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Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil, 4 Ounce

Tropic isle’s living jamaican black castor oil is a rich, light brown oil which is processed the old fashioned way by roasting the castor bean. Jamaican black castor oil origin can be traced back to ethiopia, africa. It’s believed that this natural castor oil originally came to jamaica from slaves taken from africa. Jamaican elders didn’t waste any time in discovering the various uses for this oil. Black castor oil is a great addition to any hair or skincare regimen. This castor oil can be use as is or add to your favorite hair products.

Key features

  • Will rapidly stimulate hair growth
  • Thicken hair that is thinning
  • Repair or prevent hair damage

Honest reviews


Grew back my mom’s hair beautifully.

My mom has type 4b or c or z hair, whatever you want to call it. If you know the Andre Walker system, you know what I mean. It is a beautiful hair type but very fragile. She is 82 years years and last summer, had hardly any hair left in the front–not just the roots but the whole front of her head up to her ears had maybe 1/2 inch or less of hair remaining. In the back, she had some hair, but it was ragged and all different lengths and felt rough. She thought she was going to have to wear a TWA forever, like many of her friends her age who have basically jsut given up on ever having hair and shaved it off. But she did not want to do this. Though she is an older lady, she is very feminine and does not like her looks with this ‘boy’ type hairstyle.Anyway, to make a long story short, I sent her a bottle of this Jamaican black castor oil and she started massaging her hair and scalp with it. I also made sure that she started sleeping on a satin pillowcase and wearing a satin cap, washing with her remaining hair in braids and using Shea moisture shampoo only on her scalp. I told her to be very low manipulation and she wore a wig to cover up her damaged hair and give it a rest. I taught her to finger comb only and also to use a little protein on her ends about once a month, after she washed. (Joico K-pak). Lo and behold! She lives in Florida and when I returned to visit her, barely 7 months later, her hair had grown so much! the very short patches had grown a lot, the bald patches had filled in and the back had grown BELOW HER SHOULDERS. My mother has never had hair below her shoulders in her life (this is difficult for many type 4b people as this hair type cannot take any abuse at all. It was an unbelievable change. My mother is so happy. She continues to use this product as her scalp massage and moisturizer and her hair is not only growing like a weed but feels very fluffly, soft and not greasy at all. Her goal is to grow her hair enough so that she can wear her natural hair in a bun and not have to wear a wig anymore and it looks like she will make this goal very soon. We are both very happy.P.S I have type 3c hair which is a lot stronger than my mom’s (my dad was mixed-race and I got his hair type). I have never had balding or breakage problems the way she does, but I find that this product works well for me, too. I massage a little on my scalp mixed with some peppermint essential oil (few drops) and burdock root oil (which I also bought on every night and I don’t have the itching problems I used to have sometimes before. I think it makes my hair feel a bit softer (I have low porosity hair that tend to be dry) and I like it for me, too.

Roslyn Drifton, PA

Jamaican Black Castor Oil 4

Jamaican Black Castor Oil is a good product. I use it on my hair. It leaves my hair soft and moist and I’ve heard castor oil help to promote hair growth which was the main reason for me purchasing it. I have notice that my hair is thicker since using it I have been using it more than three months now. Will continue to use it and see what results I will continue to yield. Good product.

Nannie Musella, GA

This is TEN stars!

Before purchasing JBCO I researched it for about a year. WHY OH WHY did it take me so long to purchase?!!!! This is a must have staple within your head to toe daily beauty regime! It has a faint peanutty type of smell, but it’s nothing that I can’t deal with. When I’m using this on my scalp and hair, whether it’s before bed or styling for the day, once I use it, I spray my hair with Palmer’s Olive Oil with Vitamin E hair spray because it has a nice clean smell that gives my hair that high gloss sheen all day long. You will see results with this product so be patient. Everyone’s hair grows at a different pace. It also depends on how much and how often you apply this product. I also use it on my eyelashes and around my eyes for my night moisturizer, as well as for blemishes, dry cracked skin, cuts, burns, it is an all purpose beauty secret. A little goes a long way. BUY IT, USE IT AND SPREAD THE GOOD NEWS ABOUT IT ~ ENJOY!!!

Alma Moundridge, KS

Love this product

You must be crazy if you do not buy this product. I have been using this product for about a week and I have to tell you my hair is longer and thicker and even healthier. I usually use shea butter but because it is summer time I have to put the shea butter up until the winter. OMG my hair is amazing and lovely. Black Castrol works it works. My edges are back and thick now and I have natural dark coloured jet black hair and it has help the shine in the hair. yes it is thick and the smell may not be to your liking but at the end of the day your hair will thank you bc hair needs natural ground earth products. ALSO you must eat healthy as well and exercise your hair needs that too. YOU MUST GET THIS. You will not be disappointed. UPDATE!!! It is has been a year since I started using Black Castrol Oil and I STILL USE IT!!! What an awesome product!! My hair is extremely longer, thicker and healthier. In the process I tried other products and ummmm no no … does not compare. I know people complain about the smell but it doesn’t matter it works that is what matters.

