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TRITON CONSUMER PRODUCTS MG 217 Medicated Coal Tar Shampoo for Psoriasis, 8 Fluid Ounce

MG 217 psoriasis shampoo size: 8 ounce.

Key features

  • For psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff
  • Effective treatment for scalp itching, scaling and flaking
  • Leaves hair clean and manageable controls itching, scaling, flaking and scalp buildup

Honest reviews


Optimum coal tar product, BUT

this product is a strong coal tar product, way higher in concentration than comparable Neutrogena, but remember that if you have seborrheic dermatitis, you shouldn’t go gung-ho with all the strong products, as your dermatitis (which is not curable once and indefinitely) builds up tolerance to anything you use against it.common products, in regular dosages, go toward higher strength/effectiveness like this4 zinc products 3 salyclic acid products 2 coal tar products 1 products with ingredients like ketoconazole, cortizone etc.,either prescription or should start with the least strong products (zinc in my list), and switch to a stronger alternative or higher dosage only when necessary, especially the group indicated as (1) in the list is extremely if you can stick with lower dosage coal tar products and deal with the dermatitis attack, spare mg 217 for a later emergency. But if it is really necessary , buy this product w/o qualms.Also feel free to comment and ask anything about s. dermatitis in the comments, I’ve had it for more than a decade and seen several acclaimed dermatologists in that period, and come to be a bit of an expert on the topic, unfortunately.

Marta Damascus, PA

I finally found a replacement for my beloved Ala Seb T.

A couple of years ago I started noticing flakes and itching on my sideburns and the back of my scalp. The dermatologist recommended I buy Ala Seb and it worked well, but buying it from him was expensive and inconvenient. I searched online and found something that was supposed to be even better, Ala Seb T, which added coal tar to Ala Seb’s salicylic acid and it was awesome. It cleared up my flakiness and itching within a few days.Then it became impossible to find the stuff online anymore. I bought a shampoo that had salicylic acid from Amazon called Home Health Everclean Dandruff Shampoo but it didn’t work, the flakes and itching came back. I then searched Amazon for a shampoo with coal tar in it, figuring it was the coal tar that helped my condition……enter MG 217 psoriasis shampoo. This shampoo works just as well as Ala Seb T even without the salicylic acid. Within a couple of days of using it my flakiness and itching went away.MG 217 is green and watery in appearance, but it takes very little to work up a good lather. It smells like what you would expect coal tar to smell like, so don’t expect something fruity or pleasant. Still, I’d gladly deal with the odor to get rid of the flakes and itching. I find I works best if you shampoo with a regular shampoo first, then the MG 217, and leave it to soak for a few minutes. I use it daily. Also, I use a conditioner to get rid of the coal tar smell in my hair.All in all… a great shampoo to relieve itching and flaking.

Becky Buckingham, PA

the best stuff ever

if you have issues with your scalp, buy this! when I use this I put it on my finger tips and rub it in. a little goes a long way. this takes care of itchy, scabby scalp. ive had issues since I was a baby this stuff cures it. not smell good, but it works and your hair will be so so soft after.

Kim Montgomery Creek, CA

Scalp Psoriasis is GONE!

This shampoo really delivers all that it promises. It does have a slight medicated smell, but I consider the scent to smell clean and outdoorsy.Not only has this shampoo provided me with total relief from the constant itching and scratching, but it left my hair as soft and manageable as some of the expensive shampoos that I generally use.The condition of my scalp psoriasis was diagnosed as severe. I had been to a few dermatologists and all their potions, lotions, ointments, oils and sprays never had any lasting effect. They stung my scalp, were messy, time consuming and they really did not provide much in the way of relief. Another dermatologist recommended the cortisone shots, these were very painful and messy, however, the itching, burning, and constant scratching would resume. Then I tried Mg 217shampoo and these are my results.The first time I used this shampoo it had a soothing effect on my scalp instead of the usual stinging. After a few hours, there was some minor itching, but instead of scratching, I took a soft bristled brush and brushed my entire scalp thoroughly. I think the lesions drying up caused the itching.I wash my hair every four days and after 4 or 5 washings I noticed a dramatic change in my psoriasis condition, it was now more ‘moderate’ than ‘severe’ which was verified by my dermatologist. By the end of the month, my condition had improved again to the `mild’ stage. Then by the end of the second month after using this shampoo, the psoriasis had gone completely into remission. The itching had stopped and all the lesions on my head had healed. There was just smooth soft skin. The third month I used this shampoo once a week, and the fourth month every other week. The fifth month I only used it once, and in the sixth month, I did not use the shampoo at all. Unfortunately, in the seventh month the psoriasis started to return, so this shampoo needs to be used at least once a month for me to remain in remission, but it is still a miracle.Now I would like to share some facts and tips:1) always shake the bottle thoroughly before each use.2) If the smell of the shampoo is off-putting, try shampooing at night since by morning the smell seems to dissipate.3) You can use a little of your scented conditioner after using the shampoo to lessen the tar scent.4) For minor itching, try brushing your hair down to the scalp with a soft bristled brush, it might be the scabs from the healing lesions that are causing the itch.5) Use a little raspberry ketone with your shampoo. Raspberry ketone (the weight loss product) is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Open the capsule and empty the contents into a handful of the shampoo. Mix it in with the shampoo with your finger and massage the concoction into your scalp. It is soothing and it smells good. Aside from a weight loss product, raspberry ketone used topically helps the hair to grow in thinner areas.`Google’ raspberry ketone for scalp and hair treatments’ to get all the facts.5) As of now, there is no cure for the psoriasis condition, but it can be both managed and controlled. Mg 217 Shampoo for Psoriasis might be a way to control your condition, for me it has put my psoriasis into remission, which is as good as it gets.

Lizzie Portland, TX

It’s okay

I purchased this for my husband who has issues with his scalp….when it was used alone…it worked ok…but he prefers to use it in between his prescribed shampoo.

Abigail Higginsville, MO

not for me

don’t think it works for me. I use it a few time and during and after my wash my scalp was itchy.

Gilda Forest City, PA