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Tressa Color Maintance Watercolors Shampoo Liquid Copper 8.5 oz

ressa Watercolors Color Maintenance Shampoo A 3-in-1, sulfate-free shampoo for everyone with colored hair, Watercolors Shampoos cleanse, condition and refresh color in one easy step. Specially formulated Reflective Color Enhancers deposit color and deliver vibrant tones and brilliant shine, while a rich foaming later nourishes every hair strand. Tone and maintain color treated hair, or enhance non-treated hair’s natural hues. Watercolors is the ultimate color enhancing, conditioning shampoo. Violet Washe: Use on Light/Medium Blonde ? Gray. Adds glimmering sparkle to platinum blondes and silvers, while washing away goldten tones. Wet Sand: Use on Light ? Medium Blonde. Enhances natural tonal vibrancy with sandy shades of the beach. Golden Mist: Use on Light ? Medium Blonde. Showers hair with a soft, golden brilliance. Warm Spice: Use on Strawberry Blonde. Spices up the warm, red-golden tones in a strawberry blonde and butterscotch shades. Molten Bronze: Use on Light Brown ? Aubu

Key features

  • Use on Light Orange to Red hair
  • Helps brazen copper oranges flaunt their sunny warmth

Honest reviews


Super pigmented, yes, but left a horrid pink cast.

I bought this when I had copper hair, under the recommendation of numerous friends.Surprise surprise, it’s expensive and it sucks, at least in Liquid Copper.When I bought this, I expected an orange/red pigmented shampoo as is described. What I got was something vaguely reddish-pink. I tried it several times, and each time my hair got progressively more and more pink. My previously beautiful, and natural looking red, turned an awful shade of salmon.Ladies, you’re better off mixing shades of Manic Panic or Pravana Vivids with conditioner to deposit color instead of this stuff. At least you’ll deposit the correct undertone that way.

Kara Arispe, IA


This is not copper in any way, but makes your hair pink. It also will stain your bathtub or shower immediately. Would not purchase this again. Very expensive and I wanted copper effects, not pink.

Laura Anderson, CA

Great shampoo

This really does help prolong the color of my hair, I dye it a color called red fire and I mix this with another color in this line called fluid fire. Allows me to go 8 weeks without having to touch up my color, at 8 weeks my color still looks bright it’s just my roots are showing. Otherwise I would think I could prolong dying it even longer. I use it about once a week, wet hair then I squeeze out as much water as possible, apply all over and let it sit for about 20 mins, then rinse and deep condition. Love this shampoo, a must have for red hair.

Kendra Fulshear, TX

Love it! Adds a nice intensity without changing the color. Adds a slight dimension to hair as well!

Glad I discovered this brand! A little bit applied to soaking wet hair produces a LOT of lather. I keep it in my hair while I shower and try to keep it on for at least 7 minutes. Easy to rinse out, does NOT stain tub at all! Does NOT stain clothing either. And I use a conditioner after I rinse this out.It leaves a nice, rich, slight intensity to my auburn/copper colored hair. Absolutely LOVE this! I use it twice a week (sometimes 3 times a week). It provides some shine, color and added dimension to my hair. Looks good and helps keep color so fresh! It’s not a permanent color but it absolutely helps colored hair without changing it drastically. BEAUTIFUL addition to my hair care! This bottle will last about 6 months. I’ve been using it for 6 weeks and have about 85% left in bottle. So really… probably last more than 6 months.Also purchased the Warm Spice. LOVE BOTH! Sometimes I mix them and then apply. Again, takes VERY little to produce results and provide much lather. The results are not drastic. So don’t be afraid to use this brand. It won’t completely mess with your current color. Just helps revive the colors. LOVE this line!!

Charmaine Constantine, MI

Looks Beautiful on my hair but…

Like most chemical dyes this caused burns to my scalp! 🙁 owch going back to henna glazing However, everyone if you have never had an allergy to chem dyes this is a really really nice product 😀

Graciela Odessa, NE

This Works.

I’ve used other color depositing shampoos and like this one the best. It doesn’t seem to dry out my hair as others have and the color is very natural looking. I have naturally red hair that I was dying blond for a while and am now trying to grow my natural color back out. This is helping keeping the natural part and dyed part looking more blended. Will probably keep purchasing this even after all the dyed part is grown out as it brightens up my natural color too. Great Product.

Tracy Guthrie, OK

It’s good for color, just not really copper.

I’m really indifferent about this product. It deposits color, but it’s not as orange as I expected something that included the word "copper" to be. I added it to some pink hair dye to even out my base color before I dyed it copper and it turned the color a neon red-pink. I put the copper on top and it turned into a rich red copper. I kept using it for a month and it turned my copper color red. A month later I decided to henna my red and I used the shampoo over that and it turned from a gorgeous orange to a weird pinkish orange. I usually leave the color in for about 3 minutes. It does kinda dry my hair out which I noticed when I switched from garnier fructis damage control to the Radiant Red shampoo where I use a lot less conditioner.

Sylvia Sumner, ME

Great color shampoos

I love Tressa Watercolors Shampoos to extend the time between salon colors. I’m a "gone gray" redhead, and the color fades so quickly. This not only extends the color, but also adds manageability. I usually use "Molton Bronze", but am more pleased with mixing it with "Liquid Copper". I was very happy to find this on Amazon Prime as my hairdresser no longer sells it.

Bridget North Woodstock, NH