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Trichloroacetic Acid – TCA Peel 50% Medical Grade 1oz. 30ml Pro Size

Chemically known as Trichloroacetic Acid, TCA Peels range from a light to deep strength peel, with the concentration potency of the acid being the determinant of subsequent strength efficacy. TCA can be used in a wide variety of ways depending on the concentration of the acid, making the benefits of this peel vast: glowing skin tone, softer texture, increased clarity, reduction of acne, clogged pores, wrinkles and fine lines; increased production of elastin and collagen; erosion of melasma, hyperpigmentation, freckles, scars, tattoos, and most blemishes of the skin. This potent peel is a deep strength peel that is ideal for someone with photodamage, acne, hyperpigmentation, deep acne scars, sun damage, or wrinkled skin and only for experienced TCA users. We do not recommend this for first time TCA peel users or first time chemical peel users in general. This peel will work on the toughest skin problems known as permanent skin fixtures

Key features

  • Recommended for Skin Resurfacing. Scar Reduction. Stretch Marks. Acne Scars. Skin Rejuvenation. Age Spots. Wrinkles. Freckles. Tattoos, and Xanthelasma. Great for Skin Tags, Moles, and Warts. Effectively Treats Stubborn Skin Conditions, Such as Acne and Environmental /Sun Damage. Evens Skin Tone and Minimizes areas of Discoloration for Skin Types. Ideal for Acne, Hyper-Pigmentation and Premature Aging, Unclogs and Reduce Appearance of Pores
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Honest reviews


