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Tropic Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo, 8 Ounce

Silk and sleek straightening polish with silk amino acids and essential oils. Formulated for heat styling protection, radiant shine and perfecting smooth straight styles. Contains no sulfates or alcohol. 100% natural ingredients.

Key features

  • Contains no sulfates or alcohol
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Formulated with shea butter

Honest reviews



I have used relaxers on my hair for years which caused it to become very dry. I have been looking for a product that will “tame” the dryness, and make my hair more manageable. I used this product immediately after removing a quick weave (for those who don’t know, it’s a glued in hair weave). To my surprise, my hair was soft & silky, & tangle free immediately after I rinsed it. My hair also feels and looks very clean and healthy, and is not dry. I recommend this product for anyone who has a hard time managing their hair for whatever reason.

Camille Minot Afb, ND


This shampoo is amazing on many levels. One, being it doesn’t have any sulfates or alcohol that be could harmful to your hair. It very cleansing nor my hair feels stripped, extremely moisturizing. All the ingredients involved are excellent for all natural hair types. I simply love it, please don’t change the formula!

Ronda Sparks, GA

Best shampoo I’ve tried for natural hair

All natural girls I know have at least 30 bottles of various shampoos, conditioners and oils under their sinks, in their closets and any other place we can find room to stash them. I tried this on a lark because I’m a fan of their black castor oil (I use it in my Kimmaytube leave in conditioner mix). As soon as you start shampooing, you know something is different. It left my hair so soft, not stripped, and there was that slight tingle that lets your scalp know there’s a new sheriff in town – LOL. It took me forever to find the perfect conditioners (Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisturizing or John Frieda Frizz Ease Curl Around) and now I have my perfect shampoo. It has a nice clean rosemary smell but you don’t feel like you’re coming out of a garden when you’re done. Another plus is that you don’t need to use much. Massage it mostly on your scalp, duck your head under the shower for a second and let the suds do their work. Truly a phenomenal product to gals seeking moisture. I use As I Am Cleansing Conditioner (kinda like a cheaper version of Wen) for my weekly co wash but when I need to get rid of build up, this is the shampoo I’ll be using from now on. Love, love, love this stuff!

Anna Taylorville, IL


I, too thought this would be a great product based on the reviews. However, the experience (more than once, on more than one person) was quite disappointing. The shampoo left hair extremely coarse. Tried it twice on two different people with texturized/relaxed hair, one with soft thin texture, the other, thick hair. The results were the same-extremely, extremely coarse. Hair had to be deep conditioned with heat, twice. I will not finish the bottles, since it was such a negative experience. Very, very disappointed. Would not use again.

Jan Allen, MI

aweful odor – hated it

I saw the ratings n read the reviews n decided to give it a try. I found the odor to be unbelievably strong and bad. but still gave it a try to see the effects on my hair. for my coarse thick long hair, i noticed a reverse effect unlike the most of review here. it made my hair too dry, strawlike. I hated it so much that i had to return it. not so sure why people liked it and rated it so high here. perhaps, they have a different hair type or live in a different climate.

Lindsay Maple Plain, MN

Sticky Shampoo

I bought this shampoo in a kit with oil and hair food specifically to help with regrowth and to fix the damage. I liked how the shampoo smelled, and I like that it was all natural, what I didn’t like is that I felt like I needed to wash my hair right after I used it. It got really sticky and I couldn’t even brush my hair. I had to mix this shampoo with half of some other natural shampoo so that it wouldn’t feel so rough and sticky. I have straight caucasian hair so it might just be my hair type, but it just wasn’t for me. I do however love their black castor oil, and the pimento growth oil.

Bessie Martinsburg, IA

Black Castor oil shampoo

I was just ok. It made my hair feel a little sticky after washing which I’m not used to. But my hair wasn’t dry at all which is good. I will continue to use the rest of it, but will not be purchasing again.

Elisha Tunnel City, WI

Great All Natural Shampoo

For those of you that have issues with chemicals, this is a great alternative. All natural ingredients and the rest of the product line is pretty darn good too.

Ashley Allendale, SC

Bigger bottles please!!

I was looking for an organic shampoo for my daughter who has stopped relaxing her hair and gone natural. Concerned about breakage I decided to try this shampoo based on the reviews. So far it lives up to my expectations. Her hair fells very soft. She still has some breakage but not as much as before. I use this along with the Black Castor Oil. Recommend this to anyone going from relaxed to natural. Wish it came in bigger bottles.

Marisa Mooreland, OK

Another Great Product

It’s the only shampoo I use. Takes more to make a lather but it does a great job for hair health and growth. Also try the conditioner by the same maker.

Iris Roscoe, IL

Nice shampoo

Great for my natural hair not a lot of suds but my hair felt very clean! Use a couple a times per week

Isabelle Fishs Eddy, NY

I super love this Tropical Isles JBCO shampoo and conditioner

I finally got my order of this JBCO shampoo & conditioner and leave in..its NOT greasy and NOT tacky feel to my hair..the shampoo rinses clean..moisturizer gave me slip and i used the leave in…and my hair loves it..Now to find a cheappper seller for this products…hard to find cheaper shipping too!!

Maria Orient, SD

Great Shampoo!

This shampoo leaves my hair moisturized and not stripped. It makes my hair super soft and will be ordering this again!

Dawn Salesville, OH

This Shampoo is the Truth!!!

Used it for the first time on Sunday, (2 days ago). It lathers nicely, smells awesome, and my hair came out beautiful and soft and moisturized and not greasy, even before I used my deep conditioner or my leave in. Small bottle, wish it were bigger, but it’s not a deal breaker. if your hair is good, who cares? It’s a KEEPER. My hair is behaving totally differently. I am a once a week hairwasher. If you have dry hair, natural hair, relaxed hair, or none of theabove, this is still a shampoo I would say you should try. Seriously.

Alyssa Middletown, CT