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TRESemme Serum, Keratin Smooth Crème 3.5 oz

The lightweight formula of TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Smoothing Crème Serum smoothes away frizz for up to 48 hours and boosts shine. It controls frizz and fly-aways without weighing hair down, allowing you to enjoy shiny, satin-smooth hair all day long. Suggested Use Step 1: Start with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner (sold separately). Step 2: Apply to damp or dry hair. Dispense into hands and work evenly throughout hair avoiding roots. Step 3: Style your hair as usual with your favorite TRESemmé styling products. Our Philosophy From our origins in salons around the world, TRESemmé has always been driven by a simple truth: all women deserve to look fabulous without spending a fortune. That is why we are dedicated to creating hair care and styling products that are salon quality without the salon price. Salon inspired and tested products that help you create your own style and experience that salon feeling every day. What’s in the Box TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Smoothing Crème Serum, 3.5 Ounces. TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Smoothing Crème Serum At a Glance: Infused with Keratin for smoothness Helps control frizz for up to 48 hours Use with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner (sold separately)

Key features

  • TRESemme Keratin Smooth Creme Serum uses a lightweight keratin-infused formula to control frizz and flyaways without weighing hair down for up to 48 hours
  • TRESemme Keratin Smooth hair serum transforms your hair by controling frizz, leaving hair feeling and looking salon smooth
  • TRESemme Keratin Smooth Creme keratin infused hair cream controls flyaways for shiny, satin-smooth hair
  • Our TRESemme Keratin Smooth Creme Serum works great alongside other TRESemme Keratin Smooth products
  • Professional, affordable salon-quality hair serum at an affordable price

Honest reviews


Hair Care

I have used hair care products that have been worth the while from Head & Shoulders, Suave, and VO5 to name a few. But when it has came down to Tresemme, they have been known for dealing for the trendy, but not the everyman. But they are trying to bring more shine into the hair with their products. That shows with their Keratin Smooth Creme Serum. This hair care product works well on my hair, but it can easily thin it out after a few uses. It does work well, but doesn’t work on thinning hair. Is it worth the money, well it is but not for everyone.Price: C+Style: COverall: C 1/2+

Vicky Beaver, PA

It’s okay

I used this as more of a leave in conditioner. It keeps the frizz at bay, but there was no straightening with just the cream and it didn’t seem to help a straight style either, but it kept my frizzies away. Overall, I was not terribly impressed.

Amanda Payneville, KY

Smoooooth Creme

My hair flies away, especially when its cold out it wants to pretend its a mad scientist.Tresemme Keratin Smooth Smoothing Creme Serum smells good, thats a plus…you only need a tiny dollop and you should rub it from tips to roots..a little goes a long way. It does smooth my hair, but even the tiniest bit leaves my hair looking a bit greasy, not shiny. Its good enough, but not the best I have ever used.

Ladonna Woodbury, NY

Great product

I love these smoothing crème serums for the tips of my hair, where they are dry and frizzy. This crème actually gives me a sleek look! It doen’t weigh my hair down either, as long as I keep the application towards the both third of my hair length.

Traci Horatio, SC

Fine but not the Best

The new Tresemme Keratin Smoothing Creme works fairly well on various levels of curly, and varying lengths of hair, but you can easily find a similar product that treats your hair in the same way.Pros: What this new product has over it’s competitors is the aroma, for this cream smells far better than any other my family has used. It also works best with thicker hair as it is meant to smooth and give the hair a nice healthy shine. My teens felt their hair felt fantastic throughout the day.Cons: Remember to keep the cream out of your roots, otherwise your hair might look greasy/oily sooner than you want.

Mildred Ridge Spring, SC

A very unimpressive product

It didn’t really tame the frizz or smoothing my hair. The shine it left, although there, was very subtle and did’t even last overnight (it says it works up to 48 hours). It has a strong but not unpleasant odor that dissipates after about 15-30 minutes. I was not impressed.

Carissa Locust Grove, OK

Wife did not care for.

The first thing she did not like was the way that it smelled. She says it has a strange lingering after smell that she did not like. She has very kinky brown hair and needs alot to tame those frizzies. She also did not like the thickness of this product she said it was not thick enough for her hair. Also the bottle is small considering the price which is a little higher than she would pay.Buy something else!

