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TRESemme Shine Serum, Keratin Smooth 3.3 oz

TRESemme Keratin Smooth Creme Serum has a lightweight formula that is keratin-infused and controls frizz and flyaways for up to 48 hours without weighing hair down. TRESemme Keratin Smooth hair serum helps to tame frizz for shiny, satin-smooth hair.

Key features

  • TRESemme Keratin Smooth Creme Serum uses a lightweight keratin-infused formula to control frizz and flyaways without weighing hair down for up to 48 hours
  • TRESemme Keratin Smooth hair serum transforms your hair by controling frizz, leaving hair feeling and looking salon smooth
  • TRESemme Keratin Smooth Creme keratin infused hair cream controls flyaways for shiny, satin-smooth hair
  • Our TRESemme Keratin Smooth Creme Serum works great alongside other TRESemme Keratin Smooth products
  • Professional, affordable salon-quality hair serum at an affordable price

Honest reviews


arrived broken

this item arrived leaking all over the paper packaging. I could not use it. It was messy and disgusting. I was sad because I would have like to try it but the bottle being broken I could not.

Bette Petrolia, TX

Love Tresemme, love this fab new product!

I have that rebellious hair which is just a pain in the neck. I have now discovered a few products which help me to tame it.This Tresemmme serim is one of them. I have enjoyed using it every time I wash my hair since it arrived.I like serums in general–they seem to work well on my hair. This one has the extra advantage of being able to be used wet and dry.Another thing about it which I like is that is actually adds some shape to my hair…kind of like the gels and mousses of days of yore. You remember, TWENTY YEARS AGO?Or maybe you weren’t born yet. I am finding that, more and more as I go along, reviewing. People who weren’t even BORN when I am discussing an decarde like the 1980’s.Anyway, I like this product.I also like the red bottle. This is sort of a weird thing to say, but it is a cheerful bottle.Good work, Tresemme! We like your shampoo, too!

Francine Bassett, NE


I applied this serum to both wet and dry hair. The serum has a light fragrance. It was not unpleasant and did not linger. It did feel a bit sticky but did smooth my hair. It did not add any shine to my hair which was disappointing. I found it more effective when used on damp hair than on dry. It did smooth dry hair but it did not seem to last.Keratin has been a popular ingredient since Brazilian Blow Drys garnered so much publicity. A naturally occuring protein, it is a component in hair and nails. Products of this type promise to smooth and revitalize hair while combatting frizzies. This is a relatively inexpensive way to enjoy the benefits of keratin. Recommended.

Rhea North Grosvenordale, CT


I was disappointed by this product as I use Tresemme for most of my other hair product needs. My hair is a little on the dry side but fairly healthy. I color it but not lighter. I need a “smoothing” serum for my hair because it is just wavy enough to be frizzy when I flat iron/blow dry it. This product was “too wet.” When I put it in my hair (even a small amount) it was like spraying it with water and it curled back up. I am also not a fan of how it smells. I tried it a few different ways and still wound up putting a different keratin product in it to smooth it. When I tried it in my wet hair it did give a little more volume to the bottom of my hair but still didn’t really seem to have a smoothing affect. I would try something different if you are looking for a sleek hairstyle.

Ann Brittany, LA

just okay

This hair serum is not bad, but I prefer the crystal clear, silicone based serums likeBiosilk Silk Therapy Serum. While this serum does contain some `cones’ it also contains enough other ingredients to make it a bit inferior to my regular hair serum. And, what I really don’t like, is that the first ingredient is water. I don’t know why they felt the need to dilute it with water. Overall, though, this serum does help reduce frizziness a little bit, but it is not as `slick’ and slippery as my silicone serums. The fragrance is nice and very subtle.

Rebecca Sagamore, MA

Not good!

This product leaves my hair feeling dry and very stringy. I use smoothing serums for my naturally curly hair and haven’t had any luck with this product and I’ve used it several times with the same result. I can hardly run my fingers through my hair. I put the product on my hair when it’s dripping wet and almost instantly I feel the stringiness. My hair is so soft after I wash and condition but once I put this in my hair it changes. I was hoping this product would work but I’m definitely going back to using the serum from Redken. I wouldn’t recommend this product.

Penelope Ireton, IA

No miracles, but doesn’t have the negatives of other products I’ve tried.

