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TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Protective Spray 8 fl oz

There’s one rule when you expose your hair to heat the hair must be protected. This product guards against heat and friction to keep your hair shiny and incredibly soft. It’s a fantastic tool for instantly transforming all hair textures, enhancing strands’ flexibility to reform and hold shape. How it Works * To guard against heat styling damage and friction, spray this multi-use protective spray to keep your hair shiny and incredibly soft. It’s a fantastic tool for instantly transforming

Key features

  • Salon-Healthy Hair At Home
  • Used By Professionals

Honest reviews



I’m basically obsessed with this product right now!!! I have used the Chi Iron Guard for the past year, but this stuff is MUCH better. The Chi Iron Guard makes my hair sticky and dry. This Tresemme stuff seems so vitamin-enriched, it’s super lightweight and makes my hair smooth and shiny, plus IT SMELLS AMAZING!!!! I want to wear it as perfume. LOL. The Chi Iron Guard doesn’t smell good at all. Honestly this stuff hasn’t only protected my hair from heat, but makes my hair look so much more healthy. I’m so happy I found this!By the way, I have wavy, fine hair. Hair that curls/frizzes when exposed to humidity or wet. So, this definitely works on my type of hair.

Cathleen Albertson, NC

Very Very Surprised! Extremely Effective!

After reading the positive reviews here on Amazon, I decided this product was cheap enough to take the risk of purchasing. I use very expensive heat protecting oils, sprays, creams etc. such as Pureology, CHI, Morroccan Oil, Agadir Oil, Lanza and Kerastase.With low expectations, I tried the Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray on my damp hair after washing and conditioning. I blew it dry and immediately noticed a much silkier texture to my hair. My ends looked very clean as well! I then sprayed the Tresemme on my dry hair prior to flat ironing and combed through. WOW! My hair is baby soft and very fine and this product did not weigh my hair down in any way whatsoever! That is huge for me! In fact, my hair had a beautiful bounce and shine to it after I finished flat ironing my wavy hair straight. Sometimes, after I flat iron my hair can look limp but not with the Tresemme.I can’t speak to this brand’s other products but I must say given the fact that their spray is so fantastic I might have to try their line of shampoos and conditioners as well.For the effectiveness of the product along with the extremely affordable price it is a must try! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Carissa Orosi, CA


Whatever company makes the plastic sprays for ‘TRESEMME’ should be evicted from the planet. I purchase both the ‘smooth’ heat protector and this Tresemme’ tamer protector. Both of these products, the spray part – not only didn’t spray the product but fell to pieces right before my eyes on the counter. If I really said in the review how it affected me they certainly wouldn’t publish it so I am using a F. Scott Fitzgerald approach and stipulate ‘don’t buy it’. I always like Tresemme’ products but this misadventure cured me forever. No just one bottle but two in the same day. Frustration or what?????????

Adele Bay City, MI

Just o.k. I’m not overly impressed and have other products I like better

This spray seems to do what it says but I still have a problem with a bit of frizz and my hair had a bit of a wave when using this. I did’t notice it did much for my hair – it wasn’t necessarily smoother, shinier, silkier or anything. I also noticed that my hair was flatter – with almost no body. Yes I flat iron but to straighten my hair so I prefer products which leave some natural body in my hair so that it isn’t flat to my head by mid day.I also did not feel this did much in humidity. Overall it works just o.k.

Juanita Cicero, IL

TRESemme Thermal Heat Tamer

I love this product. I am a professional hair stylist and use this every day on my own hair.

Sara South Wellfleet, MA

It must be working if I don’t have any complaints!

I’ve never tried a product like this before, but I guess it must be good if it isn’t doing any damage! My hair is soft and I’m assuming it must be good for my hair, LOL. I know, not that smart, but it sure smells good!

Chelsea Corwith, IA

Never Use!

This product is the absolute worst. It doesn’t work and actually takes me longer to fix my hair. The smell is overly sweet and gives me headaches. When I spray it on dry hair, using very little, my hair is very wet and takes two hours to dry so I can use it. I recommend using salon-quality heat protectants instead.

Patricia Hiawatha, WV

The great reviews are quite confusing…

This is probably the worst product I have ever used. Everyone else seems to use this as their go-to heat protectant. However, this stuff makes me look like a greaseball. At first I was using a lot, as it turned out, but then I kept clarifying my hair of the product and using less of it. I have more hair than most people. ONE spritz on the ends still left me looking like a greaser. This stuff is nasty. I ended up getting the heat protectant from Beyond the Zone at Sally’s Beauty Supply. Way better than Tresemee.

