Tresemme Platinum Strength Shampoo, 25 Ounce

This moisturizing formula cleanses as it fortifies, for hair with beautiful strength. When used with Platinum Strength Strengthening conditioner it repairs up to two years’ worth of damage in just 5 uses*, so hair stays smooth and healthy-looking.

Key features

  • Cleanses hair
  • Fortifies hair
  • Gives you smooth, healthy-looking hair
  • Use as first step in tresemmé platinum strength system
  • Follow with TRESemmé Platinum Strength Conditioner

Honest reviews


This is great shampoo

I don’t like to use the same shampoo for more than 2–3 weeks so this vine offering came at a great time. I have used Tresemme products before and was always pleased.

Leila Mokelumne Hill, CA

Nice and Silky Soft!

I love products by TreSemme. For one thing, they are NOT tested on animals. That’s the number one reason. Second, they don’t cost $10 a bottle like some products you buy in the store or at salons. Third, they are as good as what you buy in the salon.I didn’t get the SHAMPOO, as indicated. Amazon sent me the CONDITIONER. Oh, well! Mistakes happen.So, I used the conditioner after washing with my TreSemme Curl Hydrating Shampoo. The way I take care of my curls is that I will use shampoo and conditioner one day; the next day only the conditioner; the third day, just rinse; then start over. Too much shampooing can strip away the oils in the scalp.This product is said to repair damage and to add strength to your hair. I’m not a scientist so I honestly can’t tell you if my hair is stronger or repaired. What I can tell you is that my hair is very soft and manageable. I really like this conditioner and will probably buy it when I need to get more. And, I’ll buy it with the shampoo and see how the pair work together.

Lucile Crescent, IA

I didn’t receive the correct product so I can’t review it.

I ordered the shampoo through the Vine program but received the conditioner instead.I was looking forward to trying the shampoo as my hair is getting more dry and brittle the older I get. I had heard some good things about the shampoo and wanted to try it for myself. If I am able to get Amazon to send me the shampoo I will post a review at that time.I am not looking for a different conditioner than what I currently use so did not try this product.

Jennie Mclean, NE

Good One

After finishing the Tresemme Platinum Strength Shampoo, 25 Ounce, I am happy to announce that overall I thought this shampoo was above average. My goal plan was to help my hair to become or remain stronger, help the scalp to keep the integrity of the hair, for the always present fear of loosing it seems to always show its proximity. There are so many kinds of shampoo that a person could have a nervous breakdown, just trying to remember all the titles and classifications. I do not roll like that. I am always seeking the one product that I may become attached to, and that will do the job each time, without any fears from my loss of loyalty. Shampoos, the same as deodorants, are so plentiful, that who really knows which is the king of the hill, and which is at the bottom. Of course, if you wash your hair and a couple of hours later, it feels like hay to the touch, do desist immediately using said shampoo.. So many configurations, key words that must have taken weeks to come up with, to convince the unsuspecting consumer, this is the one product to use. Free for all, kind of system, so a diligent approach to just about any product is highly recommended.The container is black, and that was one star immediately, for I think it looks good just about anywhere, versus the light colored ones. This might be a perception issue, but never the less, it still looks good in the shower area.After using it to its completion, perhaps shared by one or two members of the tribe due to curiosity, I give this shampoo a positive review. Mild aroma, and a sense that it appeared to add body and some shine to the hair, makes it a viable choice. Love the container size, they do not pussyfoot around, and offer a lot of value specially for the money. Still, I am sure that the best of the best, my present itself in a later time. A shampoo so awesome that it would be almost like a religious experience once used. No kidding! I found a body and face wash soap, that made me giggle uncontrollably after each use, eliciting some awkward behavior for a few hours extra. I am sure it had to do with the ingredients where ginger was one of them.4 Stars!

Isabel Lore City, OH


I wish I could say if this product was good or bad, but as Amazon sent me the wrong item (conditioner) I can’t give a true review of the product. But the conditioner works just fine.

Lillian Moko, AR

nice shampoo

Tresemme’s Platinum strength shampoo is a pretty nice product, developed to repair damaged hair. It has a light scent, and does leave my hair feeling silky. I really have no way of knowing if the product is ‘repairing damage’, but I’m happy with the way it makes my hair look and feel.

Neva Port Matilda, PA

Amazon sent me CONDITIONER not shampoo

I received conditioner instead of shampoo, but since this is a vine review i must review it like this. I am happy I received conditioner, so keep this in mind.I love Tresemme hair care products, so I am delighted Platinum Strength delivered strength and softness. It has a beautiful scent, almost fruity, but delicate. I think after several days of use I did notice a softer, stronger feel to my hair. I cannot tell if two years of damage was repaired, but I like the way my hair feels, styles and smells.For the price, the product cannot be beat. So many other brands cost so much more with military claims. Tresemme works and its affordable.I highly recommend all Tresemme products, including the Platinum Stength.

