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Tropic Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil Hair Food, 4 Ounce

Tropic isle living jamaican black castor oil shampoo with shea butter gently cleans, conditions hair, restores moisture and promotes healthy scalp. Contains jamaican black castor oil, cactus oil and shea butter. Spreads easily in hair and on scalp.

Key features

  • Contains jamaican black castor oil, cactus oil and shea butter
  • Spreads easily in hair and on scalp
  • Contains plant wax

Honest reviews


Too greasy for every day use.

I bought this along with the shampoo and the regrowth oil. I like the product line but I don’t really like this specific product for my hair type. I bought a kit straight from the maker, came with the oil, shampoo, hair food, and castor oil. I love the other things, but this stuff is way too greasy for my hair. I wanted it because my hair was rough and dry. I started using about a quarter size all over my hair and ended up having to wash it out ten minutes later because I looked like I just came from the gym, my hair was heavy and greasy and just smelled nasty. I’ve tried using just a tiny bit on just my ends and still is very sticky and greasy, and I can’t brush it. I have caucasian straight hair, so I suppose this product is just not for my hair type.

Winnie Barto, PA

Good product

Very high quality product. Leaves my hair soft. I have been using this for over a month and my scalp is much healthier. The only complaint I have is the fact that if I am not careful about how much I apply, my hair will get really oily. I was hesitant to buy this because some of the other reviewers complained about the smell. The smell is not bad to me. It is barely noticable. The smell is very similar to the faint smell of shae or cocoa butter. If you don’t like the smell of those two, then most likely you will not like the scent of this product.

Letha Clear Creek, WV

Great product

I just received this product and applied to my scalp area and it just absorbed right on in very quickly. My hair is very soft and moist. I love this product and will purchase it again.

Johanna Crystal, MI

Dry Scalp Relief

I am so glad I ordered this product. I have had itshy scalp for quite sometime since I have been natural. Within a week of using the castor oil hair food my scalp is saying “ahhhhhhhhh”. Thank you so much

Rene Eldridge, CA

Excellent Product!

Thanks to the moisturizing properties of this product I am able to comb my hair while it is totally dry. This product allows me to comb and braid my hair and the comb practically “glides” right through my hair. It moisturizes the hair very nicely. Although it it a little pricey it is worth every dime. It thickens the hair and makes it grow. It makes your hair feel and look healthy. I am ordering another jar. I use it in conjunction with black castor oil and between the two products my hair is completely moisturized. This product is superb. Make sure your rub the product in your hands to soften first as it appears to be gritty.

Haley Tuscola, IL

rather starve

If this is hair food, I believe that my hair would rather starve. This product was too greasy for my hair. It just weighed my hair down. I didn’t like it and I will not purchase it again.

Noelle Auxvasse, MO

Effective Hair Oil

This is an effective hair and scalp oil. It can immediately provide moisture to a dry and thirty scalp. However, unlike petroleum and mineral oil based products, it does not clog your pores. It does get a bit greasy if you are heavy handed like I am with grease. I tend to use a bit less in order to get a moisturized feel. Also, I use it when I don’t want to use gel, in order to lay my edges down. Overall a great product that reduces hair breakage.

Gabrielle Richardsville, VA

Great hair food

I like this product use on hair as a pressing oil or flat ironing hair. Don’t need tons ( protects from thermal heating & adds shine during the straightening process and on scalp for dry scalp)

Brooke Williston Park, NY


I bought this grease to mix with the sulphur powder.this is a good product to use for hair growth.My hair is soft and shiny.My edges are much thicker.

Gabrielle Maeystown, IL


I love this castor oil product. I and my daughter have extremely dry and brittle hair; mine is chemically processed hair and hers is natural. This has been good for both our hair. Highly recommend.

Jeanne Tower, MI


This product was okay, I did not like the texture of it. Sort of made it hard to put in my hair, I will just stick with my regular Castor Oil. It wasnt bad I just was not impressed with it.

Paulette Niagara University, NY



Geneva Mendon, MA

this is the stuff!

I have 4 a/b hair and my hair HATES coconut oil so I only use JBCO. This product is great for softening my new growth and sealing my hair including my ends. I use it after I wash my hair and I use it to remoisturize my hair. It works great for me all year around.

Pearlie Villanueva, NM

Ok product, I guess

I’ve been using this product on my natural hair a couple of months now, and have noticed no major improvement. I’m not saying that it doesn’t work, I’m just saying I am not impressed with it. May work for others though!

