussie Gretna, LA

Don’t know

I didnt really use it because I was experiences with something at the same time so choose not to use.

Stephanie Piney Woods, MS

Good for light re-growth

I bought a bottle of this oil about 8 months ago and finally just ran out. I use about 2-3 table spoons on my scalp 2 times a week under a blow dryer. It recommends using it 2 times a week with a hot cap, or under a hair dryer, but I just wrap my hair in a light towel or cap and turn on the blow dryer for 20 minutes. During my usage, I was also taking Country Life Maxi Hair Vitamins. I did notice a little bit of new growth after about 2 months of using this product religiously. It wasn’t a serious amount of new growth, it was sparse and not very strong, so I can’t tell you if it was from the oil or the vitamins. It didn’t grow rapidly or get any stronger. The things I didn’t like about this oil is that it smells funky, and it’s very runny, if you put a little too much it runs down your face. I do like that it has an easy pour spout, it washes out easily, and you get quite a bit of oil. I have fine caucasian hair, so it may work better on thicker or curly hair. I like the product but I think I will just stick with my vitamins because it’s so much of a hassle to use every week.

Dianna West Sand Lake, NY


I had long frizzy and almost damaged hair, after I had my son I was constantly losing my hair! I was in tears and so upset! I couldn’t take any vitamins since I was breastfeeding so I wanted something natural. I only used this 3 times and my hair completely stopped falling! Feels and looks so healthy, shinny and strong! It was so strong that I decided it was ready for some color so I dyed it and it looks awesome!

Shannon Knoxville, TN

Great shine

I have 4b hair type and my hair never really shines. I tried this product because it has a spout for easy application. To my surprise this product really made my hair shine for days. I do not know if it helps your hair grow but your hair will definately shine.

Janine Lionville, PA

Tropic Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil

I do not use for Strong Roots Red Pimento Hair Growth Oil 4 Ounce, I had any Laser Comb Therapy treatment hair loss, promotes hair growth. Do not waste money.I need Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo gentle cleans after using Black Castor oil massage on hair and scalp. Damaged & dry and fizzy hairs and loss protein, I need to use Protein Hair Conditioner repairing hair luster and good healthy.

Francis Jesup, IA

Good Product

This hair growth oil gave my scalp that tingling sensation it needed in order to wake up my hair follicles. It does have an odd smell which is not too bad, but it is good for me! I love this product and will order lots more in the near future.

Monica Proctor, WV

JUST WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!

This stuff is wonderful. There is not one bad thing I have to say about it. I am natural and HAD a problem with my scalp being dry. For the record I style my hair with braids and twist for protective styling. I must say this is the only product that has worked for my dry, itchy, damaged scalp.I am telling you ladies who are natural this stuff works and it does not make your hair heavy. I leave it in and it has sealed the frizz that I HAD. This is one thing you can not cheat your self on, invest and get it and you wont be sorry:)

Tisha Ringold, OK

Can’t Tell If Its Working

I bought this product a while back from Sams 24/7. I also bought the JBCO. I decided to use this to give my hair growth a boost. I don’t have any problems with shedding etc, but wanted to see if it could make my hair grow longer faster. It seems that this is something that you must use long term to see those types of results. I have about 2 more uses left in my bottle and have been using it maybe about two months. I use it before shampooing with a plastic cap and then wash it out. My hair gets some good growth – so I honestly can’t say whether or not it has helped me to achiever even greater hair growth goals. I will say that the oil does smells nice and has a really great consistency for pre-pooing.

Jean Spring Green, WI

Pretty good so far

I used this as a prepoo per the bottle directions. I haven’t experienced any adverse reactions to it.No burning, excess shedding or any irritation. I’m relaxed ( 7 weeks post) and my hair came out nice and soft after I washed and deep conditioned. I can’t wait to see if my hair grows more after 60/90 days. I’ll updated again.Update; 4/19/12I stpopped using this becuase I just hated the very strong smell. I purchased wheat germ oil and mixed with a jar of JBCO …these are the two main ingredients behind the red pimento. I use it as a prepoo and my hair has thickened up quite a bit.

Alisa Cliffside Park, NJ


SO OILY and does not go away when I rinse not like s s sfa e efa

Jenifer Atlanta, GA

Strong Roots

I love this product it is amazing. I tell you that it really promotes hair growth. I had been stressed and my hair began to shed a lot and fall out in areas. So one day I took my professional clippers and shaved my head without a guard to the scalp. Before I did my research about this product I was wearing a quick weave, however, I do not like weave, so I wore that style for to months but my hair grows pretty fast any way. But this product gave my scalp a little bust and promoted my hair to grow longer than average growth per month. I highly recommend this product and but mean while keep your hair moisturized. Love it, and I do plan to purchase another 2 bottles of this product.

Jennie Cherry, IL


I personally love this oil!! Although I don’t really care for the smell. Other than that I really did like it. It does seem to harden in colder temperatures due to the fact that it has coconut oil in it, but i just let the bottle sit in some warm/hot water for a few seconds and then applied to my scalp. I usually use it when I have braids and I would defiantly purchase it again.

Madeleine Standish, ME

Its a Keeper

This oil is much, much better than the plan JBCO. The smell is less pungent, and the oil is less thicker than the JBCO. It smooths nicely on the hair, its not clingy like. For some reason the JBCO is clingy. What I mean is it just doesn’t spread as easy, and I mixed with olive oil and I still did not like it. Well, at least I enjoyed and fell in love with the Red Pimento Oil. And I would buy it again, and again.

