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Tresemme Smooth & Silky Shampoo with Moroccan Argan Oil, 32 Ounce

Smooth & Silky Shampoo with Moroccan Argan Oil, 32 Ounce from tresemme intensely moisturizes to calm frizz and tame unruly hair. It leaves hair touchably soft and salon-smooth and silky. Its moisturizing formula with vitamin h and silk proteins quenches hairs thirst.

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  • Tresemme Smooth & Silky Shampoo with Moroccan Argan Oil, 32 Ounce

Honest reviews


Great for hair loss

Maybe you saw that episode of “Oprah” when she discussed problems for hair loss. Well, this shampoo, along with its matching conditioner was said to regrow hair. Guess what? It does! My husband’s hair was getting ridiculously thin – just seemed to be going by the day. When I heard about that show, I bought this and well, he uses it every day and his hair looks so much better and he actually has some! It won’t replace all of it but if you’re not in the market for the hair plugs, etc., this product, along with the conditioner, goes a VERY long way in remedying the problem. Besides, it works great too! Highly recommend!

Greta Rose Hill, IA

Delivery of package was bad

This item came in a box with my other items. This item spilled all over the inside of the box and was leaking outside of the box. The top was completely off the top. I wish someone would have made sure the top was screwed on tight before shipping. Now I only have like half the product in the bottle

Deana Beltrami, MN

TRESemme; The One That Works Wonders

This is the most outstanding product for those ladies who have uncontrollable frizz hair. The hair that gets frizzy once it receives the humidity of the air. This is the one product that can control all of your frizzy tips. It will as well leave your hair looking very long and smooth. Your hair will bounce as you walk down the street. The shampoo and the conditioner together will make you hair look full of volume and thick as well. The Vitamin H and Protein silk are the main two ingredients that help the hair look at the best than it can. Having the most wonderful hair if most of what a girl as wished for. Most of the women are tired of having nappy, knotty, and frizzy hair.I always tried looking for that one product that was able to control my frizzy hair, was able to make it look like those television female hair models. Nothing worked! I tried everything that I could. I just wanted my hair to be smooth and soft. The very first time I used the Tresemme shampoo and the Tresemme conditioner my hair had never felt so soft before. Not only did it last the day but it as well lasted until the second day, perhaps even longer. My hair looked long, shiny, and smooth. I was able to run my fingers through my hair as if it were a waterfall. Not only that but my hair seemed as if I straighten it but it was the natural look that this product gave me. I have never been happier with a product result, with this one being an exception. Sometimes when I go back home for the weekend I can’t shower unless it’s this exact same product that I’m using because other shampoos just make my hair frizzy and stay in knots. Also can I mention how much we females dislike dandruff that other shampoos leave us? Well not this one, this is also another advantage of using this product. I honestly have no negative feedback to give about this product.There have been many people that have complimented my hair in fact. I always receive the compliments whether I straighten my hair or if it’s naturally like that and I’m very glad to respond by saying that it’s my natural hair, that I just showered. Recently I went to the beach to surf on the weekend; once I got out of the water and my hair was dry I got asked another question that made me glad. I was asked by a lady what product I use on my hair because it looked as if I didn’t even go to the beach. Once again I was really astonished that I could say that I don’t use anything. Not to mention that I have dyed my hair three times in the last year! This product is what makes my hair look undamaged! I can’t believe that I have dyed my hair three different colors and I was able to find a product that is color protected. Again, this shampoo of course isn’t labeled color protected its labeled smooth and silky! This is why I got it! This is how I use the shampoo, I shower with warm water at first, shampoo, and then when I condition I use the conditioner mainly on my tips, a little touch of it before touching my roots and then I rinse in cold fresh water. I would have to give this product a full 5 star rating, if there was more I would. This product is ridiculously magical.Ladies if you want a magical miracle that finally makes your hair look like the hair from the television models this is it! Don’t look back on other pages for other products this one really does work and I’m just an ordinary, eighteen years old, college student. Also remember that this product doesn’t cost a whole lot like other salon products. It is very economically for anyone that wants soft, smooth, and silky hair. I was finally able to find a product that gives the best results ever. Come one ladies, click the button “add to cart” along by purchasing the conditioner. You won’t regret it. Once you do that, next time your online to look other shampoo products don’t forget to rebuy this special one.

Natalie Lohn, TX

It’s not bad for lower end shampoo

I’m kind of a shampoo snob, so I tend to get the pricier "salon" stuff. I won’t make any specific references. They usually make my hair feel nicer and healthier. I have average hair, a little on the dry side, probably because I wash my hair daily. So i tend to stick to shampoo and conditioner that are for dry hair. I purchased this shampoo along with the conditioner, and I am overall pleased with its performance. This shampoo gets my hair clean, and doesn’t dry my hair out afterwards. The conditioner however is not very impressive. I suggest using another conditioner with this shampoo, because I think the conditioner actually dried my hair out more. I tried washing my hair with just the shampoo, and my hair was sleeker and softer than it was when I used it with the conditioner! If you have a favorite conditioner, stick with that one. Or you could probably get away with just using this shampoo without conditioner.

Tracie Pleasant Garden, NC

Get the Best for Less!!!