Candice Noma, FL

I really like this stuff alot.

After washing my hair with the 2-1 Shea Butter Shampoo/Conditioner and putting the Shea Butter Leave in conditioner and twisting my natural hair all night, I then applied this in the morning and it made my curls come out more and my hair had stretched from the twist so my afro looked really detailed and non dry like before. I will continue using this becuase it keeps the hair from being dry kind of like grease but better and healthy, it doesn’t really have a smell to it and the little smell it do smells like a mild cooking oil but it isn’t loud or bad. I enjoyed this product and if they could make it with a pretty scent so when my fiance go to caress me, it would be perfect. Love it……

Ann Santa Fe, TX


I am natural with 4a hair. I bought this product at a local African store in my hometown, I usually buy my JCO there but i decided to try this too. The ingredients won me over.So far i have used it on braids and i really like the results; i get natural shine, healthy look and soft definition. Tonite i plan to use it on my scalp i had no idea there was a tingling feeling effect i cant wait. my scalp has been dry lately I know this product take care of that.Dont really care for the smell i am so used to natural products smelling like flowers and fruits that it caught me off guard but I will continue to use this product as long as i works.

Pat Farnham, VA

acquired scent

I don’t mind the scent of this at all but understand why others do. It did seem a little sticky to me so I added oil to it, including more Tropic Isle jamaican Black Castor Oil to it. I like it and alternate between this and my homemade hair creams. People seem impressed with my kid’s hair growth. I cannot attribute all of it to this but I believe it is a combination of this and other things I’ve been doing/using. Mostly though, it’s just been this and my homemade concoction.

Daphne La Feria, TX

Good product, horrible smell

It is good for your hair, but very hard to apply. The product is very dense and the smell is horrible. I prefer coconut oil from Whole foods.

Lesley Cooleemee, NC

Waste of money.. I hate it

It feels so greasy and I hated how my hair looked after just two uses. I feel like I’ve thrown away my money!!

Leann Mendon, UT

Did not really see a difference!

I have used other products by this brand, but did not like this one so much. The product is quite stiff and I could not tell what it was really doing for my hair. I do love the Castor Oil by this company, but only the Extra Dark… that will grow your hair.

Allyson Hiram, ME

not worth it

I bought this thinking it would do something good for my hair and it didn’t. It was okay. I could have just bought regular hair food or something from wally world instead of buying this because it was no difference in the product just the cost and this is much more expensive.

Aileen West Columbia, WV

More-like grease, but still good.

Mind you, this is a really good product, but it sort of reminded me way too much of grease.Whenever the sun hit my hair, it would literally feel as though it was melting and draining. It was a really great product though. I honestly would buy this again, but I would not wear it in the spring or summer time.

Katharine Kent, NY


really thick consistency, and weighs my hair down, but it does hold in moisture so im kind of in the middle.

Patsy Gallatin, TX


I purchase this product for my scalp, I ended up using this hair food to coat my entire hair strands because I was installing mini box braids on my natural kinky 4a(b) texture hair. .My hair was soft when I was done, the smell isnt great but it dosent linger. Note this hair food is not a moisturizer, so your scalp wont be dry and flaky but it wont feel moisturize the next day.

Josie Claridge, PA

Not sure about results yet

But I like it. I like the texture of it and it smells like 100% castor oil. I think its a good addition to my routine but I dont know yet if it provides miracle growth results. Small jar but will last a long time if you use sparingly.

Hallie Higdon, AL

Just like shea butter

It was just a bit too heavy for my hair. I’m not going to say it’s a bad product, but it’s just too heavy. I will say that it smells like shea butter, so I felt like I was just putting shea butter on my hair.

Liliana Stewart, OH

daughter’s hair loves this product

We are a family of color that has natural hair. My five year old’s hair loves this product and I love what it does to her hair. A must try on braided, twisted, and natural styles.

Lilian Beaumont, VA

Great for scalp

Small jar. Great moisturiser for hair and scalp. Has a slight smell but nothing overpowering. The texture is grainy but melts when rubbed between hands.

Faye Oil City, PA


I was nervous to buy this because of reports it smells. I don’t find it smells bad. it doesn’t have that sweetness like other products but its great. Oils scalp nicely. I really like it.

Kate Alto, MI


I place this on my scalp and on my hair. It doesn’t stink like most people said it would. Leave my scalp and hair nourished and feeling good. I will be placing more orders of this.

Lela Mauriceville, TX