…particularly “smoothing” products that list silicone ingredients. The silicone can persist heavily still in my hair even after frequent shampooing, and many products I find have ingredients that irritate my skin, causing acne outbreaks or severe redness. This serum, by contrast, is lightly scented, pretty much weightless, non-reactive (for *me*) and seems to effectively disappear in a day or two, if I wait that long between shampoos.Tresemme Keratin Smooth Infusing serum makes my (colored, graying) hair smoother, shinier and less “wiry” in appearance, although it only does a so-so job of beating back the frizz, particularly in humid weather. It seems that practically any product I might add to my hair tends to ultimate cause dulling, color loss, or even (ultimately) increased frizzing — so I’m impressed to say that this has not been the case here, so far.I am watching carefully for signs of hair breakage as reported on many beauty forums for some Keratin products. Many of these products are for salon use and involve heavy formaldehyde or heat treatments, so I’ll be surprised if this serum falls into the same category — but will update this review appropriately if need be.I’m not so interested in the rest of the Tresemme Keratin line. The best thing I ever did for my hair was to get rid of a lot of my salon products, go with an all-natural botanicals shampoo (from Trader Joe’s!) and start to condition with coconut oil. The thing is, what makes your hair pretty today, can be abysmally bad for it in the long run. And yes, this serum has all number of synthetic polymer-type ingredients…still, I’m taking a chance on a second bottle. I’ve been resisting the Keratin “hype” for some time but apparently there’s something to it, and Tresemme isn’t charging a king’s ransom.

Ester Wickes, AR

Free from frizz!

My hair has always been a pain, and only seems to be getting more unruly each passing year. I’ve got curly hair that gets incredibly frizzy. I don’t blow dry or straighten my hair because it only ends up being an even more frizzy mess when it becomes heat damaged. I also have oily skin and hair, which results in me having to wash my hair daily, or else my hair ends up looking completely gross. This causes a bit of a dilemma, since my hair becomes a dried out frizzy mess whilst I try to keep the crown of my head from looking too greasy.I recently saw a commercial for this line of products and was eager to try it. I have to say- I love it! It works on both wet and dry hair. I climb out of the shower in the morning, brush my hair, and run this serum through the strands of my hair. If I shower in the evening, I simply wait until morning and again comb some of the serum through my (now dry) hair. I generally avoid wearing my hair down because it becomes such a frizzy mess by midday, but since I started using this, I’ve actually been willing to wear my hair down a bit! I’ve even taken to straightening my hair, since my fly-aways are well controlled by the serum! I make sure to avoid getting it too close to the roots of my hair though, as this is obviously an oily product. Last thing I want is to aid my oil problems!One other thing I will comment on is the scent- it’s a light clean scent that I love! The scent also seems to last, since I have found myself on more than one occasion turning my head and catching a whiff of my hair product. I love those moments when I find myself saying, “Wow! My hair smells really good!”.I live in an area that becomes very humid in the Spring/Summer, so I’ll be curious to see how well this works when the weather gets gross. My hair is incredibly unruly in humidity. Thus far, however, I’ve tried other keratin products in the past with very little results, so I’m thrilled by how well this product has worked!

Petra Sharon, WI

A very little goes a long ways … don’t use too much.

To me, all of the smoothing serums work the same. You have to use VERY little and only on the ends of your hair. It kind of defeats the purpose since most of the time you need to “smooth” the hair close to your scalp. I liked this Tresemme ok, but it didn’t do any better or worse than other similar/comparable products (since if I used it close to my scalp, it weighed my hair down).

Benita Kinard, FL

Does get me comments which is unusual for this old guy

My hair is thinning naturally, but I still have a respectable head of hair which stays dark brown with my only grey being in moustache and beard. Anyway, I have been using ths product for a few days and have been surprised by getting comments from some of the old gals around here. The scent is noticeable and pleasant enough, not perfumy. So I do recommend this for other aging guys as well as for anyone else.

Berta Perote, AL

Didn’t work for me

I have medium length thick wavy hair prone to frizz, tangles, and dry-looking ends. I was really excited to try this product! I used this on clean, dry hair. I applied to the ends on one side of my head only. At first, it made my hair look shiny and great! I decided to leave the other side normal for a comparison. I went back to the mirror 20 minutes later and could see no difference – it must have dried or dissipated. :o( I’m giving it two stars because I still need to do the “wet” method, meaning I need to apply to all the hair while it’s still wet. (So I can’t yet declare this product totally useless.) I will also do this on one side and compare. If I get favorable results, I’ll update this review!

Margie Middletown, CA

Works well, and isn’t horribly expensive

My wife and daughters all have long hair that is prone to get frizzy when the weather gets too humid. This Tresemme serum actually does help to reduce frizziness without making their hair seem oily or slick. In all, a great product for those who need to calm their tough-to-manage long hair.