Patty Joseph, UT


I tried this smoothing serum two ways, with mixed results. In each instance, I followed the directions and applied it to damp, towel-dried hair.1) In the first instance, after applying the serum, I let my hair air dry. I hated the way my hair looked and felt. The serum never dried and my hair retained a heavy residue. Plus, instead of having soft, silky waves, my hair looked like it had a lot of product on it.2)In the second instance, after applying the serum, I immediately blow-dried my hair. Unlike the first instance, my hair did not have any residue. It was light, silky, and smooth, as promised. It also retained the silky softness for up to 48 hours, as promised. Definitely, this is the way the serum should be used. It is effective only if the hair is styled with a blow dryer.

Rocio Dysart, IA

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Smoothing Creme Serum

I saw a commercial for the heat activated version of this product and wanted to try it but I don’t flat iron my hair so I didn’t bother, but then I saw this stuff and decided to give it a shot. To give it the best chance of working, I went ahead and got the shampoo & conditioner as well, and used all three products the first day.First of all the smell; all three products right out of the bottle smell like wood ash to me. Not like cigarette ashes, which would be gross, and not wood smoke, which would be more pleasant if a little masculine by my standards maybe but more pleasant. It dissipated after a few hours but I could still smell it, as if I’d cleaned out a fireplace recently. Apparently, some people like the smell; I guess it’s just personal taste. The first time I used it I had a terrible time styling my hair, it was all over the place no matter what I tried and I eventually had to leave the house that way. A few hours later, I noticed it had settled down and was actually looking smooth and well styled and even felt nice to the touch, so I tried it again. The second time I used it I worked harder on my hair, but I had to blow dry it a long time (15-20 minutes when it normally takes me about 6-8 minutes) to get good results. I have shoulder length hair cut into layers, finely textured and a lot of it, but I don’t have that kind of time every day. In the summer, I’ll be sweating too much to finish it. Obviously, it needs to get heated to a certain point to really activate.As for the smell, you will have to decide for yourself, and if you wear perfume, it will probably cover up the smell anyway. The amount you would use depends on your hair type, thicker, frizzier hair can handle more product without getting weighed down or greasy looking. The shampoo and conditioner are only at the beginning level of mediocre, but the entire line isn’t really meant for daily use anyway. If you have the time to blow dry for extended periods this could be a good product for you, but make sure to adapt the amount used to your hair type.

Janie Chowchilla, CA

Smoothing Creme Serum

This is an okay product. I have really frizzy, dry, damaged hair. This helps to calm down the frizziness, but I don’t wash my hair on a daily basis so this can build up if you use too much or use it too frequently, but that’s the case with most hair products of this nature. It did make my hair feel nice and soft as well.

Carmela Elverson, PA

Works but a bit greasy

This works well but if I use too much, it does get a greasy look fast. So I have to make sure to put on evenly and not too much or I have to wash it out and start over. But once I get the right mixture, it works perfectly and keeps my frizz under control.

Ann Huntley, WY

Good for Smoothing Frizzy Hair and for Quick Fixes

This creme calms frizzy hair and works well for quick fixes of hair which sticks out or which won’t behave. I prefer Moroccan oil which is more consistent through the day, but this is a reasonably good product.

Vilma Little Lake, CA

Tames my frizzies

I have shoulder length hair that is in healthy condition but since I’ve gotten older (39) and had children (2), my hair has become slightly frizzy. I apply a quarter size amount to my towel dried hair and blow dry. My hair looks and feels soft and smooth and stays that way all day. I’ve had success with this product and will continue to use it.

Marcy Arden, NY

Smooths without even knowing you put it on!

Tresemme Keratin Smooting Serum worked great on my hair. I have thin hair but a lot of it. My hair has a tendency to be dry from over heating it with curling irons and hair dryers and I wanted something to smooth it out without the weight. Often mousse doesn’t do what I want it too and smoothing products leave it too heavy and greasy feeling. This product did not do that, it was light and controlled the fly away hairs. I did not use Tresemme’s shampoo and conditioner while using this product-but loved using this before drying my hair. Sometimes I dry it in the evening and style in the morning and the product still works without any greasy feeling in the morning! I must say, a great product!

Marissa Lima, IL

Tresemme rescues my hair once again

I nearly destroyed my hair today by using an old shampoo I have had sitting around. It is a "natural" brand, and apparently it had changed with time and my hair was severely damaged by it. I needed a hair rescue product so decided to put this to the test.It worked. It turned my hair from looking like a messy haystack into gorgeous shiny perfect hair once again, the way it was before the disaster with the too old shampoo. I’ve been getting amazing results from every Tresemme product I’ve tried lately. My hair responds as if it’s had a protein pack, something that has been one of the only things that has rescued my hair in the past when it was fried.This can be used either on damp hair or dry hair. It is an unscented crème and only a small amount is needed. It has been a miracle for me today. My hair went from a ball of tangled frizz to gorgeous in seconds. I’m hooked on Tresemme and consider this brand better than any others, even more expensive ones.