Rosemarie Chester, SC

Seems Really Great

I’m on my first bottle of this, which I bought because I needed a heat protectant to use with a new curling wand. I don’t usually like add-on hair products because I never want my hair to feel like “stuff” is on it. I was pleasantly surprised because if you use a light enough hand in spraying this on, it is not in the least bit gunky or sticky. After my hair is dry, I can’t tell it is on my hair at all, which I love. The reviewer who complained about it obviously sprayed on way too much of it. Use a light spray only!It has a lovely smell, which is an added plus for me as I find many hair products smell truly sickening. The scent of this one is not at all overpowering, but really nice (like a subtle perfume) when you put it on and then soon it mostly disappears. The price is fabulous, deals all over the place on it depending on where you buy, and I truly doubt that the various salon type brands at quadruple the price are any better. Only time will tell if this really protects my hair, though. I hope it does. Since I don’t yet know how well it works as a heat shield, I only gave it 4 stars for now.

Belinda Goodwell, OK

A little expensive :/

This is the best heat protectant on the market! This came in super quick, but unfortunately this was more expensive than Wal-Mart. A little bit of a bummer, but this product is fabulous, it has never stirred me wrong. Definitely try it out!

Marianne Osage, WV


It made my hair sticky and hard i didn’t like it. Also it smells like chemicals and made my hair feel stiff. I originally bought it because i got this waver for my hair and thought i should get a protectant spray for the heat, well it didn’t work my hair got kind of frizzy. Then again my hair gets frizzy easily, and is sensitive i guess so maybe it just wasn’t for my hair type. I know lots of other people think it’s amazing so i don’t know, not for me though. Total waste of 8 bucks and shipping was forever!!!

Carmen South Kent, CT

Works for a one step process.

I have used a few heat protectants and because of all the positive reviews I chose to give this one a shot. Having high expectations I was surprised at how water based this is. Despite what the instructions on the bottle say, this can’t be use directly with heat styling tools. You will have to spray and wait for it to dry or blow dry your hair. I do not blow dry so I’ve been spraying it on after I wash and letting it dry altogether. This makes this product less than ideal for touching up or adjusting with heat styling tools. For example, if you have flat-ironed your hair and want to curl the ends but have the kind of hair that curls when wet, this would not be a good option for the task at hand. Another issue I’ve had with the product is that if you do not shake the bottle before you use it it seems that the ingredients separate and you may end up spraying what seems like just water or ,on the flip side, too much product into your hair which explains why some of the negative reviews call the product watery while others claim it is too heavy.All of this being said, if you have a one step process, shake the bottle before using, and don’t over spray, the product seems to work fine as a heat protectant and it makes the hair feel “silky.”Overall I don’t think that I’ll be using this product again as I’m looking for something a bit more versatile.

Vanessa Haiku, HI

Cheaper at Walmart

I absolutely love this product.However, I was surprised to notice during my last trip to Walmart that I could have gotten this $3 cheaper. May not seem like a lot, but for a struggling college student, it matters.

Bonnie Beckville, TX

People Smell My Hair (In a good way)

I absolutely love this product. I spray it on my hair wet before I blow dry and it has noticeably reduced the amount of damage to my hair. Also, I use a bit on dry hair before I straight iron, and it makes the iron run really smoothly over my hair. I find I need to put more on wet hair versus dry, I guess it depends on what you are doing to your hair, and how much protection you need. It is relatively cheap, lasts a long time, and smells soo good. It sounds weird but I catch people smelling my hair sometimes in the elevator on my way to work.

Patsy Canalou, MO

I like this product.

I like this product because leave a weird smell on the flat iron or makes my hair burn when I’m straightening it.

Catalina Dolliver, IA

I love it!!!!

It’s not oily, it moisturizes my hair and it has a comfortable smell. The best of all IT’S NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS, which is a plus for me.

Henrietta Coosawatchie, SC

Love it

I have bought several since my first time using it. It seems to protect my hair. I use it before blow drying and before styling my dry hair EVERY TIME. Since using it I have also bought it for a few friends or family members who are really enjoying it also. This lasts a long time but I do not always blow dry or style my hair with heat everyday. More like a few times a week. For the price this is some pretty awesome spray. I would absolutely recommend using it.

