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Tresemme Platinum Strength Heat Protect Spray, 8 Ounce

Tresemmé platinum strengths conditioner fortifies and protects for beautifully moisturized hair. Repair up to 2 years of damage in just 5 uses (in 5 uses when using shampoo and conditioner as a system vs. non-conditioning shampoo) with the tresemmé platinum strengths system for smooth, healthy-looking hair. The renewing complex reinforces hair’s naturally protective layer, restoring your hair and protecting against future damage.

Key features

  • Helps With Breakage, Frizz & Dryness
  • Healthy-Looking Hair
  • Beautifully Smooth, Moisturized
  • Salon Quality

Honest reviews


Not for me

I have long hair to the middle of my back that has been color treated for many years. My hair has just enough natural waves to make my thick hair get very ‘big’ if I don’t condition and straighten this. I have tried numerous heat protecting products , and straightening aids, and I am not a fan of this Tresemme spray. I think it actually stopped me from getting the straight look I normally have. I also felt my looked dull and lacked movement. Sorry to say this is not for me, because I usually like their other products.

Janna Killona, LA

Awesome Spray, Makes my hair great

This is an awesome spray! Over time, curling irons and hair blowers destroy the health of our hair. Heat over time causes brittleness, dryness and split ends. Its important to protect the hair when heat styling.I confident in knowing my hair is protected when I use this product. It smells great, and its easy to pump the right amount. My hair feels silky and soft, not stiff like a lot of hair products out there. This is also great for curly hair when you don’t want to blow dry, as it will keep the frizzles away.Plus it doesn’t make your hair oily!

Lesley Kenyon, RI

Keeps Hair Healthy and Shiny

Tresemme Platinum Strength Heat Protect Spray works well when you use as directed. Applying the spray before using a curling iron will help keep hair healthy and shiny. The spray nozzle is a bit too short, and is an awkward design with the trigger extending well past the nozzle itself.

Bianca Hermleigh, TX

Great Item

I love this product and that it protects my hair. I don’t exactly do what the directions say. Sometimes I think they tell you to spray too much. I do maybe three-four sprays for all my hair, and my hair goes about two-three inches past my shoulders. I also only spray it when it is already wet. I use even less if my hair is dry.I noticed that this product makes my hair look greasy if I use it with Herbal Essence. When I switched to the Rosemary Suave, my hair was normal. I know that sounds strange, but I had to use our guest bathroom with the different shampoo bottle and it was extremely noticeable! Love the softness and smoothness of my hair when I use it with the Suave shampoo.Use this product! It will protect your hair and isn’t super expensive 🙂

Geri Red Feather Lakes, CO

Makes Floors REALLY Slippery!!!!

When my husband walked into my bathroom and almost killed himself slipping on the floor I realized that the reason the floor was so slippery is because I was using this spray. That was the only thing I was doing differently. So now when I use it I go into my office and spray my hair over a carpet. This product does seem to make my hair shiny but my hair is so damaged that I can’t really tell if this is protecting me from heat or not. The nozzle is also interesting and when you spray your hair in the front it is easy to spray this into your eyes. So either close your eyes or be really careful. I find I only need to spray my hair maybe five or six times. I’ll keep using it and see if it makes any difference. Once your hair is damaged by heat and chemicals it is pretty difficult to get it back into shape. Or so I’m realizing.~The Rebecca Review

Socorro Chippewa Lake, OH

Not For Me

I have fine hair, but a lot of it. And it takes a long time to blow dry. I got this hoping it would keep my hair from drying out too much. Instead, it leaves a sticky, film on my hair. I’d rather use a deep conditioner and then blow dry so my hair still feels clean after a wash. This may protect your hair after extended blow drying and curling irons. But I probably won’t be using often enough to see a difference.

Alyssa Spirit Lake, IA

Don’t see much of a difference

I don’t use hair dryers or curling irons often, so perhaps I’m not the best person to review this product as my hair isn’t all that damaged. However, I don’t see any positive difference in my hair when I use it. There is a faint but noticeable odor that lingers after my hair is dry, which I don’t care for. It left my hair a bit crunchy and a residue remains even after washing.

Nola North Jay, ME

Get Something Better

When it comes to heat protection I don’t believe this is a product you should skimp on – go to Ulta and grab something that’s a little more expensive but is actually going to do the job. I noticed no change to my hair after using this product – I just use a flat iron on my bangs to sweep them to the side and this left them looking frizzy and by the next day the style was totally gone. Tossed it out and stuck with my Biosilk.