Ana Vassalboro, ME

Hair Seems Stronger

I’ve never been that crazy about Tresemme shampoos because I don’t like the big bottles in the shower and the fragrance is kind of bleh but I’ve been using the Platinum strength shampoo and my hair does seem stronger and healthier. It doesn’t give a sleek finish to my hair but it does have strength and bounce. It looks healthy and my hair styles well after using it.

Deanne Forest, OH

Love it

I have used many Tresemme shampoos and conditioners and I have never been disappointed with a single one. This shampoo is great, leaves hair shiny and smells nice. Love the large bottle because it lasts so long. I think it’s very reasonably priced and I don’t mind paying a little bit more for such a nice product. My husband and son are both picky about scents and they both like this as well. I’d definitely recommend.

Kaitlyn Paris, MI

Greasy and gross

(This review is for the platinum conditioner rather than the shampoo — I was sent the wrong product to review, like many other people.)Tresemme Platinum Strength Conditioner, 25 OunceI have been told by the resident hair expert who tried this conditioner that it made her hair greasy and gross. Rinsing for ten minutes did little to reduce the heavy, sticky feeling, and she says her hair feels far dirtier than if she had simply skipped shampooing for a day or two. Would not buy this product again!

Pamala Bovina Center, NY

Wonderful Feel

My wife loves this shampoo. She says that it makes her scalp feel clean and gives her hair added body…for me…well…I like the way it makes her hair shine and bounce. There is just something about how it makes her hair look that I find as a turn on…

Liliana Sumerduck, VA

Not exactly what I expected but nice!

I got this product as a VINE reviewer. I received the conditioner instead of the shampoo.I have thin/baby fine hair and have to be careful with conditioners. But, I really like this one. It has a great smell and works great on my thin/fine hair. Its not too heavy and leaves no residue. My hair is shiny and doesn’t feel weighed down like some other conditioners too.Its a good price too, highly recommend.

Marcia Monticello, MS

Conditioner Review

We got conditioner too… Good hair product. My wife’s hair looks beautiful and smells really nice. She says this stuff seems pretty concentrated so you don’t need to use much even for her long hair. Conditioner has a lightness to it that she says does not weigh down her hair. She does say it is hard to tell if there is really any “strengthening” occurring. Good product. Good price. Not an eco-friendly or “safe” product. Check the ingredients label for those that have concerns.

Allyson Valmeyer, IL

Solid Shampoo

I’ve tried many shampoos over the years, and this is one of the better ones. It has a nice texture, an enjoyable scent and it didn’t leave my hair feeling dried out like shampoos tend to do. If you’re looking for a new shampoo, you should give this one a shot.

Kristine Graceville, FL

Review of Conditioner Not Shampoo

I ordered the shampoo and was sent conditioner, so that is what the review is actually for. I shampoo and condition my hair daily. My hair is long and thick, so I use about twice as much conditioner as shampoo. I have to or I won’t be able to easily get a comb through it. Anyway, I can’t tell you if this actually makes your hair healthier because mine isn’t damaged AND I just had it cut, so I don’t even have split ends. What I can tell you is that it coats the hair easily and conditions. It doesn’t weigh it down. It feels soft afterward. Tresemme is a brand I have used for years because of the high quality and low price. If you have damaged hair, I’d give it a try.

Effie Thedford, NE

I received the conditioner instead of the shampoo

First I am not sure why I got the conditioner and not the shampoo. I like the conditioner but it is no different from any other conditioner so it is okay.

Terri Roaring Spring, PA

Received conditioner twice, need to email Vine again!

I notice I am not alone with getting a conditioner instead of a shampoo. It took me a long time to get a replacement and when I got it, it was another bottle of conditioner, so I guess the problem lies with the warehouse satisfying the Vine orders. I do like the conditioner. I wish I could try it with the shampoo, but it took me a month to get the replacement bottle and it was still wrong, so I am giving up writing them again. Glad to know I am not alone with this issue.

Carmella Elizabeth, NJ

Received Conditioner, not Shampoo

If the shampoo is as good as the conditioner, I would give it 5 stars, as well. After conditioning my hair, it felt very soft and healthy. It was easy to brush through and did not seem to try and re-tangle as quickly. I revolve through different products to keep my hair healthy, this is definitely in the rotation.

Chelsey Brandon, MS

Tresemme Shampoo

I’m a regular user of this product so receiving it through the Vine program at no cost was a bonus. It’s a product I personally like and use (though truthfully don’t buy through Amazon/retail stores usually on sale $2/3.99- same size), my boys like and use as does the husband.We have a variety of hair types to deal with from oily, normal, and dry-course and works beautifully on each and the shampoo is def. enhanced by its companion conditioner. It has a lovely almond smell when using which lingers only to the extent of subtle cleanliness through out the day.It cleans without drying leaving behind a pleasant softness and manageability.This is a salon product minus the salon price.I only use it once a week with excellent results, the "boys" use it daily with no drying effects. It’s especially effective for my oldest teen who has thick, dry, course Asian hair and can wash it up to three times daily with no ill-effects. (e.g. x-drying)One star lost for thickness of plastic– otherwise terrific product.Review produced from years of use not days nor weeks.