Irma Gamerco, NM

Great feel, great value, but less is more!

I have dryish hair from swimming and hair color (a deadly combo). I’ve tried Biosilk’s serum before, but it was pretty high priced. I’ve tried other serums too, and usually find they are too heavy for my hair. I end up feeling like my hair is dirty sooner than if I don’t use it.So I was anxious to try this, and the first time I used it, it smoothed beautifully but by the end of the day it felt greasy around my face. The second time I used it I was much more sparing, just a drop actually, and it smoothed the rough ends and felt great. Soft and smooth, no frizzing, and it didn’t feel oily. The key is really, really just using a tiny bit. You can always add more if you think you need it.The price is a great value too, and this looks to last. I will definitely purchase this…

Vicky Capac, MI

Skip this and get the Tresemme Keratin Smooth Infusing Smoothing Serum instead

After trying out a bottle of the TRESemme Keratin Smooth, Infusing Smoothing Serum some months ago, I found it worked great for taming my hair. My hair is quite long, thick and has been bleached blonde, from a very dark brown. So when I blow dry it, I end up with a huge poof of hair. I have to flat iron it just to get it to a normal, more style-able and manageable state. I also use different products on it while it’s still wet to help protect it from the heat and bring down some of the volume and smooth it out. The TRESemme Infusing Serum I’ve been using for months works great for this. I assumed I would get similar results from this product as well. Not so much.Unlike the Infusing Serum version of this hair product, this is a cream and doesn’t seem to do anything at all for my hair. It’s almost like I’m not even using any smoothing product at all. I think this product may work better for someone who’s looking for some subtle smoothing while trying to keep the maximum amount of volume with their hair as well. This would probably be best for someone with fine hair. But if you have thick hair that needs tamed, you’ll probably see very little results from this. I’d suggest the Tresemme’s Infusing Serum version instead. You’ll find you get much better smoothing results.

Dorothea Cantua Creek, CA

I have really frizzy hair and I like this product!

I have tried so many "smoothing" products to try to tame my frizz, and have to say I’m really not impressed with most of them, but the one really helped. Its not a heavy, sticky substance, and feels much different than other straightening products I’ve used, when I smooth it into my hair. Once dry, there is a significant difference, and my hair is much less frizzy and more manageable. It has a really nice smell, too. I’d recommend this product.

Nannie Great River, NY

I didn’t really notice that this did anything to my hair

I have very fine hair, so it frizzes easily, and is prone to static. I used this creme for several days, and wore my down coat with causes my hair to have a lot of static. I noticed some static with this creme, and it didn’t help the frizz. Perhaps it works better with thicker hair, but it didn’t do much for mine. It smells wonderful, but that is about the only thing I liked about it.

Sarah Gamaliel, AR

Okay product, but I don’t like the fragrance

No matter how good a product may be, if it has a fragrance I don’t like then I won’t keep using it. This is one of those products. I used it once and It works okay in smoothing frizz, but I really don’t like the scent so I won’t be using it again.

Olga El Campo, TX

Helps To Make Hair Soft & Manageable

I realized after using this for a couple of weeks that while I started out using just a small amount on my hair after shampooing that when I used more product it worked better on my hair. I started using just a dime’s worth in my hand and rubbing it all around and it didn’t make a huge difference to the texture and manageability of my hair, but when I tried using say a quarter sized amount or more, it made a huge difference when I dried and styled my hair.My hair isn’t very long so I thought that using a small amount would work as it does with some other products, but when I increased the amount I ran through my hair, it made my hair really soft and shiny and easy to comb and style. This small change in how I used Tresemme Keratin Crème Serum made a really big difference and helped my hair. This product also helps protect hair from heat damage from the flat iron.The smell is nice but what’s great about this serum is the increased volume, shine and control that it can give your hair, just don’t be shy with it and put on a healthy amount. It won’t make your hair greasy or weigh it down, especially if you blow dry your hair and use other heat products. The price is very reasonable and it’s a pretty good styling product.

Opal Dunbridge, OH

Makes hair stay down

The office where I work is sometimes very dry. This contributes to hair being frizzy here and there. I like this product for the way it keeps hair straight and down yet without any plastic or wet look or feel. The scent isn’t strong and it’s ok too.

Julianne Darien Center, NY

Leaves my hair soft and shiny but it’s expensive for the size of the tube.