Randi Marlette, MI

Coat of Armour

I rely on heat to style my fine hair. But blow dryers, irons, and hot rollers all take a toll. It comes fdown to a choice, flat, limp hair or styled but damaged. This product promises to protect while fortifying and moisturizing hair.The spray has a light scent. As per the directions, I sprayed on damp, freshly shampooed and conditioned hair and combed through. While my hair was smooth and manageable, it had diminished shine. It also had a slightly stiff, coated feel. The next use, I used far less. The results were the same, minimum shine, coarse feel but otherwise smooth and manageable. The spray does seem to provide a barrier from the heat but the cost is loss of shine and touchability. It did seem to build up, even when using a minimal amount, and I had to use a clarifying shampoo to remove.If you use alot of heat regularly, you might want to invest in this product. It is a cost effective version and it does seem to protect. But you might want to invest your savings from this product in a good clarifying shampoo.

Charlotte O Brien, TX

Seems To Do a Good Job. Bottle Design is Eye-Catching, But Trigger Is Awkward to Use

My bangs are prone to breaking, so I thought this Tresemme product might be the thing to protect them from curling brush heat. So far, after almost 1 month of use, I think Tresemme Platinum does protect my bangs.Tresemme is easy to use – spray it into your hair (it goes on wet) & comb Tresemme through, then dry & style as usual. It doesn’t leave a strong scent, and even helps make my growing out bangs a little more manageable.The downside is the trigger mechanism on the bottle. It looks cool, but is a bad design. In order the spray my bangs, I have to hold the bottle & pump with my thumb & to get the rest of my hair, I have to awkwardly move the bottle around my head & pump the trigger. A spray application (like hair spray), would be a lot more user friendly.So, if you can get the product evenly onto your hair, you should like its results.

Minerva Chelan, WA

Use it after every shower

My hair is fairly course and wild if unstlyed. I typically use a flat iron or curling iron on it every two days and my hair shows wear and tear between salon visits. I used to spray my hair with hair spray before contact with either iron to help reduce the risk of damage but liked the idea of the Tresemme Heat Protect Spray enough to give it a try. I use it after every shower spraying all over and let my hair air dry (otherwise my hair looks like Ronald McDonald) before styling. My hair feels silky after styling rather than stiff which was the case before using Tresemme. I’ve been using this for several weeks now and don’t have dry or split ends. I plan on continuing to use Tresemme Heat Protect Spray since it works for me.

Juanita Spirit Lake, ID

Awkward Trigger

The TRESemme Heat Protectant spray is a good product but I didn’t like the trigger on the bottle. The trigger is positioned so that you have to spray with your thumbs or awkwardly twist your wrist so that you can spray on your hair. The trigger is positioned like a bottle of spray cleaner is so that it’s designed to be sprayed away from you while holding the bottle.The product itself worked well. I washed and conditioned my hair as normal in the shower, towel dried my hair then before I blow dried my hair, I sprayed the spray all over it, paying special attention to the ends and around my face since that part of my hair tends to be the most damaged.The heat protectant spray didn’t weight my hair down at all, did not leave it looking greasy, even around my face where I really used a bunch. It worked as a great detangler as I blow dried my hair. My hair was bouncy and full of body yet smooth. This is the texture of a leave-in conditioner and not thick like a serum.I deducted 1-star for the really hard to use trigger but the product was very good.

Ava Alta, CA

Not a Fan

My hair is my pride and joy, so I demand a lot from hair care products. I’m always trying new ones, but unfortunately most are disappointing. Tresemme Platinum Strength Heat Protect spray belongs in the reject pile.To put it simply, this is a cheap spray that left my hair dull and tacky, even though I did not use too much. The odd thing was, after blow drying my hair, I attempted to straighten a few bendy pieces with a flat iron, and the spray prevented me from getting a smooth result. Usually one pass of the iron gives me sleek, shiny hair. I would not use this spray again and I don’t recommend it.The one positive is it has a nice, light fragrance–more feminine than unisex, though.

Cassandra Poughkeepsie, NY

Works great

This works and smells great. It was a bit hard to get used to the trigger handle. I did spray my glasses since I am used to just pushing down and this is more like a trigger. My hair looks great and I use it with my currling iron and it seems healthy and shinny.

Eunice Verona, OH

Speaking as a Naturalista, “If you must Flat-Iron, Use this Product 1st.”

I love my Natural hair. I love my cushy, coily, springy, soft and shiny Hair. It’s versatile and it makes me feel Bad-ass. Now, having said that, there are times when I want to do a length check via flat-ironing. Every Naturalista knows you must never use the heat without protection and this product is Boss. It doesn’t take much, just a spritz per section than a passover of the flat iron and you’ll see the shine and straightness immediately. I always condition/moisturize first, let my hair air dry, section it off, then start spritzing and flat-ironing. This is a staple in my Flat Ironing Regimen.

