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Trichloroacetic Acid Solution TCA 30% Chemical Skin Peel

Our additive free trichloroacetic acid solutions are ideal for use by skin care professionals, dermatologists, physicians, and experienced home consumers. Diluted TCA solutions are broadly used as a chemical peeling agent that when applied to the skin can help reduce acne scars, rejuvinate skin, obliterate age spots, smooth wrinkles, lift unwanted freckles, smooth stretch marks, drastically reduce scarring, and remove xanthelasma. Concentrated TCA solutions (50%-80%) are a very effective method of removing skin tags, moles, and warts. This is a chemical solution and an acid which is corrosive to the skin and should only be applied to the skin at a controlled concentration and at the hands of one experienced in the proper usage and aftercare required to insure healthy and beneficial results. Please consult a qualified dermatologist, oncologist, or physician prior to removing any questionable skin growths using a TCA solution. SAFETY WARNING: It’s important to understand trichloroacetic acid will cause a chemical burn when applied to the skin. Excessive applications or even a single application of a high concentration (usually 50% or higher), may cause scarring. The most commonly accepted concentrations for use as a chemical peel are between 10% and 30%. If purchasing a higher concentration, dilution may be required depending on needs. Special care should be taken to avoid contact with healthy skin surrounding skin tags, warts, or moles when applying to avoid possible scarring and/or long lasting redness. AVOID CONTACT WITH HEALTHY SKIN OR AREAS WHICH ARE NOT MEANT TO UNDERGO A CHEMICAL BURN. USER ASSUMES ALL RISK OF DAMAGE OR INJURY TO SKIN. HANDLE WITH CARE. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. KEEP OUT OF THE EYES, NOSE, & MOUTH. ALWAYS PERFORM A TEST APPLICATION ON SKIN PRIOR TO CONTINUING USE TO BE CERTAIN NO ADVERSE REACTIONS ARE OBSERVED.

Key features

  • Ideal for use by skin care professionals, dermatologists, physicians, and experienced home consumers.
  • Additive free – no alcohol, esters, or acetates.
  • The most effective chemical peel solution available without a prescription or physician required application.
  • Peel strength (8%-30% TCA) recommended for skin resurfacing, scar reduction, stretch marks, acne scars, skin rejuvenation, age spots, wrinkles, freckles, tattoos, and xanthelasma. Concentrated strength (50%-80% TCA) recommended for skin tags, moles, and warts.
  • Pair this item with our post peel neutralizer to help balance the pH of your skin and ease any discomfort after application.

Honest reviews



I used the 50% on two scars on the side of my nose, right where the cushion on eyeglasses would sit. These two scars were depressed and were moderately/severely deep. I dipped a q-tip into the solution and dotted the scars. They frosted, and I put some lotion on them. Now, 10 days later, I am amazed at the improvement I have gotten! I’d say the scars are at least 50% improved, and probably closer to 75%!!! They have risen up quite a bit and are MUCH smoother. I’ve not had any color changes to my skin.By the way, these two scars were the result of an Isolaz IPL treatment. I thought I’d be stuck with these forever but not now!

Brittney Kellogg, ID

This works great I used this to spot treat some dark pigmentation …

This works great I used this to spot treat some dark pigmentation and my darks spots are gone so happy. It does turn your skin brown before you peel but I was able to cover it up when I needed to go out in public. It took 5 days to peel but it was worth it!

Loretta Mount Ayr, IA

Worked Surprisingly Well!

Treated a raised blackhead that other peels I bought would not touch. Turned it brown and ugly, but it shriveled up and fell off in about a week. Strong stuff! It is now gone permanently. There is a little pink spot left, which is fading away. I am very satisfied.

Aurelia Keezletown, VA

Be careful

Even at 30% it’s strong but removed discolored skin on first try! I’m buying this for my friends and family.

Carlene Mount Meigs, AL

try thiss……….

This stuff works! It truly does u wont regret purchasing this it is very effective may take several peels to acheive desired look but it will work!

Rosie Twin Mountain, NH

This stuff does work.

Effective at removing moles. Just be careful at placing product directly on growth mole, etc. Will peel surrounding skin if not careful.

Beth Arbovale, WV