Corinne Anderson, TX

Nice, but too heavy for my hair type

I was supposed to receive the Tresemme Platinum Strength Shampoo, but received the conditioner instead so this review is for the conditioner. I like the smell of the conditioner and it is nice and thick. I put it on my hair after shampooing and leave it on for the rest of my shower and rinse it out right before getting out of the shower which totals about 5 minutes. I have fine hair and Tresemme conditioner is a bit too heavy for my hair. While it leaves it nice and soft, it makes my hair feel weighted down which is something I really don’t need with already having fine/straight hair. Instead of using this every day like I did for the first 2 weeks, I think I’ll switch to using it only about twice a week and see what happens there.

Darlene Braintree, MA

Nice Conditioner?

Like many, I received the conditioner instead of the shampoo as ordered. I actually don’t normally use conditioner. I am a short-haired guy, and shampoo does the trick for me. So having this was kind of an extra treat.It’s a nice conditioner–gets you hair nice and soft. Smells good. I got no complaints. Like most hair products, it makes aggrandizing claims about making your hair strong and healthy. I can’t comment on that too much, as my hair doesn’t feel much different, post-conditioner. Other than softer. Which is what a conditioner is supposed to do!

Leigh Oak Ridge, NC

good shampoo …

I tend to get dry hair from lots of sun exposure and needed an everyday shampoo that would be easy on my hair and help repair some of the damage…This shampoo does a great job day to day and leaves me with a light clean feeling head of hair….

Katie Alborn, MN

A good brand

Tresemme products are a brand I have used for many years. This shampoo is just as good as all the other products from this brand.It has a wonderful smell and cleans your hair with the use of a small amount of product. It rinses out easily.This bottle will last you for many uses.

Casandra Ridgewood, NY

Even Men will like this Shampoo

As a long time shopper at Amazon I have always valued the comments in choosing products.In my 70s with lots of hair but thinner. Decided to let is grow long and use a better shampoo than the typical Sams or Costco brands.Tresemme is very popular……and now with me. First difference is how little gives so much foamy lather. Second while shampooing my hair feels slicker and smooth. Using this shampoo and the equivalent conditioner my hair looks and feels smoother and more body and cleaner(?).

Maribel Newry, ME

great shampoo

I have used Tresemme products for many years and I think they make good products. They offer good quality at good prices. You get a lot of product for not a lot of money. This product is no different. It is a great shampoo and I would recommend it.

Flossie Goochland, VA

Not impressed

I was not all that impressed with how this shampoo actually cleaned my hair. It lathered OK, had a reasonably decent scent, but it was hard to rinse out – felt like it was still there regardless of how much I rinsed. My hair never felt clean, but rather felt like I left in some conditioner or other similar leave-in type hair product.Considering the price, I was not at all impressed. I’ll give it three stars since I did like how it smelled, but it’s an average shampoo at best.

Eva Strasburg, IL

Good product

Tresemme Platinum Strength Shampoo is a very good product to use if you have limp damaged hair. It gives your hair body and helps to repair the damage to your hair caused by the dryness of Ohio winter weather. The shampoo leaves your hair grease free and clean.Your hair will look and feel healthy once again.

Jeanie Maple View, NY

Tresemme Platinum Strength Shampoo

I’ve use this shampoo even though I prefer the Loreal Kiwi coloreflector shampoo and conditioner but I can’t get that around here so I tried this and it did a very good job. Smells fresh and clean and right after you shampoo and now the air in the house is so dry from winter heat from the furnace and everything is full of static electricity, this helps get rid of that in my hair which is hard to do but using their conditioner after finishes off all the problems caused by the dry air. Also works well if you color your hair as I do every 6 weeks & I use a hot blow dryer. I’m 61 and using this keeps my hair feeling as soft and full as if I were still in my 20’s. I like the conditioner as well, keeps your hair very full looking without weighing it down…

Lesley Arlington, KY

Using Tresemme products for years

Just tried the shampoo and also the conditioner in January.I can vouch that the shampoo does a terrific job cleaning my hair and the Conditoner does a similar job giving me smooth, healthy-looking hair. However the Shampoo can’t take any credit for smooth or soft. I have thick, curly shoulder length, color treated flat ironed once a week hair, I look for a shampoo to leave my hair clean and other products to do the rest.The price was right!

Michael Barrington, RI

Noticeable improvement in hair

I do consider Tressemme to be of the “upscale” shampoos, and thankfully its products live up to that quality. I have thick hair that can be subject to breakage, and I have found this to be a wonderful regular-use shampoo that does wonders in preventing hair problems. Yes, I would definitely say my hair feels stronger and looks healthier, and yes, I would say that is after only a few uses. This isn’t a “tough love” shampoo that makes it too powerful for regular use, but is a little-by-little product that maintains and improves hair’s health.

Isabella Holly Springs, MS