Ana Cicero, NY

Prevents Heat Damage in 4b natural hair

I wear u-parts I make myself and I use this with Avocado butter and Fantasia IC Hair Polisher Heat Protector to flat iron my leave out. My hair always looks so natural and doesn’t revert! After I wash my hair with Suave’s sulfate free/silicone clarifying conditioner my hair always reverts back to its coils and I follow that by co washing my hair with suave waterfall mist conditioner. My hair stays moisturized! I flat iron my leave out weekly for the past 3 months and not damage so far.

Kirsten Mill Spring, MO

LOVE this!!!

I am not a fan of other Tresemme products but this one is just AWESEOME!!! It makes my hair feel and smell wonderful. I use it to protect my hair when flat ironing, curling etc and my hair always feels silky smooth and protected without feeling greasy. I also love that it sprays out as a fine mist so you don’t use too much at once. A must have for anyone who styles their hair with hot tools.

Taylor Grover, SC

Great Protective Spray!

I use this spray every time after I wash my hair, even if I’m not going to use a flat iron! I absolutely love the smell and like how it doesn’t build up in your hair or make it feel sticky.

Misty Bowerston, OH

Silky, silky, silky!

I love it. It smells fantastic and my hair felt really silky after curling it. I’m normally very wary of heat treatment on my hair, but this stuff really hits the spot.

Maritza Steubenville, OH

Cheaper in store

I bought this exact bottle in stores for $4 in Rite Aid. It works okay makes your hair oily after a day though not crazy oily but noticeable so youll have to wash your hair daily.

Lily Greenville, RI

Great Spray

I use this every time I flat iron my hair. It smells good & seems to do the job great!

Odessa Longview, WA

Great protective spray

I’ve gotten no complaints. My little sister fries her hair daily with her hair iron and I bought her this so she still keeps some hair on her head!

Sharron Jefferson, GA

Great product

I blow dry & straighten my hair almost every day, so I really need something to protect it from the extreme heat! This spray does the trick. The spray nozzle sprays out a fine mist that lightly coats my hair without weighing it down. It makes my hair feel and smell great! I’ve tried several other brands but they were greasy, smelled bad, or were really expensive. This leaves my hair soft and silky and for an affordable price!

Denise Lawrenceville, NY

Love it

Love this heat protective spray it don’t weight your hair down at all and u don’t have to use a lot.

Kelli Zelienople, PA

Probably does it’s job

The fact that this is a spray doesn’t work to well for me when using a flat-iron. The consistency makes my naturally curly hair fluff up and get kinda frizzy. As for just using before I blowdry, I think it is fine. But since it brings the waves/frizz/fluff I end up having to go back over my hair with a flatiron several times, so I’m not sure how protected my hair can be after that.

Beulah Silverpeak, NV

Good product

I love using this product, and for me it’s the best product when blow drying my hair, curling and ironing my hair.

Elva Marne, IA

Best thermal protection out there! No more fried hair!

I just have to say that this stuff…(sniffles)….saved my hair! I had been using a heat protectant by got2be, and I had no idea that my hair was still being damaged until one day I went to get my hair cut. The lady said my hair was very damaged, and she could tell it was from heat damage. I am addicted to my flat iron, so I knew she was right. I told her I used a heat protectant, but she said the one I was using had been known not to work. She said that normally they would recommend me a salon brand heat protectant since I was in a salon, but she told me about Tresemme’s Heat Tamer spray. After my hair appointment, I ran to Walmart and found the spray. The next day I decided to try it out. I used it both before I blow dried my hair and straightened it. I couldn’t believe the difference in how my hair felt compared to the other heat protectant I was using. My hair just felt light, smooth, and most of all healthy. I continued to use it until my next hair appointment a few months later. I always go to the same lady in the salon. I didn’t tell her I had been using the spray, I just wanted to see if she noticed any difference in my hair. She complimented me on how much healthier my hair was, and she couldn’t find any trace of heat damage! This stuff is magic in a bottle. Thank you Tresemme.A quick tip…do not spray too mcuh or you will regret it. It will make your hair look greasy if you use too much. On the bottle it say use liberally, and they mean it!

Casey Elysian, MN

Bad trigger

The trigger on this spray bottle is very difficult to use and by the time I got enough "pumps" out of it my finger hurt. I’ve used another similar product that works better on my hair and is easier to spray but unfortunately lots more money. It figures!

Louella Guaynabo, PR