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Trichloroacetic Acid Solution TCA 50% Chemical Skin Peel

Our additive free trichloroacetic acid solutions are ideal for use by skin care professionals, dermatologists, physicians, and experienced home consumers. Diluted TCA solutions are broadly used as a chemical peeling agent that when applied to the skin can help reduce acne scars, rejuvinate skin, obliterate age spots, smooth wrinkles, lift unwanted freckles, smooth stretch marks, drastically reduce scarring, and remove xanthelasma. Concentrated TCA solutions (50%-80%) are a very effective method of removing skin tags, moles, and warts. This is a chemical solution and an acid which is corrosive to the skin and should only be applied to the skin at a controlled concentration and at the hands of one experienced in the proper usage and aftercare required to insure healthy and beneficial results. Please consult a qualified dermatologist, oncologist, or physician prior to removing any questionable skin growths using a TCA solution. SAFETY WARNING: It’s important to understand trichloroacetic acid will cause a chemical burn when applied to the skin. Excessive applications or even a single application of a high concentration (usually 50% or higher), may cause scarring. The most commonly accepted concentrations for use as a chemical peel are between 10% and 30%. If purchasing a higher concentration, dilution may be required depending on needs. Special care should be taken to avoid contact with healthy skin surrounding skin tags, warts, or moles when applying to avoid possible scarring and/or long lasting redness. AVOID CONTACT WITH HEALTHY SKIN OR AREAS WHICH ARE NOT MEANT TO UNDERGO A CHEMICAL BURN. USER ASSUMES ALL RISK OF DAMAGE OR INJURY TO SKIN. HANDLE WITH CARE. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. KEEP OUT OF THE EYES, NOSE, & MOUTH. ALWAYS PERFORM A TEST APPLICATION ON SKIN PRIOR TO CONTINUING USE TO BE CERTAIN NO ADVERSE REACTIONS ARE OBSERVED.

Key features

  • Ideal for use by skin care professionals, dermatologists, physicians, and experienced home consumers.
  • Additive free – no alcohol, esters, or acetates.
  • The most effective chemical peel solution available without a prescription or physician required application.
  • Peel strength (8%-30% TCA) recommended for skin resurfacing, scar reduction, stretch marks, acne scars, skin rejuvenation, age spots, wrinkles, freckles, tattoos, and xanthelasma. Concentrated strength (50%-80% TCA) recommended for skin tags, moles, and warts.
  • Pair this item with our post peel neutralizer to help balance the pH of your skin and ease any discomfort after application.

Honest reviews


Effective – but burns.

If yo uare getting this for removal – be aware it is very strong. Go with a lesser version, it won’t hurt as bad. Very effective.

Emily Coyville, KS

TCA 50% Chemical Peel

This 50% TCA peel is considered "medium" as far as strength is concerned; all other peels (glycolic, salicylic, lactic, etc.) are considered "mild". (The Phenol peel is the "strongest" and is performed with light sedation in a physician’s office only.) Again, TCA is the strongest peel you can buy in the market. You will see the continued effects of peeling for around 7-10 days.I am a fair-skinned, 57 year old female who smoked my whole life. I started getting professional peels in my late 30’s ($80 per visit; don’t have a clue what you pay today)!!. Because I started early in life, I’ve never had the "smoker’s lips" or severe lines.I prepped my face, applied the peel, and immediately felt the stinging effect; frosting of the skin occurred in about 1 minute. I only kept the peel on for 4 minutes because the frosting was getting pretty deep and intense, and I was concerned because I had never used this strength before. I neutralized the peel and the frosting went away in about a minute. Go to YouTube and Google, and search for "TCA Peel" to see videos of physicians and other folks on how to use it and what to expect. Only use this strength if you’ve used peels in the past. This peel is not to be messed around with!! I also use it on my hands, arms and legs.Do your research thoroughly. Never use this unless you have tried other peels; this way you can gauge how your skin will respond. Again, do not use this unless you have had chemical peels before, and know what to expect!!

Serena Mount Dora, NM

Not sure

I’m so scared I’ve only tried this once. I probably shouldn’t be reviewing this item but I just wan’t to let others know if their on the fence maybe they should keep their money. I used a Qtip to apply to a brown spot on my back and was very careful not to get it on my skin.I could only leave it on for a minute as it started to burn and got a little freaked out. I washed it off with water/baking soda mixture and then left it alone for a few days. I did notice a little lighting, but not enough to try it again.I have used face peels and thought this might be about the same. When they say professional strength…this company means it. So keep that in mind.

Evangelina Paris, ID

very strong

i dont think chemical peel is for me (asian) the peel itself works but its very strong the seller did suggest to dilute with water which i did. after using the peel i did started peeling a few days after. as for clearing away black marks (hyperpigment) i dont think its for asian skin. on my experience it didnt necessary make the pigment worst but it didnt necessary help ither. will be moving on to other alternative. i mainly got it for peeling off my tatoos, after serveral peels tatoo still there. the area did seem to get darker but i stop using & it kinda turn backto normal now.

Pat Drayden, MD


This is extremely dangerous stuff if you are purchasing please be safe. Make sure to dilute with water and if you aren’t sure start with one or two drops, and 4 drops water and test an area. Increase slowly but carefully to get desired peel. I use this on a keloidish scar and it is definitely flattennig and looking better. I also dilute with a lot of water and have been doing face peels for my acne scaring, but it’s minor, my face isn’t burnt off or dark and leathery. I make sure to dilute and just build layers until I cant handle the heat any longer lol.

Jodi Kaycee, WY

One Star

Works good, but made scars

Erna Hudson, IL

Silly me.

Well I give this one star because it left a burnt/dark mark that is taking forever to fade. I do not blame the product or manufacturer but myself because in a desperate move to get rid of dark spots on my face from acne, I must have used something too strong for the purpose intended. Pls,pls and pls, do not use on your face.

Kathy Ellenton, GA

TCA solution

Works great, will order some more later. I use it personally and in my establishment for retail. Wud have been better if it comes with a brush.

Maude Mc Coy, CO

Great Product

This product worked on my wart in two days. I am thrilled.The last product I tried worked also, but it cost a fortune. Happy that I was able to find something that works and is inexpensive.

Marcia Crest Park, CA