Scars improved; felt like Satan sneezed in my face though

*****UPDATE****:I added my 3rd TCA peel experience at the bottom. Since you can dilute the 50% TCA to 25%, I figured it might be helpful for someone who wants to reduce this product’s concentration to 25%.Also…I BELIEVE HEAT (BLOWDRYER) MIGHT SPEED HEALING TIME-WOULD BE DELIGHTED TO HEAR FROM ANYONE WHO TRIES THE TECHNIQUE I DESCRIBE IN MY 3RD PEEL EXPERIENCE AT THE BOTTOM (confirming or disconfirming evidence welcome)this is my 2nd peel. the 1st one i diluted this solution to 25% and was pleased with the results. i’d applied that time with a paper towel and that gave an uneven peel, so i decided to do it again. the review is mostly for the 2nd time, since almost all of the reviews talk about what I experienced the 1st time, i’m not going to go into it out of consideration for your time.-i put this on full strength-i’m sick of having icepick acne scars and my skin is pretty tough due to tons of treatments over the years-frosted within like 20 seconds; applied 2 more layers at 1 minute and 2 minutes–at 3 min, i used a neutralizer i bought on here and rinsing with water…BAD. IDEA.the neutralizer was awful and weak and totally didn’t neutralize me. i still had major frosting all over my face, and it seemed that the stupid neutralizer+water rinsing was making it “harden.” so my entire face was was hard and white for about 12 minutes (it could’ve been anywhere from 10-15 min, but i stopped my timer and kinda lost my perception of exact timing).also, it felt like Satan had sneezed in my face for that whole time. i walked downstairs to quickly look at the reviews here on Amazon to see if the intense pain was common, and the wind on my face from walking quickly intensified the pain. ugh.i realized within a few clicks that BAKING SODA was what i needed! everything finally neutralized with baking soda. It fixed the burning, softened the texture completely, and the white disappeared. my face was red, but i knew it had neutralized. I figured right away this was gonna suck and i was right. At the most, I was hopeful that increased application time would lead to even BETTER results. At the worst, I feared I’d permanently disfigured day my cheeks were all swollen and puffy (that lasted about 5 days UGH). it seemed like it took forever for me to peel-i did the peel late Saturday night, and didn’t start to peel until Wednesday night. i was happy with the progress, but it appeared that the peeling was basically a kind of “initial phase”.Come Saturday-the 1 week mark-MOST of my face was done with the “typical” peeling you get with a TCA peel above 25% or so.For the next week, I went through another phase of peeling that I think was due to accidentally leaving it on too long. I had several huge, horrible “scabs” along my entire jawline, my nose, and my cheeks. the texture and appearance was hard, white and flaky. they reminded me of dried up coral reef or something like that (sorry if i’m graphic but i want to explain this to someone who might be trippin about like i was during the 2 week period).needless to say, i was FREAKING OUT about it. i used aquaphor, eucerin cream, neosporin, emu oil, tri derma fast healing cream, etc. on day 7 or day 8, I even tried these vinegar soaks i’d read about on some plastic surgeon’s website (it was advice on TCA peel after-care). they said mixing a teaspoon of white vinegar was a good “debriding agent” after a TCA peel (a debriding agent means it helps loosen and get rid of dead skin).I put the solution in a spray bottle, and I’d fasten some facial gauze I bought on Amazon with headbands. I’d spray the solution on the gauze every 2-3 minutes when the fabric seemed dry. I’d do this for about 10 minutes and then rinse. the scabs seemed to loosen somewhat afterwards. i honestly don’t know if they helped that much, and were getting super intense around day 12 so I stopped them bc it was hurting like crazy.My skin was incredibly raw and everything burned. NOTHING seemed to be helping and i was despondent. the stupid scabs seemed to be getting worse in terms of cracking, but since that was a change in something i was hopeful it might be a sign of progress. The idea that I’d done major damage was becoming much more real, but I had a flicker of hope that this process was nothing more than a better, deeper peel.on day 13, Friday, i made an appointment for monday to see a dermatologist. i was certain i’d done permanent damage, and was pretty mad at myself for being impatient, haha. That day I also ordered some Bio-Oil here on Amazon out of panicked hope that maybe it’d help (overnight shipping). so the Bio-Oil was here late Saturday afternoon (14 day mark). i washed my poor scabby, cracking, red, flaky skin and applied the Bio-Oil and called it a night. I was so sick of worrying about this.On Sunday, i woke up and overnight the scab seemed like 70% better. Although the skin was “raised”, the scabs were much softer and the flaking was dramatically decreased. I was ecstatic, but still reserved…i canceled the appt after things seemed to be improving into Sunday night.I’m pretty sure that the overnight healing was a combination of the natural progression of the scabbing, plus the Bio-Oil. It was definintely sped up by the Bio-Oil at the least, and it has continued to heal my skin during the past week. I just want to be objective and not leap to conclusions about what helped, but it’s hard for me not to feel that Bio-Oil is a holy grail of post-peel treatment. I also used it while healing from my 1st TCA peel, and I only took about 6 days to completely recover from that one.I’m writing this on Day 20-I’m still RED as a tomato, but the scab is 100% gone. I can’t wait to use this peel again in a month or two to continue the process of getting of them. I’m thrilled with how everything looks. My acne scars look WAY better-they’re definitely more shallow and the dark pigmentation they usually have seems much lighter. Kinda hard to say since I’m still really red, but i’m pretty sure the coloring is better.I think what happened is that leaving it on for 10-15 minutes (versus the 3 min i’d planned) gave me an ultra deep peel that extended the downtime by an extra week. I DEFINITELY won’t leave it on that long next time but I plan to use it full strength again and use baking soda to neutralize after a few, even though i’m a prime example of why people warn you NOT to do peels like this at home, my skin ended up looking great due to the increased depth of the peel. JUST USE BAKING SODA AND BIO OIL!!!!