Gloria Karlstad, MN

The smell you have to get used to but still 5 stars

I tried this as well as the regular castor oil, I love them both but would probably prefer this one over the other one. This one cost a couple of dollars more but it works better in my opinion. I have natural hair and my edges were thinning from a hairstyle that I had that was too tight, this grew my edges back almost completely in 45 days, I could see some growth after 2 days. I also put this on my eyebrows for fullness and have friends that rub a little on their eyelashes. I had no problems with shedding like I have read in other reviews. This is my 3 bottle that I have ordered. The only slight problem I had was a small amount of leakage when shipped.

Avis Edmeston, NY

Jamaican Black Castor oil

I got this product because I have been transitioning since Feb 2012 and I had a lot of breakage and shedding and I did not want to do the BIG CHOP, I did some research on U-tube and everyone swore by it, I have thin, chemically processed hair for 20 or more years, and I have to truly say that this product has thickening my hair in the crown areas where it was thining out. It is very thick, so I mix it with coconut, jojoba or avocado oils. I use it only once a week and I have seen wonderful results. I will be buying more of this product and will see what other ways I can use it.

Esperanza Tafton, PA

Castor oil seems to work okay, however I haven’t used it long enough to get the full results.

Give me a few more weeks with this product and I will have more to contribute toward the thickness and growing power.

Jodi Retsof, NY

Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil, 4 Ounce

I wanted a bottle of 8 ounce – 238 ml, enough oil using hair scalps, skin condition, burn, wound etc.

Darcy Green Valley, WI

Hair has grown since using this product!

I have been using JBCO since February 2012. I really like doing my three times a week scalp massage with this stuff. I mix it with another oil (e.g. jojoba or Vitamin E) because it is kind of thick and doesn’t spread as well as I want it to on it’s own.My hair grows fast, but I think that this product has given my thickness a boost. I know women who swear by it, but I encourage people to use it to see if it works for them!

Georgina Hoskinston, KY

This is not Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Well I was hoping this was going to work out ordering this imposter Jamaican Black Castor Oil. But what I got was plain Castor Oil in a dark brown bottle, can you say rip off. When I opened the bottle I smelled the oil, no smell hum, so I got a clear plastic spoon to compare my cold press Castor oil to this oil and guess what I found out, SURPRISE to me, they are one in the same, I couldn’t tell the difference from where one started and the other left off. I wont be ordering from this seller again BEWARE OF THIS IMPOSTER

Celina Fallston, MD

little disapointed

The shipping was standard. It arrived about 5-7 days after I ordered it. I purchased the product to grow out my hair edges. I seen a couple of reviews on youtube about how wonderful it was. My edges did grow back some, but not as fast as everyone claims, and it wasn’t really noticeable. I’ve only used it a month. I will try it for another 2 months to see.

Carol Gunlock, KY

It took only one day !!!

I was losing my hair every day during the shower, while I comb my hair and so and so. I ordered this oil (delivery was very fast), the same day I received I put an small amount in my finger and give a 3 minutes massage in the scalp and I let it dry on my hair hours before I go to bed because this oil is very STICKY and smell very BAD, and I dIdn’t want to leave stains on my pillow. Same day I put some oil into my hair shampoo and conditioner bottle. So next morning I rinse my hair as usual I put shampoo and conditioner and I noticed there is no hair in the drain and nothing came off when I comb my hair. Nothing else but no hair loss. NO MIRACLES. Good for me, Not good for other people. I will continue using this product and I will put my feedback in about 30 days to see if this oil is really working or not.

Angelita Minetto, NY

Love this oil!!!!!

I have been using this oil for two years now . I love how its makes my hair feel after I wash my hair . this is a staple product I only use castor oil since Im a kinky curly natural girl!!!!!!!

Geraldine Hurlock, MD

Keeps Moisture in hair

I have a hard time getting moisture to stay in my hair, whether it’s winter or summer. What I have found that works is sealing with a heavy oil and baggying at night or during the day. I have also changed some of my hair habits, such as using cold water to rinse the conditioner out of my hair and using non-silicone conditioners.

Josefina Dugspur, VA

Trying out new products

I’m just trying different alternatives to normal "hair grease" and i have heard a lot about this product. I literally just got this yesterday, so i wouldn’t be able to comment on how useful it really is, but the price is great and you can’t beat that.

