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Trim Pink/Fine Salon Board Drum

Trim pink coarse salon board drum salon boards, 2 surfaces: heavy duty (100 grit) and medium (180 grit), it smoothes and reduces artificial nail seams and edges and it shapes natural and artificial nails.

Key features

  • 48 pc drum of Trim Pink/Fine Salon Boards

Honest reviews


Great for Smoothing Edges

Salon Nail File, Fine / B000ZM9BP8I keep two nail files in every room, the Salon coarse file and this Salon fine file. The coarse file is perfect for quick removal of rough, cut edges and other imperfections. The fine file is used after the coarse file, to mellow the rough edge and give a soft satin finish. I really can’t imagine maintaining my nails without both – the coarse one, used alone, leaves your nails feeling slightly rough and scratchy, and the fine one, used alone, just doesn’t have enough firepower to handle the rough edges I get after a long day of gardening, pet training, and general nail abuse.~ Ana Mardoll

Virgie Brownstown, IL

Great for shaping and smoothing the nails of my twin 2 year olds.

These are nice emery boards and not very abrasive. That makes them good for everything other than filing down thick nails. They’ve been perfect for dealing with the nails of my little children.I like that these emery boards came in such a large pack. Now I don’t hesitate to throw them away when they’re barely serviceable and I have plenty to last for a long time.

Emilie Longmont, CO

Good quality, good buy

Each of theses boards is individually wrapped in clear plastic. The quality is excellent, and the container should last a lifetime. Who could ask for more?

Ruby Orleans, MI

Very nice, sturdy, fine emery boards

The emery boards I’ve been using and which I purchased from Sally’s for nearly 2.00 each are longer and the board is a bit finer. However, they print all along the middle of one side of the board which makes it practically useless so I’ve paid a lot for one side of the board. And, they do not last very long. These are a bit shorter and seem to have a finer side and a bit less fine side both of which I think I’ll be able to use for my natural fragile nails. This is a very good buy and I’m extremely pleased. I have enough to share a couple with other nurses on the unit as none of them ever seem to have an emery board. I’m very happy with this purchase. I now have enough boards that when one gets too slick I can just throw it away without thinking “I just threw out almost 2.00”. It’s nice that they are all individually wrapped so that they don’t get worn rubbing up against each other in the container. Thanks Amazon.

Belinda Fort Huachuca, AZ

A perfectly serviceable emery board

I suppose this isn’t truly an EMERY board but a nail file; anyway, I bought the bin of 48 black (coarse) and the bin of 48 pink (fine) and keep them wherever – car tray, handbag, in front of the tv, in my knitting basket, whatever – and they are fine and handy.

Sallie Haynes, AR

Salon Boards

Perfect for both my husband and I to use to keep our nails in perfect shape. Highly recommend this product.

Tonya Antoine, AR