*******UPDATE:******3RD TCA PEELOk so I’m rounding out my 3rd TCA peel. Given the nightmare that 50% TCA gave me I decided to use the 25% strength. (I had my baking soda ready this time…lol)WEDNESDAY NIGHTSidenote: For some reason I always do TCA peels on a bit of a whim if I realize I can fanaggle a few days off (I own an online jewelry company so it’s not hard).-washed face>removed oil with 99% isopropyl alcohol*gonna add acetone before alcohol to prep next time…read how it’s super important to “defat facial oils” for an even peel-Vaseline on brows lips etc-set iPhone timer (stopwatch function if you’re curious)-applied 1st layer with gauze, KINDA frosted around 45 sec-2nd-3rd layers*mega frosting (yay)* “OMG Satan sneezed in my face” feeling around 2:30-Neutralization at 4:00 min: Ultra Scientific Technique:-Pour baking soda in palm-Add enough water to make a paste- Slather on face-Kinda massage around a little-Rinse-Repeat steps til it stops hurtingI leave the baking soda paste on while I wait for shower to warm up then I run cool water on face for a few minutes…SIDENOTE/RANT: ok so I’ve seen some stuff about how rinsing with water will neutralize TCA…That’s absolutely false!! (DISCLAIMER: I’m kind of retarded so listen to me at your own risk…that’s my experience though)The pH scale for Acids range from 1-14, 1 being super strong acids (like stomach acid)TCA is ACIDIC with a pH-1.9-2.3-not sure what this particular brand’s pH is (even though it’s probably on the bottle or something) but anything under 3 is gonna be intense. So TCA is definitely strong acid.Baking soda is BASIC with pH 8-9 range.Water has a NEUTRAL pH-7, right smack dab in the middle of the pH scale, neither acidic nor basic.. I won’t get into WHY water won’t neutralize you like baking soda but the pH values speak for themselves.It’s not a straight mathematical matchup with the pH values; I’m just kickin info that might help you NOT look like a Crusty Hose Beast for 2 weeks straight like I did. You read abt my nightmare with 50% TCA being left on too long bc I mistakenly thought water + Amazon purchased neutralizer would work…I finally neutralizing with baking soda. That’s why I’m fussy about properly neutralizing these things vAll I know is my baking soda paste stops the stinging completely, which my brain interprets as”ACID. STOP. GOOD.FOLLOW. DIRECTIONS. GOOD.”Slathered bio-oil & eucerin repair cream on after all that.I remembered learning that HEAT catalyzes the majority of chemical reactions. A catalyst simply speeds up the rate of a reaction-it doesn’t change what the reaction will eventually become anyways.Another practical application of heat as a catalyst is with self tanner:-hit your airbrush tan with blowdryer on high heat for about 20-30 min>cut the development time by a few hours at least.heat won’t change the way the tanning solution will look once the reaction completes; it’s just faster. I figured it’d be the same with TCA peels since it initiates a prolonged chemical reaction; i.e. denaturation-which is a fancy word for causes the break down of proteins in our facial skin cells. Destroying that upper layer with the TCA acid is literally what makes us peel and i figured heat MIGHT speed up the healing process.So I hit my face with the “Maximum Heat Set” blowdryer…kinda had a looser approach to the speed setting. I observed Blowdryer Speed to be dependent on whether I was in the mood to have hot air blasts cause my eyelids to flap occasionally or not. Not exactly scientific but whatever.To avoid crusting I applied the heat as I was wearing my trusty bio oil + eucerin mix. I’d sit there and read for 25-60 min, jump in the shower and run water on my face. I did this 3-4 times a day (we’re just sitting at home anyways for downtime).And you know what? IT WORKED! It definitely sped up healing for me…I noticed I DEFINITELY had wayyyy more peeling, and it’d start to ramp up like 3-4 hours after blow drying with heat.-Thursday I was already starting to peel (Day 1 if Wednesday was Day 0).-Friday-horrifically ugly; peeling like crazy; spent free time googling TCA peels and true crime articles-Saturday night-pretty much DONE PEELING (day 4)-Still red as hell still but all the dead skin had basically fallen off.I think the heat + shower sped up the healing time by 1-2 days. My first 25% TCA took 6 days to heal and 50% was about 14 days exactly (ugh). This time it was 4 days…I’m curious if other people try it what their outcomes are.Acne scars-definitely better; still work to be doneTone, elasticity, smoothness blah blah: All awesome.In public sometimes I now fantasize about giving strangers TCA peels to see how amazing they’d look.I wanna try the jessners + TCA combo peel next time…apparently the results are more typical of deep peels but don’t have the usual drawbacks of increased downtime like, say, 50% TCA on it’s own.Takeaway: use bio oil, heat & baking soda

