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Tressa Color Maintance Watercolors Shampoo – Fluid Fire 8.5 oz

Tressa Watercolors Color Maintenance Shampoo A 3-in-1, sulfate-free shampoo for everyone with colored hair, Watercolors Shampoos cleanse, condition and refresh color in one easy step. Specially formulated Reflective Color Enhancers deposit color and deliver vibrant tones and brilliant shine, while a rich foaming later nourishes every hair strand. Tone and maintain color treated hair, or enhance non-treated hair’s natural hues. Watercolors is the ultimate color enhancing, conditioning shampoo. Violet Washe: Use on Light/Medium Blonde ? Gray. Adds glimmering sparkle to platinum blondes and silvers, while washing away goldten tones. Wet Sand: Use on Light ? Medium Blonde. Enhances natural tonal vibrancy with sandy shades of the beach. Golden Mist: Use on Light ? Medium Blonde. Showers hair with a soft, golden brilliance. Warm Spice: Use on Strawberry Blonde. Spices up the warm, red-golden tones in a strawberry blonde and butterscotch shades. Molten Bronze: Use on Light Brown ? Auburn. Enhances subtle, polished, orange-red tones, bronzed to perfection. Liquid Copper: Use on Light Orange – Red. Helps brazen copper oranges flaunt their sunny warmth. Hazelnut: Use on Light Brown. Refreshes the cool coffee shades in light brown hair while filtering out copper/orange tones. Fluid Fire: Use on Medium ? Dark Red. Creates bright, passionate, fiery red-range tones. Crimson Splash: Use on Deep Brunette ? Medium Red. Infuses deep browns with crimson reds, creating sultry, black-cherry tones. Wet Brick: Use on Deep Brunette. Complements warm, brown hues with rich, terra cotta reds. Mocha Drench: Use on Deep Brunette. Saturates hair in chocolate cappuccino blends, while filtering out red or brassy hues. Cocoa: Enhances and maintains rich, natural medium brown shades. Available in 8.5 oz bottle

Key features

  • Use on Medium to Dark Red hair
  • Creates bright, passionate, fiery red-orange tones

Honest reviews


Kind of drying

I tried this in fluid fire and it dried out my hair and also turned it more of a pink than red. I have medium auburn hair. It’s not really what i expected. Maye i will leave it on for less time other than 10 minutes. Less could be more i suppose.

Ann Granada, CO

I stopped using it

Most of the time I can’t tell a difference from using this shampoo. When I can tell a difference, I don’t really like the shade of red that comes from this product. I used it for a while but now it sits in my shower unused.

Ada Waldo, KS

Really magenta and a mess

I thought this would add some red tone to my dark brown hair with natural highlights. I saw that others reviewed it magenta on blond hair but mine is brown so I thought no problem. Despite combing it through very carefully and letting it set 20 min I got a streaky magenta tinge all over with severely magenta tips. And it would be a huge mess (think Psycho) if you were trying to use it in the shower everyday.

Rosanne De Lancey, NY


The color is vivid for sure. Unfortunately it’s too pink on my hair. My daughter likes it. Fortunately it does wash out in 1-2 washes.

Audra Killbuck, OH

Pink, not red!

This is definitely more magenta than warm red! It also barely lathers, unlike the bottle of Molten Bronze I just ran out of (also purchased from Amazon), so I ended up having to use another shampoo after this one just for my hair to feel clean. I think I will try the Liquid Copper next time.

Gilda Wiley, GA