Yesenia Greenwood, DE


just started using it. So can’t much. but have no doubt that i will work. Smell funny! Thick and original.

Charity Lake City, KS

Great Product and It Smells Great Too!

This product smells much better than the JBCO produced by other companies, is thick and rich and easy to use.As for it’s ability to grow hair? Here’s my experience with the product. I had a half dollar sized patch at the top front of my hair that had visibly thinned. I believe it was due to the tremendous stress I was under at the time, but no matter the reason for it, it was there. After reading some things said about this product in a Natural Hair forum on FB, I decided to give this a try. I applied it morning and night with a Q tip to the effected area over the course of a month. At the end of that time I parted my hair and noticed that the thinning was less than it had been, and called my daughter over to verify, and she saw it too. I’ve not been as diligent in using it since then, but I have noticed that the hair has not thinned again, nor has it filled in any more than it had when I was using it. I stopped using it as often and then not at all because since I wash my hair once a week, the area in which the product was applied took on a very oily feel, so while I may try using it again, I will likely limit the use to once per day.Hope that helps.

Jeanine Stratford, WA

Does NOT have an odor and is NOT “black” ..

I just got this. I’ve used it twice, so I can’t really give a “review” of the product’s performace or efficacy, but I can comment on the “smell” or odor that people complain about.THERE IS NO ODOR! It’s castor oil for pete’s sake! It’s smells like castor oil.No big deal. Once you put it on your scalp or hair, you can’t even smell it.And the texture of this oil is not “heavy” either.This brand is “lighter” than the castor oils I’ve used in the past. It dissolves quickly.I will add to this review at a later date if and when I get results, if any.Edit:01-14-12Observations: WHY is this product called “black”? This castor oil is CLEAR, like all other castor oils.

Lora Emerson, NJ

Alright I guess…

Pretty good I guess. My hair still sucks, but I’m not sure if there’s much that I can do keep it looking great for longer than 24 hrs at a time.

Pamela Wisdom, MT

good moisterizer

this oil is very thick and coats the hair very well. locks in moisture for days. may be to thick to place on scalp…

Yvonne Kelso, MO


I Was hearing a lot about this product in Natural Hair Forums and Blogs so I decided to order it also for my Natural Hair and OMG I see what the hype was about it leaves your hair feeling super soft!….In love and will be ordering it again…..Also received the product super fast and was packaged well!…Thanks

Tracey Montrose, MO

so far so good

Personally, I like the product.I’m into making my own body salves and hair ‘grease/dressing/pomade/cream'(whatever you want to call it). My current concoction looks like a creamy mousse. I simply added some of this Tropical Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO) to it and I like the results. Our hair seems to be growing and we’ve experienced no adverse side effects to date. Our scalps have not been itchy since applying the product and the stickiness isn’t an issue because I added this to a homemade hair grease/pomade (at least 4 capfuls to about 14oz of hair cream.I’m not going to mention all the ingredients, but to give you an idea, my homemade hair creams and body salves are made of natural oils, such as virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, unrefined avocado oil, jojoba, a few nut oils, true ivory unrefined shea butter(softened by stirring with a fork, NOT MELTED!!), calendula essential oil, tea tree essential oil, myrrh, ylang ylang extra…you get the idea, all natural ingredients. For the summer only, I added about 6 drops of vegetable glycerine to it to pull moisture out of the air and into our hair. Don’t do that in Winter because the air is dry from the heaters and furnaces being on and it will pull the moisture out of your scalp and the inside of your hair to moisturize the outside of your strand, which will quickly cause damage and breakage. Vegetable glycerine is great for moisturizing during humid months.Also, I don’t get what the big fuss is about the smell. It doesn’t smell good or bad to me and since it’s mixed into a hair dressing when I apply it, I don’t smell it afterward in my or my daughter’s hair.I will say, that I also bought the same brand JBCO Hair food, which has a much more pungeant smell/odor than this oil. I added some of this JBCO to it as well and applied that to our hair and scalp. We still don’t see what is offensive about the scent and I can barely if at all smell it once it’s in our hair. My suggestion, is that one could add a good essential oil to the bottle to tweak the smell. I’d only put up to 6 drops though for such a small bottle. Essential oils are powerful with wonderful benefits but could make you sick if not diluted well. Always remember that essential oils can be diluted with oil only, so if you spill some or use it too concentrated on the skin or scalp, take coconut, olive, any vegetable or carrier oil will do to clean it off. Water won’t do any good because essential oils are oil soluble. Wash it off with the vegetable/carrier oil, then wash that off with soap and water. Another suggestion, is that this brand of JBCO is also sold in scented varieties. The only one I’ve seen so far is Lavender. It’s supposedly slightly thinner in consistency, but people seem to like it and it smells good, so the reviews say (I haven’t and don’t plan on trying it, I’m satisfied with this original).If you’re going to add essential oil to this JBCO, I recommend calendula, blood orange, lavender…something with a nice scent. You could use fragrant oils manufactured exclusively for fragrancing cosmetics/soaps/candles and the like, but I wouldn’t go that route unless you can find some made with plant oils and extracts instead of synthetic chemicals and no, I am not talking about body oils that you wear like perfume. I guess you could but I personally would not.Anyway, I liked the way our homemade hair dressing and the Tropical Isle Living JBCO Hair Food worked before, but adding the JBCO to them seemed to increase the results of what we were looking for: shine, manageability, softening, sealing and growth.This oil seems fine to me and I plan to buy much more of it.