Leta Eudora, AR

luv this growth oil

Tropic Isle Living Strong Roots Red Pimento Hair Growth Oil is what it say it is. My scalp felt like it was coming back to life the minute I massaged it onto my scalp. It smells like herbal medicine. Its mixed with castor oil which means, speedy hair growth. My scalp felt stimulated in seconds. My hair grew 1-inch per month with castor oil. I’m excited to see the results after 3-month after using this product. It made my hair very moisturized and soft.This brand makes excellent products for the hair. All their products encourages speedy hair growth. I will makes this product my staple.

Elma Columbia, CT


I put this on my hair and left it on for hours. Warning!!!!! It doesn’t sting, but it is pepper, and I fried my scalp and it shed with thick pieces of dandruff skin for a week or two. Now I’m scared of it.

Nicole Sidney, IN

Has its uses, but not the best for my hair

I like to use this occasionally, especially in the winter, as a deep conditioning treatment. It feels great on my scalp, kind of warming and relaxing. As other reviewers have said, the smell is not the best, but I do not find it offensive. It washes out easily and does not weigh my hair down too much, but I can tell if I used it too often it would cause build up. While I like it for occasional use, it is generally too heavy for my fine strand, thick volume 2a/b curly hair. My mother, who has very straight and coarse hair, absolutely loves it and uses it more regularly. It would probably be awful for someone with fine, thin hair. So, it can be a great product, a good product, or a terrible product depending on your individual hair type.

Cecelia Macomb, MO

A white girls perspective

Back story: I’m "white", rather your typical American mutt. Irish, French, Spanish, and Native American. My hair has always been… Ethnic. It’s fine, wavy, and frizzy. When I was younger it was a lot thicker, but over the years and lots of straightening its now starting to thin. That’s how I found this product.I’ve only been using it for a week but am on my third application already. I put it on about a half hour before I shampoo and massage it into my scalp extra well. Then apply it to my ends and comb it through. (It smells wonderful by the way, then again I’ve always been partial to the spice fragrance notes) I then shampoo with vitatress biotin shampoo and do not condition.Guess who has hair like silk now? My hair when letting it dry naturally forms the most picture perfect frizz tangle free waves.I’d give the product 5 stars but I haven’t read or experienced definitive hair regrowth yet.

Kim Glendora, MS


YES YES YES!!!! That is all I can say about this oil. I was skeptical about getting it at first coz everyone seemed to talk about how it had a strong smell and what not. Personally, I think the smell is ok, not too strong and not too light. It does fade away after a while though…well it did for me. So far my edges have come in strong and I have new growth in all areas of my head that I initially had issues with. Another thing I noticed which I found a bit strange was that regular JBCO made my hair itch like crazy after a few days of use, but since using the Pimento Oil, my scalp has not itched one bit and I mean not itched at all!!!!!!!!!! I usually apply it at night after my Just Natural Organinc leave in conditioner and the oil helps seal in the moisture. So far so good and I am super happy with this oil.

Cara Sylacauga, AL

So far I like it

I’m not sure if this product actually grows hair because I haven’t had it long enough to see results. What I can say about it is that it smells totally fine (contrary to some other reviews I’ve read). I’m caucasian so I don’t think this product was meant for my texture of hair but I don’t mind. It definitely makes your root greasy when it’s on so I wouldn’t go out or anything but for at-home-use, totally fine. I’m also a hairsylist and what I will say is that healthy hair starts from the inside but putting moisture and vitamins on your roots isn’t a bad idea. The concept makes sense.

Alissa Quimby, IA

Product review

I love this product because it helps keeps your scalp hydrated. I started using this product over the summer while I was wearing braids, and My hair grew 1 inch within the 2 month period I had my hair braided. It also make my hair soft. I love it. I usually do a Hot oil treatment, biweekly and then I wash it out using a follicle cleanser of my EMU Shampoo and Conditioner. It works.

Melissa Noxen, PA

Great for growing back your edges

I bought this oil as part of my hair growth journey. Since March my hair has grown 4 1/2 inches YAY.. The edges get more wear and tear because I wrap my hair at night. I massage this oil into my edges, and my hair is filling in and looks great! Has a thick consistency and a nice smell.. Wash your hands afterwards, so when you rub your eyes, it won’t be irritating. Get it if thinner edges is your issue.

Adrian Pocasset, MA

Nothing Special

I’ve been using this product daily for the past 2 months and I haven’t noticed it make any difference in the quality of my hair. I have a few spots that seem to be a little on the thin side, so I thought I’d used this stuff and it hasn’t helped strengthen or regrow those areas at all. So between the overwhelming smell (which isn’t bad but it lasts for hours) and the price, I won’t be buying this again. Oh well, worth a try I guess.

Sherry Churchville, NY

Hair regimen

first time using this red pimento oil I have not seen results because this is my first time using it so I will keep amazon posted but anything that is all natural and promotes hair growth with no harmful side effects I will give a try

Kimberlee Moorefield, KY



Violet Brownstown, PA

Wonder moisturizer for the hair.

I use this product as a hot oil treatment for my hair and it’s wonderful! It detangles and gives my hair an excellent sheen.

Hallie Gates, TN

Didn’t do anything

I bought this to help with my hair breakage around the edges and throughout the hair and it didn’t do anything for my hair. I felt this was a waste of money but I still have a half a bottle but it isn’t doing anything for my hair.

Tisha Capitola, CA

Its okay

I bought this product because I wanted to try it and because it has black castor oil in it.. Ok I used it on my scalp and it gives a tingling feeling which I like.. but I don’t think it did no more than my normal black castor oil.. I will try something once with or with out reading a review about it because I think in order to find out if it will work for you gotta try it.

Tanya Hampton, IL