Nora Lebam, WA

Works pretty well

I will admit to being a little confused as to what this product was supposed to do. It is recommended as a spray to strengthen hair and protect it from damage caused by heat styling. The packaging also suggests it prevents frizz and helps to smooth hair. But it doesn’t come right out and claim to be a straightening product. I have used this product a couple of different ways and found it to be a reasonably useful product that does keep my normally-very-frizzy hair from getting out of control. The spray’s suggested use is to spray it on before blow drying, but I have also sprayed it on almost dry hair before styling with a curling iron. In the case of the blow drying, it seemed to keep my hair pretty smooth but did not really perform as well as some straightening sprays I’ve tried. When I used it with the curling iron, it likewise left my hair quite smooth. Overall, when I use this product, my hair is much smoother with fewer flyaways and less frizz than if I didn’t use it at all. However, I have used other products marketed specifically for frizz that worked better. I do not know if this product would work in conjunction with another product made for straightening, but by itself it does add smoothness to my hair. However, since I have gotten smoother, straighter hair with other products, I can’t really recommend this one for any particular reason.

Janice Lorton, VA

Feels very stiff once dry

I used this product according to the directions, and had no other styling products in my hair. It left my hair feeling very stiff and straw-like (kind of like my hair had been starched). My hair is a chin-length bob and normally has a lot of movement… not so with this product.The only reason I gave it 3 stars is because my hair actually does look good (if you discount how little natural movement there is). There aren’t any fly-aways and it looks smooth. If you aren’t concerned with how the hair feels, this could be a good product.It’s advertised as protecting the hair from heat styling. I can’t tell if it does that or not. It did seem to take quite a bit longer to get my hair dry with this product on it. So I’m inclined to think any heat protection is negated by the extra blow-dry time.I know I won’t use it because of the tactile issues… I don’t like my hair to be so stiff. It’s also kind of stinky and the smell lingers even after it’s dry.Pros:Nice finished ‘look’Tames fly-awaysCons:Stiff feelHair doesn’t move naturallyStrong smellTakes longer to blow-dry

Alisa Cobalt, CT

Extra Protection at a great price

I go through heat protectant very quickly with all the blow drying and styling I tend to do. I had been buying much more expensive “designer” protectant and thought I’d give it a try. Half the price and same results- shiny, healthy hair.

Pam Bivins, TX

Works similar to Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat Protect Spray

I got a bottle of this heat protecting spray to review through the Amazon Vine program. I currently useTRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Protective Sprayand really like it.I have very long hair that’s been stripped and colored. I use heat protector spray on it when I am going to straighten, curl, or hot air dry it.This Tresemme Platinum Strength Heat Protect Spray works similar to theTRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Protective Spray.It has a spray pump with handle, similar to their other heat protector. This take a bit of getting used to if you are used to using a standard spray pump. I actually like having the handle on there, it means I always am spraying in the right direction and it makes the bottle easier to hold on to.I spray 4-6 sprays on my wet hair, concentrating on the ends, and brush it through. If I am styling my hair after drying I will do the same thing; spray some on my dry hair and brush through.This does an excellent job of protecting my hair and leave my hair feeling soft and never dry. I also have sensitive skin and have had trouble with heat protecting sprays making my skin break out where my hair brushes my face. Neither of the TResemme products has ever caused my skin to break out.I wasn’t able to tell much difference between this heat protector and theTRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Protective Spray. This heat protector does smell slightly different, I actually like the smell ofTRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Protective Spraya little better.Overall this is a heat protecting spray that works well, but is not that different from the other TRESemme heat protecting spray I’ve used. I will update my review if I notice a large improvement in hair health using this platinum strength spray versus the thermal creations spray. I definitely recommend the Tresemme heat protection products in general.

Denise North Chili, NY

Nice smell and smooth hair

I really like the smell of this– sort of a cucumber melon scent that’s very refreshing. I applied it per the directions, spraying into damp hair before blow drying. It left my hair very smooth and soft, and the usual frizzies/ flyaways that I often get after blow drying did not happen. There was no stickiness or residue for me when using this and my hair felt more moisturized than it usually does after blow drying.

Myrna Lodi, CA

Salon quality without the salon price

This is my favorite heat protect product. I have very short hair, smooth side bangs, and spikes at the top and back. I have to use a blow drier and flat iron every single day. Since I started using this my bangs stay smoother, with no dried/fried ends and my spikes stand up straighter . This product is better than most of the salon formulas I’ve tried. It does give your hair a tiny bit of stiffness but I like that — it allowed me to stop using any type of hairspray. I’ve already recommended to several friends (who also love it). And unlike other reviewers I don’t have any issues with the spray trigger on the bottle.