I have been with the same hair stylist for over 20 years now and I don’t know where I will go for a terrific and reasonably priced haircut when she retires. I have followed her from hair salon to hair salon, 4 in all, over the past years and would not normally think of going to another stylist.However, on my last birthday, my daughter gave me the super luxurious gift of a cut, style, manicure and pedicure at one of NYC’s most famous, (and expensive), up-town “beauty studios.” Even the words, “beauty studio” sound expensive.Upon arriving, I was ushered into a beautifully decorated waiting room and offered a coffee, chai, cappuccino or latte. My stylist came out and introduced himself and we went back to his station. He suggested various styles and cuts and then, after making a decision, the “shampoo artist” accompanied me to her station. I was surprised to see that she was using Tresemme Shampoo and other Tresemme products – various types of shampoos and conditioners depending on one’s hair type. For me she used Tresemme Smooth & Silky Shampoo with Moroccan Argan Oil. I have slightly dry and coarse hair and found that this low to mid-price range product did what its ads promised it would do…”deliver intense moisturization where your hair needs it most.” It did lessen the frizz and flyaways without weighing my hair down. This advanced shampoo, with Moroccan Argan oil, really does cleanse and helps tame my unruly hair.The reason for my surprise is that this prestigious salon uses such relatively inexpensive products. It was my understanding that their wealthy and pampered clients expect the hyped, pricey, “snobbier” products – so much for stereotypes!! I usually splurge and go for the high-end shampoos and conditioners also. The ads promise the moon but what they advertise is over the top cost-wise. The stylist and owner told me that over the years he discovered that Tresemme does as much or more than other more expensive shampoos and hair product lines. His decision to use Tresemme was an important one for his business. He didn’t want to risk the displeasure of his customers when changing his line of hair care products. He was ready to take the risk, get good results and save money in the long run. This 32 oz. bottle lasts a very long time.I have since become a Tresemme fan and also use their Smooth and Silky Conditioner. Now when I visit my usual stylist, I bring my own shampoo and conditioner with me – the Tresemme line. Very highly recommended.Btw…the manicure and pedicure were very nice and the added luxury touches made me feel pampered. But the overall result was about the same as when Ipurchase these services at my usual salon.JANA

Jamie Hebron, OH

Good product

I usually like all the Tresemme products but this one tops the list as it really controls hair fall and makes my hair smooth and shiny.

Lacey Ledyard, IA


just love the way my woman’s hair feels after she used this shampoo. I would recommend it highly to anyone..

Ida Blue Mound, IL

My Favorite Shampoo!

Never thought my favorite shampoo would be a drugstore shampoo but this stuff is amazing…we ran out and my husband kept asking for it…it makes my long hair SMOOTH and so soft. We use the conditioner as well. It also is NOT greasy. Definitely cannot live without this stuff.

Kenya Plato, MO


Use this regularly and does a great job, I have dry hair and my with oily and this works great on both of them, So glad I found it here as a great price also

Meredith Hammond, MT

Good stuff

Smells good, cleans my hair well, and I haven’t had any issues with it. Works like a charm on my hair 🙂

Ava Everson, WA

Very refreshing

I am pleased with this shampoo and the fact that it was a great value. The subtle Moroccan oil scent is pleasant and the product does a good job at cleaning my thick mop. Rinses completely and feels refreshing to my scalp.

Jeri Bloomburg, TX


All of there products are great. They can be interchangeable but diffently work best when they are all the same.

Shelia Sun Valley, NV


My hair is medium lenght,thick and very dry and for the longest it seemed that my shampoo worsened it’s state,i washed and condition my hair with tresemme’s product and the result was soft and manageable shiny hair! Im hooked.

Mandy Aaronsburg, PA

Can’t beat the deal

Great shampoo for the price and works amazing on my hair. I love having the options on amazon that beat the prices of in store all in the comfort of my home. Nothing like doing all your shopping after work curled up under the blankets on the couch.

Nichole Shavertown, PA

Great value

For the price, this is the best shampoo available on Amazon! I can’t believe such a huge bottle is only $4. It’s hard to tell how well the shampoo works because I use it with the Tresemme Smooth and Silky conditioner, but both products together make my hair look amazing. A lot of times the hair products I buy from Amazon will leave my hair either too greasy or a tangled mess, but this shampoo plus the conditioner is the perfect combination.Definitely buy it!!

Imelda Coeymans, NY


I love Tresemme Products and was so happy to find the great prices Amazon offers. Smells great and works well on all the different hair types we have in our house.

Shirley Chandlers Valley, PA


I have dry brittle and thick hair that looks beautiful when it has the right products. I stumbled across this and it is amazing for my hair. I had no clue it helps with regrowth which is a bonus with thyroid condition (noticed slight thinning). I cant wait to try it with the conditioner.

Christie Verbank, NY

Good shampoo

The shampoo, leaves my frizzy hair very smooth and silky, but I feel like I have to shampoo more often. Other shampoos keep my hair clean for days.

Kathie Harman, VA

Wow I am utterly shocked!!

First off let me say that years ago I used several tresseme products and I hated them all.. Couldn’t stand the smell and felt like they did nothing for my dry curly hair…well I was still always curious about the ‘smooth and silky’ line so the other day I decided to pick the conditioner up at target (I have yet to try the shampoo)…well I was truly in shock when I used it in the shower, let my hair air dry (I don’t like to use heat) and noticed a HUGE difference in the frizz and dryness..WOW! I just can’t believe that I hate all of their other products but this one is just amazing! It works like a professional frizz fighting conditioner! I just can’t believe it haha.. I will definitely be buying this again and I advise that anyone out there that has frizzy/dry hair give this is a try!:)Note: this product mainly made my hair smooth not that soft so if u want softness then go for another conditioner such as Redken All Soft or something..

Janette Minturn, AR

3C hair

NIce, but buily-up-y. Not sure if anything at this price point will not be. Again great line, no animal testing and decent ingredients.

Clarissa Tracy, IA

Tresemme Vitamin H

Like the conditioner rate, I bought this shampoo because my hair needs vitamins. I began to use conditioner and shampoo a few days and I will rate when I’ve used more.

Enid Pope A F B, NC

Great Shampoo

I have been using Tresemme for many years and have always had great results. This is an inexpensive way too having great looking hair. (Oh La Lah)

Freda Huntsville, AR