This keratin smoothing serum comes in a small 3.5 ounce tube. It only takes a pea sized amount and adds a lot of moisture and shine to your hair. It makes my hair very soft and shiny and I like it a lot. It has a light scent that smells nice but isn’t too strong. Once it dries I don’t even continue to smell it.I don’t really understand what the difference is between this product and a leave in conditioner. As far as I can see there really isn’t any difference. I think it’s basically taking one product and calling it something else and trying to make it sound like something special. I think the cost for this very small tube is not something that I would be willing to pay.Overall as a leave in conditioner I like this serum but the small tube and expensive price would chase me away from this product. If they would either increase the size of the tube or lower the price then I would consider using this more often.

Rita Bastrop, LA

Works to Smooth My Hair

I like the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Smoothing Crème Serum.Nice pleasant scentEasy to applyMade my hair softMade my hair less frizzy and manageableHair looked better when I used itI’m not normally a fan of TRESemmé but I like the Keratin smoothing line with the exception of the TRESemmé 7 Day Keratin Smooth Heat Activated Treatment. I didn’t care for the results or the feeling that the 7 Day Treatment left on my hair.I would definitely use this again in the future.

Lenora Midway, AR

Made My Hair Stringy/Greasy Looking …

I used this product exactly as directed. Now, the thickness of the creme made it a little difficult to quickly and evenly distribute through hair. Ultimately, I cannot say that the results were optimal. For me, my hair appeared a little stringy/greasy … and I used very little of the product. While my “fly-aways” were tamed, my hair immediately appeared as though it needed to be washed (again).Maybe I have been spoiled by the newSuave Professionals Natural Infusion Awapuhi Ginger and Honeysuckle Light Leave-in Cream. That “stuff” is a miracle in a bottle! My vote is to skip this tiny tube of stringiness … and buy the generously sized, amazingly effective Suave product! You are guaranteed to love it!

Sadie Chillicothe, OH

Works okay, so-so scent

I try different glossers, smoothing creams, and anti-frizz treatments all the time. One of the pervasive problems with them is that it’s easy to put on too much of them and make your hair limp or greasy-looking. I haven’t had any trouble with that using this TRESsemme serum (which has the consistency of hand lotion, actually). In fact, I put on quite a lot (but only on the lower half of my hair and all the way up on the underside of my hair). It does make my hair noticeably silkier, and it’s pleasant to work with (it doesn’t feel greasy or sticky on your hands).However, I wish it did a little MORE for my hair. And I don’t really like the smell. It’s almost medicinal. It’s not BAD, but it’s nothing special. Fortunately, it’s not very strong, so I won’t mind using up the tube. It’s not a deal-breaker, but they could have done a lot better with the scent.However, I do appreciate that this serum is easy to use, hard to overuse, and does help my hair.

Guadalupe Highlands, TX

to help tame frizz for up to 48 hours

Lightweight, controls frizz and fly-aways without weighing hair down for shiny, satin-smooth hair. I go to the hair salon once a week for a wash and blowout. the next 5 days I will use about about a thimble of creme, rub into my palms and smooth over my hair, after combing or brushing, and it looks salon fresh again.

Christian Marysville, OH

Works On Bleached Blonde Hair

I have lots of little dry wisps that love to stick out. This works great and doesn’t make my hair gummy. You can also use it on dry hair, which is huge plus as I try not to wash my hair too often. I have to say I’m a fan of their Keratin line. Great scent, too!

Elma Superior, IA

Smells and looks nice

I have very thick hair and have never had very good luck with these kinds of products because I have to put an awful lot of product in my hair before it begins to control any frizz or provide any shine. Some products actually bring back the horrors of seventh grade by making my hair frizzy all over. Most are not that bad but by the time I get enough in, it begins to weigh down my hair, which makes it straight – and I hate that. This Tresemme product went on fine and seemed to control frizz and even to be a little shiny without weighing down my hair.I was able to feel this product on my hair but it wasn’t stiff or sticky, just kind of shiny. The only thing I really disliked is that it left a slimy, not shiny, feel on my hands.

Sybil Gettysburg, SD


This is a decent hair smoothing serum. It works into hair nicely and gives it a more polished look. It smooths some fly aways but not all of them. You would have to use really a lot to get them all.The problem is this is advertised as a keratin smoothing creme. If you are looking for a real keratin type of result you will be disappointed. It doesn’t give anywhere near that level of smoothing or straightening. I didn’t get that keratin level of gloss either.It’s a fine serum, not a great keratin product.

Lillie Liberty, TN