Caitlin Lyndon, IL

Tresemme Platnium Strength Heat Protect Spray

I am always worried because I am using heat to straighten my hair that I am going to damage it. So, what I did was order the Tresemme Platnium Strength Heat Protect Spray. This was a great idea, it is proven to help keep hair healthy and looking great and it was something that I definitely needed with my heat damage.

Ladonna Mariposa, CA

A bit gummy

I rarely blow dry my hair so don’t use this product a lot, but the one time I tried it I found it was gummy. But take this with a grain of salt as I haven’t had time to use several times and maybe after more use I will like it better. Qualified recommendation.

James Edmore, ND

Dont buy it

When I bought my Staighener I figured I would buy a new bottle of heat protectant. Bad idea. When I got this in the mail it had almost completely soaked through the package it spilled out so much. Very poor. Do not buy this.

Shelly Cana, VA

Works well, smells amazing.

I love the scent and the bottle! The scent is pleasant, not too perfumy. The trigger is awesome, more companies should take the lead on this one! I will say, my bottle was shipped and the trigger didn’t make it. I was really disappointed in that, so I would pick up a bottle or return it if it’s broken. I picked up another bottle because after my first use, I would say anyone who uses a hot iron or flat iron or hairdryer should check this out. It sprays on in this nice cloud, love that. It does seem to protect my colored hair from the dryer every day. The only issue is that the next day, my hair seemed gunky. Even if I applied just a little. Personally, I shower every day before work, so that’s not a problem! Just something I noticed.Sheri Gill

Josie Cottondale, FL


This is great for protecting your hair against a blowdryer as well as a flat iron or even a curling iron. This has a light scent and gives great results for your hair not to get damaged. I am glad that this is a trigger spray so that I can aim it and use it evenly to spray all over my hair. Love to use Tresemme because its low cost for great salon products.

Molly North Charleston, SC

I like it

I have VERY thick hair that I am constantly blow drying and straightening, so it always seems to look just a little fried (especially in the winter dry air). This spray is great! I use a little of it as I am drying or straightening my hair and it helps my hair lay flatter, look smoother, and stay shinier. It has a good smell and a little goes a long way. My only complaint is that I usually only like to wash my hair every other day, but since using this, I’ve notice when I wake up the next day my hair looks a little greasy, so I’ve been having to wash it daily when I use this product. Overall, it works great and make my hair look much more healthy and less fried!

Althea Newington, VA

Works for fine hair as well as coarse

I have short/medium length, fine, color treated hair, which I use a flat iron on daily. My daughter has shoulder length coarse hair that she flat irons every other day (with touch ups on her “off” days) We have both used this product for about a month, and both of us have had similar opinions on the product.For starters, the trigger is a little awkward to use, but it isn’t overly difficult to spray your entire head.Also, there is a mild scent, but it is not noticeable after your hair is dry.The 8oz bottle has lasted over a month, with daily use by me, and every other day use by my daughter. A little goes a long way with this product, which makes it more economical than other sprays.After a week of use, I did notice a build-up on my hair. I also learned after the first day to keep the product away from my roots, as it made them look limp and greasy. My daughter’s hair is considerable coarser than mine, and it was almost two weeks before any build up was noticeable on her hair. A lather, rinse, repeat cycle with a clarifying shampoo easily removed the build up.I can’t say that the product repaired any damage already done to our hair, but it did keep things from getting worse. I have used other heat protecting sprays in the past, and I would say that this product is about average. The fact that the bottle lasts a long time makes it an economical choice, and I plan to continue to purchase this item in the future.

Wilma Delray, WV

A little greasy

I ordered this product for my teenage daughter who was worried about drying out her hair since she blow dries it every night and uses heat styling products almost every day. Her hair is slightly wavy, fine, but very thick.She thought the product was a little greasy and found that her hair was more difficult to style after using the product.To be fair, she doesn’t use any other Tresemme products on her hair, so perhaps it would work better if used with the “matching” shampoo and conditioner. In any case, it didn’t work for my daughter.

Cathryn Goldsmith, TX

Works well

This is a pretty good product, but the packaging leaves a bit to be desired. Thankfully when it arrived someone had thought enough to put it in a plastic bag because some of the product had leaked because the pump had rotated. I think if it had been packaged a little better that wouldn’t have happened. However, the product itself is nice but you should spray it with some distance because it’s a little bit clumpy. The smell is really nice and it does it’s job.

Francisca Fayette, MO