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TRESemme Thermal Creations Curl Activator Spray, 8 oz

Lock Those Curls in Style Lock the curls in your hair with this Tresemme Thermal Creations Curl Activator Spray. It defines and freezes curls formed with the heat from a curling iron. This spray combines flexibility and holding power for beautiful, long-lasting ringlets. Defines and freezes curls made with curling iron Causes long-lasting ringlets Avoids frizz and stubborn runaways It has been specially formulated to work with heat styling products. Just For You: All hair types A Closer Look: The vitamin-enriched formula of the spray provides moisture to the curls and helps prevent flyaway and frizz. The lightweight holding polymers encourage long-lasting ringlets. Get Started: Mist evenly and liberally from roots to ends on dry hair. Quickly blow-dry the spray to set for one minute so that the heat stops any tackiness and wetness for smooth styling. Then, curl section by section to create defined waves. Also use as a light finishing spray to tame frizz and add hold to ringlets.

Key features

  • Tresemme Thermal Creations Curl Activator Hair Spray creates, holds and defines curls
  • This vitamin enhanced spray is formulated for use with heat styling products
  • Defines and freezes curls that are formed with the heat from a curling iron
  • Combines flexibility and holding power for perfect, long-lasting ringlets
  • Its vitamin-enriched formula supplies the moisture curls need to prevent stubborn flyaways and frizz

Honest reviews



I tried it today and I’m not sure I am a fan. It makes it hard to blow dry hair and makes it almost feel drier and dirty. I don;t know, maybe just not right product for me.

Betty Crystal, ND

Another amazing product!

I love spraying this one my hair before curling my hair or blow drying it. It makes my hair look more voluminous and curly. And it smells great and sweet like berries. It helps the curls last longer too! I love this product! Tresemme’ has made another amazing product!

Leeann Winnsboro, LA

The best scrunching spray!

I have tried so many scrunching sprays, and this is the best! I have wavy hair, and sometimes you have to give it a little push to scrunch how I want it. This spray is perfect, because it really does ‘activate’ the curls, AND it does not leave my hair rock hard or wet looking all day like other products do. I also do not have to re-apply throughout the day, like with other products. Also, it smells great. :)I am having a hard time finding this in stores like I used to- Tresemme, please don’t stop making this!!!!

Beatrice Houston, AL

Great for activating curl!

I’ve been using this product for several years and have found it to be better than many of the "professional" lines of curl activating products. I have dark brown (almost black) hair so certain products tend to flake and/or turn my hair dusty white. This is not one of those products! It activates curl without leaving any chalky residue and works great! You won’t be disappointed.

Sheena Lafox, IL

Great with a diffuser!

I will start off by saying I do not use this as directed on the bottle. The suggest you spray on dry hair and blow dry quickly and brush through hair to remove stickiness and then to curl sections with a curling iron. It also says to use as a finishing spray to combat frizz. They state that this product is great for hair that normally doesnt hold a curl but unfortunatly I cannot review from that stand point because my hair is naturally pretty curly. I do not use a curling iron and only manipulate my curls(with rollers) on special occasions. I purchased this when looking for a heat protectant when I use my diffuser and next to the bottle of Tresemme Heat Tamer I saw this bottle. It automatically caught my attention even when I read the suggested uses because I like to experiment with different products, using them in many different ways to find the best stuff for my hair. With the Tresemme Thermal Creations Curl Activator, I simply sprayed it all over my hair making sure to get all the sections ( I use herbal essence conditioner as a leave in and then garnier fructis pure smoothing cream and curl shaping spray gel first ). This bottle has an odd looking dispenser that I normally see on volumizing sprays that helps you distribute it pretty evenly because you know the spray is going where you want it. At this point it made my wet hair feel sticky and a little stiff(which I HATEE) but that goes away soon enough. I blow dry with a diffuser for about 5 minutes and that is enough for the stickiness to go away but some sections seemed to stay stiffer than others. After trying the same routine again with less of this spray I noticed that the stiffness can be eliminated entirely. I also tried using this in my 2nd day hair routine and it really defined my curls and added some extra volume that I normally dont experience on days when I don’t rinse and condition. I would not suggest using this as a finishing spray unless you enjoy sticky, stiff and matted hair, because without the heat it just sits on top of your hair causing an un-cool mess.

Ashley Connellsville, PA