Tisha Smithfield, IL

Skip this one

I’ve recently discovered a whole bunch of great Tresemme products lately but I can’t say this one is a favorite.It squirts out of the bottle into my hand as a slightly gooey sticky slime. So right away I’m a little put off by how it looks. It has no scent I am happy to say.I have been so impressed with all the new Tresemme products I’ve been trying recently. They perform as well as salon products. However, this one is the exception.I rubbed this slime between my palms and applied it to my damp hair before blowing it out. It felt sticky on my hair and didn’t spread out. Nor did it seem to smooth or detangle.After drying my hair I could discern no noticeable benefit or results from this at all, aside from my hair feeling slightly softer. The shine my hair naturally has was dulled by this. Nor did this provide any extra body. On the contrary, it seemed to make my hair more limp and lifeless.My hair has a lot of body and waviness naturally but this seemed to straighten it and take the life right out of it.I won’t use this again since I have so many other products, including from this brand, that do wonders. This one’s a tosser.

Beverly Camp Douglas, WI

Tames frizz but…

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Infusing Serum tames frizzy unruly hair but it takes a lot of product to get the results you want. Can be applied to wet or dry hair. Unlike other smoothing products I have tried, this serum does not easily glide through the hair letting a small amount go a long ways. I have thick shoulder length hair and had to use several pumps and had to distribute the serum in sections throughout my dry hair to evenly get the desired look. I liked how my hair did not look or feel oily, and it does have a pleasant smell but my hair did not have that silky feeling and long lasting vibrant shine I get when I use other Keratin based smoothing serums.

Amelia Shrewsbury, MA

This bottle will last forever

I would compare this as a product and quality to Biosilk’s Serum, which I’ve used (and loved!) in the past. But, Biosilk is big money, and fortunately this is more affordable.As with Biosilk, I just use two or three drops of this, rub on my hands, then smooth through hair. I seriously doubt I will ever run out. Biosilk didn’t last as long because it often dispensed too much at a time.If you use too much, you’ll be hating it within hours as it leaves a greasy feel (but ONLY with too much). If you did just right, it will have a smooth feel that makes your hair move swingy and flowing. I didn’t have to shampoo any sooner than normal, so I see no issue with oiliness here, which makes some people back away from serums.Also, while it contains silicones, I didn’t break out. Some people break out with “cones” but I think that is often exaggerated…I’m not rubbing this all over my face, and most beauty balms and primers all contain silicones too. So I think that’s a non-issue here.Enjoy!

Kristy Delano, PA

Good bye frizz!

My hair has become very unruly lately. I have trouble even braiding it now because of all the frizz and fly away pieces that stick up within a few minutes of braiding. It’s just not cute. I’ve tried so many shampoos, conditioners and additives, and none have worked well. The Tresemme works amazingly well, and I am so glad I tried it. After the first use, I couldn’t stop touching my hair. It was suddenly silky smooth, and it stayed right where I put it. No fly aways. Hardly any frizz. The directions say to use one pump and work through the ends, but I have long hair and didn’t find that quite enough. I normally split my hair down the middle and use one pump for each side, and it’s perfect. No greasy residue, and it washes out clean. I also like the scent.I can’t say enough good things about this product. It makes me love my hair again, even in the humidity.

Heather Winthrop, MA

For an in home hair boost…

For the price and easy use, this in home Keratin Serum from Tresemme is a worthy addition to our hair ‘arsenal’. I would not use this product daily…just as needed.While salon treatments, such as Keratin, and glazing, are superior, they are also extremely costly in most cases.I do treat myself to this option occasionally.But this product:1. left my hair soft2. did not alter the glow of my highlighted hair3. actually resulted in more spring in its waves (my hair is straight…I use curling or blow styling options)4. did not alter my hairs’ appearance or texture in any manner.Good, very good product indeed!

Eliza Allentown, NJ

Great for helping tame my thick hair

I have really thick hair. So thick that even though it’s long enough to reach the middle of my back, its own weight is still not enough to flatten it down. If I us a plain shampoo/conditioner and blow dry my hair, my hair comes out HUGE and poofy. So I need layers of products to tame my hair. Smoothing shampoos and creamy conditioners are just the base layer. If I am going to blow dry my hair, I need something to put in it first to keep it from trying to poof up so much it stands on end.So after the smoothing shampoos and conditioners, I generally use a leave-in treatment of some kind, especially when I plan to flat iron my hair as well. This Tresemme Keratin serum has been working well at keeping my hair under control. I apply it to my hair when it’s still damp, right before I blow-dry it. Then I can either flat iron my hair or curl the ends for a more finished look. It’s helps tone down the thickness of my hair and give it a more sleek look. Great for thick, coarse or hard to tame tresses!

Desiree Bethany, KY

More Smoothing than Shine

This is a thin, somewhat drippy smoothing serum promising shine, but I have not experienced any glossing effect from it.It is not like an instant silkening serum.Other serums for shine and smoothness containing cyclomethcone and dimethicone bring a very dramatic instant result of brilliance, silkiness and softness. This one not so much.Although i does soften and smooth, I will stick to the brands I know with a much more intense effect.