Lucy Woodville, WV

Added this to my regimen

I ordered this after reading reviews about how great this product is. So far I must say I am impressed. Since I’ve been using this my hair has been softer and just feels healthier. I mix it with other oils because its sooo thick. I haven’t seen the rapid growth as some but the overall health of my hair is better…I like this product a lot.

Darlene Albert, OK

Beauty Staple~

I love using jamaican black castor oil for a number of health & beauty purposes. Mainly, I use it (lightly) to moisturize my scalp post-shampoo. I also use it as a pre-shampoo deep conditioner along with some wheat germ oil and coconut oil. Aside from hair, a light dab moisturizes my face and skin. In the winter months, I apply some lightly to my lips for moisture and to fight chap. Oddly enough, this particular brand has been reported as having a "smoky smell" but I do not find it offensive. Maybe it could be the amount other apply??? To combat this, one could add essential oils like Lavendar.

Haley Greenville, NC

Expensive Lwil Maskriti Substitute

If you’re looking to replace your lwil maskriti because you a) can’t go to Haiti to pick up a jug or b) can’t go to Brooklyn/NJ to buy a bottle, then this product will do as a replacement. It’s very expensive, especially considering how little you get (and compared to how much lwil maskriti you could get for the same price), but it works just fine. I used this for my scalp, hair, and skin whenever NY’s awful winter weather threatened to make my hair fall off and dandruff flakes cascade off my scalp. Worked like a charm.I recommend using this as soon as you wash your hair for maximum benefit (I have 4c hair). I have noticed that the benefits of this oil aren’t as great when I used it while my hair was dry. When I used it while my hair was wet, it eliminated the need for other moisturizing products, and I just put a little shea butter on my ends to hold my double strand twists.Some people don’t like the smell, but I really like it – this oil is all my mother used on my hair when I was younger.

Samantha Moran, MI

So far so good!

I like the smell of this product, it’s a bit sticky. I really don’t know what to say other than we shall see how beneficial this product will be for my hair. I have been using it on my edges for a week now.UPDATE 4/2/13The product is working a wonders on my edges. My edges are thicker than ever, they were previously damaged from the over wear of wigs. My hair is noticeably thicker as well. I can tell that it is growing. I am enjoying it overall!

Sheena Downieville, CA

Great for promoting hair growth

This oil is great for thinning areas along the hairline, and promoting softer and longer hair. It takes a little while to see results, but its worth the wait. I massage this stuff on my scalp every night and notice that my hair is thicker and softer after 2 months of use. It may be a little thick for some, but a good solution would be to mix it with another oil like coconut or jojoba.

Angelique Dorr, MI

Pain gone!

I broke my ankle last winter and still have a lot of pain when I walk. I read some articles that said black castor oil was good for ache and pains as well as hair, skin, lashes and eyebrows. Majority of it is used on my ankle and I can honestly say that the first day I used it the pain went away! Just to make sure I was’nt tripping out I had my mother to try it on her ankle and did not say anything eto her about it. She was in a car accident years ago and her ankle got broke and she has had pain in it every since and nothing seems to help she even have had cortisone shots for it. After she put it on her ankle she came eto be about 20 min. after and ask what was it because her pain was gone and she wanted more of it! I gave her half of the bottle and niether one of us have been in pain. I dont know how well it works for the hair,skin, lashes and eyebrows, but it is GREAT FOR PAIN!

Regina Ravenswood, WV



Ines Winthrop Harbor, IL

Great product

Most ppl use this product to grow back thinning hair or bald patches. I never encountered any of these but I use it anyway to keep my hair strong and thick. No product performs miracles. For the ppl that complained about it, you have to change your whole hair regimen and being balanced in other aspects of your life to see change. Diet, exercise, moisturizing, etc. This product works, but you have to work with it. The smell is a bit nuttier than I would like but it’s nothing toxic and you can always mix it or you a fragrant hair cream on top like shea moisture curl milks. I continue to repurchase this and I also get it in lavender.

Amie Eldon, IA