Ava Hosston, LA


honestly, I haven’t even used this yet and I bought it awhile ago!! Im so lazy. I think you do get alot of product for your money here though.

Irma Calvin, ND

Very strong

I got a little over zealous in my attempt to do at home chemical peel. I diluted this product down to what i thought was around 30% but I think was more like 37. I took only one week of work origionally but ended up having to take two. I did an even coat on my whole face and in the problem areas sdid 2 or 3 layers. This was way too strong and I wouldn’t recomend it. It was scary to go through and I am still on the mend. I would suggest a lower dilution or outright strength when doing a TCA peel ior just getting it done professionall. What i didnt know was that there are specifica products out there for post peel mostuizing which I would of used had I know it. I made my own salves with vaseline and emu oil. Please anyonme who is thining of using 30% or higher tca DONT DO IT!

Ofelia Bellefonte, PA

Excellent product, works MIRACLES

I purchased this product to use on my acne scars and for some scarring on my arms. My face turned dark red/brown and leathery for about 3-4 days before peeling. The results from the first application were staggering. I figure that my acne scarring will be completely gone in a couple of months after a couple more applications.

Nora Waconia, MN

Good stuff.

Good for spot treating, frosted really quickly. I haven’t used it over my entire face yet, but will definitely be diluting it before I do.

Charlotte Meadow, SD

Dilute this if you are using on your face!!!

I decided to buy a higher % with lower PH and dilute it instead of constantly buying a new bottle of a higher strength. This is really powerful TCA (great quality!) Just be very careful with it!!! I used 1tsp of the TCA and 1tsp distilled water to make a 25% solution. It gave me great coverage and frosting … bye bye sun damage and acne scars!!! I will purchase again!

Elizabeth Burlington, CT

love the TCA peel

The TCA peel instantly took years off my face!! Only thing is it cannot be used very often and you have to be instantly ready with plenty of water the second you feel the acid sting your face. But, who cares?, it is marvelous! Thank you

Angelina Waukee, IA

Excellent as a pre-cleansing agent

Initially I used this as a standard peel – once a month. I’d cleanse, put it on, wait til it stung, rinse. Then I started using it every other day BEFORE washing my face, leaving it on for only about 60 seconds, and then rinsing and then cleansing. That’s when I started to notice a difference in pore size, “depth”, and general clogged-ness around my nose. I don’t visibly peel from this, but something good is going on… and I almost NEVER get results from any skin product. So I’m actually quite impressed. Recommended. This is just MY experience, of course!None of what I just described is how this product is “supposed” to be used. So please… be careful.

Eliza Dickey, ND

Works well

this peel works well, I DO NOT recommend it for those who have not had a peel before!! I use this product for the first time last week, it is highly effective. Please read ALL of the instructions prior to use!!

Rosemary Claremont, IL

love love it!!!!!!!!!!

i so so love this ……i bought this to get rid of stretch marks and it is doing just that…..the first time i used it….. within 3 days the skin where the stretch marks are at started to peel and i was really happy with that……i am hoping that i won’t have to do too much peels before they go away, but i love that it peels that fast….i love love it!!!!!!!!!!

Paula Richmond, MA

It works, and I like the results.

This peel is very effective and it is strong. Do not go in applying the peel too excitedly without following the instructions carefully. For myself, I do not use the peel full strength, I dilute it to 20-25% strength– 20-25% is strong in itself for my skin, but this strength works great for me.After applying the peel, my skin quickly went into the healing process. In the first three days my skin looked like it received a slight tan, then from four to seven days my skin was getting crinkling and peeling, and within eight to ten days my skin was recovering from the peeling, still peeling any leftover skin and the new skin was revealing itself and coming together–showing up brightly. I used baking soda for a neutralizer, I mixed it with water once and splashed it on my face and this quickly stopped the peels reaction. Another time I just made the baking soda as a paste and put it on my face–either way you use the baking soda, it will neutralize.One note: My first application went well, the only thing is there was one area that frosted more quickly than the rest of my skin on my face, and penetrated a bit deeper. After a day the spot looked like a dark, dye stain mark. It turned out my skin was healing and the dark color will eventually rise to the surface and eventually peel like the other skin. (It actually peeled off sooner than the other skin) In result that area came out even smoother. After this application situation did not happen again, because I used a different brush applicator.Don’t get too comfortable, and get sloppy with the solutions application, this is a powerful solution and you should go in being careful each time.

Shannon Husum, WA

Too strong and can cause a severe burn mark

I have used TCS 25 few times before but this was definitely much stronger than I expected. I have followed the directions to the dot but my skin (which is very sensitive) bad a dark burn mark that I am dealing with. I am slowly applying lighter coating each time to make the marks lighter. Please be very cautious and take it off in less than 30 seconds if you are not used to this kind of strong peels. I am going to use it only for spot treatments and not to cover large areas any longer.

Iva Elmore, MN