Judi Hood, CA

Definitely smoothing

Doesn’t have very good directions but I like the product. The way “directions” are stated, users might think to use this on wet hair–it does not specifically state.Use this on styled hair for a finished look. It is lightly scented so it doesn’t overwhelm. It is a bit tacky/slightly greasy at first (when first applied) but the product is absorbed. I like the final look.

Rocio Magnolia, AL

Very Satisfied

I’ve been using this on very frizzy, wavy hair and over the last two weeks I’ve noticed a clear difference in how the hair is staying together better (cutting down on frizz) and also how much smoother it is to touch and how much healthier it looks. (You know how it can look unhealthy sometimes when you have a lot of frizz). I’m very satisfied with how this is helping control naturally unruly hair.

Lauren Lowgap, NC

Not what I expected

Its not a serum, more like a cream. Works just like Loreal and other creams. Didnt give me the smooth shine sleek finish I was expecting. I have had brazillain blwo out before (although none recently), I know what to expect from keratin products but this was no magic. I guess you have to try your self. may be with time they improve the product.

Caryn Goldenrod, FL

Smooth but…

I used the Tresemme Karatin smooth infusing serum following the shampoo and conditioner. My hair is smooth, but there is a tactile sensation when I touch it. Sort of a crispness… like a light spraying of hairspray. I also find my hair not to be nearly as shiny as it has been from the Clear or the Nexxus serums. My hair is smooth, the ends are not sticking out. You can use it wet or put a little on the ends when your hair is dry to make them smooth again. Overall I liked the shampoo and conditioner but am not thrilled with the look or feel of my hair after using this leave in serum.

Cortney Isabella, OK

Works really well

My wife tried this stuff out and really liked it. She doesn’t have “frizzy” hair, but she said it was really helpful and made her hair really smooth. Most importantly, it doesn’t leave your hair feeling gross. And for the price, it’s really a pretty good deal.

Melody Middle Island, NY


I have somewhat fine hair and live in a very humid environment so my hair tends to frizz. I used just a dot of the Tresemme Keratin Smooth and it tamed my hair better than I could have imagined. My daughter has naturally wavy hair and tried this product as well, with excellent results as well. It gave her shiny, smooth hair without sacrificing her curls. Nice! This is a fantastic product that I highly recommend.

Phoebe Union, MS


Tresemme Keratin Smooth Infusing Serum is used to smooth away frizz, and give your hair a shiny shiny look.A squirt into your hand and working from the roots to the tips while your hair is wet, will give you more manageable hair, and it protects from all the styling you might do to it. Its also safe to use on colored hair, which mine is.It smells nice, and absorbs quickly so there isnt any greasy spots!

Winnie Montpelier, MS

Good Product

This product reminds me of another that I used a long time ago that I loved – it adds shine and smooths some… but a little goes a long way! I have really long hair and can use about a nickel size on my damp hair – I blowdry my hair a lot, so I have seen a difference in my ends when using the product – they tend to stay healthier looking even with repeated blow drying.

James Clinton Corners, NY

Immediately earned me as loyal customer

This made my daughter’s hair feel smooth just beyond description. I suspected it might be a great infusing product when I noticed it was sold out at a store I go to. The instructions say to use after shampoo and conditioner and work a small amount into the hair. Somehow hair absorbs this serum and gets weight that appears natural.While hair appears natural after gaining weight from absorbing the serum, it feels almost unnaturally silky. But it doesn’t get greasy. Also, hair becomes seemingly immune to static electricity. This must be what actors and TV personalities use. It’s reliable this way.I recommend this product for when you want to add natural looking weight and silkiness to your hair.

Sonia Homerville, OH

As good as a more expensive brand!

I’ve been usingAlterna Caviar Anti-Aging Polishing Serumfor a few years, so I was interested to try a less expensive product. After trying this Tresemme Serum for a few weeks I was surprised that it has given me almost the same effect as the Caviar. I don’t use it so much for taming frizzies, I don’t really have that problem, I use it to add shine. I have found that over the years, my once-shiny hair has become duller looking. A good serum infuses my hair with shine without making it look greasy or oily. This serum has effectively made my hair shinier without leaving any unpleasant residue. Just FYI: I have straight, dark blonde hair that is fairly thick.PS – It always makes my day to know that people find these reviews helpful. If you’d also like to ask a question or leave a comment I usually respond the same day, so if you have a question or comment (even if it’s just to say, Hi!”) feel free to post it below.Thanks,Claire

Elnora Fletcher, MO


I’ve already purchased the Keratin conditioner so I was like I’m getting the serum! And I’m glad I did, I have Chinese bangs and I use this serum on my edges and on my bangs as well as my ends and it’s GREAT. PLUS IT"S NOT OILY, I’ve used other serums that are SUPER OILY and I hate it when my hair looks like someone poured at bottle of grease on my hair. BUY!

Celeste Owensville, IN